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Hendrix's 1st year

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Hendrix's 1st year - Page Text Content

S: The First Year

BC: This is the tale of a year that turned our lives upside down, Our hearts were opened and you,my dear, were the key. This is your story. This is your first year. We love you, Mama, Daddy, and Christian

FC: Hendrix Michael Parks Moniz Year One

1: Hendrix Moniz 10/18/09 7lbs5oz 21 in

2: Baby's first Halloween

3: The first month

4: November 2009 The second month | We celebrate Thanksgiving at your gramy and grampy's house. we enjoyed some turkey and you played with a little bear rattle by the fire.

5: Happy Thanksgiving!

6: Happy first Christmas little baby! Santa brought you lots of toys and some very sweet outfits. We celebrated at our home with close family and friends. You love starring at the Christmas tree lights. We bought blinking ones just for you!

7: Merry Christmas!

8: December has been a very exciting month. We had some tests done at Boston Children's Hospital and you passed with flying colors! You love when daddy plays you songs on the guitar and you smile all the time now. We are so proud of you.

9: December 2009 The third month.

10: My Dearest Hendrix, Lately I have been feeling the need to express how you make me feel. I've tried and failed numerous times to place my thoughts on paper but its impossible for my fingers to keep up with my mind. The rush of words and the sheer enormity of the love I have for you makes it nearly impossible. Like throwing a pebble at a giant, I cannot seem to conquer this task. I hope you forgive me as I fumble through this letter desperately trying to avoid cliches while hopelessly spilling my guts. and so my love, you are the drive home late at night when it begins to snow. Steady, large chunks of white that comes straight at you. You are the moment when it all seems to slow down. Slow motion weather. You are the moment when you look across the dance floor and everyone seems to dance in sync. Heavy Music. Heavy Breathing. We are all one. You are the loud pop of fireworks. Making small bodies jump. Warm,black night on my skin. Grass tickling my thighs. You are the feeling of teenage freedom and endless possibilities. The world is our oyster. You are a small child asleep in the backseat. Carried into bed by strong arms. Deep cologne and creaky stairs up to a peaceful slumber. You are the baby hiccups within my womb lining up with my heartbeat. Both of us in perfect time. A perfect rhythm. Our own little song. You are your fathers kiss on my forehead. His cool palm on my cheek. His kind voice and steady calm like waves rolling over the ocean. You are mine. You are ours.You are true love. Someday I will sit as an old woman, hopefully with your fathers hand in mine, maybe on a porch, in a rocker, with my feet up, sipping a cup of tea and I will look back on this time in my life as the happiest I had ever known.This is that moment.These are those days. The ones you always wait for, dread the end of, and then desperately grasp at once they have gone. I am acutely aware that this will not last forever. That you will grow and in turn grow away from me. You so wholly need me now. And I so wholly need you. And I always will. Ill just do a good job at hiding it. Love Always, Your Mother. in hiding, and in plain sight,

12: You are such a happy baby. You rarely cry. You had a bit of reflux but your pediatrician, Dr. Shusterman, gave us some medicine which helped a lot. You love taking baths and relaxing in your little lambie swing. You love the Christmas tree's sparkling lights and we left it up extra long just for your entertainment. Your favorite toy is a little giraffe and you like to munch on his head. We have a mailbox that Gigi gave you that sings songs and we play them for you. Every night before bed we read you "The Runaway Bunny".

13: Months 4 and 5

14: Liberty Hotel February 2010 | 5 Months Old

15: Good Morning! | Happy Valentines Day! | We spent Valentine's Da y (and Mama's Birthday!)at The Liberty Hotel. Daddy DJ'd and Mommy went down to dance and sip champagne for a bit while you relaxed with Mema and Papa. Then we snuggled up in bed and you slept like a champ. What a lovely birthday for Mama.In the morning we ordered room service and lounged in our jammies.

16: The 6th Month | First visit to the playground.

19: 6 and 7....

20: Mama and Baby

21: 'If you become a bird and fly away from me,' said his mother, 'I will be a tree that you come home to.' The Runaway Bunny"

22: Hanging with the boys...

24: Summer 2010 | We had a wonderful summer. We spent a lot of time outdoors, exploring beaches and playgrounds. You loved swimming in your blow up giraffe pool and riding around the neighborhood in your push car on our nightly walks. We went to the water park and the lake and both were big hits! You love to be barefoot but you dislike the feeling of the grass between your toes...too tickly!!

26: Rubber Ducky

27: You love your blow up ducky tub. You use it with water or without, indoors or in the yard.

29: Carnivals and State Fairs | This family loves to take in a good carnival. You really enjoyed watching your brother play the games. You were mesmerized by the bright lights and moving rides. Carnival food is such a treat and we always leave with something yummy!

30: We like to go see The New England Revolution play soccer. Daddy is the DJ for them and sometimes he plays during the games. You like all the sights and sounds. Your brother loves to whip his special scarf above his head like all the other fans | The New England Revolution!

31: Your first weekend getaway was to Martha's Vineyard! We spent a night in Edgartown and ate delicious lobster and thick cut bacon. We played in the pool, wandered in and out of little shops, and checked out the people fishing by the wharf.

32: You love to swim in your Aunt Shushie's pool with your brother and cousins. | Water Baby!

33: You love to splish and splash in the water. You are definitely a water baby.

34: Bath Time

35: Dear Hendrix, Where as the time gone? A minute turned into a month, turned into 9 and BAM! You are a roaring, bubbling, full of life, little man and I am a mama. Your mama. Totally comfortable in my role and our routine and our dynamics are becoming second nature. I'm so proud of you. The night of your birth, when I had almost lost you, if you had told me that such a small, little being could come from where you were to where we are well... well, my boy, my sweet sweet sweetest of the sweet baby bird, you are a real life miracle. It is still shocking to see you speed crawl across a room. Or pull yourself up to creep along the couch. You are a bit of a hellion! Full of spunk and stubbornness, even now. But it's okay. I like my boy feisty as he is. While it may haunt me during the terrible twos and into your teenage years, a strong sense of self will do you good. I'm pretty sure you know now that I am your "Mama". You say the sound over and over. Sometimes when you are tired and clingy you will rub your lil face in my lap and coo "mamamamamama". Just the word itself coming from your lips fills me with a pride I can't really describe. In my life I have been lucky enough to do a lot I am proud of but being your Mama? It takes the cake. You love to dance. Your Daddy and I try to fill our home with all kinds of songs, from every genre and period of time. You bounce and bob your head along. You especially like when we slow dance. With Billie or Ella. Maybe some Creedance or Mr.Buckley, respectfully. Whatever the tune, you love to dig your head in the crook of my neck and tangle your fingers in my hair and just sway. You are all about getting results these days. You want to build blocks to knock them down. Push buttons to turn on. Open boxes to reveal surprises. You "Bounce" on command. You blow kisses to the kitties. You've got it all figured out. I hope that you know how lucky we are. How much love we have in our lives.Your Daddy and brother and grandparents and aunts and uncles...so many hold you in their hearts. I hope you grow understanding that a happy family isn't a guarantee and many are alone and hurting. But us, we have hit the jackpot. and I don't know what the future holds. I can't predict how it'll all end up but one thing I know for sure, and I'll write it in the sky, that my love for you will never fade. Happy 9 months my perfect little prize, Your Mama. | 9 Months... A Letter

36: Your first real bath with your brother was a big moment for you. Christian was really worried about you peeing on him but luckily you held it in. You payed with the bubbles and your tubby toys. Big brother gave you a shampoo mohawk and himself a lovely bubble beard. | Bath Tub with Big Bro

37: Picnic on the beach We spent a lovely afternoon by the water.Mama and Dada ate crackers and cheese, cookies,and we all shared some fresh fruit. You practiced walking and played in little tide pools.

38: We visit a park in Somerset, MA that has a large red slide and a little beach. We like to picnic or BBQ there. We lounge on a blanket under a shaded tree and swing on the swings. You like to people watch and dip your toes in the water. | Secret Spot

39: Day at the Beach | You loved the beach! You swam with Daddy and played in the sand with mama.

40: Water Wizz | We spent the day at Water Wizz, a water park on Cape Cod. Daddy and Chrisian went down the slides and Mama and Hendrix splashed in the kiddie area. You took a nap under a big umbrella and splashed in the wave pool.

41: Slip 'N Slide | We set up the Slip' 'n Slide for your big brother and you loved watching him slide down the long stretch. When he was all done we let you crawl up and down it, dragging along a little floatie toy. You could not have been happier! You are definitely a water baby!

42: You love to ride in your stroller or your red car. During the warm weather we take walks every night.

43: Ride along...

44: Before heading off to The Liberty Hotel for 4th of July we wtched the fireworks in Taunton with Mema, Papa, your cousins, and Aunts and Uncles. You didn't mind the noise but cried a bit on the walk home.

45: Fourth of July!

46: July 4, 2010 | The Liberty Hotel Boston,MA

47: We celebrated the fourth of July with a stay at the Liberty Hotel. Daddy DJ'd in the courtyard and we played at the playground and ordered room service. That night we were supposed to watch the fireworks on the Esplanade but decided to watch the from ed with a snack of milk and cookies. Yum!

50: ...and just like that his babyhood slips through my fingers... | Life is moving so fast these days. Everything is flying by and I feel like I cant keep up. Try as I might to cling and grasp at the days, time just refuses to slow down.I would love to save up a few hours of Henry's babyhood, stick it in my back pocket, and pull it out when he's teen, yelling at me behind closed bedroom doors, sneaking out windows, whispering to friends about the many colors of my overbearing parenting.

51: Instead I fold these moments up, tiny toes and fingers and all the yummy newborn goodness of days past, toothless grins, and first steps. I fold them, like origami cranes and stick them in lil drawers in my memory. I try to record the sights and smells, the soundtrack of our everyday life.But how do you fold up a heart bursting with love and pride? I mean, how on earth can you save that for later? My baby is now a walker. Yowza. It's even hard to type. I cheer him on. Even though every time he musters up the courage to let go, arms stretched out, chubby ankles wobbling, it's a tiny heartbreak. Now that he is a walker he can easily walk away from me. Lucky for me, he seems to have a love of walking right into my arms.

52: You are not the best sleeper. As of your 11th month you still wake a couple times a night. you sleep with Mama and Daddy. You like to twirl our hair and listen to Daddy hum while you fall asleep. You have a white blankie that your Great Aunt Lillian made for you and you cuddle it every night. | Sleepy Baby! | Zzzzzzz

53: Bed Head! | You have lots of hair and it sure can get unruly! Your Uncle Sammy and Uncle Mark were born with long hair just like you. Mama and Daddy don't want to cut it until you are much older. At 1 year you have curls that fall to the middle of your back when wet! | You are not the best sleeper. As of your 11th month you still wake a couple times a night and want some milk. You sleep in bed with Mama and Daddy. You like to twirl our hair and love when your daddy hums music as you fall asleep.

54: Dear Hendrix, Happy 11 months. Or maybe I should say Happy 11 1/2 months. I have been seriously procrastinating on this post for you. I thought it would bring so many emotions to the surface and I just wasn't ready to sit down and put this all on paper I guess. I thought the 11th month would be so sad. I thought I would get choked up thinking about your newborn days and how they are gone and I'll never be able to get them back. but..I'm not. I am just so proud of how far you have come. I am so excited for the future. Ecstatic at the opportunities and experiences that will come with your toddler years.Everyday a new part of your personality comes alive.You have started to take on more big boy features. The baby chubby is still there but it is slowly falling away. Your eyes are full of mischief and curiosity. The tell so many stories. Your smile is so big and wide.he little teeth! That full smile kills me! A month or so ago as they were poking through your sore gums I was so heartbroken that the days of the toothless grin were over. But now? I get giddy at the site of those pearly white! You are a walker now. You refuse to crawl. You have a shape sorter and you put the blue circle, the red square in over and over. You adore animals. Especially puppies. You "Woof, Woof!" at anything small and furry. You point to family members in pictures. "Where is Grammy" I ask and you point and wave at the photo album. When you are tired you will bury your head into my hair and coo "Mamamama" into my ear. To hear you call me by that. There are no ways or words for me to explain what that does to a woman. It's earth shattering really and I am fully aware that eventually I will have moments where I feel like if you say Mama one more time my head might explode but for now it is the sweetest sound. I think of the comfort I got from my own parents as a child. That down home apple pie feeling. That animal crackers and apple juice before nap time. Warm beds and Christmas mornings.and now here I am giving that to you. I am proud of myself. I am, really. I nurture and it comes naturally and it feels so right. I am so happy. Happy. Happy. Happy. I'll just keep rambling and typing and you will never sit here as me and know how much I adore you. I love you so much. Love. Love. Love. I never knew the meaning of the word until I laid my eyes on you. I want you to know that no matter where you walk in this world. I am always with you. You are never alone. My hand is always here for you to hold. Cheers! Mama

56: Every year we go apple picking at Berlin Orchards. It was so nice to have you with us. You could not have been happier about getting your own apple to eat. You kicked your little legs and chomped merrily as we strolled through the orchards.

57: Apple Picking

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