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Hudson 6-12 Months

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Hudson 6-12 Months - Page Text Content

S: Hudson Jefferson Nash 6-12 Months Old

BC: On to year number...

FC: Hudson

1: Six Months Old... | You turned six months old on February 22nd. We got to spend the whole week together, because I was on winter break. This week you weren't feeling well again. Bless your heart it seemed like you stayed sick most of the time. We went to the doctor since you didn't feel well and also for your six month check up. You weighed in at 20 lbs 6.4 oz (90th percentile), and you were 28 3/4 inches long (95 percentile). You are growing great!! This month brought some more exciting milestones. Your two bottom front teeth are coming in. On March 11th, you sat for the first time all by yourself! You are babbling a lot more, and you love to smile and laugh. You love to jump and play with your toys. You are a very happy baby! We celebrated Mommy, Uncle Thomas, and Aunt Anna's birthdays this month. By the end of the month you weighed 21 lbs 3.6 oz, and your favorite baby food was sweet potatoes. You still love your little scout doggy, he helps you to fall asleep. It's so much fun to watch you grow and learn to do new things!

2: Celebrating Mommy's 26th Birthday at the Hill in Serenbe.

3: Grady and Grandma

4: January 10, 2012 | 21 Inches | 5:24 am

8: You loved anything musical... especially you're little piano.

9: Sitting up ALL by myself playing with my toys. So much fun!!

10: Little | JUmping | Bean | You absolutely loved jumping in your jump a roo... this is how you got the nickname Bean.

11: Tired...LIttle...Boy!! | Trying to get you ready for Daycare.. you were so tired, and didn't want Mommy waking you up.

13: C | O | U | S | I | N | S

15: March 19th, 2011 | We had such a fun day. We went for a walk up Viking Trail, and I showed Daddy and Hudson all around.

17: A Day at Berry... | It was a beautiful Spring day, so we went and spent the day walking around Berry's campus. It was lots of fun sharing memories with Hudson and Daddy from my first year of college.

18: Seven Months Old... | This month you especially like to sit up by yourself and play with your toys. You love any small toy that you can hold in your hand. You love to go from toy to toy. You love to make squealing noises, babbles, chuckles, and laughs. Some things you really dislike are green beans and bottles. You started refusing to take a bottle at daycare. You would go all day without barely anything to drink..this made Mommy very sad. You are very active little boy, and still love to jump in your jump-a-roo. You said your very first word this month. On April 15th, you said ma. After this you would say ma or mama when you wanted me. This month was Mommy's Spring Break. I was so excited to get to spend a full week with you. We went for a walk one weekend as a family at Clinton Park. You fell asleep in the buggy. We also went to visit Granny Smith. She loves getting to see you. By the end of the month you are able to roll around to get to what you want. You love to stand with our help, but you don't like sitting much anymore. It won't be long till you will be on the move.

19: You fell asleep on our bumpy ride at Clinton park. It is so sweet to watch you sleep.

20: Hudson

21: You loved playing with your camera that Nana and Big Papa got you.

23: Grandma | and her | BOYS!

24: Buddies | You are my Sunshine...

25: All Smiles... | Hudson loved his farm exersaucer that Aunt Anna, Uncle Thomas, and Grady got him for Christmas.

26: Grandaddy's Buddies | - - - - - - - - | - - -

27: - - - - - - - - - - | - - - - -

28: Eight Months Old... | Well, you turned eight months old right before we celebrated your first Easter. Easter is such a special time. We celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ our Saviour. We will teach you all about this special time as you grow up. For Easter we went to church at Midway Macedonia and then went to Fairfield to celebrate with the family. Stacey and everyone were also visiting. We also got together with Nana, Big Papa, Aunt Leigh Ann, Uncle Bill, Aidan, and Morgan the Saturday before Easter. This month you now have your two bottom front teeth. They look so cute when you smile. This month we had your pictures taken at picture people. They turned out really cute. Your friends in your daycare class at Faith Christian are Emma, Mya, and Myles. It is soo... hard for me to leave you because you cry and reach for me. I always get out your little piano, but when I sit you on the floor, you grab my pants leg.

29: It breaks my heart to leave you screaming. Granny even bought you a jump-a-roo, your favorite, to see if that would keep you from crying so much. It was a cute little farm one. You refuse to take your bottle or a paci. You will go all day at daycare with no milk. We have tired everything, but you will NOT take your bottle. You love to say Mama, and you are cutting all four of your top teeth at once. Another thing you do this month is pat your leg with your hand when you get anxious. This month you are starting to say da, and you can sit up on your own from the laying down position. You are starting to pull up on your own by the end of the month. We had Aunt Claire's wedding. You stayed with Aunt Sheri. She said you wouldn't eat hardly anything, so I left before Claire left and headed to get you. You are so close to crawling. You can get on all fours but can't quite crawl yet, but you usually find a way to get to just about anything you want.

31: Hudson's First Easter | 4.24.2011

32: 2011 | 2011

36: Hudson | fast | Asleep...

37: S | p | l | i | s | h | S | p | l | a | s | h | ...

38: "a new baby is like the beginning of all things, hope, a dream of possibilities."

41: You'll Be... | his first kiss his first love his first friend | You are his mommy and he is your whole world. | He is your | little boy!

42: SpLiShY | SpLaShY | Hudson loved his ducky bathtub, until he realized it made noise. Then he was absolutely terrified of it.

43: Memorial Day 2011

44: 9 Months | You turned 9 months old on May 22nd. This was just before Mommy got out for Summer. Daddy and I had made the decision that I wouldn't go back to teaching the next year, but instead stay home to take care of my sweet little boy. I absolutely couldn't wait for summer to start. I couldn't wait to get to spend all day you! I was | Soo...excited to get to just focus on being your Mommy. At your 9 month checkup you weighed 24 lbs and you were 29 inches long. You are a healthy little boy. This month you started crawling. You crawled across the floor after Garbage on June 1st, and then also pulled up by yourself in the pack n' play. So exciting! June 3rd was my first official summer day with you. We went to the pool for the first time. You loved splashing! We had Daddy's work picnic this month. That day you crawled across the floor and pulled up on the bathtub. You love baths! However, you no longer like your ducky bathtub. We made it quack thinking you would like it, and now you are terrified of it. This month you have not been sleeping to much. You have been getting up a lot at night. You like to babble, but you have been quieter lately. We think it may be because your throat hurts from your reflux. You have gotten to where you don't

45: eat much baby food. Maybe 1 cup a day. Table foods and most baby food vegetables make you gag. You like thick ones like fruit and yogurt. Your favorite is Hawaiian Delight. Nana says this was also your Daddy's favorite. We wonder if the thicker ones help soothe your throat. This month you don't like being away from Mommy, and things that make noises like the pony at Granny's house. You love your little fisher price piano. You like to pull up on it and dance to the music. So cute! This month you also learned how to clap you hands. We went to visit Granny Smith some and we went to visit Mema. Aunt Mildred was there visiting. You bit Grady while y'all were playing. I think your teeth are really hurting you! You have lots coming in. You also have started to scream when you don't get to play with something you want. We gotta work on that one. By the end of the month you weigh 25 lbs and 9oz. You are 30 inches long. You have learned so much this month. We can't wait to see what next month holds. I am so excited to get to spend everyday with you. Oh the fun we will have! I couldn't be more excited! I can't believe that it won't be long until you are ONE! My how the time is flying...but I am loving every minute of watching you learn and grow! Such a precious boy!

46: Headed out for his first time at the pool! | Such a handsome little fellow! | Summer | F | U | N

47: Hudson loved his zoom-zoom cars. He loved to watch the cars go round and round, and would often sit in the bowl part.

48: Precious First Moments | First time pulling up all by himself. | Learning to crawl | Pulling up on his own. | ... in the Making | . | . | Memories

49: LOOKOUT...Hudson is officially mobile! | - - - | - - -

51: A baby is born with a need to be loved -- and never outgrows it. | Looks like he got the Sanders tongue.

52: He won't be little very long | So hold him while you can. | In just a year or two or three | He'll be your little man, | With blocks to build, | and bugs to catch, | and double-dares to try, | so much to see and feel | and do, | as days and months fly by. | So take the time to treasure | these precious baby years | as his first tooth, | first word, first step, | become sweet souvenirs.

53: Every baby born into the world is a finer one than the last. | Ahhhhhhh..... | Chhhuuuu.....

54: Hudson and Grady taking a bath in the kitchen sink at Granny's.

56: 10 Months Old | You turned 10 months old on June 22nd. At 10 months old you still like to sleep with Mommy and Daddy. You also still get up a lot at night. | You like snacking more. You now like puffs, and you love fruit baby food, especially Hawaiian Delight and yogurt. You are crawling EVERYWHERE! You move extra fast when you are somewhere you are not supposed to be. You don't like loud noises, or when people laugh a lot. For some reason that upsets you. This month you weighed about 27 pounds. This month brought a lot more new first for you. You got to visit Aunt Jackie and Uncle Frank on Sand Mountain for the first time. We celebrated Granny Smith, and Aunt Jackie's 80th Birthday. You met all the family, and got to go on a ride in a horse-drawn carriage. You fed yourself goldfish for the first time on July 1st. You had your first fourth of July. We went to Scott's

57: house to celebrate on the fourth. You can now stand on your own for a few seconds. This month you also had to go to see Dr. Cohen about your reflux. He put you on some medicine to see if that will help. You have been horse a lot and still only like to eat thick baby foods. You also had thrush this month and an awful diaper rash. This month also brought your first trip to Amelia Island. This is a place Mommy and Daddy LOVE, and we couldn't wait to introduce it to you. We went with Granny, Granddaddy, Daddy, Uncle Thomas, Aunt Anna, Grady, and Stacey and her whole family. We stopped by Savannah and spent the night at the River Street Inn on the way down there. It was fun showing you the river and all the big boats. On July 16th we arrived in Amelia. You got to put your toes in the sand for the first time, and got your first look at the ocean. You loved the beach. You would crawl everywhere and let the water wash up on you. By the end of the week

58: unfortunately you were sick. That Thursday night you cried and cried. We tried everything to calm you down. We ended up putting you in the car and riding you around. That usually worked, but it didn't this time. We rode over to the the condo to see if Granny and Granddaddy could help calm you down. Nothing worked. We then rode to the emergency room. You calmed down by the time we got in the parking lot so we didn't go in since you didn't have a fever. The next day Granny and I took you to the Urgent Care. The doctor was actually from Marietta. He was wonderful. He said you had an ear infection and a throat infection. Poor baby! He gave you some medicine though to make you feel better. It was a fun vacation despite you getting sick. We went to the pool, had family pictures made by Katrin Bell, ate at Cedar River and the Crab Trap, played in the sand and in the waves, and just spent time together as a family. I think you are going to love the beach as much as your Mommy and Daddy do. Well...you turned 11 months old while we were on vacation. The time is flying, but we are enjoying every minute of it.

59: It is so much fun to watch you discover new things. Everything is new to you, and we just love to watch you explore and learn to do new things. By the end of your 10th month you are cruising around on furniture more, and have started standing on your own without holding on to anything. Won't be long and you will be walking. Can't wait to see what next month holds.

60: For your first 4th of July we went to Alabama to celebrate Granny Smith and Aunt Jackie's 80th Birthday.

62: Playing with Daddy at Scott and Pam's pool | You got to ride in a real old-fashioned carriage on the mountain.

63: Proud to be an American | - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - | - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

64: - - - | - - - - - - - - - - | - - | - - - - - - - | - -

65: - - | - - - - | Savannah | - - | - - - - - - - - - - - - | - -

66: Hudson with Mommy and Daddy on River Street in Savannah. We were on our way to Amelia. | On River Street in | Savannah

67: Welcome to Amelia... | Our house for Hudson's first Amelia Island Vacation

68: 2011

69: Your first time seeing the ocean, and feeling the sand between your toes. | . . . Memories . . .

70: Hudson LOVED the ocean. He loved to just sit in the sand and let the waves crash over him.

71: Hudson and Daddy waiting for the next wave.

72: "If one feels the need of something grand, something infinite, something that makes one feel aware of God, one need not go far to find it. I think that I see something deeper, more infinite, more eternal than the ocean in the expression of the eyes of a little baby when it wakes in the morning and coos or laughs because it sees the sun shining on its cradle."

73: I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean Whenever one door closes I hope one more opens Promise me that you'll give faith a fighting chance And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance I hope you dance

75: Precious Little Hands...

77: "If you want to know how much I love you...count the waves."

79: Beach pictures taken by Katrin Bell on the beautiful Amelia Island Beaches.

80: Cousins are those childhood playmates, who grow | up to be forever friends.

83: Granny and Granddaddy

84: A cousin is a ready-made friend for life.

86: Uncle Thomas rescuing you from the waves.

88: 11 Months Old | You turned 11 months old on July 22nd. This was at the very end of our Amelia vacation. You were sick with an ear and throat infection. Poor baby...you felt miserable. The next day was Granny Smith's 80th | Birthday, and then on Sunday we headed back home. The next week we just unpacked and hung out at the house. July 28th was Mommy and Daddy's 4th Anniversary and Grady's 1st Birthday. That weekend we had Grady's first birthday party. He had a Sesame Street theme. It was very cute. This month not too much has changed from last month. You are still crawling EVERYWHERE.. and are starting to cruise on the furniture even more. It won't be long and you'll be walking. You love getting into the cabinets and pulling out all the Tupperware. This is one of your favorite things to do. You also love playing with all your toys. As far as your eating and sleeping habits go, nothing has really changed. We are hoping soon you will be able to start eating more foods without gagging. Dr. Huque said that sometimes it just takes a while

89: for your gag reflex to stop being so sensitive. This month we also took you to play on the playground in the front of the neighborhood. At first you were a little unsure about the swing. You would hang forward, but once you got used to it you loved it. You would just smile and laugh. We also had your double one year old birthday parties at Granny and Granddaddy's with both sides of the family. I made your Mickey Mouse cake which turned out pretty cute. As it got close to your birthday you got sick once again. This time you had what they called Herpangina. Bless your heart, you were so sick. You would just drool cause your throat hurt so bad. The doctor said you had big blisters on your throat. Well...thankfully by your party you were feeling better. We had your first birthday party on the 21st. Everyone came to the house to help us celebrate. You had a Winnie the Pooh theme. It was very cute. Mrs. Vivian made your cake. YUM. You took your first little bitty step without holding onto anything. On your actual birthday Daddy came home early. We went to Carrabbas to eat, and then we took you to Clinton Park to let you play. You loved it. We can't believe you are ONE. You got lots and lots of neat gifts, but out of everything I think you loved your balloons the most.

90: Little boys are God's way of telling you that your house is too clean. | Hudson Loved getting into all the cabinets...especially the Tupperware cabinet.

91: 100% Little Boy | - - - - - | - - - - - - - - - | - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - | - - - | - - - | - - - | Go..Go..Crash!

92: Hudson playing with the Tupperware. One of his very favorite things to do!

93: Busy...Busy...BOY!

94: Hudson and Grady had several first birthday parties. This was the first one at Granny's with her side of the family. The theme was Mickey Mouse. == | 8.6.2011

95: The MIckey Mouse cake that I made. | Hudson's first time eating cake. He seemed to really like it.

96: - - - - | - - - - | Happy Birthday | - - - - - - - - - - - - -

97: Hudson playing with Nana

100: A year of laughter. . .

101: Look who's turning... | A year of | FUN | . . . | Hudson's one year photo shoot at Picture People.

107: 12 Months Old

108: Hudson opening his presents at his 1st Birthday Party.

109: Hudson's 1st Birthday cake. Mrs. Vivian made it, which made it EXTRA good. | 1st | Party

110: Smashing it, and enjoying every bite. | Smash Cake Time | Thinking About It. . . | Tasting It. . .

111: The balloons were Hudson's favorite part.

112: Monday, August 22nd, 2011 | B | I | R | T | H | D | A | Y | B | O | Y

113: Helping Daddy put his cozy coupe together. | Swinging at Clinton Park | Hudson's actual birthday was on Monday. We played at the house all day. Then when Daddy got home him and Hudson put together his cozy coupe. We had Carrabbas for dinner, and then went to play at Clinton park

114: ----------- | --- | Playing | at the | Park | --

115: --- | Hudson and Daddy playing in the yard with his new cozy coupe. | --- | -- | --

116: Hudson and Grady's Birthday celebration with the Sanders side of the family

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