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Ian First Year

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S: ian lucas first year 2010-2011

BC: "Every good and perfect gift is from above..." James 1 17

FC: Ian Lucas 0-1

1: Anxiously Waiting...

2: Ian Lucas 06.28.2010 @4:54pm | 5lbs 4ozs 18 1/2 inches 13 3/4 inch head circumference

5: When a child is born, the mother is also born.

8: Daddy's little man.

10: One Month.... | 6lbs 12oz 19 inches *You went to your first Arkansas Travelers baseball game... and slept right through the loudness. *To celebrate your first week, we went to Pinnacle Mountain State Park to take a little stroll. You love the outdoors! If you're crying we can just walk outside and you become so calm. *You aren't in your crib just yet, instead you're doing good beside our bed and waking a couple of times each night for a feeding. You are definitely a night terrorizer! I thought you'd want to be stretched out and free to move, but sometimes you seem to do better being all balled-up and swaddled. *We are still working on bath time. I try to give you a bath every night and make some kind of routine around it -but that doesn't always happen. You are getting progressively better with each bath. And I'm pretty sure you sleep better after the bath nights. It's kind of like your changing table experiences - it's all good as long as you're covered up. You will patiently wait as your little tub fills up, then scream when you're getting all suds up. After the bath has become one of my favorite times with you. I'll lay down beside you and just stare at you, you stare back, and I listen to all your little noises.

11: *I love playing with you during the day. We'll do the swing, tummy-time on the play mat, the vibration seat, and dance around a lot. You've proven to have powerful little legs and scoot yourself back if you're on your back, and scoot forward if you're on your tummy. You like to climb up me when you're laying on my chest and pretty soon you're up over my shoulder with no place to go. You even propel yourself from your tummy to your side a lot. *You eat anywhere from 6 - 12+ times per day. I absolutely love breastfeeding and wouldn't trade these moments with you for the world. I don't enforce a schedule for feeding, so you get fed when you're hungry. And anyone within a ten mile radius knows when Ian is hungry. Those same people know when something else is going down in the diaper, but that's another subject -which cracks me up! *Another favorite time is when you're balled up on my chest just snoozing away. I'm not a napper, but I can catch a good one when you're like this. And the way your hair smells is priceless. love,

12: Splish Splash...

13: Ian's takin' a bath!

14: So peaceful, So innocent, So sweet, My sleeping baby.

15: Wilco - "My Darling" Go back to sleep now My darlin And I'll keep all the bad dreams away Breathe now, think sweet things And I'll think of all the right words to say Because we made you My darlin With the love in each of our hearts We were a family, my darlin Right from the start Grow up now My darlin Please don't you grow up too fast And be sure, darlin To make all the good times last Because we made you My darlin With the love in each of our hearts We were a family, my darlin Right from the start

16: First Smile | :)

18: Three Months... | *I look back on pictures from your birth day all the time and see how far you have come. At that time, I didn't think you were all that tiny as people kept on saying. I just thought you were baby-sized... I mean, you are supposed to be small when you're born. I couldn't imagine you being any bigger. I would cuddle up with you trying to soak up your smallness because I knew it'd change soon. I think you are on the verge of twelve pounds right now. We didn't have a doctor's appointment this month so we don't have exact numbers. You are up to size one diapers and 0-3mth clothes. *You are starting to become accustomed to the elements. You like diaper changes so much! You love being all naked. This is such a drastic change. Also, you are always happy in the tub for a bath. You sometimes kick your legs in the water as if you are playing. You love the playmat, too.... this is what I like to do with you when I get home from work, and also work in a little tummy time. *I incorporated formula in your diet this month. We started out a few weeks ago with one bottle for your last feeding hoping it would help you sleep longer... but it didn't work that easy. Of course not. You are one hungry lil monkey. You are consistently eating over thirty ounces now. Whether it is breastmilk or formula, or a mixture of both, it doesn't last long. You are catching up with a vengeance! You are asleep by 7-8:30pm, I feed you before I go to bed around 11:30pm, you're up again to eat around 3:30am, then you are up when I get up around 6:30-7am. I think its a pretty good routine.

19: *You are experiencing your first season of Razorback football! *Your pretty eyes are following us around all the time. You also smile when people get down in front of you. Since I've been back to work, you smile and get all excited when I come home and play with you. I love it! You got to go to Fort Smith with me for a few days at the end of my leave. That was the first time staying the night somewhere else and you adapted so well. I also learned the art of packing light. *I love you so much! And I can't wait to see your personality unfold! love,

20: Happy First

21: H a lloween | 10.31.2010

24: Giggles

25: Pitiful Cries

26: Happy First Thanksgiving

27: I'm thankful for....

30: Merry First

31: Christmas

32: Six Months... | 17lbs 7.5oz 26 3/4 inches 17 1/2 inch head circumference *You had your first Thanksgiving and Christmas. *You are now able to roll over both ways, stomach to back and back to stomach. But I guess you just wanted us to know that you could... because you rarely do either. *If I put in the crawling stance, you will stay for a couple of seconds before falling over. *You love to stand and practice walking. *You can sit on your own for a few seconds, but still need supervision. *You started daycare last week. I didn't think it'd be that big of a deal, but I'm really not handling this well. (especially when another baby scratched your face on the second day) (and when you get sick after the first week) *You are so interested in eating. You will stare at me when I'm eating or drinking anything. We have given you rice cereal, apples, pears, bananas, fresh oj, avocado, squash, carrots. I usually make some puree to give to you in the evening, then give the remainder (or send it to daycare) the next day for lunch. You take 6oz bottles and still nurse after your bath (and sometimes in the night). *Your sleeping is getting so much better. Although you still have nights where you're up two or three times... there have been nights where you slept ALL the way through! This is a major breakthrough. I love those nights, and just try to rack my brain on what exactly we did that day that was different. I write down everything, but still haven't unlocked the code yet. Lately though, teething is driving you up the wall day and night!!

33: *You wear 6-12mth clothes, mainly for the length in the torso and legs. Your chubbiness has thinned out this past month and you're looking long and lean. You wear size 3 diapers. *You are so curious and love looking at new people. Most of the time you smile at everyone. Taking you out in public is fun because strangers comment on how happy you are! And you'll even reach out for anyone to hold you. *You started touching faces all the time. *You are teething like mad -chewing on anything you grab. And so far have two bottom teeth! *You like to listen to me sing. This makes me happy, but it's unfortunate for anybody else within earshot. love,

34: Snow Days Jan-Feb 2011

35: Let | it | S | N | O | W

36: YUM YUM!

37: Happy Valentine's Day! | xoxoxo

38: Play Mat Fun!

40: Swinging is Awesome!

42: Nine Months 19lbs 14oz 28 inches 18 1/2 inch head circumference | Ian, you are just the cutest thing ever. Our typical day now starts around 5am (that's all you). I give you 7oz and bring you to my bed and cross my fingers you doze back off for another hour or two. Most of the time you will grant my tired wishes and wake back up around 7am. Other times you stay up and are rarin' to go! And when you first wake up, at 5am, you will begin making noises in your crib, syllables like 'da, da, na, ba, ma, ma.' Then it will escalate to short high-pitched screams, happy screams. When I come in you are whipping your arms around and kicking those legs and smiling so excited for me. That makes it a bit easier getting up so darn early! Sleep has to be one of the biggest changes over the past couple of months. At around 7 1/2 mths you started sleeping all the way through the night!!!! So 5am really doesn't bother me compared to what I was used to. After your bathtime routine you are out asleep right after/during your last feeding -which is around 7pm. You get two naps during the day, each 1 1/2 hrs. You'll eat that 7oz bottle at 5am, then I'll feed you cereal w/fruit before I take you to daycare, you eat whatever breakfast they have, another bottle 4-6oz, nap, lunch food, bottle 4-6oz, another nap, a snack, then I'll pick you up from daycare and give you dinner food, bathtime routine, then your 4oz last bottle.

43: The weekends are pretty much the same routine, but I love being with you all day! You are being so good lately. You still love riding in the stroller and being outdoors. You are now sitting in a high chair like a champ. You love Mum-Mums and cheese puffs to snack on. You will eat anything I'm eating -I'll feed you little bits and its so fun. Pickles and lemons don't even phase you! You have SIX teeth!... two on bottom and four on top. You went through a phase at around 7mths of being afraid of being held by strangers, but I think you are over that now. You've had a rough time getting used to daycare. I think you fuss a lot, but I'm hearing that you're having good days more and more often, and everyone comments about how happy and cute you are. You are on the verge of crawling. You can get to the crawling position from sitting and then kind of sway and bounce back and forth, moving an arm or an leg, then collapsing. Right now it's so easy in the morning when I'm getting ready to just let you sit and watch or play with a few toys. As you can see below, you have a head full of hair and needs it's first trim very soon. love,

44: Happy Easter

51: one year checkup

52: IT'S | P | A | R | T | Y | T I

53: M E

54: ONe Year 21lbs 15oz 30 inches 18 3/4 inch head circumference | Ian, you are getting brave and not only standing on your own, but also taking a step. You are walking holding onto objects, but your favorite method of transportation is crawling... super fast these days. You are practicing squatting. When you first started pulling up on things, you would have to just fall back on your bum. But now you will put something down on the floor, squat down to get it while one hand is still hanging on, and then pull yourself back up. And then do it over, and over, and over... I love watching all of your calculated moves. You love playing with your stacking train. And you even started trying to put the pieces back on the pegs. You will eat anything. I have yet to find anything that you deny. You drink from a sippy cup really well and I guess I will phase out the bottle soon. You love riding in a shopping cart. I actually will wait to go to the store until after I pick you up because I like having a little partner, and I know you'll like it. We go walking around the neighborhood all the time. There are awesome hills around here and the jogging stroller is definitely getting its wear. I love your long eyelashes! I've trimmed your hair myself twice now. Just a little bit here and there, nothing major, just getting rid of the long hair over you ears and the rat tail in the back and trying to keep it out of your eyes in the front.

55: You like to open and close doors. This keeps you occupied as I'm getting ready in the morning -along with going through everything in my bathroom cabinet. You smile at pictures of yourself, and laughs at pictures of other babies. Don't quite know what this means. You love mirrors. You know how to turn the light switch down/off when we leave a room. You're sweaty. When I get you out of the car seat your hair and back are all wet. You like the syllables 'da', 'bah', 'mah', 'gah' and you do various combinations of these. And sometimes your babbling is very stern like you really mean it! You drink at least 20oz of formula/day and eat three meals and get at least one snack. Most often you sleep from 7-8pm til 5:30-6:30am. And have a couple of naps every day. You're usually happy and giggling in the morning and like to give me hugs, and pull my hair to make sure I'm fully awake. You're going through the phase where you want to come back to me when I let somebody else hold you. You are also going through a biting phase. I hate this. I frequently have teeth marks and bruises on me. I keep saying 'don't bite' and you'll do it harder. I even tried crying, but you just laughed. Really hope this goes away before you hurt another baby or somebody else. I really think you think you're showing affection though. And I hate being stern with you when you think you're kissing me. You'll learn. You have eight teeth. All the better to bite with! I found out one of those teeth is a sweet tooth! I'll feed you sweet fruits... it's at daycare you get the junk sweets sometimes, marked with an 'ate everything'. You like when I read and sing to you. Ian, you are super curious, determined, silly, sweet, antsy, and busy. I love every moment with you. You are the highlight of my life, little guy! Love,

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