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Ian's 1st Year

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Ian's 1st Year - Page Text Content

S: 2011-2012

BC: Praise be to God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ. For he chose us in him before the creation of the world to be hold and blameless in his sight. In love he predestined us to be adopted as his sons through Jesus Christ, in accordance with his pleasure and will. Ephesians 1:3-5

FC: Ian James McMennamy

1: The first person to love you was Sarah, your birth mother. She loves you so much that she wanted to make sure that you would have a mother and a father and have as much love and attention in your life as possible. So she asked her mother and Jan to help her find an adoptive family for you. | Sarah on Thursday, June 16th -- the day she met your Mommy and Daddy | Marilyn Jan (Sarah's mom) She helped Sarah find mom and dad

2: Even before you were here, Sarah got to know a little bit about what you looked like. She found out you were a boy in April! At first dad and mom thought you were a girl, but Sarah set us straight. We were very excited to see these pictures of you.

3: We were very excited to know everything about you, even before you arrived! Mom went to some doctor visits with Sarah, and the doctor checked to make sure you were growing and healthy.

4: Lots of people came to the hospital to wait for the good news that you were born! After Sarah delivered you, mommy got to be in the nursery to hold your hand and help take care of you.

5: Everyone who saw you, agreed that you were a beautiful little boy. Sarah is a very strong and brave mother and wants you to know that she loves you so much that she found mom and dad for you.

6: When Sarah gave birth to you, the doctors had to help you come out. While they were helping Sarah feel better after giving birth to you, Mommy held your hand while the nurses weighed, measured, and cleaned you up.

8: Even as a really little guy in the nursery at the hospital, you already made great faces!

10: We were excited when you drank an entire 2 ounce bottle while you were still a very little guy in the hospital.

11: You and Sarah needed to stay in the hospital for a couple of days for the doctors to make sure that you were both healthy. Mommy stayed with you and Sarah the first night to make sure you were both comfortable. Sometimes you slept in someone's arms and sometimes you slept in a clear bassinet. | You went home from the hospital on Thursday, July 21, 2011. Sarah was sad because she wouldn't be able to see you every day. But Mommy and Daddy planned times for us all to get together.

12: When it was time to take you home, you got bundled up and secured in the car for your very first trip anywhere. Daddy and Mommy were pretty nervous. | We had trouble with the car seat, so a nice lady at the hospital helped mom and dad fix the straps so that you could sit in your seat and drive home safely and comfortably. You slept the whole ride home.

13: You came home when you were 3 days old. It was a very hot day. You drank your first bottle at home and promptly fell asleep in the blanket Sarah made for you.

14: And lots of people loved you and wanted to come see you because you are very special.

15: Everyone who heard about you wanted to come see you. Some people drove from across the city, and some people flew on a plane from across the country, and some people were impatient to get a chance to hug you.

16: There are lots of people who love you and think about you all the time besides Mommy and Daddy. Sarah loves you and thinks about you every day. Mommy and Daddy and Sarah like to get together to have dinner and talk about you.

17: Your grandparents love you and think about you every day. They like to take care of you whenever they can, even when Mommy and Daddy aren't around. You stayed at Nanna's house when Mommy went back to work when you were 4 months old. | Nanna | Grandma | Grandad | Grandpa

18: You liked to sleep a lot as a little man. So Mommy and Daddy held you and talked to you and took lots of pictures of you while you were sleeping.

20: You went right to sleep after your first bath at home. | Maddie didn't know what you were, but she wanted to guard your bed.

21: 1 and 2 weeks

22: When you woke up the morning, or from any nap, you would always have a big stretch to get ready for whatever fun would happen next... usually fun would be a bottle.

23: When you were two weeks old we went back to the doctor to make sure you were still healthy and wonderful... We were worried that your umbilical cord was still hanging on to your tummy. It stayed there for six weeks!

24: Your first favorite toy that we would took with us everywhere was your crinkly, rattling lion. We would hang it in front of you all the time, and it was the first toy you ever grabbed on your own. Maddie and Daddy are also pretty fun for you to stare and smile at.

28: This is one of the first times you played with Daddy and told him a fun, babbling story. There was lots of laughing and smiling from Mommy and Daddy. But all that fun was exhausting.

30: Once you got to be a few weeks old, Mommy and Daddy started to take you to see new places. Mommy read a lot of books about how to help you grow strong, and decided that it would help you see what was going on around you and help you to learn about language for you to be up high in a carrier instead of down low in a stroller. So Mommy got a bunch of wrap carriers. You like them most of the time.

31: As you got bigger, toys became fun and you started playing games and smiling at Mommy and Daddy.

32: Once your arms got strong, you wanted to move them all the time, so sometimes you would wiggle and wake up. So we started letting you fall asleep on Mommy or Daddy's tummy.

33: Once you got to sit in water, you loved bath time every day.

34: October wasn't consistently cool enough for your fun winter hat, so we wore it indoors just for fun every now and then. We went to visit Grandma Jane in Louisiana over Halloween, so we tried on your costume at home. You made faces to try to be a scary monster.

36: Once it got cooler, we had to bundle you up to go outside.

37: You took a little trip with Francy, Nanna, and Mommy to see a pretty house and garden. | Mommy's Aunt Francy (who is Nanna's sister) came to visit you in the fall.

38: As fall became winter, everyone could see that you weren't a little baby any more but were becoming a big boy...

39: Even a bigger boy likes to fall asleep on his Daddy's back while Christmas shopping.

40: Christmas shopping... you learned early on that Daddy loves the mall. | You got to pretend to be Baby Jesus in the Christmas Nativity scene. Mom and Dad got to come along and join in too.

41: Even though it was cooler outside, we had fun going for walks. Uncle Andrew came to visit during Christmas time. He greatly admires your red hair.

42: You learned about unwrapping presents at Christmas. Your favorite presents were the paper.

45: We are blessed to live near by to all your grandparents and got to spend time with all of them together for Christmas! | Santa Claus knew that you love baths, so you got lots of fun duckies!

46: In January, you were 6 months old. That meant that we could go to court for a judge to ask us about you and how much we love you and have the judge say that we could be family forever. | There were lots of adoptions that morning and you did a good job being patient and playing quietly. Lots of family came to see you on this special day.

47: Sarah's mommy, Marilyn, came to see you on your special day. She took lots of great photos. Your favorite part was the stuffed dog that the judge gave you at the end of his decision. You especially liked the tag.

49: Daddy likes taking pictures of you. He started posting pictures online and called them "Everyday Ian" -- even though they aren't every day.

50: One of your favorite things to do is to bounce in your bouncer.

51: You also love to eat toys.

52: At 6 months you started eating finger-sized table food...

53: ...like bananas and mumms and broccoli and apples and sweet potatoes...

54: You didn't like broccoli on the first try.

55: You did like sweet potatoes on the first try.

57: You also like yellow peppers on the first try.

58: Maddie has always liked you, but since you started eating (and throwing) big guy food, she absolutely loves you.

59: And all your practice with playing with food has made you better at playing with toys.

60: Every day with you -- even the tough days when you decide you don't want to nap -- is a pretty fun day with you.

62: In March your Aunt Susan (Mommy's sister) and your Great Aunt Sue (Nanna's sister) came to visit you. Great Aunt Sue took lots of great pictures of you to share with everyone.

63: They got to see all the fun you have at Grandad and Nanna's house when Mommy and Daddy are gone during the work week. | You especially like being on the porch and playing with the wind chimes.

64: As a bigger boy you like lots of fun things, like green beans and sometimes onions...

65: ...and toys like beads and balls... | ...and riding in shopping carts and especially... ...eating Daddy's hat.

66: You've done lots of fun things in the spring time... | ...you celebrated Easter... ...you like going for walks, in the stroller and hanging with Mommy or Daddy...

67: ...you sit up very well and like to play on the floor and on the bed... | ...and you love meal time at home and wherever we are on the go!

68: Your Daddy is amazing and gets you ready for the day every morning. He's taught you about showers and brushing teeth.

69: Daddy also has found great toys for you around the house. Your favorite is the empty bottle of gripe water. | growing

70: Daddy has also discovered ingenious holding pens for you to hang out while he gets himself ready for the day.

71: Mommy and Daddy are both very excited that you like books. This one is a favorite -- Goodnight Moon. Sarah sent it to you with a recording of her reading it to you to remind you that she loves you and misses you.

73: We can't wait to see what the next year will bring.

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