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Isabella - 2nd Year

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Isabella - 2nd Year - Page Text Content

S: Isabella - Second Year 2010-2011

FC: Isabella | YEAR | T W O

1: You are one. One whole wonderful, crazy, stressful, amazing year it has been. One year ago today the doctor placed your pink, crying, perfect little self on my chest and that was it. I was a mom. Just like that. Our hearts were linked forever. I dreamed of being a mother from the time I could walk and talk. I dreamed of you my entire life: playing with dolls and pretending they were real, scribbling baby names I liked in my journal and closing my eyes so tight trying to catch a glimpse of what my real baby would look like someday. And now that you are here, you have blown every dream and fantasy of mine right out of the water. You are so much more than I could ever have dreamed of. You are perfect and so perfectly Isabella. Your crazy cute facial expressions-which you got from me by the way- that can make anyone smile. Your sweet, tender, love bug side that is thrilled to give kisses and hugs to any baby around. Your Lil’ monster, mind of your own side that kicks, screams and throws your head back when you don't get your way. You have changed all of our lives forever. In twelve little months, you have sealed your place in our hearts forever. Twelve months of rocking, bouncing, patting, singing your fussy little self to sleep. Twelve months of smiling at your giggle, your toothy smile, your quirks. Watching you grow and change and learn every day is the gift of a lifetime. I can't wait to see the little girl you become. And someday, the woman you will become. I love you to the moon. - Mommy | Isabella

2: Dear Isabella, At the beginning, it was very hard for mommy and daddy to leave you there so early in the morning and hear you crying out loud begging for us to come back. But time has prove how much you would love school. You are doing great! There are other changes that you'll also have to get used to - napping on a cot, eating with utensils, no more bottles, wearing shoes all day. There are other things we will be prepared for too - that you'll say your first words (other than mama and dada) at daycare and many other milestones. But the new experiences will be great for you. You will make new friends! And learn new things, everyday. Enjoy all of it! | of daycare... | June 14, 2010

4: Look who is walking | June 25, 2010 You were playing in the living room and just like that... You stand up and started walking...

5: It's so cute to watch you wobble -- first one or two steps, and now five or six. You really wants to run before you can walk! And to think, just a month ago we were wondering if we should be concerned that you weren't walking yet! But, you were cruising all over the house since you were 10 months old. It was only a matter of time. ... you love to walk on your tip-toes and go for a walk with daddy! | months

6: It is amazing to see how much you have learned and how much fun you are having with your new friends. You have a passion for books, dancing and singing. Everyday is something different. Everyday is something new. We are so proud of you. | Infant Room

11: July 1st, 2010 You were so cute holding your canadian flag and mommy was so happy to celebrate your first Canada Day with you. We had so much fun together

12: Strawberry Picking Downey's Farm

13: You had so much fun picking strawberries Of course, you were daddy little helper. At first, you were having more fun squeezing and feeling the texture, them you decided to try it. The first strawberry you ate, you didn't like very much, but after the second one... oh girl, you could not stop eating. They were so fresh and sweet. Yummy!!!!

14: This was your first World Cup. We all dressed up to cheer for the brazilian soccer team, as we are a multi-cultural family, soon or later you will decide who is your favourite team: Brazil, Portugal or Canada? :-)

15: WORLD CUP 2010

16: I AM A BIG GIRL NOW... It amazes us how much imagination you have. We love to watch you play and interact with your baby doll... you pretend to feed her, change her diaper, hug and kiss her, put her to sleep and even tries to make her burp...

17: Making a mess is...

19: Our first trip to the African Lion Safari You were amazed to see so many different animals and sounds. The same animals you see in the books and TV. You were so happy to spend the day with your best friend Mariana, padrinho & madrinha... After hours of fun, you were so tired, and we could not keep you awake to see everything,

21: You love to run around with your best friend ELMO, through the kitchen and living room... giggling and yelling and then, giggling some more...

22: You love water... ... as long you are not on a swimming pool. For some reason, you are afraid. We have tried together some swimming classes but, we don't think you were ready. Next year, we will try again, okay?

24: I want to remember this time right now. That place in between baby/toddler/little girl. The way your personality is developing. The things you say like "I need you Mama"and "read a book"and "Daddy is busy? Daddy is working?"

32: This fall you had so much fun playing with the leaves! You absolutely adore being outside. You love the crunching sound the autumn leaves make when you walk on them.

39: Just for Kids Early Learning Centre Toddler Room

44: Santa Claus Parade Brampton, Ontario

46: Disney on Ice

48: And it happened again... "Mommy, Santa is scary. I don't want to sit on his lap." After crying hysterically when you saw Santa, you said: "But I want the candy..."

49: This Christmas was very special. We enjoyed together every second. We thank God everyday for giving daddy a fast recovery and keep our happy family together. Our Christmas was magical.

53: I want to remember that even there are times in our lives that are very hard, the good always outweighs the bad and that it's the way we approach those simple everyday moments and routines that are the most meaningful... | LIFE

55: You love Crafting time

60: ALL BUNDLED UP Ok... so you don't exactly LOVE the snow! As soon we started playing, you started crying. I just laugh because it is so your personality. On one hand you are wild and brave, but you are also very timid and scared of everything! I guess you get that from me! Maybe next year we can build snowmen and make snow angels!

63: You are very creative. You love to sing and dance. You can eat all by yourself. You love your friends and they love you.

64: This spring has been a blessing for our family... filled with happiness and great memories. We savor every moment that we get to spend with you. We are amazed at how smart, fun and loving you are. Ok. You have LOTS of tantrums... when we say LOTS, we meant it! You can make us so mad sometimes, and with one shy smile, our heart completely melts. It's hard to watch you become a girl, and see our baby slipping away.

65: We are so proud to watch you grow and learn everyday. You have a hold on our heart that makes us want to drop everything just to be where you are.

66: BRASIL 2011 | Vovo Dinha & Vovo Roxa

67: HAPPINESS being here feels just like home...

69: Titia Carla "Cala" | Vovo Epa | Vovo Dinha | Vovo Roxa

71: You loved to wake up every morning and have a delicious breakfast prepared by Vovo Roxa & Vovo Dinha...

74: Rio de Janeiro

84: Toddler Room

85: Wow, what a a wonderful year, filled with learning discoveries. We are proud to say... You are very independent. You are using a variety of words to express yourself. You know how to sing many songs. You can answer simple questions. You can take on and off your shoes and needs minimal assistance. You are the little helper at daycare. You help set up the tables and help your friends to put on/off their shoes.You love your friends and you always invite them to play.You love puzzles and building blocks and so far you can build a tower with 6 or more blocks. Way to go Isabella... You are a bright kid! | Big girl...

86: Niagara Falls

88: Butterfly Conservatory

91: We had so much fun at the Zoo this summer. We were so happy to see you watching and discovering all the animals. Later on, we have tried to take you to the water splash but I guess the water was too cold and you didn't want to get wet...

101: Where all the bubbles goes Mommy?

105: You are two. Two just seems so big to me. The day you were first placed into my arms, I felt like two was a million miles away. But here we are. Before I had kids, I felt like a two-year old was a kid. But today I very much feel that you are still my baby. This past year I cannot believe how much you have grown and how much you have learned. Your little personality is changing everyday. Your personality is a perfectly Isabella blend of sweet, bossy, timid and smart, with plenty of ornery in there too. You are a little boss who loves to run the show. If you could, you would tell everyone what to do at all times. You are just like Mommy and are afraid of everything. You are even scared of a baby bunny. You have learned so much this year. You are talking in full sentences and picking up new things every hour. Sometimes you can be a little mean who doesn't like to share your toys with your friends. We are working on that! But at the end of the day, all the parts of you are perfect in our eyes, because they are you and you are ours. I have always dreamed of being a mother and what it would be like. When you were born, you turned so many of the ideas I had about motherhood upside down. I thought I knew everything, but having a calm baby and a challenging toddler quickly taught me that I knew nothing about how hard it is to be a mom. I thought I knew how much I would love my baby. But you turned that upside down too. On the day you were born, I was head over heels. Twenty-four months later, my love for you multiplies every day. Seeing parts of Daddy and myself in you makes my heart swell. Watching you struggle with something, or seeing you sick tugs at my heart strings. Hearing you say "Mom" ten million times a day makes me smile. We are so proud to be your parents. The last year has been trying as we struggled with your daddy health concerns. We were given a new-found sense of appreciation for each day we spend together as a family, with you, and our goal as parents is to live in the moment and enjoy every second with you...the fun moments, the scary moments and even the challenging ones. We love you more than you can know and it grows every day. We are so blessed that you are ours. Love you to the moon, Mommy |

106: as you turn | two years old | You are incredibly cute | YOU LOVE TO SING & DANCE | YOU ARE VERY INDEPENDENT... | you would stay at the park all day long if I let you... | The sentences you use the most: "It's mine" (50x), "No mommy, I do" (100x), "Daddy do it" (10x), "That's not nice (10x) | You have a strong personality, just like mommy & daddy :-O | Understand portuguese very well... but it's still learning how to speak... | Your favourite food is PASTA but you also love banana, salmon, rice, beans, chicken, apple sauce and never goes to bed before you have a nice and warm chocolate milk. | You have a great memory when you want something | Loves Dora the Explorer, Mickey Mouse, Barney and Elmo. | when you are in the car you have to point and describe everything you see...

107: ... we love you even more. | You love books and crafting time... | Started preschool at daycare! | Counts 1 to 10 | Officially potty trained in September 2011 | Mariana, Dylan and Dessa are your best friends... | Your favourite songs: I love you (Barney), Itse Bitsy Spider, Twinkle Twinkle, ABC's, Nana Nenem, Boi da Cara Preta e Atirei o pau no gato | You have many many tantrums and still more to come... but we know it's a phase and you are learning to use your words instead of crying... | YOU LOVE TO RUN "FAST" | You are afraid of loud noises and characters | YOU LOVE TO POINT OUT AIRPLANES

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