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Jaela's first year

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Jaela's first year - Page Text Content

S: Jaela Cay Jourden's First Year

FC: Jaela's First Year | Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4

1: Name: Jaela Cay Jourden Date of Birth: October 29, 2008 Time of Birth: 12:40p.m. Place of Birth: Lubbock Covenant Lakeside Mother: Teresa Cay Jourden Father: Joshua Kyle Jourden Hair Color: Dark Brown Eye Color: Brown Gender: Female Birth Weight: 7 pounds Birth Height: 19.5 inches

2: Family MOM'S MATERNAL & PATERNAL GRANDPARENTS George Arrington William Wiseman Eloise Arrington Clyta Wiseman MOM'S MOM MOM'S DAD Sherry Wiseman DeWayne Wiseman MOM AND TERESA AND MOM'S SIBLINGS Samantha Lisa Randall Daughter: Skylar | Tree DAD'S MATERNAL & PATERNAL GRANDPARENTS Darell Spence Ted Jourden Hoylene Spence Sandra Jourden DAD'S MOM DAD'S DAD Jana Jourden Tad Jourden (Renae) DAD JOSHUA DAD'S SIBLINGS Jamey (Rodney Kirkland) Daughter: Ella Jim (Julie) Daughter: Savannah Jilanne

3: In the news: President Bush and House leaders agree to a $150 billion stimulus package, General Motors Corp. reports the largest ever recorded loss for a maker, President Bush signs the $700 billion bailout ( Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 ) is signed into law. United States Presidential Election 2008 Barack Obama (Democratic) Defeats John McCain (Republican) Sony's Blu-ray HD format is expected to win over the rival format, HD DVD. Honda begins selling it's zero-emission, hydrogen fuel-cell powered vehicle The Honda FCX Clarity. Average Cost of new house $238,880 Average Cost New Car $27,958 Average Cost of a gallon of Gas $2.51 Average Cost of a loaf of Bread $1.77 Average Cost of a dozen Eggs $1.34 Price of a movie ticket: $8.25 Price Of Gold Per Ounce $953.00 Price Barrel Of Oil $69.45 Unemployment Rate 9.7% Pop Culture: Heath Ledger dies of an accidental prescription drug overdose. Hollywood writers end their 100-day strike. Harrison Ford returns as Indiana Jones - at age 65! "SNL" scores its highest ratings in 14 years when it snags the ultimate prize: Sarah Palin. This day in history: 29th October, 1929 : The Stock Market Crash on Black Tuesday on the New York Stock Exchange. Billions of dollars were lost, wiping out thousands of investors.

5: Mommy, Daddy, Grandpa and Grandma Wiseman, Nana Jana, Grandma and Grandpa Jourden, Aunt Samantha, Aunt Jamey and cousin Ella, Aunt Jilanne, Uncle Elijah and Granny Spence, and friends: Lauren, Crystal, Ashley, Chris, Kianna, Brian, Paige, and Ally all came to welcome Jaela Cay!

6: Jaela left the hospital on October 30th!! | We were so excited to take her to her home!

7: Cute as a button

8: Jaela met a lot of friends and family in the first few days of her life. Karol, Deborah, and Kimberly Albus saw us drive in from the hospital and met us at the house to see Jaela. Uncle Randall and Aunt Lisa, Great Aunt Yvonne and Uncle Joe, Juli, Kim, Amie, Codye, Terri, Carla, LaNita, JoLana, Martha, and Gayle all came over to the house to see Jaela. Jaela went to see Papa and Granny Spence, Great Aunt Peggy, Great Grandma Wiseman and Great Great Grandmother Jarnigan in the first week. Great Grandma Arrington went with mommy and Grandma to our first checkup.

9: Jaela's birth announcement

10: Jaela's First Halloween!

11: Jaela's First Bath November 1, 2008 | November 1st: Saw the doctor for our very first check-up today. Jaela weighed 6 pounds 12 ounces and was a very healthy 3 day old baby!

12: Jaela went to her first basketball scrimmage on November 6, 2008. She was 8 days old.

13: Jaela Cay Jourden

14: November 9th: Jaela lost her umbilical cord so we took naked pictures!

15: Jaela went to her second basketball game on 11-11-2008 against Smyer.

16: 11-13-2008 to 11-19-2008

17: On 11-19 Jaela weighed 8 lbs 3oz and she was 21 inches long. Jaela was also starting to see better, her eyes were not so hazy anymore and she started making eye contact.

18: Jaela's first Thanksgiving! 11-27-2008

19: Jaela is one month old! I treasure my time rocking Jaela in the rocking chair. Jaela is still breastfeeding and I feel this amazing bond with her while she eats. She still sleeps the majority of the day and Daddy and I have yet to put her in her crib at night. We love having her close by in the portable crib. 11-29-2008 | 12-3-2008 Jaela loves night time baths!

20: We took pictures for our Christmas card on 12-3-2008. (It wore Jaela out!)

21: 12-7-2008 Jaela went to Muleshoe to see Great Grandma Arrington, Great Aunt Peggy and Uncle Jim, and Cousins: Ben, Shannon and William. William and Jaela got the chance to see Santa while they were there!

22: 12-7-2008 after Daddy's team won the Championship at Whiteface Tournament

23: 2-10-2008 Jaela slept through the night: kind of... from 12 a.m. to 5 a.m.! We snapped her picture in her bedroom crib but she slept through the night in our room in the potable crib.

24: December 17th: Jaela found herself in the mirror. It was adorable! | December 12th: All dressed up for another ball game.

25: Christmas party with Jaela's friends: Hudson and Rylee!

26: Christmas Eve we went to a candle light service... we were worried the whole time that Jaela was going to cry, it was supposed to be a SILENT service; whoops! That night she slept through the entire night! 12-24-2008

27: Christmas morning! Stockings were stuffed and gifts were under the tree! | 12-25-2008

28: Grandpa and Grandma Wiseman, Aunt Lisa, Aunt Sam, and Uncle Randall all came over for breakfast burritos! | Jaela's First Christmas 12-25-2008

29: Christmas at Nana's!!

31: We celebrated Christmas at our house, Nana's house, Grandma and Grandpa's house and Papa and Granny's house. | We are so blessed to be able to enjoy our holidays with our families!

32: Jaela smiled for real for the first time on December 26!! The morning after Christmas we just laid in bed and smiled at each other! It was so sweet. | Jaela at 2 months! She is beginning to put weight on her legs and she can really kick! She can hold up her head a little bit better this month, but she still needs a lot of support.

33: December 29th-31st: Jaela went to the Caprock Tournament. | January 2009 | Jaela had a well- check on January 5th. She weighed 11 pounds and 15 ounces and was 23 inches long. She also got shots which made both Daddy and Mommy very sad. January 6th: Jaela got dressed up warm for a basketball game. One problem: once we got in the gym she was way too hot!

34: January 11th: Jaela sleeping with Daddy and playing under jungle gym. 14th: in PJs and Bumbo chair. 20th: enjoying her swing. 25th: playing after Church

35: January 25, 2009 | January 23, 2009 | 3 months old

36: First time to eat cereal! 1-26-2009 | Smiling on January 26th | 1-27-2009 | 1-31-2009 | sweet family | lifting upper body 1-31-2009 | Ready to watch another basketball game. | 1-29-2009 3 months old

37: February 2009 Jaela started rolling over on February 7th. She was a little over three months old. Jaela laughed for the first time on February 11th. On the 13th she went to her first third grade class party! 2-14-2009 we visited the Poe's in Midland for the first time. | Jaela with the basketball team and the seniors after the win at Cotten Center that guaranteed the girls for the Playoffs

38: Her first Valentine was a puppy from Daddy and Mommy. That night Jaela went to her first high school Valentines Day Dance after Mommy snapped pictures of her inside a purse and of her smiling in bed.

39: On the 17th we went to a basketball game and Jaela got to see Grandpa Jourden while Dad's team won another gold ball.

40: sleepy girl 2-19-2009 | 2-19-2009 | Area Champs 2-20-2009 | Mommy loves Jaela | Jaela loves her Uncles

41: Jaela's dedication: We promise to raise her in the church and to teach her about Jesus Christ, our Lord, and Savior.

42: Jaela is 4 months old! She rolls all the time now and we get to hear a laugh if we work really hard.! She is still sleeping in the playpen beside our bed, but she sometimes ends up in bed with us, whoops.!! | February 2009

43: On March 4th Jaela had her 4 month doctor appointment. She weighed 14 pounds and was nearly 25 inches long. The doctor told us to stop feeding Jaela a bottle in the middle of the night. She is supposed to make it through the night without a bottle. That day we headed to Austin for the girls state basketball tournament and that night Jaela slept through the entire night without a bottle. It was amazing.

44: We visited the Capital of Texas and the Frank Erwin Center while we were in Austin. And Jaela and Mommy drove to San Marcus to shop at the Outlet Mall.

45: On March 9th Jaela started rolling over every time we laid her down. She would roll from back to front or front to back. On March 11th Grandma made Jaela a book and Jaela loved it. On March 12 Jaela tried on warm clothes for Colorado.

46: On Friday 3-13-2009 we headed for Colorado. We stopped and stayed the night in Pueblo with Uncle Bill and Coeta. The next morning we got up early and visited Liberty Point and ate lunch in Colorado Springs with Uncle Jack and Aunt Deanna and Shanell, Steven, Aidyn, and Madyson.

47: On 3-14-2009 Jaela visited Uncle Oscar and Aunt Lou. Cousin Robert, Aunt Marilyn and cousins Joyce and Jake, Alexis and Abigail and Dianne, Arrianna and Andrew and Aunt Lily.

48: Capital of Colorado 3-14-2009

49: Denver Zoo

50: Jaela sunburned after the zoo, but after her bath she felt much better. On 3-15-2009 we went to the Garden of the Gods and to the 7 Falls Waterfall. Jaela loved the water, but did not love me giving her smacky kisses.

52: 4 Generation Picture | Jaela loves her Great Grandma Arrington

53: 3-18-2009 Jaela Loves swinging in the hammock with her Nana

54: St Patrick's DayMarch 17th 2009 | Jaela saw the doctor on March 19th and weighed 14 pounds 10 ounces and was nearly 25 inches long.

55: Ruidoso Vacation 3-20-2009

56: 3-21-2009

58: 3-29 5 Months Old

59: This month Jaela started eating vegetables on the 23rd and on the 26th started reaching out to be picked up. She also began holding her own bottle on the 28th. She is trying her hardest to sit up on her own, but is not quite there. | March 2009

60: Jaela's First Easter 4-12-2009 | Baby Girl

61: Jaela loved the basket of goodies that the Easter Bunny left and looked beautiful in the dress her Grandma made.

62: Easter egg hunt at Nana's

63: On 4-12-2009 Jaela started sitting up on her own.

64: Jaela drank from a sipper cup on 4-10-2009 and Daddy fixed her car on 4-18-2009

65: Jaela caught a cold on April 20th and had her first cough suppressant sucker. On 4-23 I caught her enjoying her favorite foods apples and chicken and sweet potatoes

66: Jaela walked in her first Relay for Life on April 24th It was fun to be a part of such a good cause.

67: On Saturday April 25th Jaela, Aunt Samantha and Grandma Wiseman walked in the March of Dimes walk.

68: Jaela hit six months on April 29th. At her well check she weighed 17 pounds and was 25.6 inches. Putting her in the 75th percentile for height. | April 2009 | 6 months old

69: This month Jaela pulled up from a pillow to sit and she starting pouting every time Mama would growl at her.

70: 5-1 Jaela's first ponytail | 5-1-2009 | 5-3-2009 | 5-10-2009 | 5-15-2009 | 5-10-2009 | 5-8-2009 Whitharral Prom Night | 7 months old

71: 5-15-2009 | 5-17-2009 | swimming at Nana's | 5-19-2009 | 5-15-2009 | 5-28-2009 | 5-29-2009 | May 2009 | On May 8th Jaela pulled herself up to sit all by herself. On May 12th Jaela's 2 bottom teeth came in. This month Jaela has learned how to sit by herself very well.!

72: Summer Time: June 8th-13th

73: 6-20 Visiting Skylar at Great Uncle Joe and Aunt Yvonne's

74: June 2009

75: This month Jaela learned to crawl. 15 minutes after I had left her at her Nana's on June 10th she was crawling without Daddy and Mommy there to witness. On the 12th she started pulling herself up to stand and on the 20th we walked into her room to find her standing in her crib. On the 29th Jaela went to Jed's house to play. Jaela was 8 months and Jed 9 months that day.

76: On July 2nd Jaela started saying Dada. On the third she took pictures with Skylar and then went to the Pittman Crack Stand.

77: On the 4th we spent the day at Nana's and Papa and Granny's house.

78: Going over the Mississippi | Summer Vacation On July 5th we left Whitharrral. We arrived in Jackson Mississippi and visited the state capital.

79: On the 6th of July we arrived in Georgia. We took a picture at the State Capital in Atlanta and of the Bicentennial Park sign and then drove to McDonough to see Leigha and Scooter

80: Georgia Aquarium

81: Jaela loved looking at all the fish

82: We left Georgia on the 8th | and drove into Florida... In Tallahassee we took a picture at the State Capital and at Bobby Bowden Field

83: Panama City Beach

84: Destin Beach, FL

86: We drove to Shreveport on the 9th. After driving over Lake Ponchartrain we stopped in Baton Rouge to see the Louisiana State Capital. On the way home Jaela started sticking out her tongue. We saw that she was getting her two top front teeth.

88: Jaela started saying mmmmm on 7-22 and visited Midland on 7-25/2009

89: Jaela got her first haircut on 7-25-2009

90: On July 31st Jaela went to the Clovis Zoo with Brandon, Avery, and Rylee. | July

91: 2009 | This month Jaela is 9 months old and weighs 20.5 pounds and is 28.5 inches long.

92: 10 MONTHS This month Jaela started saying mama on the 3rd. She played with her cousin Skylar on the 9th and on 8-15 she went to the Taste of Whitharral for her first time. On the 22nd she watched her Uncle Jim and Aunt Julie get married. This month we also began trying to make her stay in her own bed all night. It was very hard listening to her cry.

93: August 2009

94: Homecoming 2009

96: 11 months

97: September 2009 | Baby Girl | This month we fought allergies all month long. We continued trying to get Jaela in her own bed. Jaela is walking from her daddy to me and back, but she prefers holding our fingers over letting go. She is eating real food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; so no more baby food.

98: On October 3rd we participated in the 5k Susan G Komen breast cancer awareness walk. This month Jaela started walking all the time without holding on to hands or furniture. She is only taking one bottle at night time and we hope to have her completely off soon. She sleeps in her own bed at night without too much fuss and she is in a forward facing carseat.

99: Our little angel is growing up so fast... wish she could stay little forever | October 2009 | 12 months

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