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James 2nd Year

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1: JAMES | 12 months old | Above: James loves his swimming pool. Right: He tapped on the refrigerator door and pawpaw Jordan opened it and James just climbed right on in to get a good look at things I guess.

2: Mommy & Me! | 12.5 months old | I have my own play cell phone.

3: MAKING MEMORIES | Above:: I like my farm animal book. Left: My grandma is swinging me. I love it.

4: Happiness is often the result of being too busy to be miserable. | so many | James loves outside and he and his mommy were playing in his pool. | James is 13 months old. He said "mama" for the first time.

5: Left: James having a picnic at the park. Middle: He loves his "duck" bathtub and Below: James went through Walmart turning on all the toys.

6: BATH TIME! | 14 Months Old

7: James is helping grandma put away the tissue. I'm not sure how much putting away he did.

8: James loves his Spiderman ball pit. His mommy will also put water in it and he likes that too. There are balls all over the yard because he throws them out of the ball pit and off the porch. | JAMES

9: He loves standing on grandma's sink and looking at himself in the mirror and then kisses himself. He is 14 months old.

10: My first haircut was in August 2011. My mom took me and they buzzed my head! I was 14 months old. | Here is a lock of my hair that they cut off. The stylist had a hard time cutting my hair because I kept turning my head to see what she was doing.

11: Grandma took my pictures outside. I had a great time. Not sure what I was doing in the bottom photographs.

12: Grandma took my pictures. I was 14.5 months old. Everyone thought I was so cute. I never wore this outfit again.

13: J

14: It's The Little Things In Life That Matter! | FINALLY! I'm riding all by myself.

15: With mommy's help, I think I finally figured out that it's much more fun being on my four wheeler than it is pushing it. | 15 months old!

16: 15 Months Old

17: Playing on my slide. I haven't really mastered the art of going down the correct way.

18: Mommy's little Superman! We love to play ball together. James is 15 months old.

19: Yes, my mommy gave me a mohawk. Grandma wasn't too happy but with it spiked, I look good. I am 15.5 months old.

20: so many | Each memory we keep with care means future happiness to share. | The "Wink" | 16 months old! | Relaxing with grandpa!

21: LIVE WELL LAUGH OFTEN LOVE MUCH | Memaw took me to the toy store in the Galleria. I had a lot of fun.

22: THE GREAT PUMPKIN PATCH | We had a lot of fun at the pumpkin patch. James was overwhelmed with everything. We got to ride the wagon out to the pumpkin patch and pick out a pumpkin. We got one big pumpkin so Aunt Jade could carve it.

23: James wasn't too sure about sticking his head in this. | Above: Me and mommy. Below: me and mommy watching from the wagon.

24: THE ANIMALS | I think this was James' favorite place to visit. | James is 16.5 months old and weighs 24 lbs. He is 32.5" tall.

25: GETTING TIRED | I think I'm tired now and ready to go. No better way to travel, right mommy? | James loved the animals. He spent more time here than any place else.

26: James thought he looked so funny with a green face. He seems pretty excited. He was looking in the mirror. | Getting Ready for Halloween!

27: Getting Ready For Halloween! | The Incredible Hulk! | The Incredible Hulk!

28: Trick or Treat | This is my Aunt Jade, Aunt Keila, me and my mommy. Right: My Aunt Jade carved this pumpkin. She is really good at carving.

29: James really enjoyed the candy. Just look at that sticky face.

30: Life brings simple pleasures to us every day. It is up to us to make them wonderful memories. ~ Cathy Allen | James and mawmaw!

31: Not sure why James had his eyes closed.

32: When we got to the falls, it was closed but we were still able to view it. James had so much fun. He just ran and ran.

33: James walked all over the place. He was very tired by the time we left.

34: We took some pictures with his overalls on and he seemed to have a lot of fun. James is 18 months old.

36: Right: We took his spoon away so he wasn't very happy. James was 18 months old. | Grandma took my pictures. I had a lot of fun because mommy put some water in the bowl.

38: Having fun with mommy!

39: James found it easier to be pushed than to chase his mom! It quickly wore out his mom but he kept going!

40: Jade painted James' and Kayla's faces. How cute!! James had to have a smoothie when he finished while Jade did his mommy's face. Jade is very talented and creative. Their faces are adorable! | Memories

41: Random pictures that were taken around February 2012. James was 20 months old. Clockwise: James listening to his mom's ipod; James and mommy (Kayla was wearing Jade's dress); James and grandma's collection of Dr. Seuss books; James trying out a lemon for the first time; James feeding pawpaw Jordan; James looking in one of our aquariums.

42: James finally started riding his Spiderman four wheeler by himself.

43: I'm not sure what James had in his mouth. I think it was a piece of candy. | LET'S GO!!

44: Kayla and Keila took James to see the "dinosaurs" at the BJCC. James didn't know what to think about all the dinosaurs. He didn't seem scared though. | The waterfall was at the entrance!

45: Below: James was trying to see why his red dinosaur wasn't moving. He surely matches it, doesn't he? It was hard to take pictures in the building because of all the spotlights. | It looks like the dinosaur was bending down to have a conversation with Keila. | James was interested in this little creature.

46: My Grandma Kirkwood took me to the McWane Center in Birmingham. I went with my Aunt Jade and she took a friend. Jade is trying to make a really big bubble for me. | Jade

47: My Favorite Place: The Lite Bright Area! | Okay, James really did not make his name. Jade did it and it looks so good.

48: Jade and her friend, Sarah touched some miniature sharks and some stingrays. | James loved the Lego table and the geometric shapes. | James and his Legos | This is Jade being "eaten" by a fish.

49: James loved watching the fish. He stood on the side of the aquarium to stare at them. | This is about the best we could do on a smile. I'm not sure why he winked. | James thought these balls were so funny. | James just did not understand his shadow and how the butterflies were on him but not.

50: James loved the little push pegs. He saw the other kids put their face in it so he had to do it. He probably stayed here the longest. The kid section had a little grocery cart that he liked and a climbing structure that he was really too little to climb in but he did it anyway. He had so much fun. We were at the McWane Center for four hours and could have stayed longer.

51: Vroom!! Vroom!! Vroom!! | These cars were his perfect size. He loved them. I wish we could have taken one home.

52: Miniature Golf | Miniature Golf | James found a better way to get the ball in the hole. | He just finally picked it up after a few minutes and put it in the hole. He seemed pretty satisfied after that.

53: James had so much fun at the museum. Just look at that face. Below: He was getting more comfortable "digging" for fossils. | The playroom! | A mirror! | A BIG piano!

54: Commander in charge! | Commander in charge! | James loved this little spaceship. He spent a good bit of time in it. He especially liked the buttons and the tunnel.

55: James loved the water area. He was not fond of the apron and shed it pretty quickly. He did get a little bit wet from not wearing the apron. | This was a water tube and you had to push a button to make it bubble which he loved. Right: He liked walking by the water wall. He kept touching it.

56: Left: Jade got inside this mushroom in the children's play area and above: James had to try it. His little head was so tiny. | Right: James wanted to get in the "wind tunnel" He liked it until it got up to about 18 mph. He got in it two times. | On the way home!

57: March 2012 | James loves to play outside and go to the park. He also loves cupcakes as you can tell and he loves to climb in grandmas bed to get ready for his night time story.

58: The Trussville Fair! | Kayla and Jade enjoyed the fair but unfortunately James did not. He was screaming by the time he got to the end of the big slide which was the only ride he did the whole night.

59: Well, James loved the food! I'm glad he enjoyed it because I bought him tickets to ride the rides and he would not ride anything especially after he went down the slide. I spent about $50 on the fair which was outrageous!

60: Spring Time | JAMES | Grandma took my Easter pictures out in her front yard. Wasn't I a handsome fellow? | 2012

61: EASTER | happy | James was just adorable. He smiles at everything. He now weighs 25.4 pounds.

62: Easter Sunday | James showing off an egg he found. | James working really hard on finding eggs. Wow, look how many he found.

63: At Memaw's | James was actually talking and petting this ceramic cat. He loves cats but unfortunately his mom is allergic to them. | Grandma and James! | Kayla riding home with her dad on the motorcycle. | Family Picture!

64: FUN With Silly String! Mom and Jade went at each other with the silly string and I was right in the middle of it. I really didn't know what to think about it and didn't care to have it on me.

65: Mom and Me! | Mom and me enjoying silly string. I didn't like it at first and then when mom and Jade had it all over them, I wanted it on me as well. I got used to it pretty quick. We all had a lot of fun. Jade got the better end of the deal. She really got my mom good.

66: All the girls colored these eggs. The far right egg in the front is James' egg. He kept saying, "Check mine. Check mine" as the egg was sitting in dye. | Checking out my Easter basket. | James kissing his Easter bunny!

67: I love bubbles and these were touchable bubbles. Keep 'em coming mommy! | Yeah. . . bubbles! | These are bonbons and we will never make these again. The faces started melting and we cut off the ears from bunny peeps. It was just a lot of work.

68: THE PARK | James just loves the park. He is at the Clay Park. He could stay at a park for hours.

69: RANDOM PICTURES APRIL 2012 | Me with pawpaw's cat. | Me and pawpaw Jordan! | Me on my grandpa's bike! | Kayla told James to stand by the tree to get his picture made and this is how he posed. | James sleeping

70: Me and my mom at Johnny and Beth's wedding on April 21st. It was the first wedding I have ever been to. I had a lot of fun throwing the bird seed and eating at the reception.

71: My great grandparents: Mawmaw and Pawpaw Jordan! | Jade caught the bouquet!

72: Grandma and grandpa took James to the Springville Park. He loved it. He played in the creek a lot.

73: me and grandpa

74: the playground

75: back AT grandma's house!

76: Me and Mommy!! We were on the trampoline. My face was dirty but who cares cause we had fun! | Above: Me and my memaw! Right: mommy was giving me a bath and decided to give me lots of kisses.

77: MOTHER'S DAY! | Jade and Sarah | Right: All the girls from left to right (Jade, Sarah, Lisa, mommy, memaw, grandma, and Carolyn). Keila could not make it.

78: We went to the hot air balloon festival in Decatur on Sunday of Memorial Day weekend at Point Mallard Park. | James was excited and played patty cake on the way there. | Kayla and Jade got to go up in a hot air balloon. The tethered rides were a lot of fun. The name of their balloon was "Desperado."

79: This is "Desperado" and Tim Billingsly is the owner and pilot. | Jade took an awesome picture of inside the balloon. | All the balloons were fascinating to watch. | Jade and Kayla had the opportunity to go ice skating while they were there.

80: May 2012 | Kayla took James to the store and he tried his hand at "bicycling." | Mawmaw and Pawpaw took James to Waffle House. The waitress gave him a hat to wear. Now every time you ask him where he wants to eat, he says, "Waffle House." | Kayla took James to get his hair cut. He cried before anything was done and then didn't cry when the beautician actually cut it. I guess it was the anticipation.

81: Above: My birthday party invitation. Grandma and mommy designed it and got them printed. I look so cute! | We had cupcakes and a little five inch cake for me!

82: James wasn't too happy about blowing out his candles. He had just gotten up from a nap. He did, however, enjoy one of his cupcakes very much!

83: James received several gifts including: diapers, an Elmo towel, a Road Rippers truck, a lawn mower, a play-doh kit, a recordable book, an Alabama outfit, | some blocks, a lap desk, colored bean bags, and of course his bubble machine which was his favorite!

84: Bubble Fun!

85: Yeah, I think James liked the bubble machine the best. He played and played and within three days he had used up all the bubbles.

86: FINALLY. . . | FINALLY. . . | James finally blew his candles out 4 hours later which was right before bedtime and he made his grandma relight them 7 times. He loved it but his only witnesses were grandma, grandpa and mommy.

87: James went to the doctor and he was in top notch shape! His iron was that of a teenager! | ACCOMPLISHMENTS! | James can drink from a regular cup. | He now weighs 25.8 pounds and is 34 inches tall! | James can put several words together to make a sentence which is above his expected level. | He can walk up and down stairs all by himself and can run and jump and open doors, etc. | He loves to push buttons and switch things on and off and he can also operate the dvd player unlike grandma. | James knows all body parts and can say his ABC's with little help. He can also sing "Happy Birthday" and "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star." | James is learning so much and has even went to the potty a few times. He is so smart.

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