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James 3rd year

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S: My Third Year

BC: Hold him a little longer, Rock him a little more Tell him another story (you've only told him four). Let him sleep on your shoulder, Rejoice in his happy smile. He is only three years old For such a little while.

FC: Jamison Kale Kirkwood | 2 years old | 3 years old

1: Jamie at the Birmingham Zoo. He loved to climb on these rocks.

2: Jamie loved all the birds - any kind and any type. The birds and the little monkeys were his favorite animals.

3: Jamie loved this area because there were ducks, swans and tons of turtles and he got to "buy" food for .25 and throw it to them to eat. | The tickets were 14.50 each and James' ticket was 9.00

4: SEA LION SHOW! | The sea lion show was great. We sat in the "get wet" section but we didn't get very wet. The trainer got the sea lion to wave and make noises and play ball. It seemed to be a very smart animal.

5: Mommy, me and mawmaw posing as a giraffe. Below: me looking for birds but the encounter was under construction, me and my mawmaw, me "driving" the stroller that we rented at the zoo. It rented for 7.00 and I loved driving it. I had so much fun!!

7: The zoo animals were amazing. We loved the giraffe encounter.

8: Jamie and Kayla went into a "mine" so they had to wear their hard hats. Jamie found a little friend to watch the fish with. Bottom left: The zoo had beautiful scenery. Below: James loved the monkeys the most.

9: When we stopped for lunch, it was beside the children's play area and Jamie hugged and kissed the elephant. There was a chicken that he followed around for a long time. | Jamie would not wait for mawmaw to get back with a straw. I guess he was really thirsty.

10: The Petting Zoo | Jamie loved the petting zoo. Kayla and Jamie was a little afraid of the llama because it would spit. Kayla was afraid of the goat and would not even sit beside of it.

12: J | A | M | E | I | Jamie is 25 months old. He loves the bath tub! He is not so crazy about getting his hair washed though.

13: Jamie playing with his magnetic letters. Below left: I just loved his Spongebob outfit. It had nothing to do with his letters but it was cute. | James really likes his letters and plays with them all the time. He likes to drop them down the heating and air vents.

14: Having Fun with Mommy! I like pushing my toys through mommy's legs. It's so funny! | I am 25 months old and still weigh about 25 lbs. I am less than three feet tall.

15: Being silly with mommy!

16: Bath Tub Fun! | Grandma did a little photoshop on this picture! | me and grandma!

17: TRUSSVILLE PARK | me and grandma | me and Keila

18: Yes, Jamie is playing the harmonica! He loves it. Mawmaw Jordan bought it for him and he just really took to it and started playing it. He actually does pretty good with it.

19: Mawmaw Jordan and mommy took Jamie to a festival they just happen to run across while running errands. They had tons of games and Jamie got to play skee ball and mommy helped him get the high score of the day. Left: He won this big Spongebob because the employee there held him really close to throw the footballs in. Below: Jamie actually requested for a green truck to be painted on his face. He also saw Mickey and | Minnie and they taught all the kids to draw Mickey faces. He also got to ride a train which he loved. They used their cell phones for pictures | since they didn't have a camera.

20: Jamie loves his Play-Doh. He wants to play with it all the time. Left: Jade made these little barber shop people for Jamie. They are so cute.

21: Jamie made a hat, some jewelry, a hotdog, a pizza and a hamburger among many other shapes.

22: Springville Park | Jamie had such a good time at the park. Springville Park is probably the best park. He loves it. We went in September and it had been raining but it was a perfect temperature. | Mommy & Jamie | Keila-go figure!

23: Left: I guess he didn't want his picture made. | A serious look!

24: Jamie loves his new room. He helped sand it and get it all ready. He says he has an "Awesome Playroom." | Jamie helped fix up his room. He sanded and helped grandma get it just right. | What an "Awesome Playroom!"

25: Just some random pictures of Jamie! | Jamie after we finished his room. Not sure why he liked the tiara so much. | Jamie with a pine cone. | Jamie with pawpaw's cat, Blackie. He loves the cat. | Jamie with Pawpaw Jordan. He loves his pawpaw. | Jamie showing off his new jacket that his mommy got him.

26: OCTOBERFEST | Jamie had such a good time at an Octoberfest held at the local Catholic Church. He played games, met a talking parrot and had fun in the play area.

27: He had so much FUN! He jumped and jumped and played in the little houses and the car and then we went to see the ponies.

28: I'm doing it all by myself. Look at me! | Jamie was so proud of himself. He looked scared to death until he got off the horse and then he said, "That was so much fun." | Grandma is getting me saddled up!

29: My goodness - look how big my cotton candy is. Can I eat all of it? | Yep, I ate every bit! Gotta wash it down with my snow cone. | I can't believe he ate all of that and a snow cone. He had a blast at this Octoberfest.

30: The Pumpkin Patch | He finally found the perfect one. | We ended our day at the Pumpkin Patch. Jamie is Searching for that special pumpkin. | Still looking. It has to be perfect.

31: Pumpkin Patch | Hay Ride | Games | James and grandma on a hay ride after visiting the pumpkin patch. Above: not sure why Jamie has his eyes closed. Maybe the sun was in them.

33: Fall Fun! Grandma took my pictures!

34: We all had so much fun on Halloween. Above: Keila was a mermaid, Jamie was a bottle of soy sauce (Memaw Kirkwood made his costume), and Jade was a butterfly. Left: Jade carved a traditional pumpkin this year but made it double sided. The other side was a Christmas tree. Right: Grandma and grandpa as part of the Star Trek fleet.

35: Grandma and Grandpa are weird! Need I say more!

36: Jamie being silly. Above: He was entertaining himself in the car with grandma's new strainer. Left: He was so adorable. He just hopped right on the buggy and didn't take off the toboggan that grandma and mommy was trying on him.

37: Ten little fingers, ten tiny toes The sweetest of smiles And a cute little nose. All these add up to a very special thing - Jamie the greatest gift that life can bring. | From top to bottom: Jamie being silly on the couch. Jamie watching Mickey Mouse (his favorite); Playing on his Innotab; watching Toy Story and watching Mickey Mouse again and finally falling asleep!

38: Keila, Shawnette, Kayla & Jade | Jamie and Cameron. Jamie looks very thankful. Bottom left: Kayla and Keila.

39: Jamie (left) and Pawpaw Kirkwood (right) just relaxing on Thanksgiving Day. | Keila (left) and Jade (right) at the house before we left to go to memaw's for dinner. We all had a great time.

41: Grandma Kirkwood took me to get my picture made with Santa at the Bass Pro Shop. I wasn't very happy and held back tears. Santa gave me a candy cane and I gave him a high five. I did tell Santa I wanted a Barney movie and a choo-choo train for | Christmas. Far left: Grandma took a lot of pictures at the store. It was neat. I had a good time but wouldn't touch any of the animals.

42: Springville Christmas Parade | I loved gathering all the candy. Someone threw a lei at me and mommy put it around my neck.

43: We all went to the parade because Jade was in it (below). The firetrucks were really loud so I had to cover my ears. The Church at Bradford Road won 2nd place for best float. Santa was at the end of the parade and I waved at him.

44: Me and mommy made gingerbread men cookies. I ate all the candy off of mine as you can see. We had a lot of fun. | Merry Christmas

45: I helped decorate the tree. It looks like an old fashioned country Christmas Tree. Far Left: It looks like I was praying but I'm not sure what I was doing. | I was playing with my Innotab that mommy bought me for Christmas. She gave it to me early. Thanks mommy. I love it and I can even use the stylus. Don't I look pretty happy!

46: Jamie's favorite gift was his Polar Express Train he received from memaw. Some of his other gifts were: a Nintendo DSI from grandma and grandpa, a Barney movie, some Mickey Mouse sneakers from Aunt Keila among many other items. Below: Jade received an Alabama elephant, Kayla got several kinds of Brittany Spears perfume and Keila received a brand new cell phone (279.00) which was more than Kayla's futon. | The train lights up and has a remote control!

47: Jamie showing his mommy what was in his stocking. Hot Wheels: Yeah!! | His stocking was as big as he was. Memaw Kirkwood made his stocking. His name is on the other side of it. | Jade and Keila showing off their stockings! Below: Kayla got a nice futon for Christmas. Looks like Jamie likes it too.

48: Grandma Kirkwood took my Christmas pictures and I wouldn't sit still for a minute. Everyone said I looked like "Where's Waldo." I like to act silly when grandma takes my pictures. It's fun!!

49: I always seem to touch my feet in pictures for some reason. Go figure! | Merry Christmas everyone. Mommy sent everyone a Christmas card with the picture to the left in it. | JAMIE

50: Mommy and Me We were playing in the snow. | Me making an angel. Right: My angel! | I loved seeing my footprints in the snow. I was just fascinated. | January 2013

51: SNOW DAY! | Me making a snowball. Mommy is helping. Below from left to right: me and mommy laughing; me in a borrowed girls jacket - go figure; my snowman (it was about 6 inches high and I put Woody's hat on it); me having fun.

52: Jamie "bought" a HUGE sucker and a whistle with his tickets. | Jamie used some of his tickets to "ride" with ChuckE. | Jamie and his mom went with grandma and grandpa to ChuckE Cheese. He had a blast!

53: Above: Jamie chilling while watching TV. Jamie and Pawpaw Jordan decided to switch hats. Below: Jamie playing hide and seek. He didn't hide too well, did he? Playing on his slide; and he really loves his train set. He is making a "bridge" out of his body. He thought this was so cool.

54: There's no better way to spend the day than to be in the midst of nature. | Jamie | Jamie went to Aldridge Gardens in Hoover with his mom for the day. He enjoys nature so much.

55: Jamie enjoyed the statues that were nearby. | They had an outdoor playground that he really liked. They also had some interactive games that he got to play with on the computer. Look at those headphones. They don't seem to bother him. | ALL

56: Jamie putting his puzzles together. He said he did it all by himself and he did put one piece in there all by himself.

57: Jamie loves his easel. He said he was drawing a circle. I think he did pretty well. | Below: Jamie deciding what to write again but then he turned it around to play with his magnetic letters.

58: "Engineers believe that if it ain't broke, it doesn't have enough features yet." | That sweet, adorable laugh is just priceless. Top Right: Jamie trying to "fix" his easel and Right: He is using his chainsaw to fix his loft bed.

59: We went to Fox's Pizza in Argo and Jamie loved the games. He could barely reach the top of some of the games and he would just hit the jackpot and Jade would try really hard and only get 4 or 5 tickets. It was so funny.

60: Happy | Easter | Jamie found his peeps. He seems pretty excited. Below: Mommy and Jamie made these for Jamie's friends at daycare. | Jade had her face painted at the Easter event at church.

61: Waiting for my egg. | I got an egg. Thank you mommy! | I want yellow. He loves yellow! | Yeah! | When is it going to turn yellow? | Waiting! Waiting! And Waiting!

62: Grandma Kirkwood took my pictures. Jamie would not sit still because his Easter basket was waiting for him and he couldn't stand it. He is very photogenic.

63: As you can see, he was much happier AFTER he received his Easter basket. He was not very cooperative beforehand!

64: Egg Hunt | 2013 | Our annual Easter Egg Hunt at memaw's house. Jamie hunted eggs 4 different times.

65: Jamie loved hiding eggs. We couldn't get him to leave. He was still looking for eggs when we got in the car to leave. He looks forward to this each year

66: Jamie loves swinging like this. | A surprised look! | Just a really cute picture. Jamie likes his hats. He has several. | Yes, he loves eggs and ate all 5 of them. | Kayla got him an activity table and he actually sits on top of it. | Bathtub Fun! Jamie uses tub tints to turn his bath water different colors. | Speaks for itself. Never seen so many bites.

67: Helping grandpa plant some begonias. | Small boys become big men through the influence of big men who care about small boys.

68: Jamie loves helping Mawmaw Jordan in the garden. He has planted trees, and some vegetables and loves watching them grow. | Jamie with his "shades" on!

69: Memorial Day at the lake! | Lisa's Family: Chris, Erika, Lisa, Sarah, pawpaw, memaw and Cameron. | Memaw with her two great grandkids: Jamie and Cameron | The Kirkwood Family: Jamie, Kayla Jade, Walt, Shawnette, memaw, pawpaw.

70: Well, Jamie gives "tanning" a try. He starts off well for about 30 seconds then he crosses his legs and then he just can't stand to lay there. He thought it would be better with his mommy but it wasn't. After a total of about 3 minutes he is done with his tanning experience.

71: Jamie loves the sand. He was making little holes with his fingers. Go figure. | Kayla looking pretty! | Jamie sitting on pier | Jamie giving his mommy a flower.

72: Kayla and Jamie having a good time at the lake. | Summertime Fun!

73: Above: Kayla and Jamie having fun. Top Right: Kayla getting up enough nerve to jump in the water. Yeah! Far Right: Soaking up the sun!

74: TRACTOR FUN | Jamie trying to get his tractor out of a hole

75: We all spent the weekend of Memorial Day at Carolyn's lake house. Jamie loved this little tractor that memaw had there. He and Cameron shared it for two solid days. Below is Cameron posing on the tractor. They had more fun with this than anything else!

76: Jamie is being apprehensive about getting his hair cut. | Playing a DS game! | Jamie found a new trick with peach rings! | Yum! Doritos!

77: Me and Mommy! | Me and Mommy!

78: Happy Birthday | Jamie had a "party" at his daycare so mommy made sure he was prepared with his Mickey and Minnie cupcakes! | Jamie's cake! | Jamie's birthday invitation!

79: Jamie's birthday party was held at Big Springs Park in Springville on June 8th. Above (left to right): Jamie with his Mickey Mouse Clubhouse birthday cake; blowing out his candles; clapping after he blew out his candles. Left: Jamie getting into his cake. Right: mommy having a time cutting the cake!

80: It's time to open presents! | This bag was as tall as Jamie! | Anything else?? | He loved these little tractors that Uncle Mark and Robin got him!

81: Jamie received lots of toys: a USA map puzzle, mickey mouse towel, clothes, 2 tractors, pull ups, a doodle pad, a wheel barrow, a "whac-a-mole game, etc.

82: Mommy and Jamie having fun stepping on the water spurts. Below: Jamie's little friend, Callie, had a great time too. | Water Fun

83: Jamie did not like getting wet under the "falls."

84: Jamie playing "peek-a-boo with his mommy. He loves his new Mickey towel. | Memaw Kirkwood enjoying Jamie's birthday party. | Everyone having fun at the party. Jamie had a blast. Left to right: Memaw and Pawpaw Kirkwood, Aunt Lisa and Grandpa Kirkwood

85: Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you.. Happy Birthday to JAMIE Happy Birthday Tooooo YOOOOOU! | Jamie and Mickey! | Right: Not sure why Jamie looks so scared. Grandma Kirkwood is the one who dressed up like Mickey at his party. Below right: not sure why Jamie has his eyes closed. | J A M I E

86: Jamie

87: Callie

88: M E | & | Grandpa | Jamie and grandpa! Yes, it took a lot of convincing to get grandpa to do this - but anything for Jamie!

89: M I C K E Y

90: M I C | Grandma made Grandpa Kirkwood put on the Mickey Mouse costume and we took pictures. Above: Grandpa wasn't quite as excited as we were.

91: K E Y | I just love all the expressions Jamie has. We had a great time! Above: By the end of the shoot, grandpa was warming up to the idea.

92: Enjoying his birthday presents! | Jamie learning his letters on the toy that Aunt Carolyn got him for his birthday! | Above: He is wearing one of his shirts that Grandma Kirkwood got him and he can tell you what it says. He is laughing at the Jessie doll that talked. | Left: He loves his Mickey Mouse towel that Grandma Kirkwood got him.

93: Milestones: | *He can write the letters H, A, Q, O, etc. A little under 10 letters. * He can recognize all of the numbers up to 10. *He can write number 10. *He knows his first and last name *He knows how old he is. *He knows the city where he lives *He knows the cities where all of his family members live *He knows where all of his family members work. *He knows practically every shape including: octagon, semicircle, diamond, and cone. *He knows every single color *Beginning to potty train. Just started wearing underwear during the day. *When asked what he wants to be when he grows up, he says (with a lot of enthusiasm), "An astronaut so I can fly in a rocket ship."

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