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Jameson Charles 6 mo - 1 yr

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S: Jameson Charles Thomas 6 months through 1 year old

FC: Jameson Charles Thomas | 6 months through 1 year old | June - December 2011

1: Saturday, June 18. Jameson is playing on the bed, practicing his new sitting skills. We also watched HGTV while Jameson plays in his Jumparoo. Later, we went to the farmer's market and dad did chores around the yard.

2: Saturday, June 18 Mid afternoon | "Jameson Takes an Ice Bath" Dad filled it up from the hose, and apparently we both neglected to check the temperature. Mom added some hot water to the mix, making it sort of lukewarm. Then we got more curious than grumpy faces. Jameson enjoyed chewing on some of the pool toys that came with it.

3: June 18 More play time with dad! It's Father's Day weekend. Jameson didn't cry when we put him in the grass for the first time, and he and Sasha are becoming good friends.

4: First Father's Day, June 19. Later that day we had a cookout with Grandma & Grandpa Thomas. Mom made some tasty pasta salad, complete with balsamic vinaigrette, olives, tomatoes, fresh homegrown basil and homemade mozzarella.

5: A favorite outfit of ours from Disney! June 27. On June 28, Jameson weighs in at 14 pounds, 14 ounces (10th percentile) and measures 26 inches long (25th percentile)!

6: We had a 4 day weekend to hang out together! Saturday we went to the farmers market and mom and dad watched the fireworks from our front porch. So fun to be able to see them, albeit far away, since Jameson had to go to sleep early. | Sunday we stopped by Grandma & Grandpa Thomas' for a cookout | We added black raspberries from the farmers market to a fruit salad which we brought over to the neighbors’ on Monday for another cookout. Jameson enjoyed his friend Lily‘s pool and her toys.

7: The weather was so wonderfully perfect the weekend of July 9 & 10th that we pretty much spent the entire time outdoors. Jameson loved it! Jameson and mom spent some time outside on a blanket while dad worked outside. We also picked up a new “friend” for Jameson. The neighborhood garage sales were going on and we came home with a bopping penguin for Jameson to bat at for just $3. Jameson is not too sure about Mr. Penguin just yet!

8: Sunday July 10 we went to the zoo, despite the heat. This time we visited the aquarium, monkeys, as well as the giraffes and elephants. | Jameson enjoyed watching the fish move at the aquarium, but he seemed to enjoy people-watching even more.

9: Jameson is getting pretty good at eating now, but one of Jameson's favorite things right now is trying to steal bowls and spoons! And spit food back out. This month, Jameson was introduced to the sippy cup. It turns out that sippy cups make good chew toys, and it’s even better when the face is covered in food. We are finally having good results with the Tilty.

10: This month, we started supplementing with formula. Also, on June 22, Jameson finally decided to roll from back to belly. He's not a big roller! Jameson's favorite things at 7 months old: being outside, opening and closing his hand, stealing bowls and spoons. We are pretty sure Jameson is saying "mom" now. But it is only coming out of his mouth when he's unhappy. Mom's not sure how she feels about that...

11: After a few weeks of general unhappiness, on July 19, Jameson finally produced his very first teeth, on the bottom! Immediately following that, he caught another cold. He's a happier baby now though. His favorite new activity is called "chewing on the wrong end of the pacifier." Since then, we have been steadily getting a happier baby. As a bonus, he’s decided that sleeping on his belly is very comfortable, and is sleeping through the night! | July 24

12: Jameson was loving and playing with Cole, mom's former co-worker Megan's son. Jameson and Cole rode around in Cole’s wagon for a bit and Jameson did really well.

13: Reunion Fiesta Cookout July 30

14: August visit to see Grandma Yosua & Aunt Holly Jameson enjoyed Skyping with Grandpa (more like, enjoyed trying to eat items on the desk) | August 5 | August 6 | August 7 | August 5

15: We did some shopping; we went on a lot of walks outside and at the mall; and Grandma and Aunt Holly even got to babysit one night while mom visited with old friends. For the first time, Jameson managed to get one of the puffs into his mouth. It wasn’t a pincer grasp though, but we are practicing! He’s a champion sippy cup drinker now, but not with the Tilty. He likes the cheap cup with no valve system. He's is pretty adept now with it.

16: August 9 | August 11

17: This was a difficult month to photograph. Suddenly, we couldn’t get a smile out of him, and couldn’t distract him from the blocks! He is moving, looking, touching, tasting. He was fascinated with his overalls too. | During the Jameson's photo shoot, he became so determined to get at the blocks that he did a move that landed him on his knees for a minute. Is this the beginning of crawling?

18: Jameson is getting better at manipulating with his fingers. He likes Baby Mum Mum crackers and puffs. He wasn't a fan of the homemade baby food that mom made though. Too much texture for him! | August 12 | August 23

19: August 20 & 21, mom & dad escaped daily life and for the first time, together, left Jameson with Grandma and Grandpa Thomas and drove off to Conneaut and Grand River Valley: wine country | Hanging at Grandma & Grandpa's August 15 | P | Some highlights were Peggy's Bed & Breakfast where we stayed and Markko's Vineyards, off the beaten path.

20: On a good day, on a nice late summer evening if we get home from work early enough, we try to take Jameson on a walk so that he can get outside a little bit. On a good day, we come home and swing a little bit more outside. On a good day, we come in and even play a little bit before dinner and bed. On a good day, Jameson stays content until bed time, falling asleep quickly and easily. | On a Good Day, August 26

21: Jameson is starting to get mobile! He can sit and get himself all around in a circle! and scootch backwards on his belly! Today he rolled for Sasha's buddy, and tomorrow he'll get from belly to sitting position for the first time. | August 27. Dad's old friend Rob, Christina and their son Bobby came to visit from Florida, so we got together with them and JP, Lisa & Jonathan for a fajita party! Jameson is the oldest but he is the smallest of the three babies. | Good teeth shot!

22: Friday, September 2, over Labor Day Weekend, mom, dad and Jameson went to the Canfield Fair, where mom used to go when she was little. We met Grandma & Grandpa Yosua and Aunt Holly there. It was a blast. We were there for almost 5 hours and Jameson didn’t complain at all, despite the heat wave and stroller sitting. We visited animals, looked at the big pumpkins, and checked out the craft room!

23: Jameson started holding his own bottle consistently this week, and he was great about drinking it in the stroller. Meanwhile, dad and mom had fries, funnel cake, and mom had Italian sausage. New this year is pulled pork on baked potato or nachos, so dad tried that concoction (not impressive).

24: His all time favorite toy for the past few months is his piano. The piano has it all: a rattle, music, lights, moving parts and convenient-to-chew handle.

25: Jameson and Grandpa Yosua, Sept 2 They enjoyed playing stacking (knocking down) games. | Jameson and Grandma Yosua, Sept. 2

26: September 5, Jameson made his first “crawls” forward instead of just backward (before falling on his face), and he made his first baby joke! | Jameson laughed for the first time because of something he did, rather than because of something outside him He laughed when he was trying to roll away from mom while changing, and he definitely did it on purpose, because he did it again later. Cute! | September 2 | September 1

27: We had dinner with Grandma and Grandpa Thomas on September 5 for their anniversary. Grandma is teaching Jameson how to play patty cake.

28: Many faces of Jameson, September 8.

29: September 8. After trying to climb out of his bath seat twice looking for a duck (okay, it was more like flinging himself out of the bath seat), we determined it was time for Jameson to get real baths, sitting up and all.

30: This month, Jameson started on formula full time. We stopped nursing after August 7. He is starting to get a top tooth and he began crawling! He even dove off the chair during the photo shoot. He is starting to get on his knees with no hand support on the floor - He's not quite pulling up yet, but it seems close.

31: Jameson and mom did a sign language class every Saturday at 10 am for 10 weeks! It ended September 22 with no signs from Jameson. We'll try again when he gets older, but it was fun to watch him interact with other children, and watch their progression. | We can’t believe how much he’s grown in just the past couple weeks. He’s now crawling to mom at daycare pick up, he’s happier now that he can move around, and he’s actually exploring the world around him. He’s definitely a little boy - he loves getting “tossed” in the air, going upside down, watching the lawn mower, being outside. He’s going to be a (fun) handful!

32: It was great timing to see mom's family again even though we had just seen them a couple weeks ago, because we also got to see Jameson’s Uncle Tyler. Jameson hadn’t really seen Uncle Ty in quite some time, so we had a mini photo shoot. We just had to do the "Lion King" pose (center). Jameson was partial to the kitchen floor. It is easier to crawl glide on. Plus, a lot of great new furniture to explore this time. | September 17 & 18. Weekend Visit to see mom's side of the family while dad went on his yearly trip with the guys.

33: The weekend went by really fast, and we stayed busy even though we didn’t go anywhere else this time. We went on a couple family walks: Jameson and mom, plus the grandparents and both the dogs, and Tyler. We were quite a sight! In the mornings it was a little brisk. Luckily, mom remembered a jacket. Jameson was teething again, so he really enjoyed these walks. | Jameson was really getting up on his knees a lot now. In particular, he was really motivated to get to the dogs.

34: On Sunday September 25, we visited Jameson's Great-Grandma and family. It had been quite some time since our last visit. Last time, Jameson was just over 4 months old.

35: Jameson had some people preferences. He fussed with Aunt Terry and cousin Stacy so Grandma stole him away. Jameson loved playing in the grass and on the sidewalk. He kept trying to eat the grass now though! The whole family was there from Grandma Thomas's side of the family, which was nice. We celebrated dad's Aunt Terry’s birthday and cousin Stacy’s engagement to Nick. The weather was perfect (that early fall not-humid not-too-cold not-too-hot sort of weather). We spent the majority of our time outside. Aunt Kathy taught Jameson how to bang on a pan with a spoon. At first he just wanted to eat the spoon, but he got the hang of it quick. For supper we had lasagna, broccoli salad, beans, stuffed peppers, grilled chicken and cake, and an angel food cake casserole. This was Jameson’s first people food day! (Cheerios don’t count). Jameson got to try Grandma and Grandpa's famous lasagna. He had eggs that morning too! | He really wanted some chicken too, but we opted to just try two new things in one day, haha

36: Grandma Yosua stayed the night with us Thursday Sept. 29 after going to a funeral. Sad times, but it was nice to get in a quick visit. We also visited with mom's Uncle David and Aunt Carol, who just had knee surgery a week prior and has been fairly housebound. She enjoyed the brief visit! | Jameson has had a really hard time teething this past week and weekend. He has four teeth, and he is in process of breaking through two more teeth up top. He’s been up a lot at night, needing rocked to sleep which is very unusual. | Jameson is climbing stairs! (One stair) He is also crawling everywhere, being told “no” quite often by the fireplace, and otherwise making mischief. We are baby-proofing!

37: First Annual Mids Court Chili Cookoff, October 1 Jameson got to meet little Vivienne. Little Jonathan, not so little anymore, is getting mobile too. He and Jameson really seemed to interact a lot more this visit. Dad's chili won!

38: Jameson playing with Lily, our neighbor just over a year old. October 5.

39: This past week, we’ve tried to give Jameson finger food as a dinner supplement every night. We usually start off with some baby food and then give him finger foods to stuff in his face. He hoards pieces like a chipmunk and stuffs his face until he sometimes gags a little. | We had a successful first family dinner, all together (even Sasha), last Saturday Oct. 8, celebrating Sasha’s belated birthday. | He has a new half-laugh he has discovered. He sucks in his breath like a loud wheeze and holds it for a second. It gives mom a heart attack!

40: "Wrestling" with Sasha, October 5

41: This week was unseasonably warm, so we spent a lot of time outside. On Saturday October 8, mom and dad went on a hike to Buttermilk Falls where we got engaged just over 3 years ago. Meanwhile Aunt Melissa baby sat Jameson (who slept away most of the afternoon and consequently was the easiest, more boring babysitting job ever). Jameson now has five teeth, going on six!

42: Sunday, October 9 we went to Patterson Fruit Farm with Jameson's friend Jonathan and parents JP and Lisa. Jameson loved the pumpkins; he was impossible to get looking at the camera!

43: The farm was really busy, because the weather was so nice! We ate one of our apple fritters each, fed the babies, and walked a little around the paths outside Patterson. Then it was off to Holden Arboretum. We played a bit, then meandered off onto less traveled trails. On the way home we stopped at Petiti's Garden Center to purchase our (less expensive) pumpkins.

44: Jameson loves playing with the coasters, Oct. 15 | Now that Jameson is mobile and comfortable being mobile (not afraid to zoom wherever he pleases), the door stopper might be our favorite sound of all. When he’s hitting the door stopper, we know what he’s doing and where he is without being in sight!

45: Friends came over to visit on Sat., October 15. But Friday we had some drama! Sasha nipped at Jameson because he climbed at her food dish while she was eating! Luckily no skin was broken. Mom's not sure yet if he's learned his lesson.

46: Jameson turned 10 months old, and we think that he has discovered his depth perception because he didn’t try to dive off the chair this time! He's making some adorable funny faces recently. We can't believe that he'll be turning one in just 2 short months. He loves to look at books, particularly the touch and feel books. He likes to lick them too, so funny. Jameson's hair is also long enough now to do "shampoo-doo's"!

47: October 19 is picture day at daycare! Jameson was a little unsure about the photographer. | Email from dad to mom: "When you pick up Jameson today, make sure he comes home with 3 socks. I gave him one of the gray ones this morning to play with so he wouldn't take his off. It worked until he wanted | These are Padraig Alaskan slipper shoes, from Alaska. Mom's friend Celine who lived there sent them to us when Jameson was born. | Teachers: Ms. Colleen, Marcy, Cara & Danielle | a sock in both hands." October 21

48: October 22, we came to Jonathan's house to visit! Jameson was really excited to play with new, different toys. He loved the hardwood floors in their house: easy to crawl and chase toys around, and use their walker.

49: We ate pot roast in their lovely dining room, which Jameson really enjoyed. Then we took a few photos in the living room, and Lisa took this great one of all three of us together.

51: On October 29, we went to Boo at the Zoo with Jonathan, Vivienne and their parents. The zoo was decorated with Halloween lights and divided into sections designed for kids. We went through the Haunted Greenhouse, but for the most part we just walked around and saw a few animals. | Jameson stayed up really late; he didn't fall asleep until it was time to go.

52: Sunday, October 30 was our neighborhood’s day for trick or treating, so mom and dad walked Jameson around in the stroller. Not for candy, it was more for just letting Jameson look around, and of course to take a few more pictures of him in his costume. In our neighborhood, a lot of people set out fire pits at the foot of their driveway and pass out candy there. | Jameson wore a Tigger costume from his Grandma Yosua that came from Disney!

53: Halloween picture of Jameson's daycare class, October 26. From the left. Bottom: Mark, Andrew, Brady, Tyler Keegan, Skylar, Logan, Trip Jameson, Nathan Ms Colleen, Ms Danielle, Ms Marcy

54: Jameson is actually really playing with his toys recently, so we bought him some new toys like the play table and balls to chase after. He still enjoys banging the coasters, hitting door stoppers, eating the handles on the freezer and pulling up on the most inconvenient of places. But he is also spending a lot more time with his toys, which is so much fun to watch. On October 28, he discovered he could take things out of the toy box. He was so excited!

55: Last nice days of the season, it was warm enough to play outside for a bit barefoot! November 12

56: Messy Eater, November 12 Jameson gets baby food and some finger food at every meal, but it is getting harder to get him to eat the baby food. | To distract him, we offer him a little empty cup to play with. His favorite finger foods are meat and peaches. He particularly likes chicken! But peaches are his favorite.

57: November 7 - At daycare, Jameson is learning to use gestures express himself! His new favorite game is to proudly take all the toys off the shelves, then select one toy (usually a stacking cup) and carry it in his mouth around the room. Too funny! | Dad was away for the night, so Jameson and mom had a party. (Just kidding) 11/12

58: Last week, Jameson came home with his very first art project (not very first– he’s had his hand prints and foot prints done). So, his very first creative art work, where he was free to mess to his heart’s content! He came home with a lovely blue painting, now on display on his dresser. This inspired mom to help Jameson make a birthday gift for his lovely Aunt Melissa on November 12 who turned 30 on Friday! Four tubes of finger paint later, Jameson was sitting in his high chair stripped of his shirt, ready to paint. Mom put four globs on paint on the paper and let him have at it. He was kind of delicate at first, but he got into the swing of it pretty quickly. He only tried to suck on his fingers twice, and eat the paper once. Aunt Melissa loved it! (Grandma was a little jealous)

59: At 11 months, Jameson enjoys sitting in the corner we actually made for Sasha. The first couple times he went in the corner he giggled to himself like crazy. He also likes to spin in circles on his butt, “wrestle” with dad, and there is nothing better than sneaking in a pet of Sasha before she runs away (she runs away a lot now). He is learning how to open drawers and cabinets, so we are going to get baby locks on those soon. Today we thought he might stack his blocks instead of just knock them over, but not yet! He likes to say Ga and Ba a lot, but we don’t think they mean anything in particular yet.

60: November 19: Dad forgot to wear shoes. Sasha didn’t want to sit or look at the camera (neither did Jameson). Mom had a double chin in most of the photos, ugh, and was sweating buckets since it was actually 60 degrees out that day. So, yes as usual, it was pretty crazy. | Family Photos

61: Sasha has gotten used to a more mobile baby now and will sit for a moment sometimes to let Jameson pet her! December 7 Jameson loves to look at the pictures in books, particularly the baby touch and feel books. We have a couple, and he flips back and forth, turning the pages like they’re magic. | December 6

62: November 22, Akron Tree Festival. Santa was very nice, we were first in line so we got to spend a little time with him. Jameson tolerated him for a while, but toward the end though we saw a little crumply face so we grabbed him! He was great, even though it was past his bed time!

63: December 8. Snow fell overnight and is actually covering most of the grass. Mom walked Jameson over to the window this morning and he reached out to touch the glass and babble at it. We think he realized how different the yard looked all white! Jameson loves fake coughing, He's putting things back in containers and taking bites now. He's also started giving away his toys and waved at Grandma Thomas for the first time!

64: Jameson wasn’t teething or cranky, he was cheerful and well behaved and adorable the entire weekend. The family spent Thanksgiving relaxing, playing, eating and sleeping. Jameson loved the dog show, it is probably the longest he’s ever looked at a television screen. Jameson’s first Thanksgiving meal! He had a little of everything: turkey (white meat only though); corn; noodles; green bean casserole; stuffing; even the jellied cranberry sauce (he liked it!). He wasn’t a big fan of the pumpkin pie. though!

65: Jameson slept past our dessert, but he woke up ready to play. The remote helicopter Grandpa played with was a hit with Jameson. He really enjoyed playing with “grandma toys” like the blocks, and even his Great-Grandma Yosua’s toys, like the building toy we made into a little car for him. He also enjoyed banging on the piano and getting into mischief. It was a great day, and finally time for him to sleep. Which meant board games for the rest of us! Mom didn't play very well!

66: Friday, November 25, Jameson got to visit his friend Mark for the second time. In June, they were barely sitting upright by themselves. And now they’re standing and crawling. Mark is walking with walk-behind toys and climbing (yes! climbing!). We corralled them in the family room and watched them play. Jameson had his first experience with a walk-behind toy and enjoyed it!

67: He seemed to enjoy the walk behind/ride on toy at his friend Mark‘s so much that we asked nicely and Jameson’s grandparents were willing to go ahead and give him one of his gifts early on November 29. Sasha wanted to help open the gift. Jameson took to it right away, both forward and backward. He'll really chase around Sasha now!

68: Friday, December 4, mom left work early to pick up a sick baby. Jameson was exhausted, and been sick twice at daycare and then once again at home before taking a long nap. After that, he appeared to get better, with no fever and very active. All weekend thankfully he seemed well, except for the super long naps and a little bit of a whiny disposition. But then Jameson gave it to dad too, what a bummer!

69: On Wednesday nights, the two dads get together with the kids. Jameson loves to be lifted by dad's legs. It's his favorite game! | December 14. Lily is sharing toys with Jameson | December 10, Jameson turned on the water while we weren't looking!

70: Jameson is 18 pounds and change (10th percentile) and 30 inches long (50th percentile). Jameson gave mom two (open mouth) kisses on Dec. 20. How cute and gross! Later he gave his daddy one too so he didn’t feel left out. Recently, he has started waving at us with his whole arm, he is so excited. It’s the best feeling to come into a room and have him wave at you like it's the first time in a while. Whenever he falls, we says “boom!” to make it funny and distract him from what otherwise might be an unhappy moment. We also say boom when toys drop to the ground loud. Mom was almost certain he was trying to say Boom too with a “buh buh”. He has also discovered his “d’s” so we’re waiting for a “da da da”

71: The celebration started on Friday with Grandma and Grandpa Thomas and Aunt Melissa coming over on Jameson's actual birthday to have pizza and open gifts. | The first gift he opened was a little animal that sang Happy Birthday to him, opening and closing it’s mouth which he tried to put his hands in. Jameson loved the bows that his Grandma put on the gifts! And when he got new puffs, he really wanted to keep them. He was so upset when we took them away to open another gift, so we had to give them back. But he forgot about them once he opened the big gift. His Aunt Melissa got him a new walking toy which he loved! | December 16

72: Jameson’s party was a huge success. He enjoyed seeing all the people, opening gifts (so much so that he crawled toward the Christmas gifts under the tree later thinking there was more!), and playing with friends. | Great Uncle Ron & Cousin Nicholas | Friends Carrie & Nicholas | Lisa & Jonathan | Lisa & Vivienne

73: One Year in a Flash!

75: After some play time (Jameson has a thing for water bottles right now), and food for the adults, it was time for cake! Jameson didn’t blow out any candles this year. He also was quite a bit more delicate with the cake than we expected, though he enjoyed it! He was also fascinated with the balloons attached to his highchair.

76: Jameson is learning how to clap, or maybe it’s patty cake. Regardless, this was the very first time we saw him do it, and it was even captured on camera! Some of his favorite things, of course, are the wrapping paper, bows and tissue paper. | Clapping!

77: On Christmas Eve, we joined the neighbors for dinner and exchanged a few gifts. We made a homemade gingerbread! Just before we sat down for dinner, Santa and mom's Aunt Carol arrived for a quick visit.

78: Lily wanted Jameson's pacifier, and Jameson offered her his socks in trade for her toy laptop.

79: We only made it through a couple gifts Christmas morning before Jameson lost interest in the opening part and just wanted to play with the new toys that were opened, so we helped him open his gifts. Midway through opening gifts, we stopped for cinnamon rolls!

80: Santa brought Jameson a snowsuit, gloves & mittens, and boots; a board book; and a sled!

81: Jameson woke up from his nap just in time for Grandparents Thomas and Aunt Melissa to arrive to celebrate and have Christmas supper. He practiced his patty cake with Grandma. And then we dove in with Charlie Brown Christmas in the background (Jameson got it in his stocking along with some snacks and You Are My I Love You board book).

82: On December 28, we had a little snow, enough to cover the grass completely for the first time.. We hustled Jameson outside to try out the sled and winter outfit that Santa brought. Jameson was bundled up! Inside the house he couldn’t even crawl and kind of toppled over. He was a good sport though and didn’t cry at all. We should’ve guessed though that a baby who couldn’t crawl well in the snowsuit was also one that would have trouble holding on and he toppled over again, into the snow. We went inside then, Jameson had had enough!

83: For New Years this year, we went over to our friends Jonathan, JP & Lisa’s house. We also decided to spend the night there, with Jameson in tow. Jameson decided to rise at 5 am (Surely the unfamiliar feel of our pack and play had something to do with it!) Our friends Jason and Lisa were there as well with their daughter Vivienne, and our friend Kyle too. What a great way to greet the New Year!

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