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Jenna's 1st Year

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BC: We Love You, Boo Bear

FC: Jenna Celeste Chavez 07.02.10 | Our Baby Girl

1: To Our Baby Girl Love, Mom & Dad

2: Before Jenna arrived... 6 wk & 21 wk ultrasounds Due Date: June 25 | Baby Nursery We didn't know the sex so we did gender neutral!

3: 6 Weeks | 15 Weeks | 19 Weeks | 25 Weeks | 29 Weeks | 30 Weeks | 32 Weeks | 36 Weeks | 41 Weeks

5: What Your Name Might Have Been... Jeremy Thomas Malia Jillian

6: Jenna's Birth Story Thursday, July 1st, I checked in to the hospital at 5:00 pm for induction. I was 41 weeks. At first they just hooked me up to the monitors, put in the IV, and had me wait around. They did a cervical check and I was still 3 cm, about 75% effaced, and at -1 station. My doc came in and said she decided to put me on cervidil for the night with the hopes it would soften my cervix. They put it in at 6:30 pm. It gave me some contractions, so I was hoping that was a good sign. I tried to sleep Thursday night, but pretty much dozed in and out of sleep. It was hard to sleep with the contractions. They weren't terrible, but they weren't comfortable either. By 6:30 am, they came in to take the cervidil out and see if it worked. It did not. My cervix was unchanged. The doc decided to use cytotec next. They gave me the first dose at 6:30 am. I had to lay down for 30 minutes and then after that they wanted me to walk around or sit on the birthing ball to help the cytotec do it's job. The cytotec gave me MAJOR back labor and rough contractions. My contractions started coming 2 minutes apart from 6:30 am until about 1:00 pm! I tried walking and that seemed to help with the pain of the contractions, but it was still so intense. Two minutes apart is not much time to recover in between. I was pretty miserable. | They came to check me again around noon. I had still no progression but very intense contractions! I was so frustrated. They decided to wait to do anything for a bit and see if my contractions would keep going on their own or if the medicine would wear off and they would taper off. After the cytotec started wearing off the contractions became weaker and spaced further apart. This was a bad sign. It meant I would need more drugs to keep my labor going. The doctor decided at 1 pm to start pitocin. I'd been dreading pitocin. I was already incredibly fatigued and sore from having back labor from the early morning all day. I became very worried about how I would handle pitocin. At that point, my nurse and the anesthesiologist came in to talk to me about an epidural. I decided to have one at the same time my pitocin started. I was really worried about my decision at first. I had intended to try to go natural, but at that point decided I needed the epidural. My whole labor was being "forced" by drugs and was about to be "forced" by more drugs. I was also concerned that the intense contractions cause by the cytotec earlier was causing my body to tense up and not allowing my cervix to soften. So I got the epidural. I am so happy I did. It didn't hurt getting it and my anesthesiologist did a great job. After the epidural was in, they cranked up the pitocin.

7: The baby was responding beautifully - no distress. They kept me on the pit for a few hours. I was so comfortable. I rested and visited with family. I started feeling like I peed my pants...it was my water which had broken! At about 3:00 pm they came to check my cervix again. Surprisingly, I was 8 cm dilated and 100% effaced and +1 station. They called the doctor. My doc arrived about 4 pm right as I was ready to push. The room was full of people - Of course Jeremy was there, my mom, my aunt, Jeremy's mom, Jeremy's Grandma, the doctor, a medical student, and 3 nurses. I pushed for about an hour and 45 minutes. I was afraid it would be hard to push with the epidural in, but I could still feel pressure and bear down. As I got towards the end of pushing the doc could tell the cord was wrapped on something. As the baby crowned they told me she had a full set of hair! As I pushed her head out, her hand shot up. Her arm was wrapped in the cord, stuck straight up, which gave me a nice 2nd degree tear (at least w/ the epi I didn't feel it!). At 5:47 pm they pulled the rest of her out and my husband said, "It's a girl!" They placed her on my belly. She was "floppy" so she didn't get to stay on my belly for long. They gave her oxygen and suctioned her. | My husband stayed next to the baby as they stitched me up. The doc figured that she started getting some oxygen cutoff towards the end because the cord was wrapped around her, pinning her arm up, which is why she was floppy. Her APGAR scores were pretty low...I think a 4. Despite that, the baby perked up and was just fine. The baby was 7 lbs 2.5 oz. and 19 inches long. We thought were going to name her Jillian or Malia, but after we looked at her the name "Jenna" came to mind. Now we have our beautiful daughter - Jenna Celeste Chavez. Born July 2, 2010 at 5:47 pm.

8: Your First Day Here!

9: Cute as a button

10: 7 Pounds 2.5 Ounces 19 Inches Long

12: Newborn Photo Shoot at 2 weeks

13: Our Beautiful Girl

14: ~ 10 lbs ~ Tracks objects ~ Wakes up 2 - 3 times a night | One Month Old

15: One Month Old | ~ Tries to hold head up ~ Hates baths & car rides ~ Loves lights and ceiling fans

17: Our little angel is growing up so fast... wish you could stay little forever | Two Months Old | ~ 12 lbs, 21 inches ~ Started smiling around 7 weeks ~ Loves her mobile ~Still hates baths! ~ Loves her paci

18: Jenna's Godparents Uncle Francis Nina Tammy

19: Baptism Sept. 2010

20: Three Months Old ~ 13.5 lbs, 23 inches ~ Shrieks and gasps ~ Likes baths ~ Likes TV and her hands | Gabe & Jenna

22: 1st Halloween! | Jenna & Jayden

23: The Cow Family

24: Four Months Old | ~ 14.2 lbs, 25 inches ~ Started laughing when tickled, ~ Rolls onto side ~ Sucks thumb ~ Stands

26: Five Months Old

27: ~ 15 lbs, 26 inches ~ Rolled over ~ First road trip to AZ ~ First cereal ~ Grabs toys | Baby Girl

29: My First Christmas!

31: Family Photos Fall 2010 Lobo Canyon

32: Our little sweetie pie

33: Daddy & Jenna

34: Mommy & Jenna

38: Weight: 16.6 Height: 25 in Milestones: - Sits by herself - First baby foods - First Xmas | 6 Months Old

39: 7 Months Old | - Great coordination.... picks up everything - Loves peaches, sweet potatoes, pears, bananas - Lunges forward, but not crawling

40: 8 Months Old | Weight: 17 lbs - Waves & Claps - Says, Mama, Dada, Baba, Yaya - Bangs things together - Eats rice crackers by herself - Does sign for milk - Lunges to crawl - First tooth

41: Road Trip to AZ | Visiting Grandma & Grandpa Malaj April 2011

42: 1st Easter

43: 9 Months Old | - Insists on feeding herself - Signs for more -Second tooth - Says Dah for Dog - Slides backwards - Mimics expressions & sounds | - Throw fits - Kn0ws what No means

44: 10 Months Old | - Started Crawling - Says "Hi" "Birdie" "Pretty" "Baby" - Loves to dance - Weighs 17.5 lbs - Gets her feelings hurt when scolded - Blows kisses

45: 11 Months Old | - Pulls up - Says, "Bye" - Knows where belly button, nose, eyes, mouth, & teeth are. - Doesn't like to share - Loves baby dolls - Climbed stairs

46: 12 Months Old | - Pulls up to stand - Takes a few steps holding things - Loves steps & stairs | - Says "More", "No", "Thanks" - First top front tooth - 18 lbs, 20% percentile for growth

47: Jenna's 1st Birthday

49: Jenna's 1st Year

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