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Joleigh Loriese

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S: May 11th 2010 -January 17th 2011

FC: A baby is something you carry inside | you for nine months, in your arms | for three years and in your heart till | the day you die." ~ Mary Mason

1: About Our Family | Daddy's name is Joshua Kyle Jourden. Mommy's name is Teresa Cay Jourden. You have one sister Jaela Cay Jourden. Jaela was 18 months when we found out we were pregnant with you. Daddy was 29 and Mommy was 26. We live in Whitharral,TX

2: How We Found Out | Daddy and I started thinking we might be pregnant on May 14th. I was supposed to have started on May 11th. Your Great Grandma Wiseman passed away May 9th and we thought maybe it was the stress that kept me from starting. On Monday, May 17th we took a pregnancy test and it was positive. On Wednesday, May 19th my doctor called and told me that I had a malignant spot and that they needed to remove more. Daddy and I had not told anyone we were pregnant so the dermatologist was the first one to hear about our news. We were both very scared at this point. Just worried about what this would mean for you. The doctor reassured us everything would be fine

3: How We Told Our Family & Friends | On Friday, May 21st and Monday, May 24th I took pregnancy tests and they were also positive. On Wednesday, May 26th I went back to the doctor to have more tissue removed. The doctor called us on Tuesday, June 1st while we were on vacation in Possum Kingdom with the Avery's and told us they were sure that they got it all! We were very excited. The next morning I told Lanita I was pregnant. She was the second person I told. (Come to find out your Daddy had also told a friend: Chris Sumrall that we were pregnant) Daddy wanted to tell everyone as soon as we knew, but I was so nervous and made him wait. We returned home from our vacation on Thursday, June 3rd. On Friday we drove to Clayton to help my parents clean out Grandma Wiseman's house. While we were there we kept trying to give my mom hints about us being pregnant. She did not catch on so finally we told both my mom and dad. Your Grandpa had to call and tell your great Aunt Judy and I called your Aunt Lisa and Samantha and told them. | When your Uncle Randall got to Clayton we told him and before we knew it Grandma Arrington, Great Aunt Peggy, Great Uncle Ronald, and your cousins Amber and Ronell knew. Sunday morning we came home early and that evening went to your Nana's house (Daddy's mom). I had to tell Auntie Jilanne first and she cried she was so excited for us. Then we shared our announcement with your Nana, Aunt Jamey and Great Great Grandmother. We also walked over to Granny's house and told Granny, Papa and Marinda. Daddy walked over and told your Uncle Jim. In the meantime Jaela decided to walk back to Nana's house without telling us! She scared us to death. Nana said she just knocked on the back door! Daddy also called his Dad and gave him the exciting news. That same day I sent a text to my girlfriends: Juli, Codye, Kim, Ashley, Lauren and Crystal and shared the news with them. On Monday, Daddy and I went to the school and told Terri, Carla and Nancy. Everyone was very excited!

4: June 8, 2010

5: On Tuesday, June 8th we had a doctors appointment at 10:00. The nurse took blood and also got our medical history. She told us we were 8 weeks and 1 day pregnant and that your due date would be January 17th, 2011! She also took us back for our first ultrasound, but she was having trouble getting a good picture. She sent us on to our other appointment and told us to come back after lunch! This terrified your father and I! At one when we came back, she was able to find the beating heart and was also able to show us your tiny little body! We were two very excited people! | First Ultrasound | 8 Weeks

6: Progress | 1st Trimester | I chose Doctor Lampkin because he delivered Jaela and he was so wonderful throughout my first pregnancy. My first prenatal visit with him was June 8th at 8 weeks. Overall my health is good. My weight at my first appointment was 180 and I am hoping to not gain as much weight with you as I did with Jaela. Physically I am having some nausea, a lot of trouble sleeping and I am always hungry! Emotionally I am excited, but SO nervous! I am trying to stay in shape by continuing to run (I got permission from the doctor!)and by eating healthier. You were a surprise although we were not trying not to have you we just didn't think we could.

7: 12weeks | We were hoping to plan on having you during the summer, but now I am so glad that it is summer time and I have the opportunity to take naps during this first trimester! I am so exhausted and lazy!! Your Dad is working at the school and I stay home with Jaela and play and relax all day. I am trying to run at least 2 miles a day or play basketball up at the gym. Your daddy looks forward to the first trimester being over because he is hopeful I will complain about my tummy hurting less. At my second doctor visit on Thursday, July 8th I weighed: 183. I was 12 weeks and 3 days at the appointment and in this picture--> The ultrasound measured you at 12 weeks 6 days so we are doing great! My blood pressure was also great at 110/68 so I get to keep running. | May, June and July

8: 2nd Trimester: | Books that I am reading: What to Expect When Your Expecting and lots of fiction novels! Everyone keeps telling me: I'll have a boy because I am sicker with you than I was with Jaela. | I was hoping to be nausea free by the 2nd trimester. That just didn't work out for me. I was so bad one night your daddy joined me! He was not happy. I also even got sick trying to run with one of his girls so I learned not to push myself too much. I am continuing with my running and Jilanne and Jamey have promised to run in a race with me! (It will help motivate us all.) My friend Crystal has also talked me into training for a triathlon! We will see if that works. At my appointment on 08/05/2010 I was 16 weeks and 3 days. I weighed 186 and my blood pressure was 114 over 72. They took blood for the early detection of down syndrome. Although we did not get to see you we got to hear your heart beat. Your heart rate stayed in the 150's. This month I started feeling you move! It was very exciting.

9: My first symptom was nausea. Our first Ultrasound was at 8 weeks 06/08/2010. We first saw your heartbeat at 8 weeks 06/08/2010. We first heard your heartbeat at 12 weeks 07/08/2010 I first started showing at: 13 weeks 07/12/2010 I first felt you move: at 15 weeks. Every now and then you give a hard enough kick that I can feel you! It is a wonderful feeling! I already love you so very much! | August Weeks 16-20

10: September 21-24 weeks | 9-08-10 21weeks 2 Days | Weight: 191.8 Blood Pressure: 124 over 78 I am feeling: Great! Some special tests I have done: We did the test for down syndrome at 16 weeks and they called and said it was negative. We do the glucose test at my next visit. They estimate you weigh 1 pound and are about 10 inches long. They also measure you at 22 weeks 1 day.

11: Girl or Boy? The doctor offered to tell us if you were a girl or a boy on: 9-08-2010 We decided to: not find out!! Medications I take: Phenergan New symptoms I have: heart burn!!!

12: Baby Registry | I chose to register at Babys'R'Us and Target. It was really: enlightening because I did not think I really needed anything until I got that scanner in my hand. Then I thought I needed quite a few things! I had help from: My mom and sister Sam. My favorite thing was: clothes! I love looking at all the itty bitty clothes!

13: I still need to get: Diapers, vaporizer, bottles, pacifiers and newborn outfits! Things I need to do: Get a border around the room. The nursery theme is: Jungle The room is very special because: it's for a very special person! | Things I Need

14: Progress | Baby's Name: Joleigh Loriese Jourden | Names we considered: Jaecyn Noelle Jersey Lin Adleigh Noelle Joleigh Loriese Jason Kyle Kyle William | We chose : Jason Kyle or Joleigh Loriese Because: We both like the names. Jason after our baby brother Jason and Kyle is Daddy's middle name. Joleigh was just a beautiful J name that we both liked and Loriese is after your great grandmother Wilma Loriese Jarnigan.

15: Eating Healthy | My good habits were: running My bad habits were: eating What I really miss: sangria margarita I'm really trying to: stay under 200 pounds Somethings that I can't eat: pizza makes me sick but I crave it. What I am doing to stay in shape: run

16: Progress | Cravings & Mood Swings | I really love to eat: Catalina Salad Foods I don't like anymore:?? The strangest food I crave: pickles Emotionally I am: doing great Things that make me cry: During this pregnancy we lost many people that were so dear to us. Your great Grandma Wiseman passed away in May. Your Papa Spence passed away in August. Your great, great grandmother passed away in November. A memorable moment: YOU MOVE SO MUCH ! I love just sitting and watching my belly move with you!

17: October 25-28 weeks | Date: 10-15-2010 Weight: 196.6 How I am feeling: I feel good, but very very heavy ! I am 26 weeks and I feel like I am stretched to the max and still have 3 months to go. I have heartburn and an upset stomach most days, but I really do feel great despite that. My legs have also started cramping at night.. ugh! At the doctor's appointment my blood pressure was118 over 72 and your heart ate was in the 140's and 150's. He said I was good to keep running so Saturday the 16th I ran a 10k at Texas Tech.

18: November Weeks 29-33 | Date: 11/4/2010 Weight: 201.2 How I am feeling: I'm feeling BIG! I stopped running this month. I feel nervous about approaching 31 weeks because that is when I had trouble with Jaela. We had an ultrasound today. I am 29 weeks and 3 days and you measured 30 weeks 4 days. You were 3 pounds and 10 ounces. We also discovered you were breech so we are hoping you will turn!! My blood pressure was 128/66 .

19: Third Trimester | Date: 11/18/2010 Weight: 203.4 How I am feeling: I am feeling good, but ready to meet you! I am tired of being pregnant, but also want to wait as long as I can before you are born. We set the induction date for January 5th, but if you are still breech we will wait the two weeks to see if you turn. My blood pressure was 120/74 and your heart rate was in the 140s. I am 31 weeks and 3 days. | Date: 11/18/2010 Weight: 203.4 How I am feeling: I am feeling good, but ready to meet you! I am tired of being pregnant, but also want to wait as long as I can before you are born. We set the induction date for January 5th, but if you are still breech we will wait the two weeks to see if you turn. My blood pressure was 120/74 and your heart rate was in the 140s.

20: Date: 12-2-2010 Weight: 204.8 My blood pressure was 122 over 68. They measured my baby bump and it measured at 33 weeks. I am 33 weeks 3 days. Your heart rate was in the 140's. I'm starting to feel HUGE and miserable. It is hard for me to sleep because of pain in my rib cage. I am ready to not be pregnant, but I know you need all the time you can get in there! The doctor offered to find out your sex, but I didn't cave even though I am getting very curious! Can't wait to meet you! I love feeling you move and giving you love pats! | Hopes & Dreams | Some things I hope for you: I hope as a mom, I am able to: be the best mom that you could wish for. My greatest wish: I want to have a family that loves to be together! My ideal birth plan: All natural and FAST! No C-Section please. Symptoms I am having: Braxton Hicks have begun How I feel: I am having a hard time: sleeping

21: December 34-37 weeks | Date: 12-2-2010 Weight: 204.8 | Date: 12/20/2010 Weight: 207.6 My blood pressure was 12 0 over 78 . I was dilated 1cm. My cervix was thick, but soft. I really wanted to hear him say you were ready to come then, but that didn't happen. I really wanted to have you during my Christmas break so I could enjoy you longer before school started back. Maybe you will be a Christmas baby! Your heart rate was in the 150's and the best news: you were no longer breech!!

22: LOVE | 37 Weeks | The best part about being pregnant is: all the attention you get The worst part about being pregnant is: all the attention you get. What I'll need during labor: YOUR DADDY and my phone What I'll need after labor: to be holding you!! I can NOT wait! Things to do: Bags are packed, room is ready, but still without a border. | When it's time to relax I: used to get in the bathtub, but now even that makes me uncomfortable. Reading helps me relax no matter where I am at. I really like to splurge by: buying lil baby things My plans for after the birth: I plan on breastfeeding and getting in as much rocking time as I can Maternity leave: 5 days!!!! Here's hoping! Who is going to help: Grandma and Nana

23: Date: 12/27/2010 Weight: 203 How I am feeling: My blood pressure was 108 over 72. I was dilated 1-2cm and my cervix was thick. Your heart rate was in the 140's and you were head down. We won't see Dr. Lampkin again until Jan 5th! Your birthday! I am really looking forward to that day!

24: My contractions: Were not bad the first two hours. The third hour they began to hurt and by 12:30 they were pretty hard to handle. Where I was at: Covenant Lakeside What I did: Ate lots of popcicles My thoughts: I don't know if I can do this without an epidural!! | Labor Begins!

25: The Story of your... | 1/5/2011 | 1:04 p.m. | 20 . 5 inches | 8 . 1 pounds

26: My labor was about 5 hours long. People who were there with me: Daddy After you were born the first thing I said was: "She's beautiful!" My first thoughts were: "She's a girl!" I will always remember: How touched your daddy was. He was so proud he had tears in his eyes.

28: Bringing Home Baby | The first few days were: hard. I had a lot of adjusting to do. I forgot how little sleep I would get. Your sleeping habits: You slept all the time it seemed except when I was asleep. Your eating habits: You were a breast fed baby and you ate very well. | Ways in which our lives have completely changed: You are one of the best things that ever happened to Mommy and Daddy. We will treasure you always. You are truly a gift from God. How much I love you: You can not fathom the love Daddy and I have for you. We loved you before we met you!

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