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Josiah's First Year

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Josiah's First Year - Page Text Content

S: My First Year * Josiah Daniel Weller

BC: The End of Year One.

FC: Our little | My First Year Josiah Daniel Weller Born at Riverside Methodist Hospital January 24, 2009 at 7:49 am

1: With warm and comfy blankets We made a place for you There patiently waiting IsWinnie the Pooh

2: At 4 o'clock on January 23rd my water broke just after I finished getting dressed and ready to go to a friends for dinner. I asked Auntie Deann to get my phone and we called Daddy to let him know it was time. We were all so excited to finally meet our baby. Daddy came home from work, packed Mommy, Auntie Deann and the hospital bag into the car and we headed out to the hospital After a long night (about 15 hours of labor) our little boy arrived and the miraculous happened. A couple became a family. | January 24, 2009 | Josiah Daniel Weller | Born 7:49 am at Riverside Methodist Hospital 7 lbs 12 oz 21" long | It is not a slight thing when | Those so fresh from God love us

3: Josiah took his time coming out. Daddy, Grandma and Auntie Rhonda all waited patiently and helped me. When he was crowning and ready to come out the nurses gave me two options. I could wait ten minutes for the Doctor (who was stuck in traffic) or the resident could deliver him. I told them I didn't care who caught him I wasn't waiting. The resident came in and delivered and the doctor arrived just in time to fix me back up. Josiah came out face up with his hand over his head and he was screaming and pooping. He pooped on the resident that delivered him, he pooped on me, he pooped on the nurse, he pooped on the floor on his way to be cleaned up and weighed and he pooped on the scale. When he finally stopped pooping they weighed him, washed him up and handed him to Daddy. Daddy held him while the Doctor fixed me up and then they un-swaddled him and gave him to me so I could hold him in the 'koala care' style. I counted fingers and toes and prayed over him. The whole pregnancy it had seemed so surreal to think that I had a little person growing inside of me, with his own personality and spirit. Even with him squirming and stretching (he wasn't much of a kicker) it still didn't seem real till they placed him in my arms. This dream and hope I had been carrying for so long had finally been fulfilled. God is SO good! I don't think I had ever felt so much joy as I did the moment they placed this sweet little boy in my arms. | Josiah's Birth Story

4: A Prayer for my Son Gen. Douglas Mac Arthur Build me a son, O Lord, who will be strong enough to know when he is weak, and brave enough to face himself when he is afraid; one who will be proud and unbending in honest defeat, and humble and gentle in victory. Build me a son whose wishes will not take the place of deeds; a son who will know Thee — and that to know himself is the foundation stone of knowledge. Lead him, I pray, not in the path of ease and comfort, but under the stress and spur of difficulties and challenge. Here let him learn to stand up in the storm; here let him learn compassion for those who fail. Build me a son whose heart will be clear, whose goals will be high; a son who will master himself before he seeks to master other men; one who will reach into the future, yet never forget the past. And after all these things are his, give him, I pray, enough of a sense of humor, so that he may always be serious, yet never take himself too seriously. Give him humility, so that he may always remember the simplicity of true greatness, the open mind of true wisdom, and the meekness of true strength. Then I, his father, will dare to whisper, “I have not lived in vain.”

5: Birth Bump | Josiah was born with a painful looking bump on his head from his time in the birth canal. The swelling wend town quickly leaving a bruise. The bruise took a few days to go away. Strangely enough I didn't even notice it till I looked at the pictures later. All I saw was a beautiful baby boy. Our nurse cleaned him up quickly and while the Doctor took care of me Daddy got to hold him. Daddy was so proud and happy to meet his first born son.

6: Going Home | Not the best quality of pictures but they were taken with Daddy's camera and they were just to precious to me to delete. We were so happy to take our little one home.

8: Sweet little boy So long I prayed for you So patiently I waited My whole life through A wonderful gift of God A gift to treasure A delight to behold A blessing without measure Now here in my arms With that kissable little nose Those ten delicate fingers And ten chubby little toes With a heart full of love And a heart full of joy I happily welcome My sweet little boy | Sweet Little Boy | By Hope Grace Weller

9: January 28-31, 2009 Nationwide Children's Hospital | Four days after Josiah was born he became unresponsive. After his sponge bath the morning of the 28th he didn't wake up again that entire day. The yellow jaundice color had extended to his little hands and feet and even the white of his eye's had a yellow tinge. We drove him to the ER and found that his bilirubin count was 21 (normal is 12) and that his heart rate was low (which they normally attribute to infection) Thus began a battery of test. No sooner was one test complete when the nurse would come in and let us know another test had been called for. Nathanael had to hold Josiah down as they put in an IV. They had to do it twice because the vain collapsed on their first try. Josiah also had a CT scan, x-rays, a | spinal tap, EEG and of course blood work galore. I couldn't leave the room as the nurses suggested but watching my little one so helpless and sweet being poked and prodded was so difficult. Nathanael was the strong parent that night, I was completely useless with tears. Josiah was hospitalized for three days. Concerned for my health Nathanael wouldn't allow me to stay at the hospital with Josiah and insisted on going home and getting some sleep. They put Josiah on the cancer floor of the hospital because they wanted to protect him from the more contagious patients. The nurses there were so happy to have a little one and I was SO relieved to leave my baby in such attentive hands. They were constantly checking in on him so much so that they put a sign on his door for the nurses to let him sleep for a while undisturbed. Even while we were there nurses who had been dealing with the difficulties of nursing children with cancer would come in and ask to hold him to get a good 'baby fix'. They also gave him a little gift and saved his umbilical cord for me when it fell off. As attentive as they were I was so happy when they told us we could take him home.

11: is finally coming home...

12: One Month Old | 22 1/4 inches long | 9 lbs and 3 oz | Sleeps for 3 hours at a time | Seven days after he was born he went to church for the very first time. | 2-23-2009

13: I'm beginning to understand what scripture means when it says God delights in His children. Josiah is so alert and curious. I could sit on the couch and talk to him for hours in a sing song voice and he would just watch, coo and wave his little arms in excitement. He loves to stretch out his legs. I hold him in front of me on my lap and he pushes himself into a standing position and moves one foot in front of the other like he's trying to walk. After a while he gets tired and melts back to a sitting position. Then he'll try again. He responds to the sound of our voices and looks around for us when we talk to him. Daddy is especially amazed that Josiah recognizes his voice. He has pretty good head support in short little spurts. He's beautiful! I just can't take my eye's off of him! | Little Mr. Weller

14: Josiah's first time in a bathtub. He seemed to enjoy it for the most part although he STRONGLY objected to having his hair and face washed. He forgave me however and rewarded me for my efforts with lots of coo's and smiles.

15: I cannot tell you how much I cherish this time with Josiah. Cuddling him and nursing him. I even love the night feedings because I get to hold him and be alone with him. I get to just stare at him and rock him to sleep. Nothing in my life can compare to being a mother.

16: Josiah is getting more responsive now. Swinging his little arms and trying to touch his toys and our faces. Daddy's really enjoying this stage. He comes home from work and plays with him. Today he wanted to hold him while he worked on his laptop. Josiah was so adorable and interested in what Daddy was doing. I ran to get the camera. So here are Mommy's two favorite men. I love them SO much!

17: T W O | Months old | 3-22-2009

18: Josiah is 23 3/4 inches long and weighs 11 pounds and 8 ounces. He eats about every 2 1/2 to 3 hours however he only wakes up once a night now. He sleeps for about 3 hours on his first nightly shift, wakes, eats and sleeps for 5 hours more. Although I'm still waking up every 2 1/2 hours to check on him. Daddy thinks I'm nuts but I can't help it. Josiah smiles so much now. He also laughs in his sleep. His face is so expressive. It's fun to watch his little personality develop.

19: Josiah Weller 2584 Imperial Way Dr Grove City OH 43123 | Appt. w/ Doctor Haecker 3/24/2009 @ 10:30 am | Give Josiah Tylenol 1 hour before Appt. to help him deal with shots. | Josiah, I wanted to warn you about Doctor visits ... Watch our for those nurses. They like to give shots Your Cousin Chase | Josiah cried so hard he stopped breathing. I started to panic a little but the nurses made me sit down and he finally inhaled. | This was his first shot since his hospitalization and Mommy had a few flashbacks and shed a few tears right along with him. Josiah cried so hard he stopped breathing. I started to panic a little but the nurses made me sit down and he finally inhaled. | Josiah Weller 2584 Imperial Way Dr Grove City OH 43123 | Josiah was happy and smiling at the nurses till they stabbed him with that evil needle. | This was Josiah's first shot since his hospitalization and Mommy had a few flashbacks and shed a few tears right along with him. Once they were finished I was allowed to nurse him and he settled right down in my arms. | Nurse Vicky and Josiah | Josiah and Doctor Haecker | Josiah Weller 2584 Imperial Way Dr Grove City OH 43123

20: daddy's | boy | --- | ----- | 3-26-2009

21: Like Father Like Son | In the mornings when Josiah wakes up hungry I bring him into our room and feed him in our bed. He always falls back asleep so I re-swaddle him and lay him between Daddy and I. We nap till Daddy's alarm goes off. This morning I went downstairs to grab the camera. They just looked to cute. | 3-28-2009

22: Mr. Personality | I simply love this picture that Auntie Sarah took. It's like a perfect snap shot of the joy and personality our little Josiah has. He's so full of joy and laughter. His laugh is addicting. You just want to tickle and entertain him so you can get another fix! | 4-2-2009

23: Josiah's Baby Dedication | 4/5/2009

24: Today Josiah Daniel Weller was dedicated to Christ. Nathanael and I wanted to give our little boy a strong name. We chose the name Josiah because King Josiah in the bible served the Lord from a young age and in 2 Kings 23:25 the bible says that there was no King either before or after him that turned to the Lord with all his heart, soul, and strength. We chose the name Daniel because he was a prophet who God spoke to in visions and dreams. He was an interpreter of dreams and a mighty man of faith who never strayed from the ways of the Lord despite all that was happening around him.

25: After months of staring at the toys hanging over his bouncy seat Josiah finally was able to grab hold of the frog and play the music all by himself | The face he would make when the music would place was classic. His little eyes would pop wide open, he would fuss a little in surprise but wouldn't let go. His first little accomplishment

26: Months Old | 4-22-2009

27: Josiah is 24 inches long and weighs 13 lbs and 1 oz | He giggles and laughs all the time now. He coo's and tries so hard to talk and tell his little baby stories. He loves it when Mommy sings. He gets really quiet and listens closely when Daddy talks and he follows you with his eyes when you walk by.

28: For about 15 hours of labor Nurse Laura Gilbert helped comfort and encourage me through all the phases of childbirth. Then about 15 minutes before Josiah made his grand appearance her shift ended and she had to go. We were so disappointed she didn't get to be there. During my labor she and Nathanael talked about birth order and how it effects children's personalities. Apparently Daddy was VERY grateful to her because he picked up his lap top and ordered a book on the topic on the spot. It took a while but once we were able we delivered the book to her along with a photo of Josiah and the chance for her to finally meet the beautiful boy she helped me deliver. | Thank God for Good Nurses | 4-29-2009

29: 4-30-2009 | Josiah is looking at himself in a mirror in this picture. Every time he saw himself in it he would get this shocked and amazed look and them he would start laughing like it was the funniest thing ever.

30: I truly do have 'The Happiest Baby on the Block'! | 5-4-2009 | "A joyful heart is Good Medicine..." Proverbs 14:22

31: Avery | Wyatt | Josiah | Marissa | Indy | Elle | Caden | 5-8-2009 | Child Birth Class Reunion

32: First trip to the Play Ground | 5-15-2009

33: Josiah finally got to meet his Grandma Laura for the first time when she came to visit us this month. They were very taken with each other and Grandma got to enjoy his beautiful smiles. It was love at first sight! | 5/28/2009

34: 5-10-2009 | Daddy and Grandpa took Mommy and Grandma out to Olive Garden for Mothers day. Josiah was very good and let us eat our dinner peacefully.

35: Josiah rolled over for the first time today. I am so happy I had the forethought to get the camera. I love watching him make all these little achievements. | 5-23-2009

36: Josiah is now 26'long and 17 lbs. I am so amazed how fast he is growing. He has discovered his hands and now regularly reaches for things he wants. Although he doesn't seem to be able to completely control his arms yet. In fact when he's in the mood to look at his hands he uses his right hand to hold his left wrist still so he can take a good look at it. It's rather funny. He stares at it as though he's surprised to find it there. He's tasted some crushed strawberry on my finger and loves it. (Nathanael says that he has to love strawberries, he's a Weller) | 5-24-2009

37: Josiah is ticklish! Much to his Daddy's delight Josiah is very ticklish! After changing his diaper I kiss under his chin and he squirms and squeals with delight. He will also laugh if you lightly tickle and poke his ribs and he absolutely loves to get raspberries on his belly. While he's eating I'll tickle his feet and sides and he'll let go of the nipple to smile and laugh. Daddy scolds me for tormenting him but Josiah doesn't seem to mind the torment. Josiah now has a new Nursery buddy at church, Luke Legg, and just in time too. Ayden has graduated to the preschool class. They still get to play together though. In fact they had their first playdate this month. Ayden's Mommy Sarah and I took them to "The Old Bag of Nails" restaurant in Gahanna. (That was the Mommy part of the play date) then we went to the park. So many new experiences!

38: first taste | Josiah's first taste of solid food was rice cereal mixed mixed with formula. Daddy fed him while Mommy laughed and took pictures. He seemed to like it and quite a few times tried to take the spoon away from Daddy so he could hold it in his mouth and chew on it. He was COVERED with cereal by the time he was done and needed to be completely stripped down and washed up. | 6-13-2009

39: Sweet Dreams

40: Hmm... that looks different... | Alright I trust you. Here it goes. | Ewww... Mommy what is this!?! | Get this OUT of my mouth now! | Oh, not good! NOT GOOD!!! | You think I'm gonna do that again?!? | First Veggie - Pea's | 6-8-2009

41: Josiah is his Daddy's boy! He gets so excited when Daddy comes home from work and plays with him. To celebrate Fathers day we made Daddy breakfast in bed before we headed out to church. Mommy feed Josiah while she and Daddy shared breakfast in bed. | The Father and the God Father... so appropriate that Roger wore black. | Nathanael and Keith both celebrated their first Fathers Day together. | 6-21-2009

42: Months | Josiah is now 26 1/2 inches long and weighs 17 lbs and 8 oz. I think he's beginning to recognize his name. He looks at people when they say it. He's sleeping through the night now. Yea!!! Occasionally he'll wake up but all I have to do is give him his pacifier and roll him back onto his side and he falls right back to sleep. He's discovered his feet! He seems to prefer his left foot for some reason. He's always grabbing that one and taking that sock off. He can sit up if he's supported and if I hold his hands he'll walk for a short distance. He can also roll from his belly to his back. | 6-24-2009

43: He loves to talk. He'll even talk himself to sleep sometimes. I especially love the morning's when I lay in bed and listen to him Coo. Among his "Ga-ga-goo's" and "Coo's" Josiah makes this funny gurgling sound at the back of his throat which (as one of my Sunday School kids pointed out) sounds like a purr. When he laughs and gets really excited he screeches and his whole body gets ridged, his eye brows raise and he stiffens up his arms and jerks them up and down. It's so funny!

44: Winnie the Pooh | Before Josiah was born I was trying to decide what theme to use in his nursery. At first I was thinking of using little lambs but I was having a hard time finding a bedding set that would work. Then Grandma Joyce showed me a picture she has of Daddy with a little Winnie the Pooh doll that he still has. I decided right then to use Winnie the Pooh. Pooh is neutral which we needed seeing we decided we weren't going to find out the sex of our baby ahead of time. Then Nathanael told me that he also had his Fathers Winnie the Pooh story books from when his father was little. That sealed the deal. So in Josiah's room are Grandpa Chucks Winnie the Pooh story books and Daddy's Winnie the Pooh doll. I'm hoping to get a copy of that picture soon to add to the room. I look forward to reading Grandpa Chucks story books to Josiah. | 6-26-2009

45: Bath Time Daddy | with | Josiah and Daddy took a bath together for the first time today. It was so great! Josiah seemed to really enjoy himself. He kept himself busy trying to catch the little ducky's as they would float by and shove them in his mouth. Occasionally he would get a gulp of water and he'd cough and sputter a little. He was a little nervous at first when Daddy leaned him back to float in the water but he got used to it after a while and started to kick his legs and splash his arms | 7-4-2009

46: 7-22-2009 | Josiah is getting more interested in his toys. It's so fascinating to watch him pick up a toy and try to figure it out especially if it plays music. I'll push the button and he'll just stare at it in amazement. His favorite toys seem to be the dragonfly and the little rubber ducky he's teething on in the third row of pictures. He used to hate belly time but now that he has the distraction of toys he handles it much better. Although after a while he's done and wants his Mommy time. | Belly Time

47: Six Months Old | Josiah is now 27 inches long and weighs 18 lbs and 2 oz. He takes three naps a day and is eating baby food. His favorites are banana's, carrots, butternut squash, pears, and applesauce. He's not fond of the green veggies but were working on that. He discovered that he can open and close a lid and loves to practice. He tries to copy my facial expressions and imitate the sounds I make. He is trying to blow raspberries and ends up just spitting all over the place. It's so funny. He's doing better sitting alone but still needs some support. | X Y Z A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U

48: L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Z Y Z A B C D E F | We also went to Hermitage PA to meet Josiah's Auntie Joanna and Uncle Mark and his two cousins Sammy and Kyle. They gave him a little blue stuffed puppy with a big red dot on it's side. You can kind of see it in the top left of the picture on this page. He likes to chew on it's ear. Sammy loved her new little cousin. It's been a cold month and so I've been coughing quite a bit. Josiah seems to think that coughing is both funny and a means of communication. Coughing is now part of his baby gibber-gabber and when I cough he laughs and responds with coughs of his own. Daddy gets a big kick out of it. Josiah is getting so big, so fast. I find myself holding him and missing the infant he used to be. He's such a content, happy and beautiful little boy. We are so blessed. | 7-24-2009

49: Today on Sunday July 7th, 2009 Nathanael and I woke up the the sound of Josiah talking to himself in his crib. We smiled at each other as we listened when Josiah surprised us both and said Dada for the very first time. It was so sweet!

50: We went to Michael and Jamie's to enjoy Josiah's first 4th of July Celebration. I was a little nervous about how he would respond to the fireworks but he did just fine. He loved all the colors and sat in quiet amazement at all the colors.

51: We went to Hermitage PA to visit Auntie Joanna and Uncle Mark for Mark and Kyle's birthday. Josiah loved playing with his cousin Sammie who gave him this blue puppy we have named Spot. Our first night there we went out to eat at a Mexican restaurant. | 7-18-2009

52: Mark and Kyle opening presents | Hanging with Daddy | Josiah eating with Sammie | Show Grandpa what Mommy? | Oh my Heisman pose... | Mommy, he liked it! | 7-19-2009 | The Birthday Boys

53: 7-31-2009 | We're in Saint Joseph MO to celebrate Daddy's High school reunion. Because Daddy went to such a small school it was more than just those in his class it was the whole school. Our first night there Daddy took us to eat at Barbosa's. It was Josiah's first time ever sitting in a high chair. He thought it was pretty cool. The taco's there were the best I ever ate! We also saw this portrait of people who were friends of the family that owned the restaurant. Among those listed is Tomas Edison and Henry Ford.

55: B A T H | TIME | 8-14-2009

56: Josiah Daniel | Baby buckeye | OUR | little | 8-14-2009

57: Daddy's Pride | Daddy's Boy | Daddy's Joy | 8-16-2009

58: 1 | 1 | st | PARAID | 8-22-2009

59: Months | Old | Josiah is now 24 3/4" long and weighs 18.12 lbs He can sit up completely on his own now.

60: Josiah throws himself into his play. Literally! He'll see a toy and lunge for it. Sometimes he'll lose his balance when he does this and falls over to his side. He's still teething although no teeth have popped through yet. He puts everything in his mouth. Everything!!! His gibber jabber sounds a little like little mini conversations and everyone who hears it says the same thing, "It sounds like he's speaking Chinese". So funny. He also maneuvers the pacifier in his mouth like a pro. He spins it around using his teeth and tong, holds it in his cheek while he talks and chews on the bottom edge. Everyone comments on how content and how happy he is. He doesn't know a stranger and flirts with everyone. We can't go shopping without people stopping us to tell us how adorable our little boy is. Not that I mind. I find I quickly become rather fond of people who adore my child.

61: I MY DADDY | LOVE | 8-26-2009

62: Josiah Attends his First Birthday Party | Today is Tara's birthday and her party is the first Josiah had attended. He had a lot of fun. | 8-29-2009

63: If you look closely you can see my first two teeth

64: Ten little toes So yummy and sweet May God bless Those tiny little feet | 9/2nd & 5th/2009

65: Woody | This Woody doll was a gift from a member of our church. Josiah is fascinated with it. I hold him and point out Woody's eye's, nose and ears and Josiah gets all excited and squeals wanting me to give the toy back to him so he can do the same thing. It's so adorable. Josiah's first doll. | 9-2-2009

66: Josiah's on the move!!! It started with him pushing himself up onto his hands and knees and rocks back and forth. Occasionally he would push himself backwards a little bit. It wasn't long before he started getting around the room that way. He squiggles himself till his feet are facing the direction he wants to go and then he scoots backwards till he gets there. He keeps aiming his little butt for Daddy, therefore he spends a lot of time under Daddy's desk chair. After changing his diaper the other day Nathanael got up to throw it away and Josiah rolled over onto his belly. I looked away toward Daddy and when I looked back Josiah was sitting up with a huge grin on his face. It was the first time he'd gotten into a sitting position all by himself and he was proud. | 9-22-2009

67: I love that Josiah wakes up happy. He doesn't cry to let you know he's up, he talks and laughs. He smiles all the time. Obviously he cries occasionally too but you'd be hard pressed to find anyone outside of family who can recall hearing him cry. He has a gorgeous and engaging smile and his eyes are so bright and joyful. Mornings when I am bone tired and I hear him stirring I drag myself out of bed and go tot he nursery to get him. As soon as he sees me he flashes this stunning smile at me and instantly my sleepiness just melts away and I feel happy and ready to play and sing to my beautiful baby boy.

68: Months | Josiah is now 28 and 1/2 inches long, weighs 19 lbs and 2 oz and has his first two teeth. His teeth finally made their appearance on September 30th, 2009. He was fussy the night before but I thought it was due to the shots he'd received at the doctors office that morning. We checked his gums at the doctors appointment and no teeth just swollen gums then the next morning when I was changing him there they were. | 9-24-2009

69: He often had a runny nose and he drooled enough to fill a pool but he smiled through most of his teething. Josiah is fascinated with Mommy's water bottles, phone and the remote. These are the things that I will put just out of reach to try and get him to crawl. He wants to crawl so bad. He has also started trying to pull himself up. He says Dada all the time now and he's added Baa-ba to his vocabulary. He hasn't said Momma yet but he does laugh at me when I ask him to. Josiah love to be bounced on Daddy's knee to the tune of "The Ants go Marching in.

70: 9-26-2009

71: Josiah learned to crawl today!!! It was so great. Daddy came home from work and I guess Josiah just decided that now that he could crawl he could do anything. He could be just like Daddy. He pup the strap to Daddy's work bag over his shoulder and tried to crawl away with it. Of course it's to heavy for him so when he realized he couldn't crawl with it he rolled over onto his back and began to cry! He didn't understand why he couldn't crawl with the bag on. Poor baby! He cheered up when Daddy picked him up. | 10-1-2009

72: On October 1st of this month Josiah successfully crawled to Mommy... or so I thought. Really he crawled to the remote. He had false starts all day getting into position and making one move forward and giving up. I had the camera handy that day wanting to catch it. Once he got the hang of it , it seemed like he'd been crawling forever. He even developed a habit of putting toys in his mouth to carry them from place to place. I had to laugh because he looked like a little puppy. Oh and the poor cat.s. He has a whole new appreciation of the cats. On the 14th Josiah started saying Momma. He still thinks it's funny when I ask him and sometimes he'll even look at me with this sly look and say Dada! Daddy gets a kick out of that! He also pulled himself into a standing position all by himself on the 13th. He's getting so big!

73: 10-20-2009 | Making Fall Look Cool | Height 29" | Weight 19 lbs 8 oz | Months

74: Play Date with Cassidy Jean | Josiah and I went over to Cassidy's today for a play date while Auntie Kristy went to a book fair with cousin Connor. I thought this would be a good opportunity to see how Josiah would behave around a little one who would demand more of Mommy's attention than he's used to sharing. After all we are planning on having another little one soon. Josiah did wonderful. He was very curious about Cassidy and wanted to hold her and kiss her. I had to say 'gently' countless times. He wanted to point out her eye's and nose and I was very nervous that he would poke her in the eye but he did alright. When he was holding her he was very indiscriminate about how he hugged her. He hugged her head more than anything but she didn't seem to mind. The only time Josiah showed any real jealousy was when it was time to feed Cassidy and he saw me give her the bottle. He kept begging for it and crying. Apparently I can hold and play with other babies all I want but I'm not allowed to feed them. After playing all afternoon both these little beautiful babies went down for a well deserved nap. They had a lot of fun.

75: 10-20-2009

76: Josiah enjoyed his first pumpkin festival. We had this sketch drawn of him. He is a cute little pumpkin isn't he. He tried some small samples of some pumpkin delights and enjoyed watching a parade. As we were leaving people kept looking at Josiah in his stroller and chuckling. Daddy walked ahead of us to see what he was doing to cause so many grins. Turns out our little pumpkin was sitting reclined in his stroller and giving the 'parade wave' and smiling big for everyone we passed. Such a little flirt!!! He was completely unimpressed with the size of the pumpkins and the music and noise. He enjoyed watching the crowds and the people who stopped to admire him. | Josiah's First Circleville Pumpkin Festival | 10-24-2009

77: Mommy decided to help Daddy today and rake the lawn. Josiah sat out in the yard on the blanket for quite some time before he felt brave enough to venture out onto the grass. (Something he has to do every time I put him on the grass) Once he warmed up he was unstoppable. He even helped out by picking up leaves and bringing them over to the pile. Granted when he crawled away he would take a lap full of leaves with him but his intentions were good. Turns out Daddy normally just mows the leaves up so he didn't really need Mommy's help. My intentions were good too. | Fall Ya'll | 10-30-2009

78: Ten Months | Auntie Deann wrote on Facebook that she would like a picture of Josiah with a spike. Much to Daddy's humorous dismay I fulfilled her request. The pictures turned out so cute I decided to use them as Josiah's 10 month photo's.

79: Josiah is now 29 1/4" tall and weighs 19 lbs 10 oz. He's a pro at waving and giving high fives. He even speed crawls now. Mostly when he's gotten into something he shouldn't have. He can pull himself up without to much difficulty and he gets back down by doing the splits. He understands the word "no" even if he sometimes doesn't want to listen. He loves to play with his toys and pull them out of the box so he can put them all away again. If he wants something he can't reach he motions for it. I've started signing to him. When he asks for something I sign what it is. He is 100% a Daddy's boy. He squeals with delight when Daddy comes home from work. It's so sweet and Daddy loves it.

80: Josiah made such an adorable little frog at his first Harvest party. With him crawling it was the perfect costume. He looked ready to hop at any second. He was a little overwhelmed by all the kids, excitement and noise and remained a subdued little frog. He loved playing with Connor though and kept hugging him. It really was sweet. When we got home Daddy played with his little froggy.

81: Sunday Morning Ready for Church | Church is over now we're at Lynd's Fruit Farm for apples | Now were at Grandma's and Grandpa's to play | ... and deliver some of the apples... Daddy wants an apple pie. | I like to explore at Grandma & Grandpa's | Stopped at the grocery store on the way home. I'm pooped. | A Sunday in November | 11-8-2009

82: As I've said Josiah has gotten creative when it comes to getting down from a standing position. At first he tried leaning forward and lowering himself into a crawling position but he lost his balance and fell forward one to many times for his liking. So now he does the splits. It's so cute. | 11-12-2009

83: 11-13-2009 | Josiah is so active now I feel like I spend most of my time chasing him down. I've started using his little rocking horse in a way it was never meant to be used, as a road block. Sensing this as a challenge Josiah is constantly trying to climb over it.

84: Ayden's Birthday Party | Josiah had a lot of fun at his friend Ayden's birthday playing with Luke and his party favor fireman's hat. He and Daddy had a lot of fun playing with that hat. Josiah enjoyed putting it on and off and thought Daddy looked very funny when he put it on. | 11-15-2009

85: 12-4-2009 | Josiah enjoys everything about bath time... well... except the actual cleaning bit. That he hates!

86: 12-4-2009 | Dinner over at Uncle Don and Auntie Kristi's house is always fun and Josiah loves playing with his cousins.

87: 12-20-2009 | Playing dress up | After church Sarah and I decided it would be fun to dress the kids up. Doesn't Josiah make the cutest baby Jesus ever... well maybe not ever... that might be blasphemy not sure on that one.

88: 12-14-2009 | Meeting Santa | I'll admit I was a little nervous at first that Josiah would get scared and cry but he did wonderfully. I think it helped that this Santa's beard was real. Josiah took to him like he takes to anyone. Smiles and giggles. When I first put him in Santa's lap he looked up into his face and studied him for a few seconds. He looked like he was curious and was thinking about touching or grabbing his glasses. When I called his name and got his attention he started in with the smiles and giggles. He did beautifully. When the photo was over he got down and wanted to explore Santa's workshop a bit. I wonder what he asked Santa for... I bet I could guess... | 11 Months

89: Josiah is now 31" tall and 21 lbs 1 oz. He cruises along while holding furniture and will occationally forget to hold on and stand on his own without realizing it for a few seconds. He is chewing on everything!!! He even crawled up to the entertainment center the other day and after looking at the knobs on the cabinet doors for a few seconds he leaned forward and bit it. I laughed out loud at him and he got scared so he hasn't done it again since. He says "door" or something like it all the time. Everything is a door. He also loves hats. He is always taking Mommy and Daddy's baseball hats or putting on his fireman's hat. Daddy installed a baby gate between the living room and kitchen this month. Josiah isn't very fond of it. He pulls himself up on it and shakes it like a prisoner trying to free himself. Daddy laughs.

90: I want a water bottle just like Mommy's and my own cell phone and my own keys and my own computer and my own remote... I hear your the one to ask. Oh and you should have a word with Mommy and Daddy about sharing. I wouldn't need my own stuff if they would just share theirs! | Ayden shared this experience with Josiah.

91: Having Josiah has made Christmas so much more fun!!! His awe over the lights on the Christmas tree, the way he keeps pointing and asking me to make the musical ornaments play and his over all delight at Grandma and Grandpa coming over. His facial expressions were priceless. As was the way he would open his presents. I'd start the process for him and then he would tear off the tiniest piece of paper, but instead of throwing it on the floor he would meticulously hand each piece

92: to me to throw away for him. If he did happen to tear a big piece he wanted to keep it. Even crying a few times when I would take the paper away from him and try to get him interested in the toy he was given. He is such a delight!

94: We celebrated Christmas with Don and Kristi at Grandma and Grandpa's house on 12-27-2009. It was a lot of fun to watch Josiah and Cassidy enjoy their first Christmas together. Conner and the two little ones make it so much fun!

95: Winter | I bundled Josiah up in his snow suit and brought him outside while it snowed. He pointed and smiled at the falling snow while I held him. He cried his little heart out the moment I put him down. A snow baby he is not. Hopefully he'll like it more next year. | 1-8-2010 | or something like that...

96: Josiah's | First Birthday

97: Getting ready for cake.

98: Josiah loved listening as everyone sang Happy Birthday to him. He just looked at everyone and smiled.

99: Josiah was NOT into destroying his birthday cake. In fact he didn't even want to touch it. When Daddy tried to force him to put his hand in it Josiah turned and wiped his hand clean on Daddy's shirt. He does not like to get messy. So that the older kids wouldn't try to blow out Josiah's candle we allowed them to blow out the candles on the big cake.

100: Playing with Friends

101: Who knew a year could pass by so quickly? It seems only yesterday we were at the hospital welcoming Josiah into our lives and yet it's seems as though he has always been here. He has brought so much joy to us.. Joy, delight, expectation, awe and hope. We love this precious little gift from God.

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