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July 2009 MAJ

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July 2009 MAJ - Page Text Content

S: July 2009 MAJ

BC: July 2009

FC: July 2009

1: Sleeping Beauty Wednesday morning she woke up at 5 and took a nap from 6:30 to 7:30 AM!!!! | Thursday, July 2, 2009 Happy Last Day of the Week! Of her 1million outfits, we realized last night she only has one that is red, white and blue...and it isn't patriotic. But this is what we had to wear the last day of the work week. | We think she is teething. She gums on her bottom lip all the time! | Why can't we stay home and make it an EXTRA long weekend? | Still likes Mickey Ferguson (that's who she is watching on TV). | "I have tons of toys and all she gives me to play with is this red block?" | Shopping! Friday was shopping day. Madelyn didn't let it interupt her nap...

2: Happy Birthday, America! | Room to Roll Madelyn sleeps in a crib when she's at Gigi and Papaw's house. Big enough to roll over! When we woke up this morning, this is how she was laying... | Papaw bought this baby a pool just her size! | Saturday, July 4, 2009

3: Monday, July 6, 2009 No Pics, just an update... Madelyn held her own bottle today! Since she doesn't get any practice at home, she has been practicing at school and has gotten really good at it! | THE Princess! Janet is in Memphis and bought Madelyn something...I can't wait to take pics of her in it | Well, she has gotten very used to the rice cereal and eats it very well. So Saturday we moved on to the mixed cereal, which is rice and oatmeal. | Wednesday, July 8, 2009 Blessings On my way to get Madelyn from school on a dreary day I was stopped at a red light. I looked up and saw this. It reminded me of many things, Grandmama was one of them. Another thought was all the many ways I have been blessed...and I am thankful.

4: Wednesday July 8, 2009 Today at school during story time Madelyn was the QUEEN! :) | You talkin' to me? | Want my colorful bug? | Doing her push ups. | She is rolling all over the place. It is hard to keep her on the pallet. | She'll give you a look if you take her toys. | She is already learning her colors...yep, that is a color. | Preparing for my first weekend away... We are going to have another 'first' this weekend...I am going to be gone two nights away from Madelyn. I KNOW! I am kind of upset about it, but I can't wait to be with the girls all weekend on Lake Guntersville. Other than work/school, I haven't been away from Madelyn for longer than a few hours. But it had to happen sometime, and I am sure her daddy will take very good care of her...

5: Thursday, July 9, 2009 Loves throwing blocks... She tries to catch it! | We played with the green one this morning to match her outfit! | Got those toes up! | Singing with me. | Swapped for the yellow one with the mirror on it. | It has different things on each side, like different textures or pictures. She loves it! | This side was extra good for chewing on. (Notice the foot has gotten higher...)

6: Tuesday, July 14, 2009 While I was away... Michael sent me pics all weekend so I wouldn't miss seeing her little face. Below are a few of them.

7: We had a wonderful weekend celebrating Sara's Bachelorettehood.

8: July 15, 2009 Wednesday Beauty | What do you want? I am busy. | Sitting up! | Acting like a baby seal. | Since I got home Sunday afternoon this is the first time I have put her down long enough to take a few pics. | Still teething... | My teethin' strawberry! | She fell over.

9: Baby Sweet Carrots! YUM! Yesterday we tried real food! She has been eating rice and mixed cereal for a while and has gotten really good at eating. So since she is very close to 6 months (and I wanted to wait until then) we gave her carrots last night. She really liked them! | She likes to sing. | Don't Throw the Baby Out with the Bath Water! Last night she took a bath sitting up like a big girl! She LOVED it! AND instead of bathing her in our bathroom, we moved her to her OWN bathroom! Now I just have to decorate it in baby girl decor! | Have to watch her closely, she loves to put her face in the water. | She succeeded. | I should have taken a picture of the puddle in the floor when she finished. She kicked all the water out of the bathtub. I am telling you she LOVED it! | Thursday, July 16, 2009 Rollin' Rollin' Rollin' For the past few nights, Madelyn has started waking up later and later in the middle of the night to eat. She usually eats at 6pm and then at 2am, but lately it has been closer to 4 or 4:30am. Last night she made it all night! Her tummy is finally getting big enough to last her all night! This morning at 2am I woke up thinking someone might be hungry...this is what I found ;)

10: She wanted that toy... | She decided to go get it! | Oh, she was getting tired. | Almost can't hold it... | Can you help me get that toy!?!? | Back up! | Friday, July 17, 2009 6 Month Check-up! Today was Madelyn's 6 month check-up. You can probably guess she was PERFECT! She is still in the 50th percentile on height (26 inches) and almost the 50th on weight (14.4 lbs). We will continue to breastfeed her until at least 9 months and we can continue giving her baby food. Once she has had one of everything to make sure she isn't allergic to anything, we can start giving her table food as long as it is mushy! YEA! She had four more shots (two in each leg) which upset her a little, but other than that the visit was fine. She fell asleep on the way to school. AND she slept all night again last night! Almost time to put her in her crib!

11: Weekend in Dega

12: Thursday, July 23, 2009 Big Girl! On Monday night we started the process of getting her to sleep without being swaddled. She wasn't sure of the freedom at first, but she goes to sleep fairly easily now. She has been waking up SUPER early (between 4 and 5am) but that should calm down as she learns to put herself back to sleep unswaddled. Since it has been three nights (and our upstairs air conditioner is being fixed today) tonight will be her first night in HER room in HER crib! Last night was the last night in the bassinet. It has been a good one and we will miss it, but she has grown out of it. (Thank you, Haley, SO much for letting us borrow it!) I think I will miss it the most because I like her sleeping within arm's reach! | Friday, July 24, 2009 ALL NIGHT!!!! Last night was the first night in her crib and she slept ALLLLL NIGHT! I walked in this morning and she was awake and playing quietly at 6am! WOO HOO! | We woke up and did a little math with her abacus.

13: Sunday, July 26, 2009 6 Months Old TODAY! Madelyn is 6 months old today! Half a year old! Robyn and Chanse came to visit this weekend. Too bad these were the only pics we took ALL weekend! | Monday, July 27, 2009 | So close to crawling! She just needs to pick up her tummy! | She loves these little babies. | Still loves math in the morning. | She fell over right as I took the picture. She bumped her head on the floor, but just laughed. | She felt the need to hold on after that.

14: Circus Baby | Getting ready...gotta fix her feet... | Taaa Daaaaa!!!! This makes most people very nervous, but we have to practice if we are going to join the circus!

15: Whoa Whoa Whoooooaaaaa, it gets funnier when she's falling :)

16: Thursday, July 30, 2009 Last Friday Last Friday Gigi was in Birmingham so she stopped by and spent a few hours with us. Madelyn LOVES her Gigi!

17: Thursday, July 30, 2009 Very Special Dress Madelyn is getting baptized next Sunday, August 9th. Today we bought her Christening gown! So pretty! We looked and looked and finally found the perfect one. Handmade, very soft, heirloom style, hand embroidered and came with a matching little bonnet! She is honestly going to look like an ANGEL! I can't wait!

18: Friday, July 31, 2009 Happy Girl! When I took her to school this morning the teachers gave me an update. 1. She has been holding her own bottle. And I don't mean just propping it up...they sit her in a bouncy seat and hand her the bottle. She doesn't want anyone to help her. Already Miss Independent! 2. She has been eating ALL of her cereal and vegetables! It is only 2.5 oz because she is still getting all of her nutrients from milk, but she LOVES to eat all the good tasting food for dessert! 3. She still LOVES the mirror. Yesterday they sat her on the play mat. She scooted for a while and finally got herself in front of the mirror and just laughed and laughed. She knows she is cute! 4. She is getting better at sleeping in the bed at school. It is probably because she is sleeping in her bed at home. Hopefully soon her naps will go from 15 minutes 3 times a day to a few hours a few times a day! | Also, you will be seeing more and more new outfits (act surprised). Since we went all over town looking for a Christening gown, I used it as a sad excuse to buy MORE clothes for this little diva! The outfit above (which is a little hard to see) is actually 9 months. It will fit a while!

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