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Kaelen's First Year

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Kaelen's First Year - Page Text Content

S: Kaelen's First Year

FC: Kaelen's First Year

1: To Kaelen, Our little man, our cutie bug, our monkey, our son. No matter how old you get, you will be all of these things to us. Thank you for making us a family. Love always, Mommy and Daddy

2: Margaret James Greenhalgh b. January 31, 1911. Osborne Ave. Toronto, Ontario d. Spring 1991. Trenton, Ontario | Arthur Leonard Jackson b. January 31, 1913.. 123 Waverly Rd, Toronto, Ont. d. Sept. 12, 1983. Frankford, Ont. | Margaret Rae Holmes b. September 4, 1914. Cooper, Ontario d. May 24, 1998. Trenton, Ont. | Donald Keith Post b. November 1916, Eldorado, Ontario d. February 28, 1982. Belleville, Ontario | William Henry Graham b. September 29, 1903. Armagh, Ireland | Sarah Jane Hunter b. July 5, 1902. Ballier, Ireland | Maria Gron b. December 4, 1918. Nowy Sacz, Poland d. June 5, 2010. Bowmanville, Ontario | SergeTurowec b. August 10, 1923. Small village near Leningrad, USSR. d. March 8, 1986. Courtice, Ontario

3: Kaelen Matthew Graham b. December 3, 2009. Oshawa, Ontario | Heather Ellen Jackson b. May 17, 1979. Trenton, Ontario | Matthew Kenneth Graham b. October 1, 1980. Oshawa, Ontario | Brenda Ellen Post b. April 30, 1951. Belleville, Ontario | Leonard Douglas Jackson b. November 5, 1939 Toronto, Ontario | Helen Turowec b. September 26, 1953. St. Hyacinthe, Quebec | Kenneth Lawrence Graham b.March 22, 1947. Verdun, Quebec.

4: I Knew I Loved You Before I Met You... Our first glimpse of you was at about 6 weeks. The sound of your heartbeat brought tears to both of our eyes. Our look at you at 19 weeks was amazing, We could see your tiny feet, your round little belly, and glimpses of your facial features! | Ultrasound at 19 weeks

5: Playing Shy and Playing With Your Toess | 3-D Ultrasound at 29 weeks | The 3D ultrasound far exceeded my expectations! Once we convinced you to uncover your face, we got a view of what you looked like and got to watch you play with your toes!

6: So excited you are on the way.

7: We headed into the hospital at around 8:00pm on December 2nd. Contractions had started in the morning at about 15-20 minutes apart. Mom convinced Dad to go to work,which he was hesitant about, but Mom was convinced that she was in for a wait. Finally at 8 pm we were in "active labour." We were so excited that our little man was on his way! Grandma and Grandpa Jackson drove through from Codrington. Grandma came to join us at the hospital and Grandpa hung out with Nana and Pappy at their house. After lots of hard work and 21 hours later, our little guy made his appearance.


10: After you were born, mom and dad got to hold you and then you were whisked off to the NICU, where you stayed for about 2 1/2 days. You were having trouble breathing after having swallowed some fluid during birth, so they kept an oxygen mask on you to dry out your lungs. You didn't like the mask so you would kick against the bottom of the incubator, getting it to pull off your head.

11: After 5 days in the hospital, we brought you home. It was hard to believe that you were actually coming home! | Kaelen Matthew Graham Born December 3, 2009 6 lbs 9 oz

12: We spent your first Christmas Eve and morning at Grandma and Grandpa Jackson's house. As you can tell from this picture, we were a happy, but exhausted new family! We traveled back to Grandma Turowec's house to spend the afternoon with Nana and Pappy Graham.

13: The Santa suit Nana bought you for some Christmas photos.

14: Our New Little Man

15: 1 Month Old- 8 lbs, 10 oz. 21 1/2 inches long New things I can do this month... -smile, stick out tongue on cue, watches mobile, tracks objects with eyes and moving head,starting to try to lift your head when being held

16: You Are So Blessed You have a heavenly father who knew you and loved you before you were born and you have an earthly father who loved you from the moment he knew you were going to join our lives. Your dad was so awestruck by you from the very first moment.

17: Hanging Out With Daddy

18: Our First Family Photo Shoot | February2010 - 2 months old

19: Our first family photo shoot was taken at The Bay Portrait Studio at the Oshawa Centre in Oshawa, Ontario. You looked so cute dressed up like a little man!

20: Little Mister | Photogenic

21: I just can't help myself. Every time I get a chance I can't help but take your picture. You are just too cute! ~Mommy

22: A Very Relaxing Holiday~ Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 2010

23: Have you ever seen anything so sweet?

24: While on vacation in Myrtle Beach with Grandma and Grandpa Jackson at the Seawatch Resort we spent lots of time down at the pool. | What | A Cute | Boy

25: At two and a half months old, you were a natural. You were so relaxed and would kick and wave your arms, floating only with Mom holding your head. | Myrtle | Beach | South Carolina

26: On The | Beach

27: First Dip In The Atlantic | February 21st, 2010. At first you curled your toes up... It was cold! Then you let them drag in the water as you got used to it.

28: To give me strength I never knew I had, To show me joy beyond measure, To make my heart sing, Just one smile is all it takes...

29: 3 months old 13 lbs, 12 oz 24 1/2 inches - rolls to side from back - blows bubbles -gives open mouthed "kisses"

30: 4 Months Old

31: 15 lbs, 5 oz 26 inches New things I can do this month: - reaching for and grasping objects offered -rolling from tummy to back and back to tummy - lifts head completely up from tummy position -shakes a toy to make noise Special Moments: -pulled Mommy in for a kiss -lots of giggling - listening to you giggle and chat through the monitor while waking up in the morning

32: Tummy Time

33: You HATED tummy time. Mommy felt that it was important, but Grandma Turowec was very concerned when you would get upset. Nana ensured her that it was important for you to get neck exercise. These pictures were taken during an unusually smiley tummy time moment.

34: 5 Months Old

35: 17 lbs, 3 oz 26 inches New things I can do this month... -eat solid foods - sitting in a high chair -sitting up unsupported for about 45 seconds - jumping in Jolly Jumper - clapping hands - chewing on your toes

36: First Solid Food | "Hmmm, what's this stuff?" "I don't know about this..." | "Hey, that's not half bad!"

37: "Yummy, yummy in my tummy!" | "What's next mom?" | May 1, 2010 Five months old That rice cereal tasted interesting!

38: Mealtime... The Great Adventure | Your first Thanksgiving meal at Grandma and Grandpa Jackson's house | Berry bliss! 6 1/2 months

39: Your first and only experience of Grandma Turowec's perogies | Adventures in apple sauce (and bananas) | Order of Food Introduction 4 months, 28 days - rice cereal 5 months -oatmeal cereal -barley cereal - carrots - mixed cereal 6 months - apples -peas -bananas - broccoli -apricots -sweet potatoes -strawberries 7 months -brussel sprouts -pears -beans -butternut squash 8 months -potatoes -pureed beef 8 months, 18 days *First whole meal pureed from mom's plate -whole wheat pasta, yellow peppers, onions, chicken, tomato sauce | 11 months

40: Six Months Old 17 lbs, 10 oz 28 1/2 inches New things I can do this month... -sleep through the night - said "Mum Mum" - sitting up for extended amounts of time | Seven Months Old Not weighed 29 inches New things I can do this month... - pivot in circles on your tummy with arms as strength - drinking independently from a sippy cup

41: Eight Months Old Not weighed 30 inches New things I can do this month... -say "Da Da" - eat pureed meat - crawls -stands while holding furniture | Nine Months Old 20 lbs, 5 oz 30 1/2 inches Special Moments... -first trip to the Toronto Zoo - first train ride - first visits to St. Lawrence Market

42: Little Cuz | 6 1/2 months old | 2 weeks old

43: Your cousins were very excited about your arrival. | 5 1/2 months old

44: Your First Wedding- Tyler and Ayla Shank June 26, 2010.

45: You had lots of fun at your first wedding. Mommy had to take you aside during the ceremony because you were getting a bit chatty | You had lots of fun hanging out with your cousins and dancing to the music with Grandma Jackson.

46: Scary, yet exciting, our first home was a big deal for us. We wanted you to have your own space to run and play, a backyard, and a closeness to a church family. We found it here at 21 Woodward Drive, Whitby, Ontario.

47: Welcome | Home

48: You love your bath. The first bath at the hospital was cold and unpleasant (too cold and a nurse who was in a rush), but once you got home, baths became one of your favourite things.! | 7 months old | 3 or 4 weeks

49: When you were really tiny, Mommy would wrap you up and leave you on the bath mat beside the tub so that she could have a shower. She would peek out ever once in a while and say 'Boo' to get a smile. You loved watching the curtain billow and move and would look at it with such big excited eyes. | |When we moved to the new house in Whitby we bought you a special fish shower curtain because you loved playing with shower curtains and you had developed a love of fish as well. You were so excited when you saw it for the first time.

50: You loved your first swing experience! 7 1/2 months old

51: This night we went to watch Elaine's lacrosse game with Aunt Cindy, Emily, and a friend from church. I'm not sure how much lacrosse that I saw because I was so busy taking pictures of you. This was your first experience in a swing as well and you loved it.

52: First Trip to the Bowmanville Zoo With Mommy, Aunt Cindy, and Emily - Almost 8 months | You loved the little baby pygmy goats that were small enough to jump out of their cage and visit us along the path.

54: Our Little Rebel | We went to Lakeshore Camp to visit your cousins during youth camp one day and we caught you on film as you broke one major rule. Just a reminder for when you are a teenager.... Boys aren't allowed in the girl's dorms!

55: Reminder #2 Girls have cooties! | 8 months old

56: Our Commitments to You and God 1. We will love and cherish you. 2. We will support and encourage you to develop your God-given talents and abilities. 3. We will shape our home life to reflect God's love. 4. We will share our faith in Jesus with you in a way that you might come to know Him too. Sunday, August 15, 2010. | Dedication

57: Many friends and family came to visit after your dedication and celebrate you!

58: Crawling! | The evening after your dedication, we were relaxing in the basement and you were rolling all around,even under the automan!

59: I guess that rolling wasn't efficient enough, so you just got right up on all fours and started to crawl! | August 15th, 2010. 8 months old

60: While visiting Grandma Jackson at her cottage at Ivanhoe Camp, you stood up for the first time, holding onto the coffee table. -Almost nine months August 31, 2010.

61: Standing Up For The First Time

62: First Train Ride We went in to downtown Toronto on the GO train to meet your cousin Tyler and Ayla to spend some time at St. Lawrence Market. You were so quiet on the way in, sitting peacefully in your stroller, gazing out the window with a serious look on your face.

63: \However | on the trip home you were now a pro and decided that standing up on the seats, people watching and munching on mum mums was more fun. | Nine Months Old

64: Your First Trip to the Toronto Zoo! | We loved seeing your reactions on your first trip to the zoo! Your favourites were the baby gorilla, the fish, the owls and of course the giraffes (they look just like your Sophie!). | 9 1/2 months old

65: You were very interested in the owls because they reminded you of the owls on your bedroom wall. You even said "Who!" when you saw them! | And of course at the end of the day we got you a little owl to take home with you.

66: Our pumpkins were all done in a Mario theme and we played music from the Super Mario Bros. Wii game out the window. Kaelen seemed to think that the pumpkin guts felt strange, but interesting enough to go back for more.

67: Kaelen And Daddy's First Halloween ! | We didn't go trick or treating but we had a blast carving our pumpkins, toasting seeds and dressing up! Kaelen was a cute bumblebee and Daddy was a Star Fleet cadet.

68: Fall 2010 | Ten Months Old

69: This fall was a fun time to explore new things. Most of the excitement focused on leaves. Their crunching sound, how they fell when thrown, and how fun it was to sit in a big springy pile of them, were all great discoveries to be made! Whether in our backyard or in Grandma and Grandpa's yard in Codrington, the world was full of exciting things to see and explore!

70: You loved getting ready for Christmas this year! Though Christmas was actually after your first birthday, we spent the days leading up to your birthday getting the house ready for the holiday season. You loved the shiny ornaments, the feel of the Christmas tree, and the decorations hanging from the ceiling in the store.

71: 11 months old

72: Ten Months Old Not Weighed 30 1/2 inches New things I can do this month... - pointing at everything - chewing bigger pieces Special Moments... -seeing you try new things like pushing around your truck, garbage cans, etc.

73: Eleven Months Old Not Weighed 31 inches New things I can do this month... -Walk! - sleeping through the night consistently Special Moment... -When Mommy picked you up at daycare the first day you literally jumped off your knees into her arms.

74: One Year Old!

75: Happy Birthday!

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