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Lexia's Prenatal Care Booklet (Copy)

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Lexia's Prenatal Care Booklet (Copy) - Page Text Content

1: This book is by Alexia Renee Newkirk, This pregnancy journal is to help and guide you in any way needed throughout your pregnancy. Hope you enjoy ! (:

2: The First Appointments “Sets a foundation for medical care throughout the pregnancy” 1st) the doctors gather general information (age, parent health history) 2nd) doctors will ask details about the woman's menstrual cycle and any past pregnancies 1.Are your periods normal? 2.Have you ever had a miscarriage, abortion, or still born? 3.Is this your first child? 3rd) physical exam for the mother-to-be (weigh the woman, take her pulse, blood pressure, and respiration rate). The doctor will check the womans breast and perform a pelvic exam. Urine and blood test will be done, to check for blood type, anemia (a problem caused by lack of iron) and diseases that could harm the unborn child. & a test for blood sugar will be done.

3: Questions a doctor would ask a woman expecting. (or you should ask.) 1)Is this your first child? 2)Have you ever had a miscarriage, abortion, or stillborn? 3)Do you feel you're ready to have a child? 4)Questions concerning your health 5)Questions concerning your living environment 6)Questions concerning your family.

4: Questions about your health habits 1)Do you smoke or drink? 2)Are you on any drugs? 3)Do you eat healthy? 4)Do you exercise? If so how much? 5)How much sleep do you get? How long are you normally on your feet? Why is it important to plan and attend all doctors’ appointments? To ensure the health you and your baby, and to keep the development of your baby on track and make sure your baby is doing ok and so are you

5: 1-4 weeks 5-9 weeks10-14 weeks15-19 weeks 20-24 weeks 25-29 weeks 30-34 1 1 1 1 11( maybe 2 depending on conditions)Monthly October/21/13- November/18/13November/19/13-December/17/13December/18/13-January/16/14January/17/14- February/15/14 February/16/2014-March/14/13March/15/14- April/13/14April/14/14-May/12/14 34-39 weeks Weekly May/13/14-June/11/14 DUE DATE: June/12/14

6: Environment of Unborn Baby Unhealthy environment for baby -Radiation, chemicals, and some metals (harmful substances can enter your body through your skin when you breath, eat, or drink) -Some jobs, like farming and working in dry cleaning stores or factories - A lot of stress Healthy environment for baby -May need to give up active sports -Taking care of herself -Good nutrition before, during, and after pregnancy

7: 1.Do you actively play sports, if so how often? (unhealthy) 2.What type of environment do you work in? 3.Do you perm your hair? If so how often? (unhealthy) 4.Do you get your nails professionally done? If so how often? (unhealthy) 5.How are your eating habits?

8: How Healthy Are You Survey ? 1. Do you consume at least 9 hours of sleep every 24 hours? Yes (4) Sometimes (3) Rarely (2) No (1) 2. Do you have any diseases or illness? Yes (1) Sometimes (2) Rarely (3) No (4) 3. Do you consume any alcohol? Yes (1) Sometimes (2) Rarely (3) No (4) 4. Do you smoke? Yes (1) Sometimes (2) Rarely (3) No (4) 5. How much vitamins and nutrients is the food your consuming daily supplying you? A lot (4) Just Enough (3) A little less than recommended (2) none (1)

9: 6.Do you take all the necessary vitamins you are (3) supplied with? Yes (4) Sometimes (3) Rarely (2) No (1) 7. Are you under a lot of stress? Yes (1) Sometimes (2) Rarely (3) No (4) 8. Do you suffer from depression? Yes (1) Sometimes (2) Rarely (3) No (4) 9. Do you take any medication? Yes (1) Sometimes (2) Rarely (3) No (4) 10.Do you consume a lot of fruits and vegetables?

10: 10.Do you consume a lot of fruits and vegetables? Yes (4) Sometimes Rarely (2) No (1) 11.Do you take a lot of hot baths? Yes (1) Sometimes (2) Rarely (3) No (4) 12.Do you walk a WHOLE lot? Yes (3) Sometimes (2) Rarely (2) No (2) 13.Are you on your feet a lot? Yes (1) Sometimes (2) Rarely (3) No (4) 14.Do you eat a lot of unhealthy foods? Yes (1) Sometimes (2) Rarely (3) No (4) 15.Do you consume sushi or any source of raw fish? Yes (1) Sometimes (2) Rarely (3) No (4)

11: (The results of this survey are not 100 % accurate and all things weren't listed, so make sure you still seek advice from your doctor or health care provider.) Results: 60-49- Motherhood! Here you come! With your behaviors & habits your pregnancy should be absolutely successful. 48-39- You have a very good habits/ behaviors for a successful pregnancy and healthy baby & though a few improvements could be made a successful pregnancy is almost certain 38-29- A little changes in habits/behaviors should be considered to ensure a successful pregnancy and healthy baby. But don't panic! You can do this. 28-15- Quite a few changes should be considered in your habits and behaviors. Your daily life and what you digest effects you're developing baby so be careful, don't get too worried though you can do this!

12: Exercise Chart Amount of time spent exercising -How many days a week Benefits Volleyball30 minutes to a hour 3-7 ( or desired)Helps control and minimize weight gain in pregnancy Swimming30 minutes to an hour and half 3-7 ( or desired)Faster and easier delivery Walking 30 minutes to an hour and a half 3-7 ( or desired)Can help you rest and sleep better at night Yoga30 minutes to how however long you'd like.3-7 ( or desired) Can reduce aches and pain

13: Monitoring the Baby's development you could measure your stomach weekly to see how much your little one is growing you could purchase a stethoscope and listen to your little ones heartbeat whenever you want attending ALL doctors appointments and check ups reading and learning all the things you can about the best strategies while being pregnant

14: Frequently asked Questions about pregnancy 1. when will i feel my baby kick for the first time ? - all women are different but generally between 16 and 22 weeks 2. how much weight should i gain during pregnancy ? - everyone is different but the average is 20 to 40 pounds 3. things i shouldn't eat during a pregnancy? -you should not consume raw fish and drugs and alcohol. 4.is it safe to exercise during pregnancy? - indeed it is, it actually recommended.. safe exercises for short periods of time

15: 5. if i don't exercise will it harm my baby? - no even though its recommended to exercise and it has many benefits it will not harm the baby if you don't. 6. Does childbirth hurt? - Yes,but it all worth it when your miracle is finally here 7. should i talk to my baby when its in my stomach? - yes it makes the baby get uste to you before it even sees you! 8. what are trimesters? - There are three trimesters that give you a pregnancy timeline . The first one is the most delicate. It is from the beginning until the 13th week. 9.When does an embryo become a fetus? - The answer to this common question varies, but the 12th week is considered by many to be the first week your unborn child is considered a fetus. 10.When do you start showing? - The simple answer is during your first trimester of pregnancy. It's hard to be more specific because it depends on body type and whether it's your first, second, or third pregnancy

16: now that you have read my entire pregnancy journal i hope it was usteful & helped you understand more. pregnancy is one of the most wonderful things in the world sooner than you can even image your going to have your own little baby in your arms ! congratulations ...

17: helpful websites yahoo.answers.com google.com thebump.com fitpregnancy.com womanshealth.com americanpregancy.org allwomantalk.com

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