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Life Before Birth

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BC: Lovingly created in 2009

FC: Life Before Birth

2: We Made Cookies! | I'm Pregnant! | Month

3: Favorite Toys | One | My mommy’s egg and daddy’s sperm united and slowly the cells are dividing. Each little bubble will become something for me but it’s interesting because compared to an average baby I have about double the cells, I hope everything’s okay. My spinal cord, nervous system, lungs, stomach, and intestines are beginning to develop. By now I’ve grown to about 1/8 of an inch long and my bones have not yet formed. My head is really big compared to my tiny body but I’m somewhat worried because I seem too small to be an average baby. My mommy and daddy have been trying to get pregnant for a long time and I’m sure they’re so excited I’m coming!

4: Baby | Mommy’s throwing up around lunch almost every day now. It's my hint to let her know I’m here. P.S. it worked! Mommy knows I’m here and she’s more than happy to bring her first baby into the world. I live in a bubble that’s transparent and I’m an inch long and weigh about 1/30th of an ounce. Right in front of me I see something that looks just like me, I wonder what it is. All of my organs have formed and I have all I will need as an adult. My legs and arms are stumps and my head is still huge compared to my body, about 1/3 of my whole body volume. My heart beats so fast. Daddy is sick so Mommy has to keep her distance to stay healthy.

5: Week 8 | Month | Two

6: Month | Three | My mommy had her doctor check and see if everything is going smoothly and guess what?! I have a twin! Doctor says that we are girls and will be the exact same, identical twins! My arms and legs are no longer just stumps, everything between my sister and I is more detailed. Our mouths can open and close and yesterday her finger nails scratched me. Our spinal columns are growing and we have tiny lumps for breasts. Our nerves and muscles are synchronizing with our bones so we can soon move our arms and legs. Our fingers and toes are fun to move. Mommy is talking in lots of calcium and vitamins to help us grow up strong and healthy. Thanks Mommy!

7: Play time! | TWIN GIRLS! | Are'nt We cute?! | 3 Inches One Ounce

8: Month | Four | By now bloods flowing through our bodies daily, being pumped by our fast-beating hearts. Daddy rubs and kisses Mommy’s tummy where we are. He paints our bedroom for Mommy since she can’t paint when she’s pregnant, while Mommy has to peeA LOT. Our heads have had plenty of growth and they’re slowing to let our bodies catch up in development. Now my sister’s hands are even more detailed and our legs and toes are well formed. Single babies are at this age is about 6 inches long but sissy and I are only four. Doctor says we should be okay because we have to be small because we are twins sharing one bubble home. Our noses, lips, and ears have now formed to look the way they should and our first layer of skin is replacing our protective membrane.

9: I like being a twin!

11: Month | Five | We are now about 6 inches and a pound. Sissy and I play games and kick around. Being bundled up all the time makes me want to stretch and feel around more. Mommy keeps making Daddy hurry over to feel it from the outside. Yesterday for lunch Mommy has spicy wings and we can STILL taste it! We now have more skin layers and our veins have begun to branch out. Our finger and toe nails are growing rapidly and we are very energetic. Our vocal cords are all set but without air we make no sound. Some nights Mommy will sing for us, her voice is beautiful and calming. Sometimes she will sing us to sleep but other times she will sing fun fast songs. My sister loves to dance around with meI think we are going to be great friends.

12: Month | Six | Mommy and Daddy have named us! I’m Melony and my sister is Madison! Madison and I are about 9 inches now and around one pound. Our nostrils have opened up and we starting to learn all of our reflexes. We practice using our lungs and we suck on our thumbs to learn how to feed. We grab and sometimes pull on our umbilical cords but no worries, we aren’t too rough. Our brains are so mature and we can regulate our temperature much better now to keep us nice and toasty. Finally we can open our eyes and about all we see is lights and shadows. Mommy has terrible back aches. She tells Daddy to rub her lower back. Now that we’re growing so big so fast Mommy eats more snacks than usual to keep us healthy. All the extra weight gain doesn’t bother her because she knows we need it.

13: Face to Face

15: Month | Seven | Guess what! Madison and I are now 2.5 pounds and we are 15 inches! I hope Mommy is proud. Our smooth brains are starting to become wrinkled and that’s because more cells are forming. Our heads are starting to grow again and the circumference is nearly doubling. We can now see the fluid around us, taste when we swallow it, feel when we grab our toes or suck on our thumbs, and we can hear our hearts beating. Mommy’s voice is much clearer and it's ever comforting. It's almost the end of our life in the womb so head first is the way to go. Mommy is taking about double the vitamins and drinking so much milk. Her belly is itchy and uncomfortable so Daddy massages it with lotion to sooth her discomfort. He must really love her.

16: Month | Eight | Gaining weight is out job now. We are now 4 pounds and we are 15 inches long! But we should be 6 pounds and 17 inches long but Mommy says twins are small and we’re alright. Mommy has been loading up on her iron and those dark greens to help us out. Everything is well developed and making it all strong is what we are working on now. Madison and I feel so pretty with our blue eyes but once we are out of here they might change. We move around less and Mommy takes us all to the doctors often to make sure we are good as can be. Doctor put Mommy on bed-rest to insure everything goes smoothly. But it’s okay with us! This means Mommy can talk to us more. She reads so many books a day and sings to every one of her favorite songs. And then when Daddy gets home he reads and talks to us. We love you guys!

18: Month

19: Nine | Madison is timid and scared to leave Mommy’s tummy but it’s about time. We’re only 6 pounds and 18 inches but hey, we are twins! All of our lanugo is shedding and we are about ready to head out and see Mommy and Daddy finally! Mommy is still singing and reading to us. She keeps a water bottle near her bed to drink all the time so she’s hydrated but she makes millions of trips to the bathroom. Sorry we are squishing your bladder, we are almost out Mamma. Daddy has gotten the nursery all ready for when we come back home and within a week or two I think Madison and I are gonna let them know its time and push out of here. See you soon Mommy and Daddy, hope you guys are as excited as we are!

20: Birth | Of | Melony & Madison

22: My | http://www.pampers.com/en_US/pregnancy-calendar?utm_source=ggl&utm_term=pregnancy+week+by+week&utm_campaign=Pregnancy+by+Week/Calendar+Exact&utm_medium=cpc&utm_content=Pregnancy+by+Week

23: Sources | http://www.justthefacts.org/clar.asp | Booklet: Life Before Birth

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