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Lily's Third Year

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Lily's Third Year - Page Text Content

S: Lily's Third Year

FC: Lily Alexandra Schultz May 2009 through May 2010

1: In my 25th month I helped my friends Tavi, Melina, Emma, Joey and Dalia celebrate their second birthdays. We went to parks, the farm and Emma's house. I ate a lot of cake! :)

3: In month 26 my Grammy came to take care of me for Mommy's last day of work. Then Mommy and I began a summer of playing. Two big things this month were my caterpillar turning into a butterfly and celebrating the Fourth of July with my friends.

4: Around my birthday, we received a bunch of sunflowers from our CSA. On one of the sunflowers was a caterpillar. I watched him for almost 2 months as he ate sunflower leaves. | Eventually, he made his cacoon and stayed inside it for a few weeks. Then, one night, he came out as a butterfly. Mommy and I let him go on the back patio. It was fun to watch my caterpillar fly!

6: Grammy watched me today and we had lots of fun trying on different outfits. I like to wear fancy shoes and socks with anything, even my bathing suit!

7: Here are some pictures of me at the park playing on the slide with my football and with my friend Joey. Mommy likes the picture of me on the potty with Daddy's beer magazine. I really enjoy sitting inside boxes. I don't know why...

10: After a morning swimming in my new pool, I was super duper tired, and a little dirty. | Here I am asleep. Don't my little feet look so cute!

11: On the fourth we went to the celebration at the park. We saw a fire truck, played some games and rode the ponies twice.

12: After the park we had some friends over for a BBQ. We ate lots of yummy food, but Mommy's home made ice cream was my favorite.

13: We finished up the night watching some fireworks. Mommy & Daddy forgot my sweatshirt, so I shared Daddy's.

14: Month 27 was our vacation month. We traveled to Balboa Island to spend the week with Grammy. I got to see Grandpa, Uncle Louis, Uncle Stephen and Aunt Natalie too.

15: I ate s'mores at the beach. I wasn't real sure about the sticky marshmallow. I didn't like how it got on everything. I tried to pick out the chocolate since it is my favorite. In the end, Mommy ended up eating most of it.

17: We went to visit the tide pools with Grammy and Grandpa. Daddy got pinched by a crab and after that I didn't want to touch one again. We also saw sea anemone, urchin, fish and snails. It was fun to see the animals. | Mommy and Daddy help me look. | Daddy gives me a hermit crab. | Playing at the ocean, the big beach!

18: I went crabbing. Mommy and Aunt Natalie caught a bunch and then we went down to the beach to let them go. I didn't get too close. Uncle Stephen and Aunt Natalie swung me on the way home.

22: I got to go on three boat rides. First Daddy got us a kayak and we went around the island in it. Then later, Mommy and Daddy, Grammy and Grandpa and I took the ferry over to the peninsula and we took a ride on the Harbor Cruise to see some sea lions. I had too much fun and eventually just passed out on Mommy's lap from exhaustion!

23: After leaving the beach we went to San Diego to meet Grandma Donna and to see Uncle Louis, Aunt Karrie, Cousin Johnny and Baby Riley.

24: We walked to the park by Cousin Johnny's house and played on the slides and the swings. We had fun together.

25: The next day we all met up at the San Diego Zoo. I got to see some animals I had never seen, like a panda, polar bears, a koala and some interesting big cats and apes. I really liked the black monkey and when we saw the baby giraffe play. I also went on the skyfari for the first time!

26: I was really glad to get back home to see my dog and my friends. In my first week home I met my friends Tavi and Connor at the Oakland Zoo. We also had our monthly potluck at Connor's house. I met Connor and Joey at the Academy of Sciences and checked out all the cool fishes too.

28: Finally, we traveled to Monterey where we met my friend Melina. We went to the aquarium. I dressed up like a dolphin and a hermit crab. I liked the fish, but playing at the beach was the best. This month I worked on using the big girl toilet. Daddy promised me my first ice cream cone if I kept my big girl panties clean and dry for a whole day. I did it!

29: I am such a big girl now! In my 28th month we took a trip to IKEA and got a big girl dresser to go with my big girl bed! I got to ride on the cart.

30: They also got me some new paints to use with my easel. I came right home and tried them out, Mommy made me strip so I didn't get my clothes dirty. She especially liked my belly button with paint.

32: On our last full day of summer vacation, Daddy took the day off and we went to Golden Gate Park. We went to the Academy of Sciences to see the butterflies and fish and then to the Dahlia Garden. | After that we met up with my friend Emma (she will be at big girl school with me) at T-Rex for dinner and some fun Elmo story time with her Daddy.

33: The top row of pictures is from my first visit to big girl school. Mommy came with me. I played with Emma and I played in their kitchen. Then we watched a juggler. The bottom pictures are of me and Mommy on our first official day of school.

34: For Labor Day weekend we traveled to Bakersfield to see my Grammy and my Grandpa. We took our annual Lily and the air conditioning picture. We visited a water park (I wasn't a fan) and Grammy bought me a bike to ride in her driveway.

35: Mommy picked me up at school today and the teachers had painted my face. I was so proud. I kept looking in the mirror and I couldn't wait to show Daddy. About halfway through my bath that night I realized that Daddy had washed off my paint. I said, "Oh! My paint." Daddy was disappointed he had to be the one to wash it off.

36: In my 29th month, I went to several street fairs and I played with my friends a lot. I have become quite silly. Here I am in the tub with my toy holder on my head. My Grammy gave me an apron and one day when Mommy was cooking, I decided to put mine on. However, I had been painting, so I was only wearing my big girl panties with it.

39: Solano Stroll

40: When my friend Joey comes over, we like to head out to the patio and play with my bubble machine.

41: We had our monthly potluck at Sofia's house. I played with her playdough and with her big dog. Grandpa came to visit the next day and we went to the park. I played on the slide and the monkey bars.

42: We went to the Spice of Life Festival too. I got to ride a pony again, which I love. I even chose which pony I wanted to ride. I danced to steel drums, I built a sculpture out of rocks and plants and I got to have my face painted again. This time I went for a cheek butterfly.

44: Month 30 was all about Halloween. We had two parties at home and one at school. Here I am after the teachers at school painted my face. In the other picture I am all dressed up to go out to dinner for Daddy's birthday.

45: We had our second annual pumpkin carving and cookie decorating party the weekend before Halloween. I love it when my friends come over! Emma, Joey and I started the party in the chairs in our back yard.

46: We had lots of yummy snacks like pizza and crackers with dip (my favorite). We also got to eat lots of cookies and frosting with sprinkles! | The daddies ended up doing most of the carving, even for my friends that were old enough to do it on their own. I wasn't wild about touching the pumpkin guts.

47: My friend Lief pushed me in my swing. After everyone left I opened a birthday present from him. It was a dress I put on over my clothes immediately.

48: We went to Little Farm one Sunday. I am still not fond of cows. However, we ran into my friend from school, Gemma. She seemed to be totally ok with touching and feeding cows. They had 4 baby calves out on the grass for us to touch, so when Gemma started petting and feeding the calves, I did too!

49: The Thursday before Halloween, my Grammy was here and she came to school to watch me do my gymnastics class and then again to go across the street with my class to the "pumpkin patch."

50: Before I went to school on Friday, Mommy and I worked on the cupcakes that we made for my party. We made chocolate and M&M spiders to go on top. I had to test one out.

51: On Friday the 30th we got to wear our costumes at school. This is us getting ready for our parade. I am sitting with Emma (witch) and Soumi (pumpkin) as we are waiting for everyone to be ready.

52: We then all grabbed our rings and headed outside. We were a little dazed and not quite sure what was going on, but by the end of our trip around the block we were smiling.

53: After the parade we all went inside and sang all our Halloween songs for our Mommies and Daddies. Then we got to go into our classrooms and have a party. I loved the juice and the cupcakes Mommy and I made the best.

54: Here I am posing in my costume before my friends came over for our Halloween potluck!

55: Once my friends came over we ate, trick or treated and ate some more!

56: Here I am drawing with Daddy and enjoying a kitty cat cake from the Masses. | Daddy bought a box to store our Halloween stuff and I decided I would nap in it!

59: Month 31 started with a Veteran's Day trip to the zoo with my friends Emma, Melia and Joey. We had a lot of fun together looking at the animals, brushing the goats and eating snacks. After that, Mommy and I met Daddy at his office and had lunch with him. | Here I am with the spread that Daddy set up for me when he and Mommy were going on date night. I had quite a bit of things to choose from, but I didn't eat much of it. No surprises there!

61: Early Thanksgiving morning, Mommy and Daddy got me up and we flew to Disneyland. The best part of the whole day happened first when I got to see Pooh Bear!

63: Uncle Stephen and Aunt Natalie brought me a chocolate cupcake all the way from Las Vegas. Yummy!

66: The teacups were my favorite. After we got off I insisted we get back in line and go again and this time I did EVERYTHING myself!

68: The day after Thanksgiving we spent the day at Uncle Louis'. He lives right by the beach so we spent the morning digging in the sand and playing in the water!

69: Daddy and I are all dressed up in our hats and gloves to go get the Christmas tree. | Then we went to the farm to see the baby piggies and feed some cows, chickens and goats. | Mommy and I are putting up my Gumps ornament. This year I chose an orange puffer fish.

70: In month 32 the highlight was celebrating Christmas. Here I am showing off my bracelet Grammy bought me. I also got my third haircut. I visited Santa and decided he wasn't so bad this year.

71: On Christmas Eve, Grammy came to visit. She helped Mommy and me decorate the cookies we made for Santa. Then she came with Mommy and me to get my finger and toenails painted for the first time. Finally we got all dressed up and went out to a fancy dinner at Gary Danko in San Francisco.

73: Santa brought me a new big girl bike that we tried out right away. He also brought me a fun train. The day after Christmas, Grandpa and Uncle Louis came over. I opened more presents. Grandpa gave me a hot dog stand!

74: On New Year's Eve we met Dalia and her Daddy, and Tavi and his Mommy at the Oakland Zoo thanks to Uncle Louis' present of membership!

75: Daddy walked the lily pads with me and then let me go across on my own for the first time.

76: I started my first set of swim lessons on my own. I was a little nervous that Mommy and Daddy wouldn't be in the water with me, but once I was in, I had a great time and loved to ham it up for Mommy and Daddy when I swam by the window.

77: At the beginning of my 34th month we traveled to Grammy's for "second Christmas" with Uncle Stephen and Aunt Natalie. I was so tired out, I crashed on the way home!

78: Mommy learned that I eat peanut butter cups like she does, edges first. I dressed myself to go out for the day. Here I put my sunglasses on Piglet. I am eating a cupcake for the January birthday party. Daddy and I are waiting for BART. My friends came over to play and we dressed up.

79: I have started putting a blanket over my head when I sleep. In The bottom photos I blend into the polka dot sheets with my purple polka dot pj's. In the photo to the right, I was cuddling with my pooh bear, but I didn't quite have my head all covered.

80: Month 35 included Valentine's Day. We had a fun party at school. Mommy came to the party. We made chocolate covered strawberries to bring. Then on Valentine's Day we flew to Uncle Louis' house. We got to spend some time at the beach in February!

81: Here I am hanging out with Daddy. I love to dress up in my Pooh costume. Here I paired it with my Cinderella tiara. Mommy called me Princess Pooh Bear. Finally, I got a tiger cake at Marcia's and ate its face off!

82: We went to the bowling alley to celebrate Dalia's mommy's 40th birthday. It was a lot of fun. We had a ramp and the bumpers. Plus we got pizza and cake.

84: In Month 36 we celebrated Spring, Easter and my Mommy's birthday. When my friends came over, Emma and I dressed up. I also made a hat for the Spring Hat Parade at my school.

85: I colored eggs at my friend Melina's house with her brother Kai. Then we had an Easter egg hunt at my school in the play yard.

86: My friends and I went to an easter celebration and hunt in the park. We began by having cocoa together at a cafe and then playing games, getting our faces painted and hunting for eggs.

88: Here I am with my friends for a birthday invite photo. I also learned to make a piggie nose. I had chocolate cake for Mommy's birthday This month, my Zinfandel went to heaven. Here we are together.

89: In month 36 I went on several trips and to a couple birthday parties. Here I am with my school friends at Soumi's third birthday. | Mommy and I traveled to Tucson to visit her friend Donna. We played in the pool and I tried out some new games and played the drums!

90: Mommy and Daddy and I cleaned out the back yard and made it a nice place to hang out. I like to show off my princess bandaids. The first two pictures are when I had spaghetti for lunch and having the first strawberries of the season.

91: We all traveled to Las Vegas to celebrate Grandpa's 65th birthday. We got to hang out by the pool. I found a ladybug! The hotel had some fun things to play on and around. We went to a fancy dinner and had a birthday cake. We all sang Happy Birthday to Grandpa.

94: We went to Connor's birthday party and played with paint and playdough and made finger puppets. Then Emma and I got our toes painted together for my brithday.

96: On my birthday I woke up and went out to open presents. I got a tennis racket, a scooter, a sandbox and a playhouse. Grammy sent me a rain jacket. I loved that it had ladybugs on it. Grandma Donna and Grandpa also sent me clothes. Daddy and Mommy and I played Bob the Builder and put together my playhouse. We went to brunch in San Francisco and then later my friends Emma and Joey came over for pizza and cake.

97: For my third birthday party, Emma, Joey, Melia and I celebrated together at Aquatic Park. We had our annual photo shoot before the party and then we had a bounce house! It was tons of fun. We all bounced our hearts out before having hot dogs, cake and ice cream. It was great! Grammy, Grandpa, Uncle Louis and Uncle Stephen were all there.

99: Finally, I had my birthday party at school too. We celebrate all the May birthdays together. They sang to me and then we had cupcakes and ice cream. I wanted orange cupcakes. Mommy and I made them together and then I sprinkled orange sprinkles on the frosting and made a mess. I also got a present from the teachers, a pad of paper and 48 crayons!

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