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List of Boy Names and Their Meanings

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BC: By:Joshua D. Reber | List of Boy Names and Their Meanings | Year of Publishing:2012

FC: List of Boy Names and Their Meanings | By:Joshua D. Reber

1: This book contains a list of alphabetized boy names from A-Z and the meanings of them. 1.Aaron=Enlightened 2.Abbot=Father 3.Abel=Breath 4.Abner=Father of Light 5.Abraham=Exalted Father 6.Adam=Man of Earth 7.Addison=Son of Adam 8.Adler=Eagle 9.Adley=The Just 10.Adrian/Adrien=The Dark One 11.Aedan/Aidan=Born of Fire 12.Aiken=The Oaken 13.Alan/Allan=Handsome One 14.Alastair=Defender of Men

2: 15.Albern=Of Noble Valor 16.Albert=Noble, Bright 17.Albion=White or Fair 18.Alden=Wise Guardian 19.Aldis=From the old House 20.Aldrich=Old Wise Leader 21.Alexander=Great Protector 22.Alfie=Form of Alfred 23.Alfred=Supernaturally Wise 24.Algernon=Bearded 25.Alston=From the old Manor 26.Alton=From the old Town 27.Alvin=Noble Friend 28.Ambrose=Immortal 29.Amery=Industrious 30.Amos=A Burden 31.Andrew=Manly, Valiant

3: 32.Angus=Strong and Unique 33.Ansel=Noble 34.Anthony=Priceless 35.Archer=Bowman 36.Archibald=Bold Prince 37.Arlen=Pledge 38.Arnold=Strong as an Eagle 39.Arthur,Art=Champion, Follower of Thor 40.Arvel=Wept Over 41.Atwater=From the Waterside 42.Atwood=Forest Dweller 43.Aubrey=Ruler of the Elves 44.Austin=Helpful 45.Avery=Elfin Ruler 46.Axel=Man of Peace 47.Baird=Bard or Minstrel

4: 48.Baldwin=Princely Friend 49.Barclay=Meadow of Birch Trees 50.Barnaby=Prophet 51.Baron= Noble Man 52.Barret=Bear-Like 53.Barry=Marksman 54.Bartholomew=Warlike 55.Basil=King-Like 56.Benedict=Blessed 57.Benjamin=Son of Right Hand 58.Benton=Moor Dweller 59.Bernard=Stern Bear 60.Bert=Bright 61.Bevis=Bowman 62.Blaine=Lean or Thin 63.Blair=Man of Flatlands

5: 64.Blake=Fair Complexioned 65.Bond=Farmer 66.Boris=Warrior 67.Bowen=Son of Owen 68.Braden=From the Broad Valley 69.Bradley=From the Broad Meadow 70.Brandan/Brendan/Brendon= Traveller 71.Brent=From the Steep Hill 72.Bret/Brett=Native of Brittany 73.Brian=High, Noble, Strong 74.Brice=Great Ambition 75.Brigham=Dweller by the Bridge 76.Brock=The Badger

6: 77.Broderick=Form of Roderick 78.Brooke=A Stream 79.Bruce=Brushwood 80.Bruno=Dark Complexioned 81.Bryant=Strong 82.Cadman=Warrior 83.Calvert=Shepherd 84.Caldwell=Near a Cold Well 85.Caleb=Faithful 86.Calvin=Bald 87.Carrick=Rock 88.Carl=Farmer 89.Carlton=From Carl's Farm 90.Carney=Warrior 91.Carroll=Champion 92.Carter=Cart Driver 93.Carver=Wood Carver

7: 94.Cary=Fort 95.Casey=Brave 96.Casper=Treasure 97.Cecil=Blind 98.Cedric=Chieftain 99.Chad/Chadwick=Warrior 100.Chalmers=Lord of the Household 101.Chandler=Candlemaker 102.Channing=A Canon 103.Chapman=Merchant 104.Charles=Manly 105.Chatwin=Warlike Friend 106.Chester=Castle Dweller 107.Christian=A Christian 108.Christopher=Christ-Bearer 109.Clarence=Famous

8: 110.Claude=Lame 111.Clayton/Clay=The Clay Farm 112.Clifford/Cliff=Near the Cliff 113.Clive=Cliff Dweller 114.Clyde=Heard From Afar 115.Coleman=Dove 116.Colin=People's Victory 117.Collier=Miner 118.Conan=Wise 119.Connell=Friendship 120.Connor=Lover of Hounds 121.Conrad=Able in Counsel 122.Conroy=Wise Man 123.Conway=Hound in the Plain 124.Corwin=The Raven 125.Crispin=Curly Haired

9: 126.Crosby=Dweller by Town Cross 127.Culbert=Cool and Brilliant 128.Culver=Dove 129.Curt=Short or Little 130.Curtis=Courteous 131.Cuthbert=Famous and Brilliant 132.Craig=Rocky Hill 133.Cyril=Lord-like 134.Dale/Daley=Frequenter of Gatherings 135.Dalton=Valley Estate 136.Damon=Day of the Week 137.Daniel=Ruler of the World 138.Darcy=Dark 139.Darian=Wealthy

10: 140.Darell/Darrel=Beloved 141.David=Swift, Nimble, Beloved 142.Davin=Little Deer 143.Dean=Great Leader 144.Declan=Full of Goodness 145.Delmar=Mariner 146.Denley=From the Valley Meadow 146.Dennis=Wild or Crazy 147.Derick=Great Ruler 148.Dermot=Without Enemy 149.Derwin=Friend of Wild Animals 150.Des/Desmond=Like an Oak 151.Dexter=Dexterous 152.Dillon=Faithful

11: 153.Dion=Short for Dionysus 154.Dirk=Ruler of People 155.Dixon=Powerful Ruler 156.Dominic=Belonging to the Lord 157.Donald=Ruler 158.Dorian=A Dorian 159.Douglas=Dark 160.Doyle=Stranger 161.Drake=Dragon 162.Drew=Trustworthy 163.Driscoll=Interpreter 164.Dudley=Residence Name 165.Duncan=Dark Skinned Warrior 166.Durwin=Beloved Friend 167.Dwayne=Field or Meadow

12: 168.Dwight=White or Fair 169.Dylan=Faithful, Loyal 170.Earl=Nobleman 171.Eaton=From the Riverside 172.Ebenezer=Rock of Help 173.Edan=Fiery Flame 174.Edgar=Fortunate Spear 175.Edric=Prosperous Ruler 176.Edmond/Edmund=Guardian of the Riches 177.Edward/Eddie=Happy Protector 178.Edwin=Valuable Friend 179.Efrain=Guardian of the Mists 180.Egan=Ardent 181.Egbert=Formidably Brilliant 182.Egerton=The Edge

13: 183.Egil=A Sting 184.Elbert=Nobly Brilliant 185.Eldon=Respected 186.Eldwin=Sage Friend 187.Eli/Ely/Elijah=The Highest 188.Elias=Jehovah is God 189.Eliot/Elliott=Close to God 190.Ellery=Cheerful 191.Elmer=Awe-Inspiring 192.Elroy=Royal 193.Elton=Residence Name 194.Elvis=A Wise and Noble Friend 195.Emerson/Emery=Industrious 196.Emmanuel=God-like 197.Emmet=Hard Working 198.Emrick=Immortal

14: 199.Enoch=Dedicated, Consecrated 200.Eric/Erik=Honourable and Powerful 201.Ernest=Iron Man, Vigour 202.Errol=Wandering Noble 203.Erskine=Hill Dweller 204.Erwin=Friend of the Sea 205.Esmond=Protective Grace 206.Ethan/Ethanael=Constant, Firm, Strong 207.Ethen=Endurance 208.Eugene=Born of the Yew Tree 209.Evan=Young Warrior 210.Everett=wild Boar 211.Ezra=The Helper

15: 212.Fabian=Bean Farmer 213.Fairfax=Far Haired 214.Falkner=Falcon Trainer 215.Farley=Distant Meadow 216.Farrell=Man of Valor 217.Felix=Prosperous 218.Fenton=From the Flat Lands 219.Ferdinand=Adventurous in Life 220.Fergal=Brave and Couragous 221.Fergus/Ferguson=Strong and Virile 222.Ferris=Iron Worker 223.Finbar=The Fair 224.Fitzgerald=Son of Gerald 225.Fleming=Originating from Flanders

16: 226.Fletcher=Arrow Maker 227.Floyd=The Hollow 228.Forbes=Prosperous 229.Forrest=Woodsman 230.Foster=Bird Catcher 231.Fox=Cunning 232.Francis=Free 233.Frank=Free Man 234.Frasier=Strawberry 235.Frederick=Peaceful Ruler 236.Freeman=A Freeman 237.Gabriel=Man of God 238.Gale=A Stranger 239.Galvin=Sparrow 240.Gardner=Gardener 241.Garret=Spear Champion 242.Garrick=Spear King

17: 243.Garth=Herdsman 244.Gavin=White Hawk 245.George=Farmer 246.Gerald/Gerard/Gerret= Spear Carrier 247.Gideon=Great Warrior 248.Gifford=Gift-Brave 249.Gilbert=Pledge 250.Giles=Bearer of Shield 251.Gilroy=Servant of the King 252.Glenn=Valley 253.Goddard=Divinely Firm 254.Godfrey=God's Peace 255.Godwin=Divine Friend 256.Graham=Gray Home 257.Grant=Great 258.Grayson=Son of Bailiff

18: 259.Gregory=Watchful One 260.Gresham=From the Grazing Land 261.Griswald/Griswold= Residence Name 262.Grover=Dweller in the Grove 263.Guy=Guide 264.Hadden=From the Moor 265.Hadley=Heath Covered Moorland 266.Hadwin=Friend in War 267.Hal=Variant of Henry 268.Halbert=Bright Stone 269.Halden=Half-Dane 270.Hale=Robust 271.Hall=From the Hall or Manor 272.Halsey=Residence Name

19: 273.Hamlin=Ruler of the Home 274.Hanley=From the High Meadow 275.Hardy=Strong 276.Harlan/Harland=Meadow of the Hares 277.Harley=Army Meadow 278.Harold/Harry=Power 279.Harris/Harrison=Son of Harold 280.Hartley=Residence Name 281.Heath/Heathcliff=From Heath or Moorland 282.Hector=Steadfast 283.Henry=Ruler of the House 284.Herbert=Bright Warrior 285.Herman=Warrior

20: 286.Homer=A Pledge or Security 287.Horace/Horatio=Timekeeper 288.Howard=Strong Minded 289.Hubert=Bright Minded 290.Hugh/Hugo=Fire 291.Humphrey=Supporter of Peace 292.Hunter=Hunter 293.Ian=God is Gracious 294.Igor-Heroic Warrior 295.Irvin/Irving=Handsome 296.Isaac=Laughter 297.Isaiah=God's Salvation 298.Ivan=Form of John 299.Iver/Ivar=Archer 300.Ives=Little Archer 301.Jack=Godly

21: 302.Jacob=Conqueror 303.James/Jimmy=Supplanter 304.Jarvis=Accurate Arrow 305.Jason=God is my Saviour 306.Jasper=Bearer of Treasure 307.Jed=Beloved of the Lord 308.Jeffrey=Peace Bringer 309.Jeremiah/Jeremy=Exalted 310.Jerome=Of Sacred Name 311.Jessie=Gift Giver 312.John=God is Gracious 313.Jonathan=A Gift 314.Joseph/Joey/Joe=god Multiplies 315.Josh=To Tease 316.Joshua=God is my Salvation 317.Justin=Just

22: 318.Kane=Honor 319.Keene=Sharp 320.Keegan=Fiery 321.Keaton=Where Hawks Go 322.Keith=Forest 323.Kelsey=Island of Ships 324.Kelvin=Friend of the Sea 325.Kendall=Narrow River 326.Kendrick=Ruler 327.Kenneth/Ken=Handsome 328.Kent=Bright White 329.Kenway=Courageous in Battle 330.Kenyon=Blonde Haired 331.Kerry=The Dark 332.Kerwin=Dark Skinned 333.Kevin=Handsome

23: 334.Kiefer=Barrel Maker 335.Kilby=Residence Name 336.Kilian=Blind 337.Kim=Chief 338.Kimball=Royally Brave 339.Kingsley=Residence Name 340.Kirby=Residence name 341.Kirk=Church 342.Kit=The Christ-Bearer 343.Kody=Helpful 344.Konrad=Bold Speaker 345.Kurt=Able in Counsel 346.Kyle=Handsome 347.Lambert=Land Bright 348.Lamont=Lawyer 349.Lancelot=Land 350.Landon=Owner

24: 351.Landry=Ruler of the Place 352.Lane=Narrow Road 353.Lars=Variant of Lawrence 354.Laurence=Bay or Laurel Tree 355.Lee=Meadow 356.Leith=Wide 357.Leonard/Leo/Leon=Bold Lion 358.Leroy=Powerful King 359.Leslie=Residence Name 360.Lester=Camp of the Legion 361.Lincoln=Residence Name 362.Lionel=Lion-like 363.Lloyd=Gray 364.Logan=Trench or Forest 365.Lombard=Long-Beard 366.Louis/Lewis=Warrior

25: 367.Lowell=Beloved 368.Lucas/Luke=Luminous 369.Luther=Warrior 370.Lyndon=Lindon Tree 371.Maddox=Beneficial 372.Magnus=Great 373.Malcolm=Royal Blood 374.Melvin=Servant 375.Marcus=Warlike 376.Mark/Marc=Variant of Marcus 377.Marlon=Falcon 378.Martin=Warlike 379.Marvin=Sea 380.Matthew=Gift of the Lord 381.Maurice=Dark Skin 382.Max/Maxwell=Great 383.Medwin=Powerful Friend

26: 384.Melville=Form of Malvin 385.Merlin=Bird 386.Michael=Like God 387.Milburn=Residence Name 388.Miles=Soldier 389.Monroe=A Wheeler 390.Montague=Residence Name 391.Montgomery=Mountain 392.Morgan=From the Sea's Edge 393.Morris=Moorish 394.Morton=From the Farm or Moor 395.Murray=Seaman 396.Nathaniel/Nathan=Gift of God 397.Neal=Champion 398.Neville=New Town

27: 399.Nicholas=People Triumph 400.Nigel=Black 401.Noel=To be Born 402.Norman=Norseman 403.Norris=Caretaker 404.Olaf=Relic 405.Olin=Holly 406.Oliver=Olive Tree 407.Orson=Like the Bear 408.Oscar=Spear of God 409.Oswald=Of God-Like Power 410.Otis=Hears Well 411.Owen=Well-Born 412.Paul=Small 413.Paxton=Travelling Trader 414.Percival/Percy=The Gorge Piercer

28: 415.Perry=Pear Tree 416.Peter=Rock or Stone 417.Peyton=Form of Patrick 418.Philbert=Illustriously Brilliant 419.Phillip=Horse Lover 420.Phineas=Brazen Mouth 421.Pierce=Rock or Stone 422.Quade=Fourth 423.Quenby=Form of Quimby 424.Quillan=Cub 425.Quimby=Woman's Estate 426.Quentin=Fifth Child 427.Quinby=Residence Name 428.Quincy=Residence name 429.Quinlan=Strong 430.Quinn=The Wise 431.Ralph=Variant of Randolph

29: 432.Ramsey=Island of Ravens 433.Randolph=Strong Shield 434.Raymond=Wise Guardian 435.Reginald=Power 436.Renfred=Peace Maker 437.Rex=King 438.Rhett=Stream 439.Richard=Powerful Ruler 440.Ridley=Residence Name 441.Riley=Valiant 442.Robert/Robin=Bright Fame 443.Roderick=Famous Ruler 444.Rodney=Famous 445.Roger=Famous Warrior 446.Roland=Fame of the Land 447.Rolf=Wolf 448.Ronald=Of Mighty Power

30: 449.Rory=Red King 450.Ross=Wood 451.Roswell=Mighty Steed 452.Roy=King 453.Royce=Son of Roy, Kingly 454.Rufus=Red-Haired 455.Rupert=Of Shining Fame 456.Russel=Red 457.Ryan=Variant of Bryan 458.Samson=Bright as the Sun 459.Samuel=Answer to Prayers 460.Scott=From Scotland 461.Sean=Heavenly Generosity 462.Sebastian=Majestic 463.Seth=Appointed One 464.Seymour=Moorish Saint 465.Shamus=Supplanter

31: 466.Shawn=God's Gracious Gift 467.Shelley=Articulate 468.Sherard=Of Splendid Valour 469.Sheridan=The Wild man 470.Sherlock=Fair-Haired 471.Sherman=Occupation Name 472.Sherwin=A Friend 473.Sidney=Earthy 474.Sigmund=Victorious Protection 475.Silas=Sound Forester 476.Simon=A Visionary and Listener 477.Sinclair=The Illustrious 478.Sloane=Warrior 479.Solomon=Peaceful 480.Spencer=Steward

32: 481.Stacy=Born on Christmas Day 482.Stanley/Stan=Stony Field 483.Stephen/Stefan=Crown 484.Sterling=High Quality 485.Stewart/Stuart=A Steward 486.Theobold=Patriotic 487.Theodore=Gift of God 488.Thomas=Dependable 489.Timothy=Honour God 490.Titus=The Safe 491.Tobias=Goodness of the Lord 492.Toby=God is Good 493.Todd=Fox 494.Tony=Beyond Praise 495.Travis/Travers=At the Crossing 496.Trent=Torrent

33: 497.Trevor=Great House 498.Tristan=Sorrowful 499.Troy=After the City 500.Truman=A Faithful, Loyal Man 501.Tyler=Occupation name 502.Udolf=Prosperous Wolf 503.Unwin=Nonfriend 504.Uriah=God is my Light 505.Vance=Thresher 506.Vaughan=Small 507.Vernon=Flourishing 508.Victor=Conqueror 509.Vincent=Victorious 510.Wallace=Stranger 511.Walter=Powerful Ruler 512.Walton=Residence Name

34: 513.Ward=Guardian 514.Warren Protective Friend 515.Washington=Residence Name 516.Wayne=Wagon Maker 517.Wesley=Man From the West 518.Wilbur=Beloved Stronghold 519.Willard=Great Bravery 520.William/Will=Determined Guardian 521.Willis=Variant of Will 522.Winston=Town of Victory 523.Winthrop=Residence Name 524.Wyatt=Guide 525.Wylie=Beguiling 526.Wyman=Warrior 527.Zachariah=Remembered by the Lord

35: 528.Zachary=Remember the Lord 529.Zebadiah=Gift of the Lord 530.Zane=Form of John 531.Zebediah=God's Gift This is a list of every boy name and it's meaning. If you are a boy and do not know your name, this is the book for you. I advise you to buy this book if you have a boy on the way so you can pick out a good name for him. Remember, any name you give your boy will stay with him for the rest of his life. God bless this Earth.

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