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List of Girl Names and Their Meanings

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BC: List of Girl Names and Their Meanings | By:Joshua D. Reber Published in 2012

FC: List of Girl Names and Their Meanings By:Joshua D. Reber

1: This is a book containing a list of girl names and their meanings. If you have a girl on the way, then this is the perfect book for you. | The following pages contain hundreds of girl names. If you are a girl wondering what your name means, look in this book. | This is page one. There will be 30 more pages.

2: Here is the list of names. 1.Abigail=Source of Joy 2.Ada=Prosperous, Happy 3.Adelaide=Noble, of Good Cheer 4.Adrienne=Feminine of Adrian 5.Agatha=The Good 6.Agnes=Pure, Gentle 7.Aileen=Light 8.Aimee=Beloved 9.Alanna=Fair 10.Alarice=Ruler of All 11.Alda=Rich 12.Alexandra=Helper of Mankind 13.Alice=Noble, Of Good Cheer 14.Alina=Fair 15.Alison=Of Sacred Fame

3: 16.Alma=Nourishing 17.Amanda=Loveable 18.Amaryllis=Fresh, Sparkling 19.Amber=Jewel 20.Anastasia=One Who Shall Rise Again 21.Andrea=Feminine of Andrew 22.Angela=Angelic 23.Angelica=Italian Form of Angela 24.Anita=Grace 25.Ann/Anne=Grace, Mercy 26.Annabelle=Joy 27.Annette=Variant of Anne 28.Anthea=Flower-Like 29.April=To Open Up 30.Ariana=Silvery

4: 31.Arleen=A Pledge 32.Astrid=Impulsive in Love 33.Audrey=Strong 34.Barbara/Bobbie=Strange 35.Beata=Blessed 36.Beatrice/Beatrix=She Who Blesses 37.Becky=The Ensnarer 38.Belinda=Pretty 39.Belle/Bella=Beautiful 40.Bernadette=Feminine of Bernard 41.Bernice=Bringer of Victory 42.Bertha/Berta=Bright or Glorious 43.Bertina=Bright or Shining 44.Beryl=A Jewel

5: 45.Bess=Consecrated to God 46.Beth/Bethany=Worshiper of God 47.Bettina=Consecrated to God 48.Beverly=From a Beaver Meadow 49.Bianca=White 50.Blair=Dweller of the Plain 51.Blanche=White or Fair 52.Blythe=Free Spirit 53.Bonnie=Fair, Lovely 54.Brenda=Flame 55.Briana=Noble, Virtuous/The Feminine of Brian 56.Brigid/Bridget=Power and Virtue 57.Brittany/Britney=From Britain

6: 58.Brooke=The Brook 59.Caitlin=The Celtic Form of Catherine 60.Camille=Swiftness of Foot 61.Carissa=Tender Touch 62.Carla=Feminine of Charles 63.Carly=Form of Caroline 64.Carmen=Crimson or Red 65.Carrie/Carol/Caroline=Song of Joy 66.Cherise=Cherry 67.Catherine=Pure 68.Charity=Affection 69.Charlene=Small Beauty 70.Chelsea=Harbour 71.Cheryl=Beloved 72.Chloe=Blooming

7: 73.Christine=Christian Faith 74.Claire/Clare=Clear and Bright 75.Clarissa=Famous 76.Coral=Small Stone 77.Courtney=Royal Attendant 78.Cynthia=Moon Goddess 79.Danielle=Feminine of Daniel 80.Daphne=Laurel Tree 81.Darlene=Tenderly Beloved 82.Davida=Feminine of David 83.Dawn=Breaking of Day 84.Deborah=The Bee 85.Deirdre=Sorrow 86.Delilah=Pining of Desire 87.Denise=Form of Dennis 88.Diana/Diane=Virgin Goddess 89.Dominica=The Lord's

8: 90.Dominique=Belonging to God 91.Donna=Lady or Mistress 92.Dora=A Gift 93.Doris=Of the Sea 94.Drucilla=Dewey Eyes 95.Echo=Return of Sound 96.Eda=Wealthy 97.Edana=Fiery 98.Edeline=Noble, Good Cheer 99.Edith=Rich Gift 100.Edlyn=Noble Woman 101.Edna=Pleasure 102.Edwina=Valuable Friend 103.Effie=Of Fair Fame 104.Eileen=Light 105.Elaine=Light 106.Eleanor=Light

9: 107.Elena=Form of Helen 108.Elga=Elfin Spear 109.Elise=Form of Elizabeth 110.Eliza=The Chosen 111.Elizabeth=God's Oath 112.Ella=Elfin 113.Ellen=Light 114.Eloise=Famous in Battle 115.Elsie=Gaiety 116.Elvira=White, Fair 117.Emeline=Industrious 118.Emily=Ambitious 119.Emma=Ancestress 120.Erika=Powerful, Regal 121.Ernestine=Intent in Purpose 122.Erin=Old Name of Ireland 123.Esmeralda=Green Gemstone

10: 124.Estelle=A Star 125.Estra=Goddess of Spring 126.Ethel=Noble 127.Eudora=Delightful Gift 128.Eugenia=Well Born 129.Eunice=Happily Victorious 130.Eva/Eve/Evelyn=Life Giving 131.Faith=Faith and Devotion 132.Fannie=Free 133.Farrah/Fara=Beautiful One 134.Fawn=A Baby Deer 135.Faye=Fairy 136.Fedora=Divine Gift 137.Felicia=Happy 138.Fern=From a Fern Plant 139.Fiona=Pretty 140.Flora=Flower

11: 141.Frances/Francesca=Free 142.Freda/Frida=Peaceful 143.Frederica=Peaceful Ruler 144.Gabrielle=God's Messenger 145.Gale=Lively 146.Gaye=Lighthearted 147.Geneva=The Juniper 148.Genevieve=Humble 149.Georgette=Feminine of George 150.Georgia/Georgiana= Feminine of George 151.Geraldine=Mighty with a Spear 152.Germaine=Armed 153.Gertrude=Spear Maiden 154.Gilda=Servant of God

12: 155.Gillian=Feminine of Julian 156.Gladys=Lame 157.Gloria=Glorious 158.Glynnis=Beautiful and Holy 159.Grace=Blessing from God 160.Guinevere=White or Fair 161.Gwen/Gwendolyn=Fair 162.Gwynne=White or Fair 163.Haley/Hayley=Heroine 164.Hanna/Hannah=Blessed by God 165.Harriet=Mistress of the Home 166.Harley=From the Long Field 167.Harmony=Harmony 168.Hattie=Mistress of the Home 169.Hazel=Commander 170.Heather=Flowering Heather

13: 171.Helen/Helena=Light 172.Henrietta=Mistress of the Home 173.Hetty=A Star 174.Hilda=War Maid 175.Holly=The Holly Bush 176.Honey=Sweet as Honey 177.Hope=Optimistic 178.Hortense=Gardener 179.Ida/Idelle=Happy 180.Imogen/Imogene=Imagine 181.Ingrid=Meadow 182.Irene=Peace 183.Iris=The Rainbow 184.Ivy=God's Gift 185.Ivory=White as Ivory 186.Jacqueline=Feminine of Jack

14: 187.Jade=Jewel 188.Jane=God's Gracious Gift 189.Janet=Scottish variant of Jane 190.Janice=Variant of Jane 191.Jasmine=Flower 192.Jeanne=Form of Joan 193.Jemima=A Dove 194.Jennifer=White Wave 195.Jessica/Jessie=Woman of Wealth 196.Jewel=Precious Gem 197.Jillian/Jill=Young Child 198.Joan=God's Gracious Gift 199.Jocelyn/Joyce=Just 200.Joanna=God's Gracious Gift 201.Josephine=He Shall Add

15: 202.Joy=Delight 203.Judith/Judy=Praised 204.Juliana/Julia=Youthful 205.Julie/Juliet=Form of Julia 206.June=Youthful 207.Justine=Just 208.Kacey=Eagle-Eyed 209.Kara=Dear One 210.Karen/Karena=Pure One 211.Kate=Pure 212.Katherine/Kathy/Kathleen/Katrina=Pure 213.Kay=Rejoicing 214.Kayla/Kayleigh=Variant of Kay 215.Keely=Beauty 216.Kelsey=Warrior

16: 217.Kendra=Wise 218.Kerri=Dark-Haired 219.Kirstyn/Kirsten=Annointed One 220.Kyla=Lovely 221.Lacey=Cheerful One 222.Lane=Narrow Road 223.Lara=Famous One 224.Larina=Seagull 225.Larissa=Cheerful 226.Laura/Laurel/Loralie/ Lauren=The Laurel 227.Laverna=Vernal or Springlike 228.Leah/Leigh=Weary 229.Leanne=Combination of Lee & Anne 230.Lee/Lea=Meadow

17: 231.Leslie=The Fortress 232.Leticia=Joy 233.Lilah/Lillian/Lilly=The Lily 234.Linda=Beautiful 235.Linette=Graceful 236.Lindsay=From the Linden-tree Isle 237.Lisa/Liza=Consecrated to God 238.Livia=The Olive 239.Lizzie=Consecrated to God 240.Lois=Feminine of Louis 241.Lola/Lolita=Variants of Charlotte 242.Lorelei=Legendary Siren 243.Lorena=The Laurel 244.Lorraine=A Place Name

18: 245.Louisa/Louise=Famous in Battle 246.Lucia/Luciana/Lucille=Light 247.Lucinda/Lucy=Love Light 248.Lulu=Variant of Luisa 249.Lynn=A Cascade 250.Mabel=Amiable 251.Madeline=The Tower 252.Madge=A Pearl 253.Magda/Magdalene=A Tower 254.Maggie=The Pearl 255.Maia=Star 256.Maisie=Precious 257.Mandy=Harmony 258.Marcia=Feminine of Marcus, Mark 259.Margaret=A Pearl

19: 260.Margot=Variant of Margaret 261.Maria/Marie/Marian/ Marilyn=Forms of Mary 262.Marnia=Maid of the Sea 263.Marissa=Sea Born 264.Marta/Martha=Lady or Mistress 265.Martina=Warlike 266.Mary=Star of the Sea 267.Matilda=Mighty in Battle 268.Maude=Mighty 269.Maura=Dark 270.Maureen=The Dark 271.Mavis=Song-Thrush 272.Maxine=The Greatest 273.Megan=Great 274.Melanie=Dark-Haired

20: 275.Melinda=Grateful 276.Melissa=Honey Bee 277.Melody=Of Song 278.Melvina=Hand Maiden 279.Mercy=Compassionate 280.Meris=Sea Born 281.Merle=Blackbird 282.Michelle=Feminine of Michael 283.Mildred=Gentle 284.Millicent=Strength 285.Minerva=Goddess of Wisdom 286.Mirabelle=Of Wondrous Beauty 287.Miranda=Admirable 288.Miriam=Rebellious 289.Misty=Covered in Mist 290.Moira=The Great

21: 291.Molly=Variant of Mary 292.Mona=Solitary 293.Monica=Counsellor 294.Mora=Blueberry 295.Morgan=Sea's Edge 296.Muriel=Myrrh 297.Myra=Wonderful 298.Myrtle=The Myrtle 299.Nadia/Nadine=Hope 300.Nancy=Grace 301.Naomi=Delightful 302.Natalie=Born at Christmas Time 303.Nathania=Gift of the Lord 304.Nell=Light 305.Nerissa=Daughter of the Sea 306.Nerita=Of the Sea

22: 307.Nessa/Nessia=Pure 308.Nicolette/Nicole=People's Victory 309.Nina=Mighty 310.Noelle=Christmas Child 311.Nola=Noble or Famous 312.Nora/Norine=Honour 313.Norma=Model or Pattern 314.Nydia=Refuge or Nest 315.Octavia=Eighth 316.Odette=Melody 317.Olga=Holy 318.Olivia/Olive=Symbol of Peace 319.Opal=Gemstone 320.Ophelia=Serpent 321.Oprah=Fawn 322.Oriel/Orlena=The Golden

23: 323.Orlantha=Fame of the Land 324.Orva=Courageous Friend 325.Page=Attendant 326.Pamela=Sweet as Honey 327.Pandora=Gifted 328.Pansy=A Thought 329.Patience=Virtuous 330.Patricia=Noble Woman 331.Patty=Variant of Patricia 332.Paula/Paulette=Small 333.Pearl=The Pearl 334.Peggy/Peg=A Pearl 335.Penelope=Weaver 336.Philippa=Feminine of Phillip 337.Philomena=Nightingale 338.Phoebe=Goddess of the Moon

24: 339.Phyllis=A Green Bough 340.Polly=Variant of Molly 341.Primavera=Springs Beginning 342.Primrose=First Rose 343.Priscilla=Dutiful 344.Prudence=Prudent 345.Prunella=Prune (Plum) Colour 346.Queen/Queenie=Queen 347.Quenna=Form of Queen 348.Questa=Searcher 349.Quinella/Quintana=The Fifth 350.Quintessa=Essence 351.Rachel=Female 352.Ramona=Wise Protectress 353.Rebecca=Faithful One,Bound 354.Regina=Queenly

25: 355.Renata/Renee=Born Again 356.Rhea=Earth 357.Rhoda=A Rose 358.Rita=A Pearl 359.Roberta=Famous 360.Robin=Feminine of Robert 361.Rosa=A Rose 362.Rose/Rosalie=Rose 363.Rosalind=Fair Rose 364.Rosanne=Rose of Grace 365.Rosemary=Dew of the Sea 366.Rowena=White Mane 367.Roxanne=Dawn 368.Ruby=Red Jewel 369.Ruth=Friend to All 370.Sabrina/Brina=Goddess of Severn River

26: 371.Sacha=Helper of Mankind 372.Sadie=Princess 373.Salena=Salt 374.Sally=Princess 375.Salome=Asked of God 376.Samantha=Listener 377.Sandra=Helper of Mankind 378.Sapphire=Precious Gem 379.Sarah=True Princess 380.Scarlett=Red 381.Selene/Selena=The Moon 382.Serena=Serene 383.Shana=Beautiful 384.Shannon=Wise 385.Sharon=Plains 386.Sheila=Divine Place

27: 387.Shirley=From the White Meadow 388.Sibley=Related or Family 389.Sibyl/Sybil=Wise or Prophetic 390.Silver=White 391.Simona/Simone=It is Heard 392.Sirena=A Siren 393.Tabitha=Gazelle 394.Talia=Blooming 395.Tamara=Palm Tree 396.Tammy=Perfect 397.Tanya=Fairy Queen 398.Tara=Tower 399.Tasha=Short for Natasha 400.Tatum=Spirited 401.Teresa/Teri=Harvester

28: 402.Tess=Harvester 403.Thalia=Joy or Blooming 404.Thea=Divine 405.Thelma=Nursing 406.Theodora=Divine Gift 407.Thomasina=The Twin 408.Thora=Thunder 409.Tiffany=Appearance of a God 410.Tilda=Maid of Battles 411.Timothea=Honouring God 412.Tina=Little One 413.Tracy=Fighter 414.Trina=Pure 415.Trixie/Trix=She Who Blesses 416.Tuesday=Day of the Week 417.Tyne=River 418.Udele=Rich or Prosperous

29: 419.Ula=Jewel of the Sea 420.Ulrica=Ruler of All 421.Ulva=Wolf 422.Una=One, United 423.Unity=Unity 424.Ursa=Form of Ursula 425.Ursula=Little Bear 426.Valda=Spirited in Battle 427.Valerie=Healthy 428.Vanessa=Butterfly 429.Vania=God's Gracious Gift 430.Veleda=Of Inspired Wisdom 431.Vera=The True 432.Verda=Spring-like 433.Veronica=True Face 434.Victoria=Victorious 435.Violet=Flower

30: 436.Virginia=Maiden 437.Vita=Vital or Animated 438.Vivian/Vivianne=Life 439.Wanda=Vandal 440.Wenda/Wendy=Wanderer 441.Whitney=Island 442.Wilda=Forest Dweller 443.Willa=The Desired 444.Willette=Resolute Protector 445.Willow=Symbol of Healing 446.Wilona=Desired 447.Winifred=Friend of Peace 448.Winona=First Born 449.Wynne=Light Complexioned 450.Yolanda=Violet Flower 451.Yvette=God is Merciful 452.Yvonne=Young Archer

31: 453.Zea=Grain 454.Zelda=Variant of Griselda 455.Zelene=Sunshine 456.Zera=Zoe 457.Zoe=Life Giving This has been my List of Girl Names and Their Meanings book. If you are a girl and do not know what your name is, then this is the book for you. If you have a girl on the way, then this is also the book for you. Remember, whatever name you give your girl, it will stay with them for the rest of their live. Also look for my List of Boy Names and Their Meanings book. God bless all.

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