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Logan's Baby Book 11x8.5

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S: Logan's Baby Book | Watch Connor Grow

FC: Logan Nicholas Tubbs Born March 16, 2012 | EVERLASTING Love

1: Logan Tubbs | Shannon Tubbs (Hughes) | Brett Tubbs | Carol Hughes (Rogers) | Pat Hughes | Connor Tubbs | Martha Tubbs (Potter) | Clifford Tubbs | Audrey Jurado | Stephen Tubbs | Chloe Tubbs | Christopher Hughes

2: 8 weeks (August 30) | 12 weeks (September 26) | 15 weeks (October 19) | 18 weeks (November 5) | 22 weeks (December 6)

3: 27 Weeks (January 8) | 30 weeks (January 28) | 33 weeks (February 19) | 36 weeks (March 11) | 24 weeks (December 19)

4: shower!

5: Lenore and Kim threw us a Dr. Seuss family baby shower on March 10th .

6: October 7 , 2011: 13 1/2 weeks | Boy! | It's a | November 4 2011: 17 1/2 weeks

7: December 2011 | February 2012 | March 11 2012

8: Shannon: Brett was on a business trip during my first week of maternity leave. Connor and I went "on a trip" also to San Ramon to see my parents Tuesday afternoon through Thursday evening. The weather was mostly rainy, but we managed to fit a walk in everyday. I was feeling really tired and a lot of pelvic pain. I was really hoping it wouldn't be there for the whole next three weeks. | Brett: It was Thursday, March 15th, and I was returning from a business trip, due to return to San Jose by 9:45pm. After several delays and a couple hours of ticketing struggles at two airports, I finally got on a flight that arrived in San Francisco at 12:45 Friday morning. Shannon picked me up, with Connor soundly sleeping in the back. Shannon mentioned that she had been feeling some pains and cramps down low in her abdomen and thought she might have passed the mucous plug Thursday morning. We talked about reading of this event in the birthing materials and how this was part of the normal process and could mean labor would start soon or several weeks later. We arrived at home around 1:40, Friday morning, and were in bed around 2:00am. | Shannon: Just before 3:30am on Friday morning, I woke up and felt a strange pain. About 9 minutes later there was another one, followed by a third about 9 minutes a later. I realized I was having contractions. I also started leaking a very watery substance that I guessed was a slow leak of the Bag of Waters. This was all disturbing, because I was only 36 1/2 weeks along, we weren't quite prepared - we hadn't packed a bag for the hospital, taken final pregnancy photos, or pulled the newborn clothes out of the box yet. Also, I’d only had one week of my month break so far! I had only slept for an hour and a half, and I was worried about having enough energy to relax through contractions for the next day or two. Over the next hour or so the contractions were mild. I tried to sleep a little more without much luck. I got up to see if a change would make the contractions go away, but they didn't. Most of them were 8 or 9 minutes apart, a few closer to 5 minutes. I started to emotionally prepare for having a baby in the next day or two. I printed our birth plan, charged the camera battery, packed a bag for Connor to stay with Nana, gathered snacks, and started collecting stuff for our hospital bag. I hadn't woken up Brett yet, because I figured we had a long way to go, and at least one of us needed a little rest! Brett woke up at about 6am. We talked about what was going on, and I expressed some fears because it was too early to have the baby - he wasn't fully cooked yet! We talked about what to name the baby - we had it narrowed down to Logan and Owen. Brett asked me which I preferred, and I said Logan. I knew he wasn't completely sold on that name, but he agreed. | whether we should send Connor to daycare or have my Mom pick him up at our | house and decided to send him to daycare, and my Mom could pick him up anytime from there. I called my Mom sometime after 7am and arranged the pickup. Brett got me situated in the chair in the living room like we practiced. The contractions started getting stronger, and it was getting harder to relax through them. Around 7:30, some of the contractions were only a couple minutes apart but not particularly long, and I started seeing all kinds of advanced signposts, but Brett assured me we were just getting started, so I figured I was just exaggerating the situation in my head. Brett: Connor was now out of bed and wondering what mommy was up to. Connor walked over to Shannon in the chair in the living room and asked “Are you OK, Mommy?” I grabbed Connor to get him a new diaper and change him out of his pajamas for daycare. Shannon finished her food and had another contraction. This one was the worst yet and she decided she needed to move back to the bed to better relax and get in a better position for dealing with stronger contractions. I helped Shannon into bed and assured her that everything was OK. I would hurry back from Connor’s daycare as fast as I could. I grabbed Connor’s food and daycare bag and quickly secured Connor into the car in the garage. I heard Shannon scream while I was in the garage. I rushed back inside and helped to calm Shannon down. She was clearly in pain and mentioned that she didn’t know if she could handle any more of these. I reassured her that she could get through these and needed to remember our practice techniques. I then rushed out the door and sped away to get Connor to daycare. Shannon: Connor still needed to get to daycare, and Brett said he wouldn't be gone for more than 7 contractions. They were almost unbearable while he was gone. I was trying to relax and remain calm, but it seemed like they were almost on top of each other, and I ended up screaming through each one. I felt very alone without my coach too, and that was scary. I told myself I just needed to hang on until Brett got back. I remembered reading that sometimes when your body really needs a rest, contractions slow down a bit. I prayed (out loud), "Please, I need a break!", and for 1 or 2, it seemed like I had a little more chance to breathe in between. Brett: It was now around 7:45 in the morning and traffic was building. I made it to daycare in about ten minutes and quickly dropped off Connor. | Shannon: During Connor's labor, I kept feeling the urge to push, and the doctors told me not to because I wasn’t fully dilated and I could tear my cervix. This time, I was trying to relax and let go and let my body do what it thought it should do. This resulted in a reflexive, uncontrollable pushing. I thought I could feel the baby's head pushing it's way out - I sensed a huge bulge pushing during contractions that would slide back in a little in between. Brett said we'd go to the hospital when he got back, but I didn't think there was time. | Brett: Around 6 AM Friday morning, I awoke in bed feeling somewhat rested. Shannon was lying next to me looking at me with worried eyes. She realized I was awake and told me she thought her water had broken in the middle of the night and that she was feeling some contractions. Around that time a contraction started and we timed it together; 60 seconds long and about 9 minutes apart. It was clear tat they were getting her attention but she was still in the “excited” as opposed to “serious” state of mind. This meant we had some time before the baby would come. For Connor’s birth, this was about 75 hours away from 2nd stage labor. We knew the second labor would be shorter – I was estimating around 12 hours. Another contraction started to arise. I helped Shannon to work through the contraction, reminder her to breathe deeply into her abdomen and to relax all of her muscles and let the tension go from her body – to just let the contraction do its job and not fight it. Shannon: Connor woke up shortly after that. Brett got me a big bowl of Mac and cheese from the freezer because I said I was hungry, then he got Connor ready for the day. We discussed | Brett: Luckily, at this hour, traffic is only heavy in the northbound direction on Lawrence and I was going South. I drove like a madman. I called Shannon hoping I could help talk her through another contraction and reassure her that I was almost home. Shannon sounded just as terrified and out of breath as when she had called me about five minutes ago (it was now 8:11). She was certain that the baby was coming and was desperately in need of help. When I finally got home, I helped her out of her pants and it was just as she’d feared –a smooth whitish object was starting to show, about a half inch wide at the widest part. It had to be the baby’s head. Just then another contraction came and Shannon was clearly in immense pain and was focused on | The Story of your

9: keeping with the strain as it wrought through her belly. Now an inch or more was showing of what must be the baby’s head. Shannon said “I think we’ll have to have the baby here”. I was still in denial and thought we could make it to the hospital. Another contraction came and was clearly as painful as the last. I decided Shannon was right and there was no way we were making it to the hospital. | Shannon: Once he got me up to a sitting, pushing position, I could actually touch and see the crown of the baby's head, and we both agreed we weren't going to make it to the hospital. We were going to deliver the baby at home. I was scared about having been alone, shocked at how fast things were progressing, nervous about the health of the baby since he was coming out so early, and sorry for not recognizing the signs as the labor progressed so quickly. I was not really nervous about delivering the baby with just the two of us. I quickly became mentally prepared for it. We had talked about what to do in our class, we had discussed planning a home birth, and we knew the doctor's main job was usually just to catch the baby on its way out, so it didn’t seem like it would be that big of a deal to push this baby out at home. Brett, being calm and level-headed as always said, “Towels. We need towels.” He grabbed the old blue comforter (which will everafter be known as “The Birthing Blanket”). | Shannon: Brett decided we should go directly to the Emergency Room (apparently I was bleeding quite a bit, but he didn’t mention it because he didn’t want to scare me). A nurse met us just inside and helped us into a room where we got lots of attention right away from some very nice doctors and nurses. They clamped the umbilical cord and let Brett cut it. Someone suggested I try nursing Logan, and to my amazement, he latched on and started sucking almost immediately. They wheeled me in a bed up to the third floor labor and delivery area. A nurse and Brett were checking up on Logan at the heat lamp table across the room. He weighed 7 lbs, 2 oz and was 19 inches long. They said his temperature was a bit low, so they kept him under the heat lamp for a little bit. They also said his blood sugar was a bit low, so they wanted me to nurse him some more, which he once again did amazingly well. (They checked his blood sugar about 4 hours later and it was just right.) At maybe at 10:30ish, all the hubbub died down and we were left alone for some bonding time. In our haste, we had forgotten a few things, like clean clothes and the camera. We took a bunch of pictures with our cell phones, each had some skin to skin time, and got some breakfast. Logan had a sponge bath, I had another meal, and fit an hour nap in. We talked about what an amazing morning it had been, and how happy we were with the way everything had worked out. Despite the unplanned part of our home birth, it had been a wonderful and invigorating experience compared to Connor's very stressful labor. I said multiple prayers of Thanksgiving that Brett had been on that Thursday night plane, and had hit almost every green light on the way back from daycare. I felt on a high all day from all the amazing things that had happened that morning, and I think I was still a little in shock and awe. My Mom and Connor came by to meet Logan at 4:30ish. Connor was quite interested in meeting his baby brother (although the rocking chair soon became more interesting). Connor’s first reaction was, “Little brother wiggling!” I nursed Logan every few hours and was able to get up without too much pain and walk around the room a bit (which I couldn't do after Connor's birth), and I even took a shower that evening. I definitely splurged on carbs. Since Logan was early, the hospital staff was nervous about bilirubin, riding in a car seat, and nursing, but Logan was strong and healthy and ready to meet the world! | Brett: Another contraction washed through Shannon and she screamed. This time she was letting her body push and the head was much more evident. It was clear the baby was coming and we were not going anywhere. I saw a ridge running down the length of the head and was concerned that it was the umbilical cord. I again thought about the possibility of going to the hospital, just in case there were complications. Another contraction came and Shannon pushed and screamed. The head was now showing completely and soon the ears would be through the opening. I quickly washed my hands, twice, and grabbed the few available clean towels. As I returned to the bed, another contraction came. This time the head came completely through and I was looking directly at the back of Logan’s head. It seemed like only a few seconds passed and another contraction came. One shoulder was now out. I reached down to gently lift the head and keep it out of the fluid that was making its way out of Shannon with each contraction. Another contraction came and now I could just hook my hand under Logan’s left shoulder. Another contraction came and I gently lifted as the baby literally popped out of Shannon and began to cry. I knew this was a good sign – crying meant the baby was breathing. Shannon: It was somewhere between 8:20 and 8:30 we think (Brett told them 8:20 when they asked at the hospital). Brett: I felt like I was overcome with excitement and fear all at once. Here was our new baby, seemingly alive and well, but earlier than it should have come. Is it OK? Will it be OK? Shannon was bleeding from the tear where Logan had stretched her body beyond its limits. Is Shannon going to be OK? I wrapped Logan in Connor’s bath blanket and handed him to Shannon to keep close to her skin for warmth. We both knew we had to get to the hospital. We only lived about three miles from our hospital and could easily drive there before any emergency vehicles could respond. Shannon reminded me that she would need some pants to wear, now. (Oh, yeah, I forgot she wasn’t wearing any pants). Logan was still attached to Shannon through the umbilical cord. I helped her to stand so she could start walking to the car. | March 15, 2012

10: logan nicholas | BORN 3.16.12 | WEIGHT 7 lb, 2 oz | LENGTH 19 inches | TIME 8:20 am | {WELCOMED WITH LOVE} | . | . | . | .


14: You were born on Friday, March 16, 2012 at about 8:20 in the morning. You were 19 inches long and weighed 7 pounds 2 ounces. You had a little bit of orange hair and dark blue eyes. You must have been excited to meet us, because you popped out at home 3 1/2 weeks early! You were very healthy, and Connor stopped by with Nana to meet you your first afternoon. After spending 1 day at the hospital in a room with Mommy and Daddy, you went home on March 17, 2012. Your first house was at 3431 Victoria Avenue, Santa Clara, California, 95051.

15: Logan's Birth Announcement | Nana helped with assembly.

18: 6 months | 5 months | 4 months | 3 months | 2 months | 1 month | 7 months | 8 months | 9 months | 10 months | 11 months | 12 months | Watch Logan Grow!

19: Santa Clara, CA in 2012 A gallon of Organic Milk $6.50 A loaf of bread $4.00 An evening movie ticket $11.00 A Sunday newspaper $1.50 A postage stamp $0.45 A gallon of gas $3.60 A laptop computer $1000.00 | Cost Of Living! | Firsts! | 19 months | 20 months | 21 months | 22 months | 23 months | 24 months | 18 months | 17 months | 16 months | 15 months | 14 months | 13 months | Started Sitting Up: 5 months First Tooth: 7 months (lower right center) First Food: 7 months (rice cereal & avocado) Started Crawling: 9 months First Words: Mama, Up, Uh-oh, Turtle, Thank You Started Walking: 12 1/2 months (3/29/13) First Signs: All Done (he says "Ah-Dah") and More (he says, "Mah-Mah-Mah!")

20: 6 months | just born | handprints | footprints | and | Logan's

21: 1 1/2 years | 1 year | 2 years


24: Little Bundle | 1st month | (March 2012)

25: 2nd month (April 2012) | 3rd month (May 2012)

26: 4th month (June 2012) | 5th month (July 2012)

27: 6th month (August 2012)

28: 7th month (September 2012)

29: 8th month (October 2012) | 9th month (November 2012)

30: Family Is The Best Part Of Christmas | 10th Month (December 2012)

31: 11th Month (January 2013) | 12th Month (February 2013)

32: I'm One! | March 16, 2013

33: 15th Month (May 2013) | 14th Month (April 2013)

34: May 18th, 2013, St. Lawrence Church Logan's God Parents are Uncle Chris and Cheryl | Baptisim

35: 1 year | 1 1/2 years | 2 years | Logan's Haircuts!

36: 17th Month (July 2013) | 16th Month (June 2013)

37: 18th Month (August 2013) | 19th Month (September2013)

38: 20th Month (October 2013) | 21th Month (November 2013)

39: 23rd Month (January 2014) | 22nd Month (December 2013) | 24th Month (February 2014)

40: We had a Turtle Party to celebrate Logan's 2nd birthday. The people that attended were Logan, Connor, Mommy & Daddy, Nana, Gramma & Grampa, Ryder, Dylan, Jenny, & Jeff, Tyler, Ashton, Kim, & Jeremy, and Lochlan, Juliana, Tierney, Christina, & Mike. We had a fishing game with balloon "water" that was a hit with all the kids! They especially liked jumping in the pool and popping the balloons after fishing! | Logan is 2!

42: Fall 2013 | My Family

43: Logan & Cousin Chloe | The Tubbs Family | The Hughes Family | Logan & Connor

44: 4 weeks (April 2012) - picked Logan up to put him on my shoulder to burp him. When his face was about level with mine and almost a foot away, he spit up and the projectile all over my face! Just like in the movies! 7 weeks (May 2012) - Logan gets a big smile on his face right when he falls asleep. Sometimes it’s while he’s sucking still. It only lasts for a second or two, but it’s really cute! He’s holding his head up really well now. 8 weeks (May 2012) - Logan has been spitting up quite a bit. Sometimes it seems like all the milk I gave him came right back up. He must be getting something down though, since he’s growing very fast. He takes nice long naps during the day (sometimes 4 hours) and sleeps usually in 3-4 hour blocks at night. He really likes being swaddled. He’s been crying a lot when he’s not sleeping or being held. We think he might just be getting bored when he’s not entertained, because when we shake a rattle or do little “exercises” with him, he seems entertained. Connor still loves hugging Logan and bringing him blankets and toys. 2 months (Mid May) - Logan started smiling when we smiled at him (about 2 months old). 7/23/12 - Logan rolled over for the first time. It was to the left. Then he laid there for a while happily and noisily sucking on his hand for 10 minutes. 7/12 (about 4 months) - We have happy little conversations with Logan (about 4 months old now). He coos a whole sentence, then we coo one back, and back and forth. He smiles and squeals and laughs. Logan likes to sit up at the table in the Bumbo while we eat. 8/28/12 - Logan is 5 1/2 months old, and loves it when you get up close to his face and smile at him or kiss his cheeks and nose and chin and forehead. He gets a big smile on his face and shrieks! He's starting to watch people more and more, and he really likes to be around people. He looks at Connor and smiles when Connor brings him a toy or talks to him in the car, or gives him a hug. Connor goes out of his way to bring Logan toys and give him hugs and kisses. Logan isn't usually rolling over, but he rocks his legs side to side. He getting really strong - sometimes he throws his head back and almost jumps out of my arms, or he'll do repeated squats, or hold his head off the seat in the cars eat. He still likes to be swaddled to sleep. He almost always wakes up once during the night, but it's usually only once - he always acts starved when he wakes up, even if it's only been 3 hours since he last ate. The first thing most people say when they meet him his, "Look at those cheeks!” He's a chunk! He took his first airplane ride 3 weeks ago and did really well (except for really messy diapers immediately after takeoff each direction). He's probably teething - he's constantly putting things in his mouth now – his hands and soft burp cloths are his favorite. Tonight he was chewing on his tongue! Most of the time he's a happy baby who loves company, takes long naps, and squeals in delight when he's excited. | 9/1/12 - Logan is learning how to sit up! He’ll stay seated for 30-60 seconds before toppling over. 9/11/12 - Logan’s a pretty good sitter now. I can walk away, and he’s usually sitting up when I come back. A couple times he’s started to topple over, but he tries to hold himself up – he’s got strong stomach muscles! Brett had Logan sitting on his stomach. Brett would rock to one side, and Logan would throw out the other arm to help balance – what good instincts! Logan’s rolling over now too. He likes to put everything in his mouth now, especially fabric things that can easily be squished into his mouth. 10/10/12 - We started “Sleep Training” Logan on September 14th. I read an article on the web about what we considered to be the simplest (albeit harshest) method, which was: go through your nightly routine, put him to bed, close as many doors as you can between you and him, and pick him up in the morning. The first night he cried for about 1 hours at around 2:00am, then slept for a little while, and cried for another half hour. In the morning, we found him in the cradle with pushed up against the short end with one foot up in the air by the side of the cradle and his head crooked up on the other hard wood side, with the swaddling blanket loosely strewn about him. He looked so sad! He did much better after that though! A month later, he sleeps through the night (about 10pm – 6:30am) about every other night, and he wakes up for 2-15 minutes once the other nights, then he puts himself back to sleep. Sometimes we put one of the kids in the living room to sleep, but most nights they’re both in their room now. Connor sleeps through most of the crying. A month or so later, unless he’s not feeling well, Logan sleeps through the night (7:45pm-6:30am). I can’t believe how well Logan is doing. I firmly agree with the article which said Sleep Training always happens with babies – either you train them, or they train you! Just in the past week, Logan made some big progress on rolling over. Up until this week, he occasionally rolled from his back to his tummy. Now he’s rolling both ways, sometimes, and is shifting around so he’s not quite where we left him. He still doesn’t like being on his tummy much though, and gets stuck there sometimes. He’s on his tummy every couple mornings when we go in to get him. Logan puts his arms around me and squeezes now when I give him a hug. He’s full of smiles when we smile at him, and he treats his teachers and most strangers to smiles too. He’s a happy baby, and he’s usually only fusses when he’s hungry, tired, or left alone for a little while. Logan loves the exersaucer. He’ll become oblivious to the rest of the world for 10 minutes, playing with all the toys! 10/13/12 - Logan finally seems interested in food today. We tried avocados on 9/19/12, just shortly after he turned 6 months old. He got a smidgen in his mouth, but he gagged on it the 2 meals we tried. On 10/6/12, we tried squash. He gagged on that too. It seems like the milk isn’t holding him for very long though, so we decided to try rice cereal, since it has no flavor except the milk. Wednesday and Friday, he enjoyed chomping on the spoon and ate about a teaspoon each time. Saturday, he seemed excited and opened his mouth eagerly when I put the cereal on it. He still spit a lot of it back out, but he enjoyed it at breakfast and lunch (about 2 teaspoons). He was even starting to hum in anticipation like he does when I’m getting him into position to nurse. 10/20/12 - Logan’s first tooth is starting to break through – the lower right middle tooth. He’s just over 7 months old. Logan was born 3 weeks early, and Connor was about a week late. Connor got his first tooth at about 6 months. Coincidentally, from conception, that’s almost exactly the same time for the two kids! | Logan's Progress! | Journal

45: 10/26/12 - Logan loves eating now. So far he eats zuchinni and carrots and rice cereal. He slaps the table and smiles when he sees a bite coming. This weekend, he’ll get to try one or two more foods. Logan is starting to notice now if someone takes a toy away from him. He doesn’t like it! 11/5/12 - Logan is starting to move more. Today, he rolled over 3 or 4 times (he’s just recently learned to roll from his tummy to his back), and ended up on the other side of the living room rug. Logan likes to talk, and he gets especially excited if you make the same sound he does, then he repeats the sound again. Logan’s second tooth (lower left center) started breaking through this weekend. The lower right center one is about of the 1/3 of the way in (and it looks a little crooked). 12/6/12 - Logan is not crawling yet, but he rolls and twists quite a bit. He loves standing – sometimes when I try to sit him down, he holds himself straight so I can’t get him to bend at the waist! 12/13/12 - Logan gives great hugs. When I pick him up, I get a big smile and he wraps his arms around me and buries his face (and mouth) in my hair. 12/23/12 - Logan is really moving now! He’s finally learning about moving one hand at a time forward along with his legs. He usually starts off on his hands and toes, then drops to his knees (or one), moves 1-3 hand “steps”, rolls a little, reaches, and centipedes along to reach his target. He loves standing up, and when he’s not too tired he’s able to pull himself up on my legs to a standing position, then he gives me a big smile! He likes standing against the ottoman too and playing with toys. Just in the last week, it seems like Logan made a jump in interacting with us and Connor. I opened the Legos today, and Logan slowly made his way over and joined in playing with the Legos. He loves watching Connor and laughs when we tickle him. | 1/3/13 - Logan loves to stand. He can crawl across the room now (although he usually crawls on his right knee and left foot keeping his left leg straight). Often his goal is to crawl over to me and pull himself up to a stand holding on me. Then he eats my hair, coos, and snuggles into my face. 1/8/13 - Logan’s third tooth broke through – top center right. 1/13/13 - Logan can pull himself up to a stand on just about anything, then he gets a big smile on his face. He’s side-stepping along on the couch too. 1/27/13 - We were driving up to Tahoe and got stopped right near the peak. There was a good amount of snow coming down. Logan pointed out the window and said, “Ga!” It’s the first time we’ve seen him point at anything. 1/30/13 - Logan is starting to let go while he’s standing, usually when he’s playing with a toy. He sits pretty quickly, but I’m amazed that in about 6 weeks, he’s gone from just starting to crawl to pulling himself up on everything, walking along the couch, and sometimes standing for a few seconds. 2/24/13 - Connor and I were picking up trains and track in the living room, and Logan was sitting next to me. Connor was messing around during cleanup time, as usual, but Logan picked up a couple pieces and put them in the box. I pointed to a couple pieces 3 feet away and said, "Logan, can you pick those pieces up and put them in the box? He took a few crawl "steps" over, grabbed them and put them in the box. Then he did it a second time. Maybe he's starting to understand us! 2/25/13 - Logan was standing up in the crib. Brett asked him to lay down, and he did. He repeated it a few minutes later too. 2/26/13 - The last week or so Logan has been really interested in finger foods, like apples, blueberries, and peeled grapes. He's gone from getting the food in his hand but not being able to get it from his fist to his mouth, to putting the food easily into his mouth in the past couple weeks. 2/26/13 - Last night I was nursing Logan on the couch. Brett turned the TV on, and Logan sat up and started pointing at the TV saying, "ba, ba!" 3/17/13 - Logan can stand on his own for a while now. Two days ago he took 5 or 6 steps toward Brett. Logan likes to play “The Dropping Game,” where he drops something and we pick it up (over and over). He laughs and giggles! Logan likes to help us clean up, especially putting the train tracks and Legos back in the box. Logan was clapping along with a couple songs at Music Class last week. Logan is pretty good at eating solid food now, although it takes awhile, and he loves finger foods. Just in the last couple days, he’s started drinking water by himself out of a sippy cup. Up to now, we’ve held it for him and tipped it into his mouth, then he usually spits it back out, sometimes in a fountain!

46: 3/29/13 - Logan is walking! He’ll pull himself to a stand against the couch, then take off across the rug! 4/16/13 - Logan exclusively walks now – he can stand up without help and bend down to pick something up. He likes to walk back and forth across the room. Logan seems to have made some leaps and bounds in interaction in the last couple weeks. He likes to touch Connor’s face, climb on us, carry things around, and bob his head to the music. He says a few words (I think): Mama, up, uh-oh, turtle, and thank you. He likes to hand me things (and then take them back). He’s a happy baby! Logan got a new sunhat a few weeks ago. He found it hanging on a hook and tried to put it on his head. I helped him, and he walked over to the French doors and pointed out. I think he’s made the connection that putting on his hat means we’re going outside to play. 5/10/13 - Logan loves to paint! Brett gave him a paintbrush, and he had a great time making me a Mother’s day card. He was crying when he finished and Brett took it away, so Brett let Logan make another painting. 5/14/13 - I was helping Connor get his shoes on this morning. Logan’s slippers were sitting nearby. Logan picked them up and sat down and tried to put one of his slippers on his foot, so I helped him put both of them on, and he seemed happy to be wearing them. Logan threw a big fit during dinner tonight because he didn’t want to eat the jar of mashed veggies, he wanted finger food (tomatoes and pizza). I gave him a short timeout, but that didn’t work. After another 10 minutes of screaming, I made him sit in the corner again. He walked over to me, I picked him up, and held him while he at the whole jar (then he got a few tiny bites of pizza). Logan has been throwing a lot of fits and screaming when he doesn’t get what he wants. | Logan can almost say a few words: High-yaaaa = Hooray Ah-da = All done (often associated with the hand sign) Mama Up Ah-die = outside Mah mah mah = more (usually with his sign for more and a point to the thing he wants) Sometimes he tries to copy what we say too. 5//15/13 - Logan has learned how to climb up the step stool in the last week, and he loves doing it. Today, Connor helped me heat up soup by putting the bowl in the microwave and pushing the “30 seconds” button. Connor left the room, and Logan pushed the step stool from the corner by the toaster over to the microwave, climbed the step stool, and started pushing “buttons” on the microwave. 5/20/13 - In the last 2 days, Logan has learned how to use a spoon. A couple days ago, he would hold the spoon, but that was about it. Today, he’s able to scoop up something from his plate occasionally and get it into his mouth. He’s pretty proud of himself! 5/27/13 - Logan likes to climb up the step stool and wash his hands. He’s even starting to scrub them together when I tell him too. Then I’ll say, “It’s time to eat, head to the table, Logan.” And he walks over and pulls on his booster seat. Logan and I were folding clothes. Logan grabbed a diaper cover and held it up to himself right where it goes. I think he understood what we do with a diaper cover. Logan is saying “Hi-ya” (hello), “ba” (ball), “up”. 6/10/13 - I’ve switched to only nursing Logan in the morning and before bed (most of the time). (My period started about a month later on 7/22/13.) 7/1/13 - When I picked Logan up from preschool today, I said, “ Hi Logan, did you have a fun day?” He said, “Ya!.” 7/6/13 - Logan was pulling animal magnets off the cabinet in his room saying, “a-mal, a-mal.” He also has started saying, “dada,” a bunch of times yesterday and “no,” quite a bit. He uses the “more” sign all the time now, and says, “mo, mo,” at the same time. 8/19/13 - We went camping this weekend, and it was awful! Logan is trying to get some molars to break through. He fussed most of the days and cried most of the nights. Nursing helped for a little while, then he would cry again until he re-latched. 8/21/13 - Logan has started calling Brett, “Dado.” He calls after him when he walks away quite often. He is also trying to copy much of what we say. Yesterday he was signing “milk” and getting really excited when I headed for the rocking chair to have some milk. 8/21/13 - Logan started fussing after dinner (and before as well). Brett told him he needed to say, “Up,” then Brett would take him out of the booster seat. We tried various methods to get him to calm down, but he screamed for about 55 minutes before he finally said, “Up." 9/2/13 - I think Logan is using the word, “Dato/Dado” for Daddy and Connor. Logan likes to copy what other people are doing and saying. He’s learned how to get up on the couch (using the ottoman) and Connor’s bed by himself. He’s also learned how to put Legos together. He’s throwing a lot of stuff. Today Connor and Logan played in their room together (with the door shut) by themselves for several half hours. I had to go in at one point and take Logan off Connor’s bed, but they did really well together. Logan sometimes holds out his hand like a policeman and says, “dop!” (stop) 9/15/13 - Logan stacked up all the colored shapes on the matching colored pegs. He also learned how to pull himself up onto Connor’s bed. | Journal | Logan's Progress!

47: 10/20/13 - Logan has been going down for naps really easily in the last week or two. The trick is covering him up with a blanket – that must trigger naptime for him. He smiles, puts his head down, and says, “bye bye.” Sometimes he and Connor still talk a little, but he hasn’t cried in a few weeks, and the talking seems to be minimized. 10/20/13 - Logan loves copying people, especially Connor at the table. If Connor rocks back and forth, Logan does too. He even tries to copy what Connor is saying, and if he can’t say the words, he gets the inflection right. The other day, I was lying on the living room rug doing leg lifts, and Logan laid down next to me and started lifting his legs up and down too! 10/20/13 - Logan loves the Goodnight Gorilla book! Someone asks if he wants to read it, and he starts looking around and toward the bookshelf saying, “wrilla, wrilla!” He especially likes to roar at the lion and look for the banana. 11/8/13 - Today Logan got a bag of cereal out of the cupboard, carried it to the table, climbed up in his seat, fastened both sides of his seatbelt, took the clip off the cereal bag, which caused it to spill on the table, and started eating! 11/11/13 - Logan had been “singing,” “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” over and over this past week. Sometimes he hums, and sometimes he uses a single syllable for the whole song, like “da, da, da”, “ma ma ma,” “rilla, rilla, rilla,” or “car, car, car.” Logan’s favorite things: walking around in the blue rainboots, Goodnight Gorilla, sitting in our laps or climbing up on us, playing with Shannon’s hair, copying whatever Connor is doing, throwing things, busses, balls, and balloons 11/13/13 - The last few days, at the dinner table after eating, Logan has held out his hands, smiled, and rocked back and forth saying, “ti ta ti ta.” We join in with “Tic toc, tic toc, I’m a little coocoo clock.” After the “now I strike one!” Logan raises his hands and says “coocoo!” 12/16/13 - Logan has improved in leaps and bounds in his speech in the last month. He uses several words together regularly, like “Thank you Daddy,” “No Mommy,” “Daddy work”. He also points out lots of things he sees, like busses, birds, and colors (especially red and blue). We haven’t really gotten him to say Connor yet, but he says brother (buh-dah), and last night he called him, “oh-nor.” He likes to push the chair over to the computer table, climb up (onto my lap if I’m sitting there) and get pencils and pens from the pencil jar. Sometimes on the way home from preschool he says, “more choo choo,” because sometimes we go home on a road adjacent to the train tracks. If a train goes by, he’s still not satisfied and says again, “more choo choo!” 12/28/13 - Logan loves to brush his teeth with toothpaste and wash his hands with soap (“dope”). He asks multiple times throughout the day. He is improving exponentially with his vocabulary, and it’s getting much easier for him to communicate what he wants. He can put together train tracks now and likes to run his trains along the track, especially on the bridges. 1/31/14 - Logan picked a small lemon off the tree just before we went for a walk around the block. He munched on it while we were walking, and eventually (before we got home) ate the entire thing – skin, seeds, and all! 2/5/14 - Sometimes Logan now calls Connor, “budda” and sometimes he calls him, “onno”. | 2/8/14 - Logan likes to say with this deep excited voice, “Yook Mama!” as he’s pointing to something he built. 2/14 - Shannon: Goodnight Sweetie! Logan: nigh nigh Wheetie! 2/10/14 - Ms. Sangita called me today to say how well Logan is doing. He’s one of the older kids in the class and is a leader. He’s been setting a good example during circle time and helping friends follow directions. He saw someone climbing and told them, “No climb.” He saw another child putting a toy in their mouth and said, “Not for mouth.” Ms. Shirley told me a few days ago that Logan and Adela were letting go of her hand but holding each other’s had and 2 other kids hands to do ring-around-the-rosie (usually the kids won’t let go of the teacher’s hand)! 2/27/14 - Logan went down the slide at the park, then looked at me and said, “Couple mo minutes? Okay.” 3/18/14 - I stopped nursing Logan today. 3/20/14 - The other day, it was 69 deg in the house as I was getting Logan dressed. I put a sweatshirt on over his tee shirt, and Logan immediately said, “No, take off. Berry hot Mommy!” 3/30/14 - Logan likes to kiss our ears. He moves my hair out of the way, then puts his mouth really close and whispers right into my ear, “Okay Mommy,” then gives me a loud kiss on my ear! 4/9/14 - Logan was looking at a book that had a picture of a duck. He said, “Look Mommy, quack quack,” (with his arms flapping like a duck), “Only one little duck came back” (right on tune for that song!) 4/18/14 - I asked Logan to go wash his hands to eat, then followed him into the bathroom. He put out his “stop” hand and said, “No, go Mommy. Do it mydelf!

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