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Lord of the Rings Hero's Journey

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FC: The Lord of the Rings Hero's Journey

1: Ordinary World Frodo is just an ordinary Hobbit living in the Shire. Everyone is happy and safe, and things that are out of the ordinary rarely happen. Frodo lives with his uncle Bilbo Baggins, who is about to celebrate his 111th birthday.

2: Call to Adventure | Call to Adventure Bilbo has been getting tired of The Shire. He explains that he feels like butter scraped along too much bread. He is ready leave The Shire and finish his book in peace. So he hatches a plan to disappear with the use of his ring while making his speech at his birthday party. After he does this, Gandalf arrives and apprehends him before he leaves and convinces him to leave the ring, and Bilbo does. After a bit of research, Gandalf comes to Frodo and tells him that Bilbo's old ring is actually the all-powerful One Ring. And that he must leave with the Ring because the enemy (Sauron's forces) are coming to kill him and take the Ring. Frodo's best friend Sam overhears Gandalf saying all of this to Frodo and is made by Gandalf to accompany him and help protect Frodo on their journey.

3: Refusal of the Call Frodo was okay with having the ring, but then Gandalf comes and asks Frodo, “Frodo, is the ring safe?” Frodo fetches the ring for Gandalf and Gandalf explains the significance of the ring and that Gollum betrayed Frodo. He reveals that the black riders are coming to capture him so they can take the ring. When Frodo finds out about this, he panics and desperately wants Gandalf to take it, But Gandalf denies his request.

4: Meeting with the Mentor | Gandalf introduces the adventure to Frodo, and also helps him along his journey by giving him very valuable advice, especially in the beginning. He prepares Frodo for his adventure, and warns him of certain dangers and also protects him and his allies when he can. Although he is not present for much of Frodo's journey, Gandalf's help was essential for Frodo's success.

5: Crossing the first threshold When Sam and Frodo are sent on their journey to destroy the ring, they get to the farm fields and Sam says, “If I take one more step it will be the farthest away from home I have ever been.” Frodo helps him continue. After that, they run into Pippen and Merry who were stealing from the farmer's crops, and then they leave the Shire.

6: Tests, Allies, Enemies This step covers the bulk of the movies. As most of the movie covers the journey in which the Hobbits and their allies are facing tests, and meeting enemies, this will be the largest step. This step will start when The Hobbits encounter their first enemy (A Black Rider/Nazgul), through the many stages of their journey. This includes meeting with the Fellowship in Rivendell; fighting goblins, a troll,and The Balrog in Moria; Meeting elvish friends in Lorien; Fighting Gollum/Smeagol and then making “friends” with him; defeating Saruman in the Battle of Helms Deep; and last but not least, winning the Battle of Minas Tirith.

7: Approach As they face a difficult trek, Gollum tricks Frodo into thinking Sam is betraying him and that he wants the ring for himself. Sam is the one who feels betrayed though. They finally reach the tower of Cirith Ungol, and Gollum leads Frodo into a tunnel, telling him it is the only way they can go, and he must either go in or go back the way he came. Frodo knows he hasn't come this far for nothing, so he heads forward into the tunnel, following Gollum and getting lost at the same time.

8: Ordeal Gollum leads Frodo into a trap where a spider lives that feeds off orcs and humans (or any living thing). Frodo gets out of the cave before Shelob can get him.When he gets into this opening he is very slowly moving trying not to get caught or be heard by orcs. But when he is hiding behind a rock before he goes on Shelob comes and stabs Frodo with her poisonous sting, and Frodo gets knocked out. Before Shelob can eat Frodo Sam comes and Fights Shelob. Sam stabs Shelob, then Shelob goes back into her cave. Then the sword glows because orcs are coming and they take Frodo away.

9: Reward After Sam rescues Frodo from the clutches of the orcs in Cirith Ungol, they are only steps away from the land of Mordor. The place they have been trying to get to all journey. As the orcs have moved off to fight Aragorn and his army at the Black Gate, the path is clear for Frodo and Sam to cross the lands of Mordor, and ultimately, defeat Sauron.

10: The Road Back Frodo and Sam use all of their strength to make it across Mordor, without a guide, protection, or food and water. Frodo and Sam forgive each other and know they must keep pushing themselves to keep going. Frodo gets spotted by an eye in a watchtower and gets knocked down, but the eye gets distracted and turns away. They continue on and reach Mt. Doom. They are both very weak, but they manage to push forward with every ounce of their willpower. Frodo passes out and it seems hope is lost, but Sam has a burst of strength and courage, and he carries Frodo until they get to the Cracks of Doom. Gollum appears and attacks Sam, and Sam cuts him and subdues him, allowing Frodo to keep going.

11: Resurrection When Frodo is on the ledge over Mt. Doom, ready to destroy the ring, he stops and looks at the ring and something changes in him. He turns around and says to Sam, “The ring is mine!” Then Frodo puts on the ring, turns invisible, and tries to escape. Gollum comes and sees Frodo's foot prints, and he jumps on Frodo. He finds the finger that the ring is on and bites it off. He celebrates. Frodo goes and fights with Gollum and they both fall off the cliff. Gollum falls into the volcano with the ring, and it gets destroyed. Frodo is able to hang on to the edge and Sam comes and saves Mr.Frodo.

12: Return with the Elixir Frodo has finally destroyed the One Ring and survived the quest. All of his hard-work, fighting, and mental strain has paid off at long last. Frodo and Sam are rescued upon destroying the Ring by Gandalf on the back of an eagle. They return as the heroes and saviors of Middle Earth. During the ceremony in which Aragorn was crowned King of Gondor, he bowed to the Hobbits at his own crowning ceremony in respect to their bravery and sacrifices.

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