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Lucas & Mia's 1st Year

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Lucas & Mia's 1st Year - Page Text Content

S: Lucas & Mia Chen: Pregnancy - 35 Weeks

FC: Lucas & Mia Pregnancy - 35 Weeks | Twin Tigers

1: First Ultrasound | Mommy's dream came true on December 14, 2009 when she found out she was going to have twins! What made it even more special was the estimated due date of August 15, 2010 - Daddy's birthday! Mommy's 1st reaction was Are you sure it's not triplets? Just twins?" Mommy was scared for about a day at the thought of caring for two babies at a time but got over the idea and became very excited. Mommy had always dreamed of having twins since she was a little girl but never thought it would be possible. When mommy told daddy about the news he was very scared and said Oh my God. It took about a week for daddy to get used to the idea of having twins. | Mommy's belly at 37 weeks 5 days | Mommy's belly at 7 weeks 4 days | Mommy was up to 208 lbs at 37 weeks! | Baby A = Lucas Baby B = Mia

2: April 16, 2010 - We were told Boy / Girl Twins! | Doctor visit - Find out gender

4: Our special T-Shirt / Bib Collection for this pregnancy

5: Diaper cakes from Aunt Betty | Cake from Palermo's Bakery | Event: Baby Shower Date: June 13, 2010 Location: Maxwell Place 7th Floor Lounge

6: Emotional, teary Daddy holding our precious Twinkies for the 1st time! | Mia's little birth mark | Mia's footprints

7: We banked your cord blood | Lucas' footprints

8: Lucas Chen | 6 Pounds, 10 Ounces | 20 Inches | 12:40 pm | Hackensack Hospital, New Jersey | August 5, 2010

9: 12:41 pm | 6 Pounds, 13 Ounces | Mia Chen | August 5, 2010 | 20.25 Inches | Hackensack Hospital, New Jersey

10: Lucas was always a calm baby

11: Mommy bonding with Mia

12: Home Sweet Home

14: Best Friends Forever ... or NOT! | Above: Mia grins after Lucas pushed her | Below: Lucas thinks it's too crowded | Below: Special Twins Bond | Both want nothing to do with each other | Below: Lucas the caring big brother

15: Dad!

16: the thinker | strawberry head | Funny face Mia | daddy's mini-me | Grandma swaddled Mia

17: Week 4 | You can lean on me

18: Mommy & Twinkies | I love you!

19: Fist Bump | When caring for boy/girl twins, whatever is clean will do... sometimes we just don't have the time to color coordinate... | The picture above says it all about their personalities: Lucas - calm & chill just like daddy Mia - easily annoyed & no patience just like mommy | Lucas in pink | Mia in blue

20: Celebration | Family & friends came to celebrate our 1 month party!

22: 6-7 Weeks | Need to hold their hands or they cry | Oops! | 1st time looking in mirror | 1st time washing hair | 1st sponge bath | They both love baths! | at week 3

23: Tummy time! | So Comfy! Although Mia hated tummy time! | Mad Face

24: Mommy's little Tiger | 7-8 Weeks

25: Lady M | Mamma Mia

26: 10 weeks

28: 11 weeks

29: True Twins | Daddy took Lucas' photo a week later yet Twinkies still made same exact pose.

30: Who's the LOUDEST Alarm Clock? Definitely Mia! | Bum

31: 10-11 weeks

32: Who are you? | We love bouncy seats!

33: Grandma and Grandpa love us | Mia | Lucas | Ella | Heidi

34: Yoly & Mia | Nanny Huang | We want to sleep but grandpa and grandma want to play.

35: Cozy in our crib! | 11 weeks

36: Exploring the world together | Keeping each other company | Lucas' fav musical toy | Playing footsies! | Keeping each other company

37: Lucas tasting Mia's hair | Mia likes to be swaddled | Caught in action! | On October 11, Lucas learned to pull his own hair and on the following day tried to pull Mia's.

38: My not so little sister! | Mia is one size bigger than Lucas; people often mistaken her for the older twin | Lucas practicing karate on Mia

39: Cute as a Button!

40: Partners in Crime | Best Friends! | 11 Weeks

41: At 11 weeks Lucas learned to turn 360 degrees in his crib by kicking in his sleep.

43: 12 weeks | Twinkie's 1st Halloween

44: We got visitors! Everyone wants to take picture holding us both together!

45: For our safety, daddy bought us the best car seats ($300+ each!) out there with extra big side cushion. Feels like First Class! | Week 13

48: Top: Mommy at 3 months. Bottom: Mia at 3 months. | Do we look alike?

49: Top: Daddy Bottom: Mia | Top: Daddy Bottom: Lucas | Mia is definitely a combination of Mom & Dad. Lucas looks more like the grown-up version of Dad.

50: 17 weeks | The Cutest Baby (1 of 2) in the World

51: 19 weeks | Below: Nanny Han claims baby girl clothes are shorter so a better fit for Lucas who is shorter than Mia.

52: 19 weeks

54: Top: How we took a nap at Dad's boss's holiday party. Right: Dad's boss, Mike demonstrating football hold position of carrying a baby

55: Our ride | Mia wearing Lucas' clothes thanks to nanny... | Weeks 17-18

56: Week 19

58: Twinkies 1st Christmas

59: A Christmas To Remember... | Dear Santa, we want 2 of everything!

61: 20 weeks | Princess Mia is a girly girl who LOVES pink

62: Never naughty always nice. Only Lucas can wear this shirt at this age. | Lots of toys for me to share with my little sister/best friend Mia! Love, Lucas

63: Week 20

64: Christmas Party at Uncle Jack & Aunt Andrea's home | Uncle Telin and Aunt Robin | Who's taller? Mia cheats by tip-toeing

65: Mia holding her own bottle | Sing-a-ma-jigs toys | Too bad Twinkies already passed out before opening presents

66: Week 21: Godmommy Chu Chu came to visit us!

67: Practicing tummy time together

68: Teething toy Sophie the Giraffe from Godmommy ChuChu | 21 weeks | Pugxi wants to play too...

69: The longest drool... | Wawa sitting on Lucas

70: Mommy was heartbroken to see Mia in such pain... | Week 22: Mia had reoccurring fever that wouldn't go away. A Doctor's visit turned into a 2-day hospital stay where she had to get IV injections and endure a bunch of tests.

71: Our brave lil tiger | Nurse couldn't find Mia's veins saying her arm was too chubby.

73: "You are so precious to me, sweet as can be, babies of mine" | Week 22

74: Week 22

76: 1st time in Bumbo seats | Week 22

77: Lucas doesn't want his hair combed

79: Week 23: 1st time playing in ExerSaucers although Mia quickly outgrew it because she's too tall.

81: Can you tell who is who?

82: Week 25 - Chinese New Year | With nanny Zhang

83: Emperor Lucas & Princess Mia

84: Sweet Cheeks | Week 27

85: My heart melts when you smile

86: The toy is mine! | Can I play? | Week 27

87: Twinkies doing tummy time together

88: We love to hold hands. | Best Friends Forever!

89: Week 27

90: Week 28 | Always love the bath!

91: Lucas loves to stick out his tongue. | Chubby Mia lying on mommy's bed

93: The first man a little girl falls in love with is her dad. | Daddy, I'm scared!

94: She will fill our lives with sunshine... And our hearts with love.

95: Week 28

97: Twinkies just woke up - Bad Hair Day | Week 29

98: Mia loves gadgets - just like Daddy! | Week 29

99: Lucas posing | Wawa likes to be the center of attention. | Getting too big for bumbo seats!

100: Mia loves the jumperoo! | Little ballerina in training

101: Week 30: Twinkies funny faces

102: 1st time using shower head. Lucas didn't mind water dripping on his face.

103: Week 31 | Mia didn't want to hold her sippy cup.

104: Week 31: Mia had to wear eye patch for about 2 months to correct her lazy eye. We also found that she had astigmatism.

105: Week 32

107: Week 32 | Lucas | Chen

108: Week 33: Daddy trying to take their passport pictures. <-- Wanted to pick the one below but can't show teeth so picked the one to the left.

109: <-- Wanted to pick the one below but can't show teeth so picked the one to the left.

110: Lucas' 1st time holding a balloon & liking it! | Lucas treating Mia like a princess by sitting on the lower seat & rubbing her foot

111: Week 33 Maxwell's Kids Party

112: Having a blast... | Week 33

113: Lucas' 1st time on the swing and loving it!!

114: Mia's 1st time on the swing | Mia was so scared and cried initially.

115: Then she loved it so much we came back again in the afternoon. | Right: Mia blowing her bubbles...

116: Week 33: Our 1st time trying solids - rice cereal! This is what happens when daddy feeds us. | Right: Mia eating her foot

117: Great Aunt Celia, Uncle Winston, and Aunt Michelle came to visit. | Aunt Michelle treating me like a puppet

118: Our little Sweetie | 1st time eating yum yum

119: Week 34 | rice cracker

120: Top: Hair clip overload | Left: Mia doesn't want to share her space with Lucas.

121: Aunt Debbie styled my hair

122: Mia & her friend Ling Ling | Mia wants to be the only bunny

123: Week 35

125: Week 35

126: Week 35: TWinkies had a play date with their friend Ling Ling who tried to take Mia's pacifier.

127: Above: Mia shopping for sunglasses. Right: Mia working hard to chew her rice cracker. Such a serious look!

128: A smile as sweet as spring | Mommy, do we have to share everything???

129: Week 35: 1st time at Day Care | Bright Horizons at Goldman Sachs | Left: 1st time riding the light rail | BIG welcome for the Twinkies

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