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Lyla's First Year

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Lyla's First Year - Page Text Content

S: Lyla Marie Faruzzi

BC: with love, Morgan

FC: Our Sweet Pea

1: It was Monday morning and Brett and I had gone on our Ancil Hoffman run route. While running Brett asked me how late I was on my period. I was about a week late. He told me I should take a pregnancy test when we got home. So I did and it was positive!! We were so excited and shocked at the same time. Brett had to rush off to work and he was in a haze all day. I decided to go to Walgreen's and buy another pregnancy test in a different brand. And of course, that one was positive too. I called Kaiser right away thinking I could get in immediately to confirm I was pregnant. Much to my surprise I had to wait a month for my appointment. The very next day I found out about my new teaching position at Castello Elementary. It was quite an overwhelming week of great news!!! | We're Pregnant! | 6/15/09

2: One Month | When I was one month pregnant I went on a wine tasting trip with friends from Charles Mack. We had a great time. It was definitely hard not to be able to taste the wine, but I had a fun time driving them around and hanging out with the girls.

3: Two Months | There is a Heart Beat! On July 13th we had our first Dr.'s appointment. We were so excited and nervous at the same time. As soon as the Dr. told us there was a pregnancy in the uterous and a heartbeat, we were so relieved. It finally felt real.

4: Progress | Three Months | We celebrated my 30th birthday when I was 11 weeks along. We had a blast with my closest friends. We had dinner on the patio at Ernesto's and then went to Fox and Goose afterwards to hear a band play. It definitely was a strange feeling having my 20's behind me. It was a great feeling hitting the three month mark. We had our 2nd Dr.'s appt. and Early Pregnancy class this week. Everything looks good so far. We can't wait to find out the sex on Sept. 25th!! We also found out more exciting news this month. Brett got promoted to the Field Sales Manager position at Sears Home Improvement. We are so grateful for all of these wonderful things happening in our life.

5: Four Months | We can't believe how quickly the last month has gone by. We just had our 16 week appt. and everything looks great. Baby Faruzzi was doing somersaults when we got to see it on the ultrasound. It's amazing that it is moving that much and I can't feel it yet. I am finally starting to get a little pooch. I've gained 2 pounds and my pants are starting to feel a little tighter (especially after I eat). Brett and I think this next month is going to be when I really POP. I am excited to start showing because it will seem more real. This past month we have welcomed our new nephew, Bodie, into the family. We are so excited that Dan and I's kids will only be 6 months apart. We also celebrated our 4 year anniversary. We had a fabulous dinner at Moxie. I go off track this Friday and Brett and I have a wonderful week long trip to Morro Bay planned. We can't wait to relax and enjoy each other before the baby arrives. We are also most likely going to move at the end of this month. We will keep you posted on that. We will also inform you with what we are having when we find out on the 25th!!!

6: BABY FARUZZI | It's a Girl!!

7: We had our BIG ultrasound appointment on Friday, Sept. 25th. Everything looks great. We found out Baby Faruzzi is a GIRL. Of course, I am so thrilled and Brett is still getting used to the idea of having a girl. He is of course thrilled too. She will definitely be daddy's little girl. My mom and I have already started the shopping. This little girl is going to be very spoiled. We can't wait to meet her. Also, we are not moving now. We are staying right where we are. Yay!! We are halfway there. We can't believe it. The closer the due date comes, the more real it seems. I have been off track for the past 3 weeks and have been thinking about our baby girl and baby stuff nonstop. Now that I am back at work, I won't have as much down time to obsess about the baby. Brett and I had a wonderful week long vacation in Morro Bay. We enjoyed every second of our alone time together. I am starting to pooch out a little more, but most say they can hardly tell I am prego. I am sure I am going to POP anyday now. I have felt little gas like bubbles, but no kicking yet. We are so excited for the upcoming months and meeting our baby girl. | Five Months

8: Six Months | It's official, the baby bump is here!!! Yay!! We have definitely noticed a growth in my belly in the last couple of weeks. It seems like the pregnancy is flying by. I am feeling her move quite a bit more now. I will usually feel her nudges in the evenings after dinner when I am lying down. I told my students 3 weeks ago that I am going to have a baby girl in February. I think it went over most of their heads. They are now making comments like, "your baby girl is growing Mrs. Faruzzi." I am really going to miss this class when I go out for maternity leave. They are by far the best class I have ever have. I love them dearly. I plan to take the rest of the school year off after our baby girl arrives. I started a prenatal yoga class last week with my friend Sarah who is due 2 weeks after me. We fell in love with it after the first class. I have also been taking a Macumba dance class 3-4 times a week. A parent at my school is teaching it to the staff after school in one of the classrooms. I absolutely love it. And of course I am still running, but I have cut back significantly now with all of these other fun excercise classes I am attending. It's very important to me to stay healthy and fit throughout my pregnancy. Brett and I are going to start our baby registry this week. I have been doing lots of research on what we need/want to have for this little girl. We are both looking forward to registering. Brett and I are getting very excited about the new addition to our family

9: Seven Months | The countdown has begun!!! We can't believe it's already December. Before we know it, our little girl is going to be here. In the past month, there has been a lot of growth in my belly. I have definitely popped out. I still feel really good and can move about normally. According to our ultrasound a week ago, our baby weighs about 2.7 pounds. She is right where she needs to be at this point. We had a 3D ultrasound done at 25 weeks and loved every minute of it. My parents went with us and the four of us were blown away by what we could see. She is so adorable already. Mommy bias I'm sure:) We are almost 100% sure we have a name picked out; Lyla Marie Faruzzi. She is kicking like crazy in there now. Brett feels her kick almost every night. It is so exciting!! We are signed up for several baby classes this month. We are looking forward to learning more so that we can be the best parents we can be. We are going to start working on the nursery at the end of this month. I am getting so anxious to do it. I have 2 1/2 more weeks left at work before I go off track for 6 weeks. I am really looking forward to my time off to prepare for the baby. We wish all of you a happy holiday season.

10: 3D Ultrasound

11: Eight Months | It's hard to believe the holidays have come and gone! We had a great holiday season with our families and friends. We are so blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives. Everyone is getting excited about Baby Lyla's arrival. Especially her mommy and daddy!! Brett took last week off and we worked like crazy on the nursery. It is coming along slowly but surely. The hardest, most time consuming part was getting everything out of the room we are doing the nursery in. It was our office/spare bedroom. My stuff was taking up the entire closet and I had to find other places for it:( Brett did an awesome job putting together the crib, changing table, dresser, and desk (in our room). He was Mr. Handyman last week. My mom helped us out a ton. She helped us with the wallpaper border, glider chair cover, and painting a mirror. We are so grateful for her assistance. Posted are a few pics of our process so far. There is still a lot more to do before it is complete. We will have to wait for the baby showers since a lot of the accesories are on our registry. I will post more pics when it is finished! In the past month we have taken several baby classes. We took an all day Saturday Preparing for Childbirth class, a Late Pregnancy-Hospital Tour class, and a Breastfeeding class. They were all very informative. We feel more prepared in these areas now. We are taking a Safe From Harm class and Newborn Care class this week. We had another ultrasound last week to check my low lying placenta and uterine fibroid. We will find out the results tomorrow at our Dr.'s appt. There is a possibility we might have to have a scheduled C-section. We are crossing our fingers that we will not have to. But of course we want whatever is safest for the baby. She weighs 3 lbs 13 oz. now. They confirmed once again that it is a girl!!! I am off track this month and am looking forward to doing more preparation for Lyla's arrival. It is a perfect month for me to have off. I will go back to work for a couple of weeks in Feb. before I go on maternity leave for the rest of the school year. We have our baby showers this month and are very excited to celebrate our baby with our friends and families. Brett will be celebrating his 31st birthday on the 9th. We plan on going out to a nice steak dinner and enjoying the 2 of us before we are a threesome. I am still feeling great physically, but getting a little nervous about what is in store for us. It is getting so close to the end and I am a ball of emotions. Excited, anxious, nervous!!!!! We keep telling ourselves that if other people can do it, we can.

12: Lyla's

13: Nursery

14: Baby Showers

16: February 2nd,2010

17: Lyla Marie Faruzzi February 2nd, 2010 5:15 am

18: My Visitors

19: So Loved!

20: We brought Lyla home 2 days after she was born on Thursday, February 4th. The car ride from Roseville to Carmichael seemed like an eternity. Brett was driving slower than ever and we were so anxious to get home. In the past week, we have been overjoyed with the amount of visitors and their gracious gifts and meals. Lyla already has so many special people in her life. Everything is going very well at home. She is eating really well (and hopefully packing on the pounds). She is such a good baby. Brett and I could stare at her for hours. She is absolutely beautiful. We went on our first walk when she was 6 days old. She seemed to really like it. It was really nice for Brett and I to get outside and enjoy some fresh air. I am recovering exceptionally well from my surgery. I am sore, but not in pain. I am moving about almost normally. It's easy not to focus on what my body went through when I have such a beautiful baby in front of me. Brett has been off this week and he will return to work on Monday. I am a little nervous about taking care of her on my own during the day. I am sure I will get used to it real quick. We are beaming with happiness from this wonderful life that we created. Wow!! What an incredible month this has been. We can't believe how fast the time has flown by. We have loved every minute of being parents. Our hearts are filled with so much love for our baby girl. We just adore her. She is such a good baby. We have had an exciting month full of firsts (for the baby and us). We've had our first outings; walks around the neighborhood, shopping with mommy (Kohl's, Goore's, Trader Joes, and Raleys), Nana and Papa's house, Friends' houses, Dr. appt's, Mommy and Me Group, restaurants (Ettore's, Bella Bru, Starbucks, Chick-Fill-A), Daddy and Nana's work, Cousin Ryan's Basketball game, and Daddy's work party. Baby Lyla had her first real bath when her umbilical cord fell off. Nana was over and helped us with that. Daddy cut her fingernails for the first time (mommy was too scared to). She has also gone in her swing and playtime mat for the fist times too (which she loves). She had an impressive weight gain at her first Dr.'s appt on the 23rd. She went from 5 lbs 2 oz (she lost weight in the hospital) to 6 lbs 15.9 oz ( we are rounding up to 7) in 16 days!! We were absolutely thrilled with that. She is breastfeeding very well and sleeps the majority of the day. We are doing well with the lack of sleep. Better than we thought we would. We are so grateful for all of the well wishes and support our friends and family have given us over the past month. We are excited for her growth and new experiences that are in store for us this next month. Lots of love!!

22: We can't believe Baby Lyla is already 2 months old today! She has grown so much both physically and socially in the past month. She has already doubled her weight, weighing more than 10 lbs now. She is such a great eater. Her 0-3 month clothes finally fit her. She is so much more alert and can focus on people and things now. She is cooing and babbling like crazy too! She was going through a little fussy phase for the past couple of weeks, but that has seemed to subside a little over the past few days (thank goodness). She is just a doll. We absolutely love every minute of being her parents. We have visited many places and seen lots of people over the past month. We went to both of my schools (Castello and Mack) to visit my students and fellow teachers. My current class at Castello threw Lyla and I a surprise baby shower. It was so sweet of them and it made us feel very special. I miss my class SO much!! We went to a St. Patrick's Day Party at our friends' the Mize's house. We all dressed in green and had a great time. We have been to our Mommy and Me group every week at Kaiser. What a great support group for me to go to. I love it! We have been to a postpartum sculpt exercise class where I can bring Lyla with me. I was able to start running 2 weeks ago and am slowly getting back into it. It's a lot tougher to run with the jogging stroller!! We have a 5K race planned for the 11th of this month. We had a family BBQ at my parents' house recently where Lyla got to hang out with all of her cousins, aunts and uncles, and Nana and Papa. Brett went to Spring Training in AZ with his buddies last weekend. He had a great time and Baby Girl and I managed just fine on our own. Daddy missed his little girl a ton though. We have been to many stores, friends' houses, cousin Brett's baseball games, and restaurants too. My parents have babysat a couple of times while we went to dinner with friends and happy hour on our own. My dad has also watched her on his own while I've ran errands. It is so great to have them only 4 miles away:) We plan to spend Easter in Turlock with Brett's family. We found out a couple weeks ago that I will be sharing a teaching contract next school year. I will be teaching 80% Mon.-Thurs. I am so thrilled because I will be able to spend an extra day with Lyla every week. Brett's job might be changing a bit too. He is waiting to hear back about a Training Management position with Sears Home Improvement. We will keep you posted on that!

24: EASTER | 1st | Lyla's

26: We spent Easter Sunday in Turlock at Brett's mom's house. We had a nice time visiting with Great Grandma Lister, Grandma Becky, Papa Mark, and Uncle Austin. Grandma Becky made a fabulous Easter dinner that we all enjoyed. We feel so blessed to have such a wonderful family. We stopped by the Hackler's house on the way out of town so that they could meet Lyla. It was great to see them. Their boys are getting so big. The drive home was a little scary, it poured the entire way! But we made it home safely.:) Wow!! Where has the time gone. Lyla turned 3 months on May 2nd. She is getting so big already. She looks like a baby now, not a newborn anymore. She is already 12 1/2 pounds. She is such a good little eater. She is smiling and cooing like crazy now. Especially when she is on her changing table. She is also batting at her toys when she is on her playtime mat. She is at a really cute stage right now. Over the past month we have definitely kept ourselves busy. We've gone to our Mommy and Me group at Kaiser every Wednesday and my postpartum sculpt class every Friday. We have also had weekly play dates with Luke and Sarah and Lucas and Amy. We've gone to the pizza and wine night at Bella Bru every Tuesday night with our friend Damo. We've also gone on many walks and runs around the neighborhood and hung out at my parent's house quite a bit. It's hard to believe that I will be returning to work in 2 months. I am really struggling with the thought of that. I am trying to enjoy every moment I have right now with my baby girl. We just love her SOOOO much!!!

28: Spring Time

30: We had a very busy Mother's Day weekend. On Saturday we drove down to Hanford (near Fresno) to visit Grandma Faruzzi and the rest of the Faruzzi clan that lives down there. It was Grandma Faruzzi's first time meeting Baby Lyla. Of course she fell in love with her instantly. We had a nice dinner and visit with them. That night we drove back up North to Turlock where we stayed the night at Brett's mom's house. It was our first overnighter with the baby. We had a delicious homemade breakfast at her house the next morning. We got to visit with Uncle Austin, Aunt Jenny, Great Grandma Lister, and Papa Mark as well. Brett and Lyla surprised me with a beautiful Tiffany's sterling silver necklace that has Lyla's first initial on it. I absolutely LOVE it. It was a great start to a wonderful Mother's Day. We drove home mid day and had my parents over for dessert when we got home. My mom made my first Mother's Day very special too (even though I am not her mother) by framing some beautiful pictures she had taken of Lyla. That night Brett made me a fabulous dinner and we relaxed for a couple of hours on the couch. Baby Girl was a sweetheart all day too. I couldn't have asked for a more special day. What an awesome month it has been for Baby Lyla! On her 3 month birthday we decided to put her on a sleeping schedule and boy is she thriving on it! She started sleeping in her crib (not in mommy and daddy's room anymore)and going to bed between 7:30 and 8:30 PM. She is napping 3-4 times per day and nursing every 3 hours instead of every 2. What a difference it is been for her and us. She is such a happy baby now and hardly ever fusses. I can get stuff done around the house while she's napping and I don't feel like I'm feeding all day long anymore. After we put her in her room at night, she went from waking 2 times during the night to just one. And just in this past week, she has slept through the night 5 nights out of 6. I am so thrilled. She is getting so big, so fast. She is weighing around 14 pounds now. I have been feeding her breastmilk out of a bottle once a day to get her used to taking bottles. She will be starting daycare in one month when I go back to work. Boohooo! She loves to suck on her fist now and she is holding toys. She also loves to look at her reflection in the mirror. She is now playing in her excersaucer. It is so stinkin cute!! In the past month, she went for her first swim in our pool. It was a little cold for her, but we still think she is going to be a little fish because she LOVES her bath time. We still go to our Mommy and Me group every Wednesday. We have made friends with several of the mommies and babies. We go out to lunch with them after our group. She went to her first Tolson Family Reunion. Everyone fell in love with her. Grandma Becky is staying with us every Tuesday night now. She is working in Sacramento and drives back and forth from Turlock everyday. This way, she can drive one less day and spend time with Lyla. Nana is babysitting Lyla every Saturday morning while Brett and I do our long runs. We are training for a half marathon in July. We just adore our baby girl. She is such a blessing. We are so grateful for our little family. We couldn't be happier!!

33: "A Mother's love never ages."

34: Summer Time!

35: Tolson Family Reunion

36: We celebrated Brett's 1st Father's Day yesterday! We had a great day. It started with a yummy breakfast at The Hungry Hollow restaurant. Then we came home and relaxed and played with Lyla for awhile. Then daddy went on a bike ride while Lyla and I went to Baskin Robbins to buy an ice cream cake for dessert. We went on a walk to the park in the afternoon and threw the ball around a little and Sweet Pea swung in the swing for the first time. In the evening, my parents came over for a BBQ to celebrate my dad too. We had burgers, my mom's delicious potato salad, and corn on the cob. And of course the ice cream cake for dessert. We gave daddy some new summer clothes, Rivercats tickets, and a framed picture of us for his office at work. I think he felt pretty special on his first Father's Day. Lyla turned 5 months old on July 2nd. This past month has been so much fun. Lyla is now laughing out loud, rolling over (periodically), and holding her feet with her hands. I have enjoyed every minute with her, especially since I've known that going back to work was in the near future. I go back on Monday, July 19th. I am so not ready to leave Lyla. It is going to be the hardest thing I've ever had to do. She is going to be in good hands though while we are at work. I am very grateful that I've had the past 5.5 months with her. And I really do have an ideal job for a family. We had to say goodbye to all of our Mommy and Me friends today. We will miss them very much. Lyla continues to grow like a weed. She is close to 16 pounds now. She is very alert and happy. Her favorite thing to do is play in her excersaucer. She loves her dolly too! She is pretty much sleeping through the night (11 hours) every night now! Which has been wonderful for me. We just adore her and look forward to all of the new and fun phases ahead.

39: Happy Fathers Day Daddy!!

40: Mommy & Me | Mommy and Me

41: Play Time

42: How did our baby girl get to be a half a year old? She is growing up way too fast!! This past month has been an exciting and difficult time for us. Difficult because I had to go back to work on July 19th. It has been really tough leaving her everyday. It's definitely been a huge adjustment for me. Life is VERY busy now!! The great news is that Lyla is doing wonderfully with her babysitters (Patty and my dad). It sure makes it easier being at work knowing that she is happy and in good hands. There has been a lot of excitements this past month because we've done a lot of fun things. We went to a Rivercats game with Nana and Papa. We celebrated Lyla's first 4th of July. We went out of town for the first time and Lyla stayed in her first hotel room. We went to Los Gatos for my half marathon. We've gone swimming and gone to the park quite a bit. We went to the Courtland Pair Fair. We went to a Mommy, Daddy, and Me playdate with my Mommy and Me friends and their families. It was so much fun, because all the dads got to meet. There were 12 babies there!! Lyla had her first taste of solid food a few days ago. We are feeding her Organic Brown Rice Cereal once a day now. She LOVES it! She is such a great eater. She acts like she's been doing it for a long time. She's already a pro. Lyla is rolling over regularly now. Most of the time she rolls from her tummy to her back. She laughs out loud and talks to us all the time. She is thanfully sleeping through the night every night. Otherwise, I don't know how I would survive. Her next Dr.'s appt is Sept. 3rd. We will find out how much she weighs at that appt. We just adore our Sweet Pea. We definitely treasure every moment we get to spend with her

44: 4th Of July

46: Lyla's 1st Race

47: Family Time

48: It sure is hard to believe that Lyla is 7 months old already! She is getting so big, so fast. She is so much fun and has the sweetest personality. We just love her to pieces. In this past month Lyla has tried a variety of solid foods. I have made all of her food from scratch using organic fruits and vegetables. She has had organic brown rice cereal with banana, zucchini, yams, peas, carrots, avocado, pears, apricots, yellow squash, and apples. She is such a great eater. She loves to dive forward for her food and get her hands all up in it. Lyla is also sitting up with little help from mom and dad. She has discovered her tongue and likes to stick it out at us. It is so cute. She is doing so good at her babysitter's house while we are at work. We are so proud of her. Lyla has done some exciting things this past month. We celebrated my 31st birthday at Bella Bru with lots of friends. We went down to Turlock to celebrate Uncle Austin's birthday. We went to my parents' cabin and stayed a night. Lyla got to go on her first hike and put her feet in the river for the first time. She loved it!! We also celebrated her cousin Bodie's first birthday with the family. I will be off track starting this Thursday for the remainder of Sept. I am really looking forward to spending quality time with our little sweet pea. We are going on our first little family vacation to Morro Bay for a week. We are SO excited!! We hope all is well with you.

50: Weekend at the CABIN

52: Lyla turned 8 Months old on October 2nd! Boy how the time has flown. Lyla is getting so big. She is so interested in everything going on around her. So interested that I can't even nurse her in the same room as daddy now!! She gets easily distracted. We have really enjoyed this past month with our little girl. Especially since I was off track for 3 weeks and got to spend every day with her. Lyla sits up all on her own very well now. She is sitting in shopping carts, restaurant high chairs, and the stroller without the car seat. We went on our first family vacation to Morro Bay. Brett's grandma Faruzzi has a condo there and let us stay for a week. We are so grateful for her kindness. We got to visit her in Hanford on our way down to Morro Bay. It was so great to see her. Lyla got to see and feel the ocean for the first time. It was VERY cold!! We created many memories in Morro Bay as Lyla's first vacation. We really enjoyed ourselves. We also went camping at Sunset Beach near Santa Cruz for a weekend. We went with Brett's family. Our friends Samantha, Miguel, and their baby Marcello joined us for a night too. The weather was awesome. We had a great time hanging out at the beach. Lyla was a trooper and did a great job sleeping in the wilderness! Since I was off track, we got to go to our Wed. Mommy and Me group at Kaiser we had been attending every week before I went back to work. It was fun to see some old friends and babies and meet the newer ones. Lyla seemed so old compared to the other babies. It makes me so sad :( Lyla had her first sleepover at Nana and Papa's this month when we celebrated our 5 year anniversary and went to a wedding. The wedding was at Wine and Roses in Lodi the night before our anniversary, so we decided to get a room there to celebrate our anniversary as well. Lyla did a great job spending the night away from home. Lyla has tried many new solid foods this month. She has had sweet potatoes, plums, ground turkey, oatmeal, cauliflower, blueberries, apple juice, lamb, and prunes. She has seemed to like everything. She is a great little eater. Lyla is such a joy! We truly feel blessed to have such a beautiful, sweet baby. How'd we get so lucky?

54: Morro Bay

55: 1st Family Vacation

56: Camping @Sunset Beach

57: Beach Time

58: Lyla turned nine months old on November 2nd. She is getting so big. It's hard to believe she will be a year old in 3 months. I definitely know what people mean when they say to enjoy every minute with your baby because they grow up so fast. It is very true. Lyla is nursing only 4 times per day now and eating solids 3 times per day. Some new solid foods she has tried this past month have been: barley, tofu, green beans with mint, egg yolk, whole plain yogurt, cottage cheese, puffs and bisquits that she feeds herself, asparagus, asian pears, pork, butternut squash, and pinto beans. She is such a great eater. She has liked everything we've given her. Lyla has four teeth now. She has her two top and two bottle middle teeth. It's amazing how quickly they all popped through. We are very fortunate in that she has been a good teething baby. Lyla can say ba-ba and da-da now. She can clap her hands, give a high five, and do an indian sound with her mouth on demand. We are teaching Lyla baby signs. She hasn't done one back to us yet, but she watches us and seeems to understand what we are saying and signing. Lyla got her first cold, but she was a Superstar with dealing with it. She didn't even act sick. This past month we took Lyla to the pumpkin patch, a Halloween party with her Mommy and Me friends, the library for a read aloud, Mommy's 1/2 marathon, and her cousin Brett's football game at Delta High. We celebrated her first Halloween and she dressed up as a Red Lobster. She was a little shell shocked by the costume. We look forward to the next couple of months and celebrating the holidays with our friends and family. Stay tuned!!

60: [ Autumn]

61: My 1st Pumpkin Patch!

62: Lyla's

63: Ist Halloween

64: Lyla turned 10 months old yesterday! It sure is hard to believe that she will be a year old in 2 short months. With the holidays here, I've been doing a lot of reflecting on this past year. I couldn't be more grateful for my beautiful baby girl and my wonderful husband. They both mean the world to me. I feel so blessed to have such an amazing family, great friends, my rewarding job,and my good health. Life is good!! This past month Lyla has experienced some new, fun things. I took her to Artbeast, a music/art place downtown for kids. We met our great friends Sammantha and Marcello there. Lyla had her first painting experience. What a mess is all I have to say about that!! I captured some great pics though:) Lyla celebrated her first Thanksgiving at Nana and Papa's house. She had fun playing with her cousins and enjoyed her first (mashed/pureed) Thanksgiving dinner. Lyla met Santa for the first time. I took her to get her picture taken with him and she was terrified of him. Oh well, maybe she'll be a Santa fan next year! Lyla still has just four big teeth, two top and two bottom. She has tried some new foods this month; cherries, lentils, persimmons, spelt, cheerios, yellow split peas, cheese, broccoli, turkey, mashed potatoes, black beans, pineapple, and edamame. I am still making all of Lyla's food and she has liked everything I've given her. She is a fabulous eater. She loves to feed herself puffs and cheerios. It is so cute to watch. Lyla is saying "ma-ma" now. My heart just melts every time she says it. She can wave bye-bye and hello. She is not crawling, but has her own way of being mobile. She rolls EVERYWHERE!! If she sees something across the room that she wants, she will do 8 rolls to get to it. Lyla is such a big girl now that she has grown out of her infant car seat. We have her in her new convertible car seats now. We look forward to celebrating her first Christmas in a couple of weeks. Happy Holidays to you all! Much Love.

66: Lyla's 1st Thanksgiving

67: So Thankful

68: Winter

69: Lyla & Santa

70: Lyla's 1st Christmas

71: Who needs Santa when you have Daddy!

72: Lyla turned eleven months old on January 2nd! We can hardly believe she is only a month away from being a toddler. Our little girl is growing up WAY too fast. We celebrated her first Christmas and New Years. She loved all of the friends and family gatherings. She looked adorable in her Christmas dresses. She was more into opening presents than we thought she would be. She would squeal every time she would open a gift. She is enjoying all of her new gifts. I am on my 6 week off track break from work and loving every minute I get to spend with Lyla. Lyla has five teeth now and she LOVES to use them. She will eat anything you put in front of her (except for sour kiwis)! Some new foods she tried last month were; couscous, salmon, chicken, polenta, kiwi, beef stew, raisins, red beans w/brown rice, bis quits, and pancakes. She is only nursing 3-4 times per day now and I plan to have her weaned around her first birthday. No more pumping at work for me!! YAY:) I am ready to move on from nursing but I will miss our special bonding time. Lyla is still such a fabulous sleeper. She has been sleeping at least 11 hours at night and takes 2 solid naps during the day. How did we get so lucky?! Lyla hit a few milestones this past month. She is OFFICIALLY crawling to get to things now. She was rolling for months, then army crawling, and now it's officially a crawl. She is too funny!! She can pull herself up in a laundry basket and in her crib. She is close very close to doing it on the coffee table. She is a little talker. Besides saying ba-ba, ma-ma, and da-da, she is now saying ball, baby, and me. She has also done signs back to us. She has signed milk, more, and all done. It is so cute. Lyla sits up from a tummy position now by doing the full on splits. For anyone that has been around Lyla you know she is a little gymnast already. We do not know how she got so flexible because her parents are totally inflexible! She is very active and busy. She is ALWAYS in motion. Lyla has also started drinking out of a sippy cup on her own. It's truly amazing how much she has changed in such a short amount of time. We are really looking forward to celebrating her first birthday in a month. It's so fun having this time off right now so I can plan her party. We wish all of you a healthy and happy new year!

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