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Maddie's book

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Maddie's book - Page Text Content

S: Madeleine Kay Saleet

BC: Made for you with lots of love by Auntie Kayla

FC: Madeleine | Saleet | Kay

1: Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart | M | madeleine kay | Winnie thePooh

2: week 13 | week16 | week 17 | week 18 | week 23 | week 19 | week 20 | week 21 | week 22

3: week 24 | week 30 | week28 | week32 | week 25 | week 27 | week 34 | week 29 | week 36 | week 37 | week 39

5: ready and waiting

6: "Twinkle twinkle little star; do you know how loved you are?"

7: madeleine kay saleet | M

8: Love | You | first came | then came

10: Madeleine Kay Saleet born June 21, 2009

11: The Story of your...

12: Our Family | bringing home baby

13: From small beginnings come GREAT things

14: Meet your family | Tita & Jiddo | Auntie Gigi | Super Tita

15: Grammie Debbie Aunt Sarah | Uncle Jude | Auntie Kayla

17: the only thing worth stealing | is a kiss from a sleeping child

18: Such a BIG for such a little girl | Miracle

21: sandy toes & salty kisses | your 1st trip to see the ocean

22: You are my sunshine

24: babies are a great way to start little people

26: your 1st Halloween, you look happy as a pea in a pod

30: 3 - 6 months

32: 1 st christmas | Who needs Santa when you have Grandmas!

35: 6-9 months

37: "Bunnies are brown. Bunnies are white. Bunnies are always An Easter delight. Bunnies are cuddly The large and the small. But I like chocolate one The best of them all."

39: Ladybugs all dressed in red, waltzing through the flower bed. If I was little just like you, I'd dance among the flowers too.

41: 9 -12 months

42: like glittering dust on fairies wings little girls are made of magical things

46: Happy 1st birthday | A One-year-old child is so many things -- A tiny discoverer of butterfly wings, A hugger of Teddies, A sweet sleepyhead, And someone to dream for in bright years ahead...

48: Maddie's first haircut

49: m k | s

50: With a butterfly kiss and a ladybug hug, sleep tight little one like a bug in a rug

51: let her sleep, for when she wakes she will move mountains

52: fun day at the pumpkin patch

54: Trick or Treat

57: Be Bold, Be Proper, Be Thankful, Be Crazy, Be Punctual, Be Spontaneous, Be Daring, Be Loving, Be Random, Be Classy, Be Original, Be Loud, Be Adorable, Be Unique, Be Kooky, Be Beautiful

59: only as high as you reach can you only as far as you can seek can you only as deep as you look can you only as much as you can you | GROW GO SEE DREAM BE

60: M

61: M

62: Christmas | 2010

63: J O Y

66: H O W W E M E T | Baptism | This precious little baby was sent from above, to fill your hearts with happiness and touch our lives with love

68: 12-18 months

70: 18-24 | months

72: Happy | 2 | nd | Birthday

74: new adventures around every corner

76: GROWTH CHART | AGE IN MONTHS WEIGHT HEIGHT | 1 | ------------ ------------ ------------ | ------------ ------------ ------------ | ------------ ------------ ------------ | ------------ ------------ ------------ | ------------ ------------ ------------ | 2 | 4 | 6 | 9 | 8lbs 14oz | 21 in | 13lbs 1oz | 14lbs 4oz | 19lbs | 21lbs 5oz | 23 in | 24 in | 26 in | 28 in

77: AGE IN MONTHS WEIGHT HEIGHT | ------------ ------------ ------------ | ------------ ------------ ------------ | ------------ ------------ ------------ | ------------ ------------ ------------ | ------------ ------------ ------------ | 12 | 15 | 18 | 21 | 24 | 21lbs 3oz | 22lbs 8oz | 24lbs | 26lbs | 29lbs | 30 1/2 in | 30 in | 32 in | 33 in | 35 1/2 in

78: Maddie's Moments | Month 1 – You had many visitors. Grandparents, Aunt Gigi, Aunt Kayla, Uncle Adam and Aunt Allison and many friends. You spent much of the time sleeping and eating. You made lots of funny little baby noises we called “Baby Rhino” noises. You put yourself on a very rigid schedule of eating every three hours very quickly, foreshadowing the structure you prefer to have in your life. We went to the 4th of July parade and fireworks in Hanover to celebrate Independence Day. Everyone we ran into stopped to say what a beautiful baby you were. | Month 2 – Mommy was still at home with you. We went to campus to have lunch with Daddy nearly every day. You smiled for the first time this month. Mommy started reading to you and worked on teaching you how to talk. We made our first time out of Hanover to Portsmouth for the day to meet Aunt Allison and Uncle Adam. We had a picnic in the park next to the sea and ate lobster rolls at a seaside café. | Month 3 – We visited Allentown for the first time.You got to meet many of your relatives, including Uncle Jude, Aunt Sarah and Super Tita. You started cooing and squealing regularly this month, demonstrating your verbal skills. Mommy went back to work this month and you started going to daycare. You seemed to enjoy it and never cried. You were very social and enjoyed being around new people. We had our first mini-vacation to Portland, Maine for mommy and daddy’s anniversary for the weekend. You enjoyed the stroller rides and seeing the ocean. | Month 4 – You started sleeping for longer periods this month. You started to be interested in your toys,picking out your gloworm at the store. You can mimic some sounds and are quite verbal. You went to your first Dartmouth Homecoming and Bonfire this month packed in an enormous snow suit. You went on your first airplane ride to Indiana to go to Mommy’s 10 year college reunion at Ball State. We spent the weekend with Grammie, Aunt Kayla and Aunt Haley. You stayed with a babysitter for the first time while mommy and daddy went out to a work dinner this month, April Thompson.

79: Month 5 – You rolled over, laughed for the first time, sleeping through the night, sitting up, saying “dada”, eating rice cereal. Took your second airplane ride to Indiana to go to Aunt Kayla and Uncle Jason’s baby shower. You got to meet the rest of your relatives, who were so excited to see you. | Month 6 – You stayed away from home with Tita and Jiddo for 3 days while mommy and daddy went on a mini-vacation to Las Vegas. You loved it! You could sit | by this time. You started eating baby food. You liked carrots, apples, pears, bananas. You didn’t like peas and green beans. You started to recognize mommy and daddy this month and started clapping your hands and playing peek-a-boo. You celebrated your first Christmas this month. You flew to Indiana again to spend 7 days with mommy’s family and back to Allentown to spend 5 days with daddy’s family. You enjoyed ripping the paper off of your gifts with Aunt Gigi and Aunt Kayla’s help. You got to meet your cousins, and they loved you! | Month 7 – You can easily hold your bottle now. You can mimick facial expressions and stick out your tongue. You loved being read to, looking at books (and trying to eat them!) and singing songs! | Month 8 – We moved to New York and mommy got to stay home with you again. We went to storytime at the library every week where we met lots of fun new kids. You got your first teeth this month, your bottom two front teeth. | Month 9 – You started eating some table foods. You could wave goodbye and could say mama now too. You could pull yourself up to stand. You started pointing and picking up small objects with your fingers this month. You celebrated your first Valentine’s Day this month. You started crawling this month. | You dressed up like a peapod for your first Halloween on Webster Avenue at Dartmouth. You celebrated your first Thanksgiving in Allentown with daddy’s family.

80: Maddie's Moments | Month 10 – Mommy started working 2 days a week this month and you started going to Amy’s house on those days. You loved playing with the older kids there and were very excited to go. We spent much of the month trying to find a house to buy in our new location. You were army crawling very fast at this point. You celebrated your first Easter in Allentown. Tita took you to church in your Easter dress and you got your first Easter baskets. We had your picture taken with the Easter bunny and you didn’t cry! | Month 11 – You got your top two front teeth this month and another bottom tooth. You started cruising around furniture and getting up and down from small objects. You always loved books and had many favorites by this point including the Very Hungry Caterpillar, Oh the Thinks You Can Think, the Ladybug Girl and 5 Little Monkeys. | Month 12 – You celebrated your first birthday with 2 parties, one in Hamilton with daddy’s famil y and one in Indiana with mommy’s family. We drove to Indiana this month to see mommy’s family for the 4th of July. We went to Chicago to the Aquarium. You loved looking at the all of the fish. You could drink from a sippy cup and could eat nearly anything. You had a larger vocabulary of about 10 words. You got another bottom tooth. You love singing songs, playing with your friends and being around new people. | Month 15 – We moved to our new house in Cazenovia. Mommy started a new job, so you | take 2 | started going to Amy’s house 4 days a week, which you really enjoyed. You took your first steps this month. You got 2 more teeth this month. You could drink from a straw. Your vocabulary had increased to about 70 words. You knew all of your animals and the sounds they make. You can count to 5 and make two word sentences. We visited the Allentown zoo and you loved the penguins and birds

81: problems. You can ask and answer questions. You have begun your negotiating skills. You have memorized most of your books and can finish all of the sentences and can sing several songs. You can say a number of multi-syllabic words such as elephant, caterpillar and crocodile. Aunt Kayla, Uncle Jason and Aiden, Grammie and Papa Craig came to visit for Halloween. You dressed like a monkey and trick-or-treated with Aiden. We visited the pumpkin patch for the first time and you loved feeding the animals, especially the llama. We went to Indiana & A Allentown for Christmas. You were v were very excited about opening p presents and playing with your cousins. | Month 21 – You can recite your ABCs, count to 15, count to 3 in Spanish and say a number of words | Month 24 – You are going to be a big sister in December! You can do somersaults. You like to swim. You have your 2 year molars. You love puzzles and your aquadoodle. You can sing more songs and say even more words. You have a fantastic sense of | in Spanish and Arabic. You can sing more than 20 songs. You can make sentences of 5-6 words. You love Mickey Mouse, Dora and Olivia. You have all of your baby teeth except your 2 year molars. You love Tomorrow from Annie. This month you stayed with Tita and Jiddo for a week when mommy and daddy went to Amsterdam for vacation. You got to meet your baby cousin, Logan and you celebrated Easter at Tita and Jiddo’s. You have a favorite blankie and a pacifier. You sleep in your own bed most nights | humor. You engage in imaginary play. You love to color, play with play-dough and build towers with your blocks. We went to Indiana this month to celebrate your birthday. We had an Olivia party at Aunt Kayla’s house with all of your relatives. We went to Lake Michigan and the water park while we were there. We had a Mickey Mouse birthday party for you in Cazenovia with all of your friends. You love Peter Pan and ask constantly if you can watch Never Smile at a Crocodile on my phone. Yes, you know how to use YouTube. | Month 18 – You can walk and run. You can reason through

82: My dear, sweet Maddie, The past two years have been the greatest adventure of our lives. The intense pride and wonder we have felt watching you grow is hard to put into words. You have never ceased to surprise us with your ability to learn and your insatiable curiosity. You are a unique blend of us in personality and appearance. You are the smartest child we have ever known, with quick wit and an unmatchable memory for the smallest details. Your ability to communicate is impeccable for a child your age. You are headstrong, sure of yourself, a natural leader with a smile that can melt hearts and a sincere kindness for those around you. You make friends easily and are never afraid to have a conversation with anyone you meet. You truly amaze us on a daily basis.

83: As you continue to grow from a toddler to a child, you challenge us regularly to always be the parents we strive to be. We are on a journey of learning together. We work every day to instill the virtues of a confident, strong and loving woman. You remind us daily of your zest for life, curiosity and capacity for knowledge. We pledge to continue to feed those cornerstones of your personality as you grow and to never dampen your spirit and confidence. You are a remarkable child that will no doubt grow into an incredible woman. Always know that your parents are committed to providing you with every opportunity to learn and develop into an honest, loving, respectful, funny, warm, and confident woman. Every decision we make is to provide you with the best environment. You truly are OUR SUNSHINE! All our love forever and always, Mommy and Daddy

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