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Mahati's Second Year

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Mahati's Second Year - Page Text Content

S: Mahati's Second Year - June 10th 2010 Thru June 10th, 2011

BC: Inch by Inch, row by row, we watched you grow & grow. | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 19 | 17 | 18 | 21 | 22 | 20 | 23 | 24

FC: Mahati | 2nd Year | June 10th, 2010 | June 10th, 2011 | Thru

1: This book was made with love from Amma and Dada as a reflection of your second year. - We love you.

2: June 10th, 2010 | It is fun to be | 1

3: First Birthday | Sunday, June 13th 2010

4: June 14th, 2010 | First Birthday Portraits at Picture People

5: Your new day care: Lakeside Montessorie June 14th, 2010 Thru August 19th 2010 | I think this was a week after you started there. I came to pick you up and you were coming back from your cart ride. You saw me and started crying loud ... I guess you were complaining casue I was taking picture instead of picking you up :-)

8: Spending time in upstairs balcony

9: Father's Day - June 20th, 2010

10: Surgery to put Ear tubes June 21st, 2010 -6 AM

11: Fun at Madhav Mama's place June 26, 2010 | Meeting Sloka Baby - June 22nd, 2010

12: Ammamma left to India on June 30th, 2010

13: July 2nd, 2010 - Trip to Ganesha Temple in Temple,TX | Lakshmi Atha/Seenu Mama sent you this dress from India.

14: My Wondrous Miracle

16: A wee bit of heaven drifted down from above, a handful of happiness, a heart full of love!

17: July 5th, 2010 - Dada's Birthday

19: 13th Month: 06/14/2010 – Started going to her new school – Lakeside Montessori Academy (The Colony). Hope you will like it. 06/17/2010 – Started driking Organic Vitamin D milk once a day – usually before bed about 3 ounces. You didn’t show any signs of tasting new stuff – for you it was business as usual. 6/21/2010 - had surgery to put tubes in your ears. 06/22/2010 – When Amma gave upma - you just had couple of bites and didn’t want it any more. 06/30/2010 – Ammamma left to India. 07/04/2010 – Amar Mama told Amma and Dada “You cannot ask for more” regarding you. One more proudest moment for Amma and Dada You love doing Ram Ram. As soon as we say “Ram Ram chedhamu Mahi” you will start clapping and will walk to the mandir. When Amma and Ammamma are doing pooja and call you you stop whatever you are doing and walk straight to the mandir to sit and do Bhajan. Cutest thing. 07/05/2010 – Dada’s Birthday! You ate breakfast with Dada – French Toast and Sunrise Toast (Mamma’s recipe – Dada’s fav). You loved French Toast. 13th Month Birthday: I made Vanilla Ice-Cream cake.

20: The Three Musketeers | July 11th, 2010 - Saathvik's 2nd Birthday @ Kreative Kidz | At Sridhi Akka's third Birthday (Jul 13) party (Ruchi Palace) - July 17th, 2010

21: August 2nd, 2010 Your First Swimming Class At Frisco Aquatic Center

22: You play till your eyes shut down | You had your hands full with toys and then found a ball. So you put the duck in your mouth and then picked up the Ball - my smart baby ;-) | As soon as you put the bottle in your mouth - your eel sleepy and eyes half shut down

23: 14th Month Birthday August 10th, 2010 | Amma made huge Sugar Cookie | 14th Month: 07/14/2010 – Watermelon at school 07/18/2010 – Beetroot curry. You loved it. 07/20/2010 – Started brushing your teeth on a daily basis You tried Fish sticks at school and your tummy was upset that evening. So, we didn’t want to give you fish for sometime. You are not very happy in this new school. Dada and I are thinking of putting you back with Kiran Aunty when she comes back from India in September. 14th Month Birthday: I made a huge Sugar Cookie for you.

24: August 18th, 2010 Portraits at Picture People

25: Angel of the heart You are the strength of the future and the beauty of past memories. You are love and light and hope. You are life's sweetest gift, an unbelievable and precious miracle. | Daughter

26: Off to India for a nice long Vacation - August 21st Thru Sept 26th 2010 | INDIA | BHARAT | HINDUSTAN

27: Welcome to Vizag 08/22/2010 | Welcome to Hyderabad 08/22/2010 | Nanamma Tatayya's Home Address 39-33-105 Madhavadhara Vuda Layout HIG 65 Visakhapatnam - 530019 Andhra Pradesh

28: Dada's side of the family | AMma's side of the family in India | - & many more ... didn't get a chance to take pictures with all

29: Happiness is having a | large, loving, caring, | close-knit family.

30: Sravanthi Atha's wedding with Prem Mama - August 29th, 2010 | First Mehendi

32: Traditions | 08/31/2010 Gundu in Tirumala | We started inVizag on Sept 30th in train

33: September 2nd, 2010 | 14 Sri Rahgava Apartments TekkemittaNellore - 524003 Andhra Pradeshh India | Ammamma & Tatayya's Home Address in Nellore | Visit to Purini

34: Tata Ammamma planned a party for you in Nellore @ Celebrations Sept 3rd, 2010

36: 15th Month | You repeat after us when we say the alphabets: A thru F. Absolutely adorable Mahati’s trip to India August 20th Thru September 27th, 2010 August 20th : Left Dallas at 4:05 PM – Lufthansa India Trip: August 21st: Reached Hyderabad, India at 11:30 PM August 22nd: Left to Vizag from Hyderabad at 5:55 PM Reached Vizag @ 7:20 PM Left to Tirupati @ 1:30 PM Got down in Nellore around 1 AM Went to Ammamma & Tatayya’s home at 1:45 AM Started to Tirumala @ 4 AM Reached Tirupati @ 7 AM Reached Tirumala @8:30 AM Gundu @ 9:30 AM Went to eat Brunch around 11 AM @ Mayuri Restaurant Entered the Darshan line @ 1:30 PM Had Swamy Darshan around 5 PM Came out of temple after prasadam at 6:30 PM Went for shopping on the streets Went to eat Dinner at Reached Nellore at 8:30 PM on 09/01/2010 September 2nd we stayed home. You met Pedha Tatayya for the first time. September 3rd – We went to Purini – to see place where Tatayya grew up and also meet Suseela Nanamma. On our way back we went to Rajupalem to see Tatayya’s Atha. On September 3rd Tatayya and Ammamma gave a nice dinner to our family and friends at Celebrations restaurant. You wet most of our relatives and friends there. September 4th – we left to Chennai. We went to Sravanthi Atha’s house. Left to Bangalore in car along with Dadi and Apsi Atha around 7 PM. You slept most of our way. September 5th – We reached Bangalore around 2AM. Chinni Atha, Rohan Mama and Rithu Bava were waiting for us. That day we went to dinner to a nice place. September 6th – We went to meet Padma Peddi, Prasad Pedanana, Prathyu Akka, Abhi Bava and Aldo. September 8th – We went to meet Lakshmi Atha, Seenu Mama, Shreyas Anna, Gauri Akka to their house. September 9th – Tata came from Vizag. September 10th – We left to Chennai in flight early in the morning. 15th Month Birthday: I bought pineapple cake but, we were travelling that day and by the time we reached Nellore you were tired and went to bed. So, we didn’t cut the cake.

37: Everyday you would ask Tata to take you along. Like a puppy dog you go around him :-) | hvjmnvmnbm

38: Family like branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one

39: Home sweet Home | Bye Bye India! | We will miss everyone. We will be back soon!

40: Dinner at Clay Pit - Indian Cuisine Didn't take picture with Mama | 10/08/2010 Mama's Birthday

42: Sixteen Months October 10th, 2010 | I made Banana cake.

43: 16th Month | Sept 11th – Dada left to Dallas from Bangalore early today. 09/12/2010 – you bit into a Green chillie in Ammamma’s kitchen. You didn’t like it obviously. Surprisingly, you didn’t cry much either :-) 09/22/2010 – Peanuts; Tried peanuts chutney (with Dosa). You loved it. 09/22/2010 – You woke up, got down the bed, opened the door and came out all by yourself. Mamma was so proud :-) You say “no mo monk” flipping your finger and then jump - the rhyme: No more monkeys jumping on the bed. 09/27/2010 – Came back from India. Always a sad time for Amma - leaving Ammamma & Tatayya 09/28/2010 - You were pretty excited to see Dada. He got you a Texas cow soft toy. You sat in the Car seat without any complains. You were happy to come home – Home sweet home 10/09/2010 – We were at Amar Mama’s place. When Amar Mama asked you where is Archana – you showed Amma and Chaks – you showed Dada. That was new to me as I didn’t know you knew us by names. I was very happy to find out one new thing J

44: GYMBOREE Trial class - Music - Oct 16th, 2010 We decided to go with play class for now.

46: Our little Pooh Bear | October 31st, 2010

47: Happy Deepavali November 4th & 5th 2010

48: Our yearly visit to the Arboretum -

49: Party time (kitty) at Vidya Atha's house | Reading time with Dada | your favorite thing to do... | Reading changes your life. Reading unlocks worlds unknown or forgotten, taking travelers around the world and through time. Reading helps you escape the confines of school and pursue your own education. Through characters – the saints and the sinners, real or imagined – reading shows you how to be a better human being

50: As you see in the picture Cake icing was a disaster. But taste was good :-) | Seventeen Months November 10th, 2010

51: 17 Months old | 10/16/2010 – Gymboree Play & Learn; Gymboree Music classes – enrolled in Play & Learn – every Saturday at 11:15 AM. When Dada asks you alphabets like A for you say Apple; B for Baby; C for Cak (Cat); D for Gog (for Dog); E for Ugg (Egg); F for Fish; G for Goak (Goat); H for Horse; I for Ice (but you show your Eyes) When we say Apple Apple – you say AA AA AA; Baby Baby – Ba Ba Ba; Cookie Cookie – Ka Ka ka; Dolly Dolly – Da Da da; Elbow Elbow – E E E; Flower Flower – Fa fa fa; Garden Garden – Ga Ga Ga Very very cute. The very first time I heard that I was very impressed. You also recognize letters A B C The other day you were playing alone – you move your hands around or hit the sofa and then say shhhh with your fingers on your lips (this you learned at Gymboree) When I am reading a book you want me to hold your finger and show the pictures. 10/20/2010 - You started saying “I DID IT” – atleast that day we understood what you were saying. 10/28/2010 – It was just you and me at home that evening. Dada went to meet his MBA school friends. I was doing something in the kithcen – you came and said “Amma Doda”, when I didn’t understand you, you held my hand and took me to the TV and then said Doda Amma Doda – that’s when I understood that you were asking for Dora. That was so cute. You also know to say Cawooo – for Caillou. Apart from Baby’s First TV programs you like watching Dora and Caillou. You bring the remote and ask us to change the channel if we are watching something else. 11/01/2010 – I was feeding you dinner and wanted to distract you so you will eat (which is not easy by the way). So I started saying the rhyme – Old McDonald had a farm and on his farm he had a? (& I paused as if asking you ofcourse I was not expecting you to say anything) you immediately said “Cow” and then when I said with a moo moo you also said that. Very cute it was.

52: Dada made yummy breakfast for us

53: November 13th, 2010 | Went to Hanuman Temple | Amma's Birthday | Dinner at Chow Thai | Lunch at Blue Mesa restaurant

54: Amar Mama took yogurt and you all jumped on him like fleas. That was funny. | You did this drawing on our Gudi door. When dada asked who did it ... you proudly said "I did it ... " like tweety. You continued saying that whenever we passed there. | I DO IT - your line for everything literally. This is how you eat yogurt. Mamma gets to do lot of clean up.

55: Houston trip

56: I still wonder what can happen in such a short span ...

58: I made chocolate cake. We went to Royal sweets, Irving (buffet) for Dinner | Eighteen Months December 10th, 2010

59: 18th Month | 11/11/2010 – Evening you were playing and saying UP (putting hands up) and then Down (putting your hands down). Very cute. 11/22/2010 – You drew with an Orange crayon on the door (Mandir door). When Dada asked who did it you proudly said “I DID IT I DID IT” cutest thing. Though I am supposed to get mad I couldn't stop laughing for your honesty J – after that day for a while after that every time you see your beautiful drawing on the door you proudly say I DID IT. I am going to leave it there now just to hear you say that :-) 11/23/2010 - You started saying “Yeah”. I think you learned that from Nitya. It is very cute when I ask you something and you say Ya if you want to say Yes – before you would nod your head. 11/27/2010 – Shyam Mama said that you are like a “Parrot” and I agree with him – as you were repeating anything that we say J 11/24/2010 – When we were driving to Houston to Siri peddis place you were watching words in Dadas iPhone and were repeating everything that they say – vacuum, zebra, umbrella and so on – though not clearly it sounded similar You say numbers from 1 thru 10. You like to brush your teeth. You say “Bush Bush”

60: Dec 17th, 2010 Vaikunta Ekadasi | Dec 18th, 2010 Mexican themed Party at Radhika Aunty and Sooraj Uncles place

61: December 23rd, 2010 Ammu Akka's 10th Birthday | Visiting "The Golden State" - California December 21st - 27th, 2010

62: Trip to California December 21st Thru 27th, 2010

64: Pranu Akka's third Birthday (December 26th) Party on December 30th at Indoor Safari Park

65: New Years Eve Party At Naishu Neha's Place | Dec 31st, 2010 | Kids White Elephant Game | Welcoming | 2011

66: We will open a new book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year's Day. ~Edith Lovejoy Pierce | January 1st, 2011 | YOUR NEW YEARS DAY Went to Temple Portraits at Picture People Lunch at Olive Garden Evening - a trip to Galleria

68: Missed taking picture with Santa this year. So captured this at Taj Imports - Indian grocers

69: January 2nd, 2011 Naishu Akka's 6th Birthday Party at Pump It Up | family time | Date

70: January 10. 2010

72: Nineteen Months old January 10, 2011 | Marble Pound cake it is

73: 19th Month: 12/21/2010 – Vacation to California. Stayed at Bapu Pedanana and Radhi Pedhamma’s place. You and Nitya had loads of fun with your sisters – Ammu Akka and Anu Akka. Met Shyamu Atha and Pallavi Atha on 12/22/2010. Went to San Fransisco Golden gate bridge on 12/24/2010 12/30/2010 – Started Potty training @ Kiran Aunty’s. You did very good it seems. Didn't have any accidents. We didn’t do it at home over the weekend. Your teacher started again on 01/03/2010. You did good it seems – we will do it at home from now on as well 01/04/2010 – In the evening you were saying alphabets to yourself ABCD lmnnnn ku r s very very cute You say numbers from 1 thru 10 – you mostly miss 2 and 3 go directly from 1 to 4 J to 5 thru 10 You sing complete Alphabet song You say Baita – when you want to go outside You say Paina – to go upstairs You started to put words together and ask for what you want like “doa put” Dora put and when I ask Dora pettala you nod your head in yes J You started watching Clifford. You say a prolonged D.O.G for Big dog J

74: Yes you put it up there. It stayed like that for a few days till I took it off. | This was in Target. These days with you going everywhere and into everything - this seems to be the best way for us to do shopping ;-) | Watching Finding Nemo | Hunting a Spider

75: Bhogi Pallu | HAPPY PONGAL | Dosa, Chicken Khurma and Peanut Chutney - another tradition we follow | January 13th, 14th and 15th - 2011

76: January 15th, 2011 Vidya Atha's Birthday. Amma made Carrot cake. Sankranthi Kitty at Andalu Aunty's house. Avantika baby was born the same day.

77: We went to see Avantika Baby - born on January 15th, 2011. She was moved to the same room that we were in when you were born - 268 @ Frisco Baylor. I had to click it. | Bed where Dada used to sleep when we were in the hospital :-) | Vidya Atha's Birthday- Jan 15th, 2011 | Shaarvi's Birthday - Jan 15, 2011 @ Jump Town, Plano TX

78: August 17th, 2011 - Adheesh Baba's 6th Birthday | Party at Chuck-e-Cheese - Jan 22nd, 2011

79: Aren't we supposed to eat snow ... | Why is Amma surprised to see Idli Sambar all over my head | The Princess didn't like something :-|

80: You like to slide on your tummy | It's The Little Things In Life That Matter Most

82: Twentieth Month - February 10th, 2011 | 20th Month: 01/11/2011 – Early in the morning (around 3:30) you got up and said “Diaper” when I came by and asked diaper change aa you said Yes. Very cute. You are letting me know when you need change and all. 11 01/18/2011 – Amma made Pasta in tomato sauce. We gave it to your on your high chair with a fork. You ate first serving and gave plate to your Dada and said “More”. Dada said inkaa kaavaalaa (you want more) and you said “Yes”. Then when you are done with it you gave the plate to Amma and said “Amma take” I asked you want more you said ‘No’ and when I asked are you done and you said Yes. Our big girl you are J. Very cute. You say “Cheese” when we are taking your picture. Most of your pictures have that cheesey toothy smile. You say “IS THAATTT” meaning What’s that for almost everything that you see J 20th Month Birthday:

84: First trip to the Zoo February 12th, 2011

86: Vizag Beach | Second trip to India this year Feb 19th Thru March 26th, 2011 | March 5th, 2011 We went to Hyd to sepnd time with Gopi Tata sad that Gopi Tata passed away on May 26th, 2011. I am glad you were able to spend sometime during this trip | With Gopi Tata

87: 21st Month: February 12th – First trip to the Dallas Zoo. We drove to Dallas Downtown and too the Train to the Zoo from there. It was fun. Vacation to India: February 19th Thru March 23rd This time we took British Airways from Dallas to Chennai. We left on Saturday, February 19th and reached Chennai on February 21st early morning 1 AM Ammamma and Sreekar Anna came to pick us up at the airport. We went to Sudha Peddi’s house. On February 21st we went to meet Sravanthi Atha and Prem Mama. Started to Nellore at 4 PM and you slept all thru till we reached home in Nellore at 8 PM February 26th: early that morning we left to Chennai and went straight to the airport. Took 10 AM flight to Visakhapatnam. Tatayya came to pick us up at noon. We reached home and met Dadi. You met all our relatives and had fun. 02/27/2011 - Prasad Tata and Badi Ma had a house warming pooja in their new apartment – which is right in front of our house. 02/28/2011 – We went ti Vizag Beach with Kuhu Akka, Mittu Anna, Akash Anna, Bujji Atha, Leenuka Atha, Gudiya Atha, Pedha Tata, Prasad Tata. You had lots of fun at the beach. 03/01/2011 – We went to Lakshmi Nani’s home for lunch. That day was Pedha Tata’s birthday – we celebrated by cutting a cake that night. 03/02/2011 – All the relatives left thru out the day. That night it was Dadi, Tata, you and me at home. 03/03/2011 – We stayed home and later in the day we went shopping to buy some clothes for you, Pranu and Adheesh Bava. 03/04/2011 – We left from Vizag to Hyderabad. Tatayya dropped us off. We said Bye to Dadi at home itself. We reached Hyderabad at 10 AM. Ammamma came to pick us up at the airport. We went to Gopi Tata’s house. Last time we couldn’t stay with them so we planned to spend sometime with Gopi Tata and Uma Namma for a day. Bapu Baba was there as well. That night Chitti Nanamma, Tata came to see you. Bujji Atha and Kuhu also came to see you. 03/05/2011 – Early in the morning we left from Hyderabad to Chennai. Prem Mama and Apsi Buva came to pick us up. Ammamma went with Rajeev Mama.

88: We spent that day at Sravanthi Atha’s house with Srav Atha, Prem Mama, Chinni Atha, Rohan Mama, Apsi Buva and Rithvik. We left that evening and went directly to the railway station. You slept on our way to the station. Ammamma met us there. You slept thru out the journey and woke up when we reached Nellore. Tatayya came to pick us up. We stayed in Nellore from then till 03/21/2011. You had so much fun there. Everyone pampered you lots. You would do puja with Ammamma everyday. Ask for “Pashaam” (Prasadam). You say: “No Ammaaaa”; “Take Ammmaaaa” You watched Cricket with Tata everyday (World cup was going on). If you didn’t want then you would say “No cicket tata” When watching Cricket - Tata taught you to say SIX – with both Hands up and FOUR hands side ways you are so adorable when you do it J You started crying continuously that night. We had to take you to emergency clinic. As soon as you got into the car you stopped crying and said “SONK” meaning songs Tatayya was like what happened to all that crying J Doctor said that it might’ve been stomach upset and prescribed couple of medications. We just used the Gas relief one though. The day when we were coming back from Vizag you had somekind of insect bite on the left side of your tummy and on your arm. That thing started getting big and red. So, we took you to dermatologist in Nellore and she prescribed a cream. When I apply that I think the itchiness was going down. So, whenever you have itchiness or pain you ask for “CEAM” (Cream). Tatayya has this big scars on his hand and tummy form his surgery. Every time you see that you say ceam Tata J You took Insulin to your Tatayya every morning. You used to ask Ammamma “Mease gimme insu” and then when Tatayya is done you go give it back to Ammamma or Amma to put it back. You love doing chores around the house. If we ask you to put something in trash or put a glass on the table you stop whatever you are doing and do that for us J You like to say Dora stories to everyone. You say Doaaa, boots, siper (with a surprise look) you make your mouth round when you say swiper J You know all your friends names – Nithya, Adheesh Baba, Panu, Neha, Naishu Akka, Sridhi Akka 21st Month Birthday: You celebrated your 21st month birthday along with Ammamma & Tatayya’s 37th wedding anniversary. I ordered a Butterscotch cake for your birthday and AmmammaTatayya’s anniversary.

89: First Bike Ride Vijay Mama's Bike in Chennai March 6th, 2011 | First Hair Cut after Gundu Femina Salon - March 23rd Ramani Aunty used to do Amma's Haircut when she was in school | Jhonny Prameela Nanamma's house

90: Happy to be back home ... | to Mama ... | to Kiran Aunty ... | to Toys ... | not very happy to start swimming this time though ... | back to helping Dada with everything :-)

91: An evening in our backyard | March 27th, 2011

92: NITYA's Second Birthday April 3rd, 2011 | One part Love, One part Friend, One part Sister, That's what Cousins are made of.

94: April 2nd, 2011 India Vs SriLanka India Won World cup in Cricket after 28 years

95: A trip to the Dallas Arboretum | April 9th, 2011

97: Giggles, curls, ribbons and bows She is so adorable from head to toe! | April 10th, 2011

98: Twenty Second Month | I made Lemon cake from scratch. It turned out OK. You liked it and thats what matters :-) | April 10th, 2011

99: 22nd Month This time during our India trip at Nellore we stayed mostly at home. We just visited friends and relatives in town. Came back from India on Wednesday, March 23rd. I was doing potty training On and Off when we were in India. So we started it again on March 28th at home and March 30th at Kiran Aunty’s house (day care). March 29th-Today you put on your pants all by yourself. You were very proud of it too J Friday, April 1st evening we had all our friends at home. You and Nitya were upstairs along with Kittu Atha. You were coming down the stairs and missed a step and rolled down four steps. Luckily Kittu Atha caught you immediately. You got a scratch on the left side on your chin. That was very scary. I am just glad it didn’t turn into anything bigger. April 3rd: Nitya turned TWO. When going to party you and Nitya sat next to each other in Kittu Atha’s car. You shared cheerios with Nitya and you both had some conversation too – very cute. Off the bottle: You only drink from the bottle at night for quite some time now. In the mornings you drink from your sippy cup. April 4th, Monday we decided to stop giving milk in your bottle. You kept on asking for milk – so, finally Dada gave you the bottle and you went to bed. We did not try it for couple more days and again on Thursday, April 7th we didn’t give you the bottle when going to bed. You rolled on the bed for a while and then went to sleep. Since then you were completely off of the bottle at nights. I started giving you milk a little early about 30 minutes before you go to bed and you are good to go. I thought it will take sometime to get rid of it – but, you have been easy J You say “I like it” when you eat something and you like it and if you really like it you repeat that for every bite. April 8th, when Amma came to pick you up you had a big bruise on your upper lip right side. Nitya pushed and you fell down at the day care. You started feeling better the next day. That same day (April 8th) you and Dada went to front yard as you wanted to play there within 5 minutes you were crying when Dada brought you in. You fell down and scratched both your knees – more on the right knee. One day I asked you – do you want milk and you said “mm hmmm” and nod your head. Things you learn my god J You are doing okay in potty training with an accident now and then – but, you don’t know when to say that you need to go. You say that right before going – you will get there and I just need to be patient. For your age you are doing pretty well. You sing along when we play the rhymes. Very cute. You say rhymes “low (row) low low your boat’, you say twinkle twinkle very fluently, Itsy Bitsy, The wheels on the Bus go lound and lound (round). We started a new bed time routine for you that you enjoy a lot these days – Reading Books before Bed time. You pick a book and lie down on Dada’s arm and Dada reads that for you. You ask us to read the same book again and again. Then when it is time to sleep you start asking for more reading and cry K But, we switch off the lights when it is time and you sleep after sometime. You start your sentence with “Mease Gimme ” or “I want to ” 22nd Month Birthday: Amma made Lemon Bar cake. It turned out okay though I made it from scratch J

101: Kiran Aunty started Potty taining a little early for you. You were doing OK. Then we went to India for vacation and I didn't do a good job to continue that. We got distracted. You started again after coming back. Kiran Aunty continued it again and you were good too. You used to have accidents once in a while. I noticed that you were completely trained around April 15th and had accidents very rarely. We still used to take you to Pee Pee every 30 mins though. | GREAT JOB!

102: April 16th, 2011 Alex Uncle & Stephanie's wedding | Brrrr .... Wearing Dada's jacket | Dancing away for Low-Flo Rida... song

104: Happy Easter

105: Amma's Kitty at our house | You all made your own pizza ... ofcourse with a little help | April 24th, 2011

106: 23 Months old - May 10th, 2011 | I made Mango Cake this time

107: 23rd Month If you need water you usually say Amma water or something of that sort. One evening (April 13th, Wednesday) after I got you from school I was in the kitchen cooking dinner. You were in your toy room and you started waklking towards me and said “Amma please give me water Amma”. That was so adorable. April 13th:You and I went to water the plants outside. Then you and Dada went to the front yard – there was this ice-cream truck passing by in front of our house. You got a Dora icecream (chocolate and vanilla), I got an icecream sandwich and Dada got a hot-dog. Your first experience busying from a street truck. I put you in the high-chair. You licked it and said “Hmmm yummy” then you licked again and said “I like it” and repeated that after each lick J This is the first time we gave you ice-cream bar to eat. Before this you only had ice-cream once when Mama fed you a little. April 14th: Dada usually says “Nee mukku korikesthaa (I will bite your nose)” – you were playing with him in the evening after taking your bath and you picked on your nose and pretended as if you ate it and said “Kaalam (spicy)” If you don’t like something you say “No stopping” (meaning don’t stop me), “stopping” (meaning “Stop It” please stop whatever you are doing), “No fighting” April 15th: It seems you told your Kiran Aunty “No shouting” I noticed that you are more consistent in asking when needed to go to the bathroom. I can say you are officially “Potty Trained” J April 21st: your second movie in the theater – a telugu movie “Teenmaar”. We went with Rahi Mama’s family and Madhav Mama’s family. You kids had fun – you, Nitya, Naishu Akka and Neha April 24th: First easter egg hunt at our house. You had fun. You ate way too many candies. We never gave you candies till now. You had candies couple of times before from Rahi Mama, Atha. April 27th: You learned shapes at Kiran Aunty’s house. You also say all the Twelve months and that too pretty fluently. For some reason you always miss June – that too your birthday month. May 7th: We went to buy Bangles for Kavitha peddi’s baby shower. You wanted some and I bought a set of bangles for you as well. When I put those on you looked at both of your hands and then said “PERFECT” J I couldn’t believe and asked what did you say (in telugu ofcourse) and you said it again “Perfect Amma” that was perfect J May 7th: We were going to Royal sweets to buy sweets and Dada put the song “Jumbare ju jumbare” you liked the music that come in the beginning you were jamming thru out and then asked to repeat it when done – like 5 times J. May 8th: Our Second Mother’s day together. I was busy all morning with Kavitha Peddi’s baby shower. Later in the morning you and Dada took me for a nice dinner at Benihana’s restaurant at Shops at Legacy. May 10th: When you were on the way to day care Dada called me and said listen to this you were singing “Sa Li Ga Li Ga Pa “ actually that was Sa Ri Ga Ri Ga Pa Dha Pa we had a good laugh J May 10th: We were on our way home from your Day care. I stopped at a red light after a few minutes I was talking to you and you said “Go Amma Go NOW” and then right after that the green signal came and I started off driving . You said “Good Job Amma”. That was so funny I told everyone the next few days J If we do something that you cannot do yet like putting on/off the light switch, opening a box etc you say “Good Job” J When you hear someone crying be it anyone in a restaurant, shop or your friends you get all concerned. You say “No crying, its okay” I love that about you J If we are working on something you say “What doing Ammaaa? what doing” or What doing Dada . If you need help with anything you say “yelp me” help me J You start your sentence with “Mease Gimme ” or “I want to ”. The other day you were like “I want to I want to ” Dada said okay tell me what you want koorchuntaava? and you said “Mease gimme koocho” (I want to sit). 23rd Month Birthday: I made chocolate cake. It didn’t come out that good but you enjoyed it J

108: May 11th, 2011 Farewell dinner to Srinath Uncle, Sandhya Atha, Sidhu & Saathvik They are moving to India for good this month end | May 21st, 2011 Pump It Up Aarush's 3rd Birthday (May 20) Party

110: San Antonio - here we come ...

111: May 29th, 2011 Amar Mama, Lakshmi Atha, Sridhi Akka and Aunty joined us at Sea World.You had lots of fun! | We were eating lunch at Sea World. Sridhi Akka started telling a story ... you listened for some time and started playing. SriNidhi made me listen all the story ... when she was done she said "Anthey aipoindhi" ... and immediately after she is done you said "malli malli theppu" - meaning say it again ... very very cute :-) | Sea World, San Antonio

112: Mahati is TWO! Theme: Dora Diego and Friends Where: Mahati's house When: June 10th, 2011 | Thank You Card with Return gifts | Envelope | Return Gifts | I created the card, envelope, letters from scratch for your Birthday invitations With Love Amma

113: Party decor | Cup Cakes

114: Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you ... Happy Birthday Dear Mahati ... Happy Birthday to you....

115: Thank you for bringing so much joy into our lives each and every single day. Happy Birthday

116: 24th Month You started watching Tom & Jerry. You say “Tom A Jelly”. May be you saw a few episodes for three days - when I was talking to Radhi Peddi she said that Tom and Jerry is not for babies your age. Then I went and read all kids of reviews and decided that we will let you watch it when you are a little older. Sorry Mahi lu you enjoy it so much though. You ask for songs – mease gimme sonk ga pa ga pa (from Sankarabharanamu) 05/18/2011 – Thought of making FISH a routine in your diet – so made Tuesdays Fish day for dinner at home. Couldn’t make it yesterday so this week it is Wednesday. I made Tilapia and you liked it. 05/22/2011 - We went to Pump It Up for Aarush’s Birthday. You came down the slide all by yourself a few times. Ofcourse Dada or Mamas or someone climbed with you to the top and you came down the slide alone. Very Brave - my big girl J 05/22/2011 – You started asking “What happened?”. I think you learned that from Nitya J Yesterday you were saying MISKIE for Mixie (grinder). May 24th, 25th and 26th you stayed home as you were not feeling well. May 25th, 2011: I was applying Vicks on your chest and you said “Is that Ammaaa?” – meaning “whats that Amma?” I told you and put some close to your nose you said “hmmm It smells Gooodd Amma” with an expression. That was adorable. I only wish I can capture all these moments in video cam and save them. But, for now they are all in my memory J 05/26/2011 – Gopi Tata passed away in Hyderabad. I was in a bad mood that day and was started crying for something silly. You came and said “You want water Amma – no crying Amma, Its okay Amma” and then you went to your Dada and said “Water Dada” and you gave me water. Then you said by patting on my hand “Its ok Amma more water?” that was so sweet of you. You are my sweet baby. May 28th, 2011 - we drove to San Antonio. First we wanted to cancel the trip. Then we decided this will be better than staying at home and feeling sad. On our way to San Antonio we visited Ganesh Temple in Temple city. We also went to Safari National park in San Antonio. We stayed at Grand Hyatt hotel on River walk in San Antonio. Room No: 1223 That evening we went to the Balaji Temple in San Antonio. That night we took the boat ride on River walk. 05/29/2011 – Visited Sea world in San Antonio You were very happy to see “Amad” Mama, “Lahmi” Atha and “Sridhi” Akka there. You went and hugged everyone. It was very hot that day but you had fun. Most fun you had was in the wave pool in Lost Lagoon. At Sea world we were waiting for our lunch order and “Sridhi Akka” (SriNidhi) was telling a story (in her own way). You listened to her for couple of minutes with great excitement. Then she told the rest of the story to me. At the end she said “Anthey ayipoyindhi” and right after you clapped hands and said “Malli malli theppu” very very cute that was J 05/29/2011 - You saw your first 4D movie – Sesame Street @ Sea World. You didn’t watch the entire movie with glasses on but when you did see it you were giggling and laughing. 05/30/2011 – We ordered Dora/Diego Safari Ice-cream cake for your birthday at Baskin Robbins – Combination of Vanilla and Chocolate. I will order another cake made with Cup Cakes at Market street. You know all your Mama’s and Atha’s with names – You say Mama and Atha for Rahi Mama and Keerthi Atha. You also know their names. You say Shyam Mama, Vidha Atha, Amad Mama, Lahmi Atha, Madhav Mama, Madhu Atha J

117: 05/30/2011 – Usually after your bath you go and do Jai Jai Ram. Today you went to do that and all of a sudden we heard soundas something was broken. We were coming to the puja room and heard you cry “Ammaaa Dadaaa waaaaaaa” I picked you up and saw that the rack was broken and all the things from that fell down. May be you tried to put your hands on it and get up or something. I was saying It’s okay Raja and you were crying “Jai Jai Ram Boken “ “Mahati boke it” I said that’s fine thalli we will fix it. You were telling your Dada too Mahati Boke it J You say “Guru bramha guru Vishnu” slokam very fluently. 06/05/2011 – Dada was helping Amma get all groceries (your party stuff) from the car you said “Good Boy Dada” and I asked “Mari nenu” and you said “Amma Good Girl” J Before youn used to say Good girl to your Dada as well now you say Good Boy Uncle, Good girl Aunty J You say Uncle, Aunty for elders and if you see any older people you say “Tata Ammamma” Dada and I want you to learn Telugu and speak in Telugu at home – so when you ask something in English we are telling you how to ask for that in Telugu fo now you are doing great the other day you were saying “look Amma ” and we said “choodu Amma “ and from then on though your first thing is “Look Amma ” you immediately correct yourself and say “choodu Amma” we are so proud of you for trying baby. 06/03/2011 – You said “Oh Really ” to Dada he was so surprised to hear to say that J You say a lot of words by now: Most of your sentences start with “Mease gimme ” or “I want to ” You say Good Job if Amma and Dada does something to help you You say “Yelp Me” if you need help with something You say “I like it” if you really like something “like it” if you don’t like something J You say a lot of words in Telugu too Paika (up), Baita (outside), Ikkada (here), akkada (there), choodu (look), kappa (blankie or cover), peggu buvvu (curd rice), chau buvva (charu rice),

118: In my daughters eyes I am a Hero. I am strong and wise and I know no fear. But the truth is plain to see. She was sent to rescue me

119: From the moment THEY PLACED YOU IN MY ARMS You snuggled right INTO my Heart

120: April 24th, 2011 Making your own Pizza | April 13th, 2011 Watering plants | Few Firsts this year ... | April 22, 2011 - Nail paint Kiran Aunty put it for you | What is so funny Ammaa?? Never mind ... Dada please pull me out of here

124: June 16th, 2010 | W: 22 lbs 5 Oz | L: 30 Inches | HC: 18.3" | Jan 11th, 2011 | W: 26 lbs 14 Oz | L: 33.8 Inches | HC: 19.0" | June 15th, 2011 | W: 29 lbs 1 Oz | L: 36.8 Inches | HC: 19.3"

125: She is everything that is perfect wrapped in a tiny bundle

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