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MAJ April-July 2010

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S: MAJ April - July 2010

BC: 2010

FC: Summer 2010 April - July

1: Getting ready for Easter in Dega! Saturday, April 3 She had her first haircut! After her bath, while Gigi was drying her hair, we snipped the ends off in the back.

2: Saturday

4: Wednesday, April 14, 2010 We weighed Madelyn this morning and she is up to 21 lbs! She is also finally wearing 12 month clothing! WOO HOO! Monday night Madelyn cried for a few hours. She just wanted to be held, which isn't like her. She usually sleeps VERY well. She caught my little cold this weekend, so I thought she might be getting sick. Well, I was correct. She woke up with a fever this morning and it got worse throughout the day. At 4pm, it was up to 102.5 and she didn't eat breakfast or lunch. Once we got her fever to break, she ate a GREAT dinner (chicken nuggets and fries) and we played a little while before bedtime. I am working tonight (which is why I am posting this at 2:15am) and will be home with her tomorrow. I checked on her earlier to give her another dose of meds and her fever was back up. I checked on her again a little while later and it had broken. Hopefully tomorrow she will feel better :( She looks sick, doesn't she? :) She did wake up this morning with a fever, but I kept her medicated all day so she felt great the first half of the day

6: First trip to Enterprise to visit Lolly and Bob. Also first track meet in Troy! April 23-25

8: Wednesday, April 28, 2010 15 Month Check Up This morning was Madelyn's 15 Month check-up with Dr. Waldo. She is perfect, as expected. She is 30.5 inches tall (50th%) and weighs 20 lbs 7oz (between 25-50th%). She is perfect on the development chart, if not a little advanced. She got two more shots and won't have those again until she is 5 yrs old! Her next appt is when she is 18 months old. She did have a little fluid on her left ear that looked like an older ear infection, so she will be on antibiotics for the next 7 days, but she is eating and sleeping perfect, so it is more precautionary than anything. | Last night Madelyn read this book to Michael. She knows almost ALL the pictures! If you ask her to point to something, she looks around the page with WIDE eyes and then points to it! 9 times out of 10 she is right! She has another favorite book (Brown Bear, Brown Bear,What do you see?) and the other morning when I was putting her school clothes on her she was reading it to me! It was mumble jumble, but she would turn the pages and talk and point like I do when I read it to her! SO SMART! :)

10: Mother's Day 2010

11: Wednesday, May 12, 2010 Madelyn has been teething this week. School called me yesterday and asked if I would bring Tylenol for her. I think she has 3 or 4 coming in! | Yep, some of you have noticed...no more highchair. She likes to eat in a big girl chair at the island. I guess we need to buy her a booster seat for the chairs by the table so we can all eat at the table instead of the island.

13: Friday, May 28, 2010 Madelyn Stats at 16 months This morning she weighed 22 lbs and was 30 inches tall (by my rough measurements). She is wearing 12 month clothing, but some 18 month things fit pretty well. She is still in a 3 shoe (which by some standards are 6-12 months) but she has a few pair of 4s. She LOVES to talk! And will repeat EVERYTHING! The things she says very clear: Mommy, Daddy, Papaw, Gigi, Bob, Puppy, Ball, Pappy (pacifier), Bye, No, Hey, Milk, Night Night, KarKar (Karmen), duck, eat... The things she says that are not very clear or she whispers: shoes, Presley, Horton, G-O, hurry, Applejacks, potty, thank you, stop... Things she signs: milk, eat, apple, banana, monkey, ball, more, please, thank you... I am sure there are more, but this is all I can think of right now. She is smart as a whip and keeps us on our toes. Few stories... -She knows when her diaper needs changing and will get a diaper and lay in the floor and act like she is changing her own diaper. -She puts sunscreen on her baby (as you saw a few posts ago). -She cleans EVERYTHING even at stores and sidewalks, she picks up everything on the ground and wants to throw it away. -She is learning puzzles (the large wooden ones) and flash cards. -She loves to read, sing and dance. She learns something new every day. This is such a fun age! We are just ready for these 4 or 5 teeth that are coming in to break the skin so she isn't hurting anymore!

14: Friday, June 4, 2010 My I Love Lucy Episode Long storyThursday morning all three pups had appointments to get a bath, haircut, mani/pedi and tooth brushing. They were supposed to be there by 8AM. Michael had to work Wednesday night/Thursday morning from Midnight to 5AM. But he thought he could get up to help me get the dogs and Madelyn ready and in the car, so I could drop Madelyn off at school on my way to take the pups and he could go back to sleep. That was the PLAN! The maintenance window ran long and MJ didn't come home until 11AM, so I had to get me, Madelyn and the pups ready, fed and in the car alone. The morning started off pretty easy. Madelyn woke up a little early, so she read a few books while I took a shower and got ready (outfit #1). Then she ate Applejacks and a PopTart while I packed her bag and got the leashes ready. I got the three pups and Madelyn to the garage and that is where the 'easy' took a left turn to comical. When we got to the garage, I opened the passenger side front door to put my purse and Madelyn's bag in. Presley and Sydney both jumped in. Sydney went to the driver's seat, where she (like a good girl) sat the entire time while I was fighting with Pres and Zoe. Presley wanted to sit in the passenger seat, but couldn't get his rump out of the floorboard. I put Madelyn down and pulled Pres by the collar until he FINALLY decided to get out of the car. I walked around to the back of the car and opened the back. Pres put his front feet in, but again couldn't lift his rump, so I (in my black dress pants) picked the rest of him up. I think he lost 3 lbs in furon my pants. Zoe had decided to go lay down by the stairs. She had no interest in going anywhere. I pulled her by her collar to the car, claws digging into the concrete the whole way. When we got to the back of the car, she rolled over and WET all over me, her and the floor. Since I was already going to have to change clothes (due to being wet AND furry), I continued to wrestle with her until we were both in the garage floor and Madelyn was pointing and saying "Mama, Mama, Mama" and giggling. I finally gave up on Zoe, so Madelyn and I took her back outside and I changed clothes (outfit #2). I took Madelyn back to the car and we were ready to G-O! So I put her in her car seat and moved Sydney over andit dawned on me that I hadn't given Madelyn anything to drink ALL MORNING! So I ran upstairs and fixed her a sippy cup of milk and took it down to her. I opened the back door and handed it to her and she giggled and threw the cup back at me and got milk ALL OVER my clothes. So back upstairs we went, to change into outfit #3. We finally made it to daycare so I could drop Madelyn off first and when I opened my car door Sydney jumped OVER me and out the door. No leash. I chased her around the parking lot (her tail tucked and looking over her shoulder the whole time) and finally got her back in the car. I opened the back door to get Madelyn out and Presley was trying to get over the seat and had his front two feet in Madelyn's lap. Luckily he couldn't get his rump over or he would have been sharing her car seat with her. I took Madelyn into school. Got the dogs to the groomer and apologized for only getting two of them there. Michael went and picked them that afternoon and they look clean and beautiful. Zoe has an appointment next Sunday. Michael is going to take her. :)

16: Every Tuesday and Thursday during the summer, they have Sprinkler Day at school. Madelyn LOVES it!

17: June 12, 2010 Madelyn spent Saturday night with Gigi and Papaw. Her first night away by herself! I missed her VERY much, but she had a wonderful time!

19: Father's Day 2010

20: BaysideVacation June 24 - June 28

23: July 2, 2010 During the summer, the ice cream man visits the kids at school every Friday.

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