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MAJ Aug - Nov 2010

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S: MAJ August-November 2010

FC: August - November 2010

2: Last night we read her toddler bible and this morning she woke up saying "Bible" over and over again. She also knows how to fold her little hands and pray and say "AMEN!" I will try to get a video of it.

3: Madelyn is talking SO much! She repeats everything and is getting better and better at pronouncing things so we (I) can understand her. She says "away" (when she needs to throw something away) like in this picture. | She says names ALL THE TIME! And she has started saying her teachers and friends names from school. She will also answer now when you ask where someone is. So this morning, I asked "Where is Daddy?" and she answered "Office". WOW! | She says yogurt, applejacks, milk, chicken, water, loop loops (fruit loops), and she will not hesitate to tell you EXACTLY what she wants to eat. Another favorite is 'nooo'.

6: Sunday, August 15th, was the last night Madelyn had a pacifier to go to sleep at home. They have given it to her at school for nap time a few days, because she is teething and needs to chew on something, but we are two weeks down and no mention of the paci at home!

8: Sunday, September 5, 2010 Today was the first day that she actually played while she was in the nursery at church. She usually cries and has to be held or strolled around, but today they said she cried for just a minute and then played with the other kids! YEA!!!

9: Tonight was the first night we gave her a bath in the real bathtub. She is so small (and we have bad backs and knees) that it has been fine keeping her in the baby bathtub on the counter. But tonight she played forever like a big girl! Pictures to come soon! I forgot to take the camera up there and I was NOT going to leave her long enough to go downstairs to get it. I will remember tomorrow night!

11: September 18, 2010 **Story from Gigi: "She was in my lap napping Saturday (she went back to sleep after I got her out of her bed), but she had been asleep from 12:00 - 3:00. So a little after three, I said "You're missing snack time." She didn't move. I thought she was still asleep. Then I said "Do you want an ice cream sandwich?" She never opened her eyes... she just shook her head yes... SO CUTE! Little mess!! So she squirmed around a little and got up and ate almost a whole ice cream sandwich."

13: Sunday, October 3, 2010 She has a little bit of Cradle Cap (something I didn't think an almost two year old could have, but they can!), so I tried a home remedy I found online tonight. Baby oil. What a mess! I used a medicine dropper and I was concentrating so hard on getting it in the right place that when I looked at her, it had run ALL OVER her face, her neck and her shirt! She was just sitting there batting her eyes. She didn't even say a word! We had a good laugh and a good bath :) And, well, just let me tell you baby shampoo won't touch baby oil. It did help the cradle cap, but even after I washed and dried it, her hair looked like it does in these if I hadn't even washed it. SO, we tried again with baking soda.Even after the second time, it did NOT look perfect, but it was 7:30pm so we gave up. I may have to wash it again in the morning before school.

15: October 2010

16: PrimRose Fall Festival Oct 15, 2010

17: Boo at the Zoo | Old Bakers Farm

18: She was a little more vocal at church. She yelled "Papaw" when he went to take the offering, she clapped and yelled "Yea!" after one of the songs, she mimicked the man in front of us coughing and when I gave her Cheez-Its to quiet and occupy she crunched VERY loud and kept saying "Cheez-It" and "Water". Everyone thought it was very funny, but Gigi took her to the nursery to play during the scripture...BEFORE the sermon

19: October 28, 2010 Madelyn is 21 months and 2 days old. She is approximately 22 lbs and 32.5 inches tall. She is wearing 18 month clothing (even though some of it is too big still) and a size 5 shoe. She is STILL in a size 3 diaper and her teachers say they are the smallest they have ever seen, because most of the toddlers have 4s or even 5s! She is in the Early Preschool I class and her teachers are Ms. April and Ms. Kyra. She loves them and talks about them often. Her favorite activities at school are dancing and swinging. I don't think she has a problem with lunch and snack, too. She is learning more and more sign language. Some of it the teachers don't even know and we have no idea who is teaching her! Here are her signs: eat, more, milk, mommy, daddy, girl, boy, please, sorry, thank you, sit, no bite, no hit, mouse, help, stop, read/book, baby, sleep, cry, fish, apple, airplane, pumpkin, no, yes, and I am sure there are others that I cannot think of right now. Her teachers say she has one of the biggest vocabularies in her class. She talks ALL THE TIME and recognizes so many words. She can count to 5 (usually skipping 3 and 4) and usually responds correctly when asked how many of something if it is 1 or 2. She can also recognize the letters, M, A, and sometimes E and O. She loves to act like she is reading and she will ALWAYS point out any M she sees on shirts, books, signs, TV, anything. Let's break for a quick cute story: Yesterday morning we were reading a book and usually at the end she claps and says "yea!" but yesterday she said "AMEN". Little cutie. Ok, back to more updates. She loves bath time. She has recently started laying down on her tummy and saying she is swimming. She also loves to draw with her bath crayons. That is where she learns most of her numbers and letters. MJ and I are not much of the artistic type, but we can draw letters and numbers all day long! She is interested in the potty and will sit on it, but not quite ready for potty training. She definitely knows when she needs a diaper (diapee) change and will try to 'help' change herself. At night, we put Mary Kay night emollient cream on her so she doesn't get dry skin. She calls it "Gigi's lotion" because Gigi gave it to her. She loves her night time routine. MJ or I will rock and read to her, then she lays on Horton, Lovie AND the little new elephant to go to sleep. She can go to sleep by herself, but I prefer to rock her. It is one of the only quiet, sweet times we have now days. She is lovey, kissy and huggy, but she is wild, too! She is not a huge veggie eater (like her mama). Her favorite foods are pizza (peet-ta), macaroni (roni), grapes, bananas, pasta shells or little noodles (she will NOT eat actual spaghetti or any long noodle), refried beans, cheese roll-ups, chicken taquitoes, cereal bars, applejacks, cinnamon toast crunch, cheese curls or any type of chip, yogurt, gummies, goldfish, oatmeal pies and her favorite since birth...MILK. Oh good grief that child LOVES milk. I cannot even bribe her with apple juice or fruit juice boxes. She asks for MILK! We have started giving her a vitamin each day. They say she eats very well at school, but she doesn't eat much for dinner usually so we want to keep her healthy. Something must be working because she is rarely sick (hopefully I didn't just jinx us). She hasn't been to the doc except for regular checkups in MONTHS! Actually she is going this afternoon for a flu shot, hopefully that will keep her healthy, too!

20: Nov 21, 2010 Madelyn is usually pretty good about letting you wipe her nose if she is a little stuffy, but she does NOT like the sucker bulb. (Usually called soccer ball around our house. Soccer may be ruined for her forever.) She also does not like when I (excuse the details) really have to clean it out when it is dry and crusty. (Enough details for you Aunt Amanda?) Anyway, last night before bed, I wanted to make sure she was all clean so she would sleep well. So between bath time and teeth brushing time, I attacked. She squirmed and huffed and puffed, and when I was finished she said "Aghhh, all better." She may not know what every little phrase means, but she knows when to use them! Other phrases she uses constantly: In just a minute. Be right back. No/yes Ma'am. No/yes Sir. If you say so.

23: Happy Thanksgiving 2010

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