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Marin Anne Harless

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S: Marin Anne Harless

FC: A baby is something you carry inside | you for nine months, in your arms | for three years and in your heart till | the day you die." ~ Mary Mason | Marin Anne Harless | Marin Anne Harless

1: About Our Family | You come from a wonderful caring family on both sides. Your family is full of love. We are so fortunate to have such caring people in our lives. We don't know what we would do without any of them. Everybody is so excited to meet the new addition.....YOU!

2: How We Found Out | I knew right away when I got pregnant with you. The signs were all there weeks before I would know with a positive pregnancy test. The first sign was sharp pains in my lower stomach. The other big sign was complete exhaustion. In both my pregnancies, during the first 3 months, the only thing I could think of was my bed. I would take a nap every afternoon after I walked in the door from work, if your daddy wasn't working. It was much more difficult this time around with a toddler already running around the house and begging for my attention. About a week later I took a pregnancy test knowing what I would see, but I was wrong. It came back negative. How could this be? I knew my body I had to be pregnant. After another week and 3 more pregnancy test (I knew I wasn't crazy) the test finally came back positive. I made my first doctors appointment and off we were on another baby adventure.

3: How We Told Our Family & Friends | I held off telling a lot of people in the beginning. I was so nervous of loosing you. Those first three months can be very nerve racking! Although, those close to us found out from Laina. She was excited to tell everybody that she was going to be a BIG sister. I don't think she really understood what this meant yet, but she was telling everybody in person and on the phone. She called her Uncle Jason and Aunt Leah to tell them but she told all those in town in person. You will see in the pictures some of the things we were doing when we found out. Laina and I baked because we hosted a baby shower for Angie and we were just beginning to start potty training Laina.

4: In February we had our second ultrasound and found out....

5: Yes, daddy was secretly hoping you were going to be a boy, but that quickly pasted when we heard your heart beating and saw you moving around inside me. Ultrasounds are a special gift. Laina even got to experience seeing you the miracle that was growing in my belly. I know that you were inside of me, but I even still can't believe it. | First Ultrasound | It's a.....GIRL

6: July 14, 2009

7: Before you came along we had a lot of rearranging to do to make room for you and all your baby things. We had already moved rooms before Laina joined us. Your dad and I each had our own room for our hobbies. When Laina came along we put her in the small room and Daddy and I shared the larger of the two. Well, now that you were coming along we needed to put you and your sister into the bigger room to share. So we somehow squeezed all of your daddy's cds and all of my scrapbooking goods into the small | room. From there we needed to spruce it up a bit and make it girl friendly. I knew I wanted a natural color as the background. It came out a bit more silly puddy color than I would have liked, but we weren't going to change it. Daddy did this part because I was pregnant with you. I then wanted to add something fun to the walls. I wanted something that would grow with you and was a bit universal. I decided on circles and dots. With a projector and a steady hand I painted each circle and dot onto the wall one by one. | The final thing I had to decide on was the curtains. Let me tell you that I went way out of my box on these. They are so much brighter, pink and patterned than anything I have ever chosen. I figured I am going to have two girls why not go pink. I chose the fabric and Amma sewed them up for us. I don't think they turned out badly. The final touch were the words. A saying that your Daddy and I have used for a long time and have now passed on to be part of our family. I love you muchy much!

8: I don't have many pictures of me while I was pregnant with you. I wasn't too excited about getting my picture taken. Here are just a few.

9: I was worried that I was going to go into labor early while we were an hour and half away. | I was so pregnant during our 4th of July celebration. | In the weeks leading up to your birth I was taken out of work early because of my blood pressure. So I just waited.

10: Progress | Your Birth | The experience of having you was completely different than your sister. You were a planned c-section so I knew when I was going in and what was going to happen. There was no labor beforehand so I was awake and aware of everything the whole time. It was so surreal! We sent Laina to spend the night and next few days with Papa while we were in the hospital. Upon walking into the hospital at like 7:00 in the morning I was getting into a gown and being hooked up to machines. After about two and a half hours of questions from what seemed liked 20 different doctors and nurses I actually walked into the operating room. This was the craziest part, I thought. The most scary part for me during this whole process was getting the needle in the back to make me numb. When I got the epidural for Laina your dad got to be with me so I envisioned it would be the same. This time they didn't let your dad come into the operating room until after they did the spinal. I did fine of course. Within seconds of the spinal being injected my legs were going numb and the doctors were rushing to lay me down before I couldn't help anymore. They strapped me down, hooked me up and finally your daddy got to join me in the room, what a relief. Within 20 minutes your were screaming into our world. This is truly the most surreal and miraculous moment a person can experience. The nurses weighed and checked you over before finally bringing you over to me. What a feeling! So small, so precious and you are mine. You were then taken away from me for about an hour while you were cleaned up and I was stitched up. During this time you got to meet your BIG sister, Papa, Uncle Matt and Aunt Anna.

11: Hospital Stay | We stayed in the hospital from Wednesday through Saturday. I was up and moving around much faster and braver than I was the first time around with Laina. I guess I wasn't quite as drugged up this time having a spinal done vs. the epidural and pumping that for so long. We had many visitors. Papa and your big sister were the most frequent visitors. Others were Grandma Julie,Dani, Carson, Angie, Ted and his girls, Uncle Joe and Aunt Louise, Brian Hesterlee and Amma. You didn't get to meet Amma until a couple of days in. This was a very exciting time because you joined our world, but it was also a very hard time because your Great Grandma Rosciglione passed away the week before. Amma needed to be down in Illinois to take care of funeral preparations. It was hard for me not to have my mom around when you came. The days were quite emotional for so many reasons. Not to mention my hormones were going whack. In the beginning I thought you were going to nurse. You were latching on, but not really getting anything and then you stopped latching. You were also not gaining back weight so I became very frustrated and emotional. Upon coming into the hospital I told myself I would not nurse and cause myself stress if it wasn't working. I didn't want to go through that again. So I made a very difficult decision to stop nursing and switch you to formula. I cried and cried trying to make this decision. Upon making this choice I felt a huge weight lift off of my shoulders and I knew it was the right choice for us. No matter what anybody else says.

13: The Story of your... | 7-8-09 | 7-8-09 | 7-8-09

14: Progress | Meeting the rest of the family through a window. Laina and I made her shirt about a week before you came. She was so proud and couldn't wait to wear it. She asked everyday to wear her special shirt.

17: Your Aunt Anna was so excited to meet you. I don't think I had ever seen her so happy. She was so proud to be a part of the experience and to welcome you into the family. Papa and Uncle Matt were ready to meet you in the room a well. everybody wanted to cuddle you from the get go. Your Daddy was so relieved to see you healthy and was much more relaxed this time around. lucky girl He was ready to be a pro Daddy for you from the get go.

18: Yawny Girl

19: First Bath

22: Bringing Home Baby | Bringing you home was such a joy and a relief to be home.

23: Hungry? | Loving | Proud

27: My sweet baby girl... I am not going to lie, the first months of your life were hard. They were stressful and nerve racking. It seemed that every time I thought we were on the up hill, something else would happen. From the start you would not gain weight. You were born at 6 lbs 13 oz and quickly went down to 6 lbs 3 oz. This is normal, but you wouldn't gain the weight back. We were in to see the doctor multiple times each week in the beginning. At your week appointment you had only gained 1 oz so we changed your formula. We went in two days later and you had gained 4 oz, YES! Well, 5 days later you were back down 2 oz. So your formula was changed again (to the most expensive stuff on the market, I might add). Two days later you were back up those couple of oz and you were put on Zantac because your gas and acid reflux was so bad at this point. 4 days later and only days from your one month birthday you had finally reached your birth weight again. The medicine was also helping. Another concern I had was your breathing. It always seemed like you were working so hard to breath | and it was so noisy. The doctor wasn't worried though so we kept trekking along. A couple days later you got and kept for almost 2 months the worst, ugliest. most painful looking diaper rash I had ever seen. You had open sores on your bum. You would pee and you would cry with pain. We would lay you out with a mat under you and no diaper trying to air you out. As time went on you still cried, but you were such a trooper and so strong! I was so proud of you. I couldn't believe all that you were going through and still a very good baby. You slept at night between feedings, but you were up a lot because you needed so many calories to gain weight, you had sores on your bum and you had acid reflux. They were very tiring nights to say the least. On top of everything, a few weeks in I spent the night in the ER because I had a fever that spiked up to 104.5. After long waiting and and several tests I ended up having an infection in my incision. We made it through everything though and are much stronger because of it. I love you my sweet baby cheeks. Thank you for adding even more joy to my life.

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