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Mekiah 2nd year

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Mekiah 2nd year - Page Text Content

S: Mekiah's 2nd Year

BC: to Ki with love from mama & dada

FC: Mekiah Grace Dozeman | 1 Year Old

1: The family joined together to celebrate you on your first Birthday. That included 6 great grandparents! (Wolters, Sluiters, and Dozemans) | You received lots of fun gifts: a favorite was a t-shirt from someone special.. You didn't really like your cake....it was the first time you ever had any, so what did we expect?

2: On your actual birthday you thought the laundry basket was the funnest thing to play with. | You loved to read! Ten in the Bed was a Favorite as well as anything by Sandra Boynton. | You liked to sleep with your head in the corner

3: We took you apple picking for the first time. You didn't quite know what to think. Daddy did most of the work, but we encouraged him | Here you are enjoying a few of your birthday gifts. The tunnel was fun . to crawl really fast through, and the table was a cool new place to read books., but you needed help getting up on the chair.

4: At 1 year old: You are 20 lbs 3.5 oz (25th%) 28.25 inches tall (25th%) and have a head circumference of 44 cm (25th%) You are crawling around and into everything! And cruising along the furniture just dying to take some steps on your own When we hold you, we like to put our faces together-cheek to cheek, it's SO precious.

5: I cannot believe you are 1 year old already! Wow, how time flies. I remember the day you were born like it was yesterday. But you are growing like a weed (except your hair of course) You are certainly the love or our lives baby girl.

8: Daddy liked to read books with you...though he got sick of reading the same one over and over and over. At about 14 months old you started walking...and life became a lot busier for me and your dad! | You LOVED to stack cups... and you were good at it!

9: Grandma Sluiter gave you a baby doll for your birthday...you knew just what to do with it.

10: Hanging out at Papa and Nana's

11: Grandma's Girl! | Love to give Kisses | That's right, cheerios go in the mouth, not little people. | You are getting really good at puzzles!

12: Our extended Sluiter family went to Spider Lake to celebrate Christmas this year. Your great Grandpa Sluiter's health was failing so we celebrated a little earlier in the season. You enjoyed hanging out with your uncles and grandparents. You weren't quite sure what to do with all the screaming great-grandkids who were running around. Papa Great passed away early Christmas morning.

13: Merry Christmas! | Great Grandma and Grandpa Wolters joined the Sluite'rs for a Christmas celebration on Christmas Day.

14: You were the entertainment at the Dozeman Christmas celebration.....what did we do before you came along....?

15: I found you hugging your baby while you slept...how precious! | Gangsta Baby, thanks to uncle Alex | You liked to play with uncle Matt's car key | You and Brinley DeYoung looked like twins....especially in the same outfit! | splattered milk all over your face | Aunt Katie's boyfriend Ben looks pretty good with you in tow

16: Don, Kelly, Ali, and Jenna invited us to the Buist cottage for some winter fun. You didn't like the winter clothing so much, and you didn't care for sledding either, however, you really enjoyed the kitchen cupboard. | The Buist Cottage | Waving to Daddy through the window

17: You discovered the toilet paper roll! | Mommy with all the kids on her lap....better get used to it! | We visited the Postmas in St. Catherines ....you were intrigued by baby Sophia | Watching movies of yourself with daddy....how precious!

18: A visit with Great grandma & grandpa Wolters.

19: A quick 18 month update: -You continue to use sign language: please, more, milk, thank you, help, and all done. -Favorite books: Big Hungry Bear (Strawberry and Christmas) Ten in the Bed Goodnight Moon | -Your head circumference is 45 cm. -You are 31 inches tall -You weigh 23 lbs

20: Must be Ash Wednesday because you have ashes on your forehead. | What a pretty dress! You will be the flower girl in Uncle Mike and Aunt Kathy's wedding. Hope you like the dress by then, cuz right now you don't like it! | You wanted to sit by aunt Kathy at her bridal shower, until you noticed the dog | Playing outdoors with papa and nana.... you didn't really care for the makeshift sled

21: We finally get to play outdoors without snowpants! You loved chasing your ball around. | By April you are finally saying some words: "Mama, Dada, Papa, Nana" I'm surprised you don't say "no" | bloom

23: One warm April day we ran around outside at papa and nana's. One cold April day we headed to the mall playground to slide down the slides.... and climb them up too.

24: You had Roseola (fever and rash) so we let you watch some media: yourself. You spared us a smile in the tub though....it must be the mohawk hair. You give some of the best hugs and cuddles when you don't feel well.

25: Enjoying your new kitchen...mommy found it at a garage sale along with some accessories to fill it up. You liked to stir in the cup. | You had this fetish with your feet....always putting things on them, including stickers. You also liked to spray your feet with the shower head. | You sucked on that stringy ball at Nana and Papa's and drooled all over...so gross!

26: Looks like you are working really hard daddy.....need some water?!? | hmmm...which one? | Must be naptime.... you look so precious! | Mad about something? | I find stickers in the weirdest places! | Eating crayons I see....good thing they are washable (and non-toxic)

27: Enjoying the Spring with your first taste of watermelon and your first bubbles chase. | By the way, your first word other than names is "up" You learned it while climbing and jumping on mom and dad's bed.

28: Mother's Day

29: Outdoor Fun! | On a warm May day we hauled out the hose after lunch because you were a mess. You LOVED running through the cold spray. | You thought it was fun to drive and honk aunt Amy's car horn.

30: Tulip Time

32: The Postmas came to Michigan for a visit. You did not know what to do with Sophia, but you also didn't mind giving her hugs and kisses when prompted.

33: You played in the rain at Mike and Kathy's wedding shower....got extra dirty in your white shirt but it was worth it. We've been introducing a lot of new and fresh foods. You like fresh veggies! Quite unique (and healthy) for an 18 month old

34: You call uncle Matt "Ma!" and you can say and find "m" on the refrigerator magnets. | Notice the tree daddy tied up with rope so it wouldn't fall on the house.

35: Looks like someone let you in the pool with your clothes on! To improve the situation, he just took your clothes all the way off.... | Washing the van.... kinda

37: Uncle Mike & Aunt Kathy's Wedding | Papa had to lure you down the aisle with a ball...once you saw it you came running!

38: We could not believe the weather this year. We had one sunny (almost warm) day. All the other days were cold and rainy! But you still had a great time.

39: Fremont Vacation! | The one sunny day you enjoyed splashing your feet in the water, but it was still too cold to go all the way in. On the other days we played inside, or if it wasn't raining you played on the slide, the swing or with chalk. You would make a scratching, then move, scratch, move....etc. It was fun to watch you scoot all over the pavement. | The car ride home: all tuckered out.

40: Beach Days! We brought you to the Holland State Park a few times this summer....you liked running in and out of the water and splashing your hands in it.

41: Daddy liked to dig holes and put you in them. You just liked to get covered in sand | We hung out with the Rogalske kids a bit this summer....you preferred to play with the doggy door...in and out, in and out, in and out.........

42: Dozeman Pool! You love the water. Jumping in is your favorite. By the end of July you were swimming by yourself (with the ring of course). Oh, and you greeted the owl every time we were out on the deck.

43: This is the Wolters clan in which you are a part. Papa and Nana Great have a lot of great-grandchildren. | PS...you have added a few more words to your lexicon by the end of July: "Ama" (Amy) and "Aya" (Alex) and the most important "Pooh Bear"

44: John Ball Zoo | Mommy took you to the zoo with Ruthanne and Benjamen Slotman. You didn't mind looking at the animals...I thought you might be interested in the bear because you can say "bear," but you weren't. You liked the gorilla because he looked at you. But I think your favorite part was the playground we went to after lunch.

45: Cool new (borrowed) car. You don't know how to drive it though. | You came down with a fever so we let you watch Praise Baby and your new favorite "Sing a Song with Pooh Bear and Piglet too" movie trailer on YouTube. Boy am I sick of those song clips....I'd like to hear the whole song for once! | iphone...really? You need one already?!?!

46: drummond island vacation with the sluiter's | All the Sluiters went up to Grandpa Wolter's Cabin to enjoy some time together. You were, again, the center of attention along with two puppies uncle Tim brought along: Dennett and Xexela. You enjoyed collecting stones, riding bike, quading, swimming in your warm pool (collecting and discarding toys) following papa and your uncles--playing simon says basically, reading books, coloring, filling holes with water at the beach, and just hanging out with all of us.

47: Daddy and I woke up one morning and you were cuddled with Uncle Matt in his sleeping bag watching Curious George. They even fed you breakfast while you stared at those flickering pixels.

51: You are almost 2 years old....such a big girl! We decided to move you to a big girl bed so your little sister could have your crib in a few months. The move went great! You were super happy to be in your big girl bed. You never got out without our permission....until a few weeks after Rayna was born..... | September 5 AM | September 5 PM

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