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Mia's First Year

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Mia's First Year - Page Text Content

S: Mia's First Year April 21, 2011

FC: Mia Elizabeth Williams | For This Child I Prayed, And The Lord Granted me The Desires of My Heart ... 1 Samuel 1:26

1: Born: April 21, 2011 Time: 10:41 am Weight: 7 lbs. 6 oz. Length: 20 inches | Welcome To The World ~ Princess Mia ~

2: The first few days at the hospital were really rough, You were really attached to only Mommy and she couldn't put you down or you would cry. That made Mommy REALLY tired. There were SCARY Tornadoes the first two nights. Mommy and Mamaw had to hide in the bathroom with you for shelter. At home you were really good. Sleeping through the night. Still attached to Mommy, Daddy hopes he gets to Finally hold you some this weekend without you getting Fussy. In these first days I've decided: There is Nothing more Beautiful in This Whole World Than Your Smile. | Your First Week 4-21-11 to 4-27-11

3: You are just getting More adorable everyday. Your Cheeks are Fuller This week. Your 1st Doc. Appointment was last Tues & you have another one this Wed. Last wk you weighed 7.04, I bet you're at 8lbs when we go back this week. Daddy finally had some quality time with you on Saturday XoXo It was So Sweet XoXo 1st Sponge bath on Sat. Sunday Night you were really Fussy it was the first night you didn't sleep through the night. Normally, Mommy had been waking you to feed you. Your Umbilical Cord Came off in the middle of the night on 5-3-11 | Week Two 4-28-11 to 5-4-11

4: Week 3 Already? Time is Flying By, MeMa & Papa are coming to visit and meet you for the first time this weekend. This will be Hunter & Harrisons first weekend with you too. Mothers Day is Sunday. XoXo My 1st Real Mothers Day XoXo Mamaw Smiley helped give you your first Real Bath on Tuesday. You Didn't like it Very Much. | Week Three 5-5-11 to 5-11-11

5: You're alot more Social this week. Smiling alot when we talk to you. XoXo We are experimenting with ways to get you to sleep at night somewhere besides in my arms. I wouldn't mind you sleeping there of course if I was completely sure it was safe You sleep on your Boppy just fine, but not your bassinet (You little Stinker). Your first Stroller Ride was Friday, and Sunday you went to Church for the First Time XoXo | Week Four 5-12-11 to 5-18-11

6: Mia's Firsts | Sponge Bath | Doctor Visit | Car Ride | Mia's Firsts

7: First Outing | Real Bath | Trip to Church | First Car Ride - 4/21/11 First Doctor Visit - 4/27/11 First Restaurant - 4/27/11 First Sponge Bath - 5/2/11 First Real Bath - 5/10/11 First Church Trip - 5/15/11

8: You're so cute We just want to SQUEEEZE you. This week you officially turned One Month Old. It was a big day for you. We painted your Toenails Pink, You Moved up to Size 1 Diapers, and Wore your First 0-3 Month Size Onsie XoXo. Growing too Fast Already XoXo On Sunday we went to Evansville, your longest trip so far. You did really good. Mommy carried you in the Moby Wrap all day and you slept while your brothers spent their birthday Money. | One Month Old 5-19-11 to 5-25-11

9: We had a Busy Week. Tashas Graduation Party was on Saturday Night. She had a cookout, We kept you out late that night, But you are a Good Baby, so you didn't get Cranky. Sunday we went to church and you had your picture taken with Cousin Aubrey, and Monday we went to Papaw Criss's house where you met your new cousin Braxton XoXo We started using Cloth Diapers this week and it's going very well. | Week Six 5-26-11 to 6-1-11

10: Mia's Firsts | Princess Mia One Month Old

12: This week I noticed your hair is getting longer and I love it so much. XoXo Hair bows WooHoo XoXo Your Brothers are on Summer Break from school, and this week they came and stayed with us. They helped mommy a lot during the day holding you and rocking you so Mommy could do things around the house. | Week Seven 6-2-11 to 6-8-11

13: Wednesday night you slept through the whole night for the first time. This week you Laughed and Laughed and Laughed so Much XoXo Melted My Heart XoXo XoXo That's for Sure XoXo You and Daddy were able to spend lots of time together this week. You like to Swing on the porch with him in the afternoons when he gets home from work. We went to the MOM group at OMHS on Saturday, you weighed 11 lbs.5oz. | WeekEight 6-9-11 to 6-15-11

14: Mia's Firsts | Mias Pretty Nursery

16: This week you really learned to work your hands. You have held onto things by yourself for the first time. XoXo 6-19 fathers day: got Daddy a grill, and a canvas with a picture of you and him together xoxo Wednesday was a Sad Sad day. You got your first shots. When you cried it broke Mommy and Mamaw Smileys Heart | Two Months Old 6-16-11 to 6-22-11

17: Your brothers have been with us for two weeks now. They are playing with you more and more. They love you so much and they are good big brothers, They talk silly to you and you hold their fingers and laugh and smile xoxo Mema and Papa came to visit on Saturday, They will stay all week. | Week Ten 6-23-11 to 6-29-11

18: Mia's Firsts | Princess Mia Two Months Old | 22.5 Inches Long thats longer than 9 out of 10 babies your age | 11 lbs 5 oz

20: Thursday you had a BIG day at BigSplash with family & friends. Mema & Paps left early Friday. Up to Size 2 Diapers. Your Brothers and Mommy think you can already say `I'm Good 2 Month Pictures on Wednesday. I'm SO EXCITED You rolled over off a pillow on 7-2 So We Practiced Rolling Over this week without One | Week Eleven 6-30-11 to 7-6-11 | So Sorry, No Pictures on these days

21: Way to Go Big Girl You rolled over without a pillow on 7-7 Your first Camping Trip was on Saturday. We went with Papaw & Mamaw Criss and Cousin Landon to Lake Rudolph. It was too hot for you so we didn't make it to Holiday World the Next Day. On Wednesday, I moved the Carseat Strap up to the next biggest notch, XoXo My Growing Girl XoXo | Week Twelve 7-7-11 to 7-13-11

22: Mia's Firsts | Mias Favorite Thing | Is Swinging

23: When you get Fussy, Swinging always makes you Happy. You like to be outside looking around. Inside, you like watching Your Baby Genius DVD. Mommy dances with you in front of the TV and sings along with all songs. When it's time for Bed, Mommy Sings Seek Ye First , Sanctuary, or Jesus Loves Me while she rocks you to sleep. You sleep late, and are always in a good Mood when you wake up. XoXo | Your Favorite Thing is to Swing. | Our Typical Day:

24: This week you started grabbing our fingers and trying to pull and sit up. You're doing it ALL THE TIME and won't hardly lay flat and relax. You were dedicated at Church on Sunday 7-17, You looked like a beautiful Angel. Lots of Family came to the church to watch your Special Day XoXo Everyone Loves Princess Mia | Week Thirteen 7-14 to 7-20-11

25: 3 MONTHS OLD ON 7-21. Yaay It's SOO HOT this week. I'm trying not to take you out much. We stay inside and you wear nothing but your diaper most of the time. Mamaw and Papaw Smiley are in Florida this Week. They SURE DO Miss thier Little Princess. | Three Months Old 7-21-11 to 7-27-11

26: Mia's Firsts | Princess Mia Three Months Old

28: This week you started Laughing out Loud More and SQUEALING when you're Happy. Its The Sweetest thing I think I've ever Heard. You Found you're Pretty Hair and started pulling it. Especially when you first wake up. Your Curls are getting Long and Out of Control But they are Precious and I Love Them So Much | Week Fifteen 7-28 to 8-3-11

29: The Big Event of this Week was on Saturday. We went to a Coffeehouse in Owensboro On Saturday Morning to Participate in a Breastfeeding Event to Try and Break The World Record. Alot of Moms from the M.O.M Group were there. We didn't beat the record but we had FUN | Week Fifteen 8-4-11 to 8-10-11 | Mommy was too busy adoring you for Pictures on these days.

30: Lots of Firsts This week: Thursday : BANGS for the first time Tuesday: You learned to Blow Bubbles Daddy was Happy about that he had been Teaching You that trick for a while. Wednesday: You held yourself upright while sitting Way to Go Mia | Week Sixteen 8-11 to 8-17-11

31: On Friday you started REALLY making noises Baby Talk And you really haven't stopped since then. It has been my Favorite thing so far XoXo | Four Months Old 8-18-11 to 8-24-11

32: Mia's Firsts | Princess Mia Four Months Old | 25.75 Inches Long | 15lbs 3oz

34: On Thursday you had your 4 month shots. Poor Baby You only cried a little. Papaw Smiley went with us. You ran a little fever that night and caught a little cold a couple days later. You didn't seem to mind. You still Played and Laughed all week. Sniffles and All | Week Eighteen 8-25-11 to 8-31-11

35: This Week it was cool enough outside for you to try on your Baby Legs and you Looked SO SO CUTE with them on. We also decided this week to let you start doing some BabyModeling XoXo It's just for Fun | Week Nineteen 9-1-11 to 9-7-11

36: First Pigtails on Friday XoXo Awww XoXo Princess Mia is Sooo Cute You have kept your TOES in your MOUTH all week. Silly Baby And ate Baby Cereal for the 1st time on Monday. You liked it. Such a Big GirlXoXo | Week Twenty 9-8-11 to 9-14-11

37: You Turned 5 Months Old This Week. XoXo You have been eating your feet again this week and you are making some of the Funniest Faces while trying to Talk. Such a Little Sweetheart. XoXo | Five Months Old 9-15-11 to 9-21-11

38: Mia's Firsts | Princess Mia Five Months Old

40: Daddy went on a trip for work and mamaw spent 3 nights with us. She Loved spending time with her Favorite Little Princess XoXo 1st Playdate with Bella on 9-24-11 | Week TwentyTwo 9-22-11 to 9-28-11

41: You started Scooting backwards on 9-29. You went all across your floor until you were stuck under your dresser Silly Baby | Week TwentyThree 9-29-11 to 10-5-11

42: First Solid Food on 10-12-11. We had RBlake take Pics and It was Everyones Favorite Shoot You Love Love Loved Those Carrots I wish That I had recorded it but we were all so excited we forgot. You got very excited about it too Saying MMMmmm Over and Over Rblake called you Princess Carrot Mouth XoXo | WeekTwentyFour 10-6-11 to 10-12-11

43: Tried Carrots Every Day This Week. You Love Them Also Scooting backward until Your stuck under furniture almost Every Day You are So Funny | Week TwentyFive 10-13-11 to 10-19-11

44: You Pulled up into a standing Position on 10-20 and Turned 6months old on the 21st XoXo I threw together a little Half Bday Party for you at Mamaws Halloween Party. Mema & Papa Visted This Week XoXo You had your 6m Shots on 10-26 Dr. Phillips REALLY LOVED your Halloween costume he wanted his picture taken with you and ordered a costume like yours for his little girl XoXo | Six Months Old 10-20-11 to 10-26-11

45: This week I noticed your Sitting up without help, not falling as much and just Scooting ALL OVER THE PLACE Your Eating Peas this week and liking them (Mommy thinks they are Gross) | 10-27-11 to 11-2-11

46: Mia's Firsts | Princess Mia Six Months Old | 17lbs4oz | 27 Inches Long

48: Mia's Firsts | Princess Mia Half Way to 1! | Half way to 1! This time has Flown by so so fast. I can't believe it's been half a year already. You are growing so much and Learn new things every week. We had a little 1/2 Birthday Party for you in the Corner of Papaw & Mamaw Smileys Halloween Party

50: first cereal - 9-12-11 1st shoes &pigtails 9-9-11 first big girl bath 1st baby food 10-12-11

51: Mia's Firsts

52: November 8th The Princess Crawls YAAY MIA | 11-3-11 to 11-9-11

53: You're Crawling Everywhere .. Finally Got a Good Picture of Your 2 Teeth XoXo! ! I Love You So Much! | 11-10-11 to 11-16-11

54: On 11-20 You pulled up Xoxo All by Yourself XoXo Harrison was playing on the couch with his wrestlers and you pulled to a standing position to watch | Seven Months Old 11-17-11 to 11-23-11

55: Your brothers have been here several days for the Thanksgiving. I Love watching them with you. They Love you so much XoXo You started waving some this week. | 11-24-11 to 11-30-11

56: Mia's Firsts | Princess Mia Seven Months Old

58: I Love that these last few days You are waving at Every Random Thing The Christmas Tree, The Chandelier in your room, The Garland in the Doorway, The Spoon as I feed You Precious. XoXo Just Precious XoXo | 12-1-11 to 12-7-11

59: You Like: Being Upside Down, Being Tickled, Trying to Blow bubbles on Everyones Belly, Eating Christmas Paper, Trying to Unwrap Christmas Presents Early, Pulling all the Decoration off The Tree, Being Chased You Played PattyCake for the 1st time on Saturday XoXo | 12-8-11 to 12-14-11

60: Mema & Papa came to visit this week. They were so happy to see you. You opened your 1st Christmas present while they were here. You started letting go while standing for a few seconds. You decided you DO like mashed potatoes. | Eight Months Old 12-15 to 12-21-11

61: You have worn Pretty Christmas Dresses to different places all Month so Christmas Morning You went to church in your Christmas Pjs XoXo You Loved All Your New Toys | First Christmas 12-22-11 to 12-28-11

62: Mia's Firsts | Princess Mia Eight Months Old

64: You have a New Funny Face this Week. Started Sticking your Tongue in and Out and Making a Funny Noise XoXo Your Knees are Bruised from all the Crawling | 12-29-11 to 1-4-12 | oops again

65: Bought Your 1st Official BIRTHDAY GIFT on 1-6. A Rose Cottage Playhouse, It is So Pretty And will look beautiful at your Tea Party Birthday. You Stood for Minutes at a time on 1-8 | 1-5-12 to 1-11-12 | oops again | I Love You

66: Daddys Birthday was this week XoXo He went to Owensboro to Visit Your Brothers. Mommy Started Icing the Big Fake Cake For Your Birthday and We visited Mamaw and Papaw Criss | 1-12 to 1-18-12 | I wanted to take your picture Every day, but Being a Mommy is a Busy Job. And it's my favorite job in the whole world.

67: YOU TOOK YOUR FIRST STEPS On 1-23 You were in the living room with daddy and mommy was in the kitchen. Daddy started CLAPPING and saying YAAY MIA.You had taken 2 steps, mommy came into the living room to watch and you did it AGAIN | Nine Months Old 1-19-12 to 1-25-12 | WooHoo

68: Mia's Firsts | Princess Mia Nine Months Old | 29 inches long | 19 lbs 5 ounces

70: 1-28 First Words (Besides Mama & Dada) You Say" HOT and LILY Hot because we are always telling you that when you get close to the heaters and Lily is the name of mamaw and papaws dog. Lily doesn't like most people but she likes when you visit she eats snacks that you drop and she tries to play with your toys. | 1-26-12 to 2-1-12

71: This week I Noticed you are Patting your Baby Dolls and giving them Hugs and Kisses XoXo It's the Sweetest thing Ever You've been turning over to Daddy and Cuddling at Night while we Sleep. He Loves It. XoXo | 2-2-12 to 2-8-12

72: Your 1st Valentines Day XoXoXoXoXo Harrison Made you your 1st Valentine in Sunday School Awww You're making some Pretty Mean faces this week, Awful Grouchy. I think you're teething. Really Walking More this week across whole rooms My Big Girl | 2-9-12 to 2-15-12

73: Sunday you walked all day and you haven't crawled since OFFICIALLY A WALKER NOW and we Turned your crib to a big girl bed You can Say CAT, DOG, KITTY, DUCK, QUACK, AND MOO | Ten Months Old 2-16-12 to 2-22-12

74: Mia's Firsts | Princess Mia Ten Months Old | 2o lbs 15 ounces

76: Played Outside for the 1st Time on Sunday. You ate Dirt for the 1st time that day. You also ate Dogfood for the 1st time that Morning Silly Baby We started bringing Shiloh in the House some. She scares you a little bit but you like her. | 2-23-12 to 2-29-12

77: You drank from a Straw on 3-1 You Love Cheerios, Watching the Train everyday, & shows about Puppies & Cats on TV. You learned to Scream, we have little contests and you think it's funny XoXo 1st Fries & Ketchup on 3-7 YUM YUM | 3-1-12 to 3-7-12

78: 3-9-12 YOU FELL OUT OFF BED SCARED ME TO DEATH, But you were okay.. didn't even cry much. We Went Shopping on Monday with Mamaw this week and bought lots of pretty new Clothes for Our Princess, Mamaw picked out Pretty pajamas with Horses. You Love them XoXo | 3-8-12 to 3-14-12

79: You learned to say Pap Pap this week and mamaw is SO JEALOUS (haha) | 3-15-12 to 3-21-12

80: Mia's Firsts | Princess Mia Eleven Months Old

82: . | 3-22-12 to 3-28-12 | You have two more teeth coming in on the top, WHICH more MAKES 4. Yaay This week you learned to say NO NO NO and Its adorable in your little voice XoXo | You are the Poem I Dreamed of Writing. The Masterpiece I Longed to Paint. You are the Shining Star I reached for in my Ever Hopeful Quest for life Fulfilled. You are My Child and Now with ALL THINGS I am Blessed.

83: . | 3-29-12 to 4-4-12 | I've been very busy getting ready for your birthday party, I'm so so excited about the beautiful teaparty I have planned

84: . | 4-5-12 to 4-11-12 | Went on vacation in Hebron Ky to the Creation Museum, You did really good with all the riding. Came back on Easter Sunday and went to a cookout at Aunt Karens. Your Easter Dress was Beautiful XoXo

85: . | 4-12-12 to 4-18-12 | Your Birthday Party is AGAIN the only thing on my mind this week. I'm watching the weather like crazy, one day it says it will be rainy and cold and the next it acts like it will be decent enough for an outdoor party. | From the Moment they Placed You in my Arms .. You Snuggled right into My Heart.

86: Mia's Firsts | Princess Mia Turns One

88: Mia's Firsts

90: . | 4-19-12 to 4-21-12

91: . | Notes & Keepsakes

92: . | Notes & Keepsakes

93: . | Notes & Keepsakes

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