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My First Pregnancy: Xyler Dean

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S: Our First Pregnancy: Xyler Dean

BC: Taulbee

FC: A baby is something you carry inside | you for nine months, in your arms | for three years and in your heart till | the day you die." ~ Mary Mason | Our First Pregnancy: Xyler Dean

1: About Our Family | We lived in an apartment with a roommate named Phil. Our only "baby" so far was a kitty named, Leila. She was two years old. We had been together for a little over two years when we found out Xyler Dean was on the way. We both loved to play video games and go out with friends. Life was pretty simple, but we felt like something was missing. So we decided to add to our family.

2: About Mommy | I was born and raised in Colorado. Born to Terri and Ken Williams. I have a brother named, Erik and two sisters, Sarah and Jennifer. When I was young, my parents divorced and my dad remarried, That's when my second sister came along. My mom worked really hard to support us and that is where my ambition and inspiration comes from. I graduated high school with honors and was a good student.. Growing up my brother and I played a lot of video games and read a lot of books. I 'm kind of a geek now. I love computers and I get excited about anything tech-y. I also love to be outdoors camping, swimming, hiking, and doing anything that lets me feel the sun on my face. I'm organized. I'm passionate about what I believe in. I love to laugh and have fun. I am a dreamer, but I realize when I have something good. ~ Rebecca

3: About Daddy | My parents were Tim and Danielle. I've lived in Colorado all my life. I have three sisters and one brother. I grew up living with my mom and grandma. All my siblings are step or half siblings. The only sibling I grew up with was my sister Ashley. I liked to play video games and skateboard. My family was never that tight knit when I was young, so I've always wanted children so I could give them the family I never had. I love all technology. I've always loved gadgets and taking things apart and putting them | back together. I'm working towards becoming a multi-media designer. I love to have fun & I love to play games with my friends. My goal is to be able to support my family and provide every opportunity that I didn't have. --Anthony--

4: Progress | We met in high school, but we didn't actually go on a date until 4 years later. We were friends first. When we finally decided to date, we knew we were meant to be. We had so much in common and we complemented one another. We've had our ups and downs but at the end of the day, we know what really matters. He said, "I love you." first and we have fought over who loves who more since that day! | The Story of Us

6: How We Found Out | Mommy went to the doctor because I thought my thyroid was acting up. Dr. C. Took a blood test and called me at work the next day. She said, "Congratulations! You're Pregnant! It's not your thyroid." I was stunned for a second and I told my friend, Alicia. We were both very happy! I went home and when I saw Daddy I put his hand on my stomach and said, "Guess what!". He looked at me and smiled. He exclaimed, "You're Pregnant?" I replied, "Yes! You're going to be a Daddy!" Then we kissed. | Sneak Peek

7: How We Told Our Family & Friends | We told Jennifer, Grandma Terri and Grandpa Mike first. Then we told Grandpa Ken and Grandma Cindy. We told Grandpa Tim and Grandma Jen next. Through them all your Aunts and Uncles found out. Everyone at Mommy's work found out because of how often I had morning sickness. We told Andrew Hayes and Mike Lockhart a few weeks after that. We tried to keep it a secret for the first three months, but it was too hard. We were all excited! After a few weeks of finding out almost everyone who knew us, knew we were expecting our first bundle of joy!

8: 07-14-09 | One Day, Daddy was sad so Mommy took a marker and drew a smiley face on her belly to make him laugh. It did the trick! | 4 Months | 6 Months | Baby | Bump

9: 8 Months | At 9 Months, Daddy drew the Earth on Mommy's belly!

10: Leila couldn't lay on my belly anymore!

11: Pros | and | Cons | Eating a bag of Oreo's and a gallon of milk any time I wanted to. Hearing the heartbeat every time I went to see Dr. Tucker. Not having to feel self-conscious about my growing belly My new table (belly) that I could set my food on The amazing feeling every time our baby moved inside me. Finding out the gender Picking a name Making the baby registry at Baby's R Us Loving someone I hadn't even met yet My new best friend - my boppy body pillow Daddy kissing my belly and listening to the growing baby inside me. Knowing that our baby is being brought into a wonderful home with a loving family | My constant back aches The cramps in my legs late at night Fluid in my face, hands, and feet The day my rings wouldn't fit anymore Sleepless nights My sudden aversion to eggs Getting sick anytime, anywhere Not being able to carry anything Walking like a duck months 7 - 9 Worrying about every little thing that I was doing hoping I was doing it right Crying at every semi-sentimental thing on TV and in life especially at my job. Not being able to eat tuna fish sandwiches Not knowing the difference between false labor and true labor People asking me, "You haven't had that baby yet?!" The last 3 months of pain

12: It's A Boy!! Hillcrest Condo Clubhouse 04-18-09 2-5 pm R.S.V.P. | Baby | Shower | Baby

13: Friends & Family

14: Fun And Games

15: Taking a test about the my pregnancy and I.

16: They look unhappy and surprised that they got Mommy's answers wrong! | Rhonda loved her some baby pins

18: Game: Who can draw a baby without looking?

19: I chose Tabetha as the lucky winner!

20: Progress | Opening Gifts! | Jennifer and Grandma Terri threw Mommy an awesome baby shower. There were many laughs and lots of memories to love forever. It almost wasn't held that day due to snow. We chose not to let the weather win and had a blast playing games, eating food, and opening gifts. People gave so many diapers in the diaper raffle that we didn't have to buy diapers for the first six months of your life. Also, all the baby supplies, clothes, and furniture we graciously received from friends and family left us with almost nothing else to buy!

21: Guest List: Gina Bond Norma Bond Misty Brown Alicia Covello Conner Gustafson Jennifer Miller Holly Miller Rhonda Nazarenus Adrienne Pederson Debbie Poland Terri Puttroff Lillian Puttroff Kendall Rames Tabetha Stephenson Linda Weaver

22: Memories | Some cards brought tears to my eyes, some made me smile, and others made me laugh.

23: Cleaning Supplies & Chew Toys! | Got milk?

24: Xyler's Birth Story | On July 4, 2009, I started having contractions at 3 pm. I mentally started to time them thinking it was probably just false labor again. At 4 pm They were getting a little worse so I called my mom and told her. We decided to head to the hospital around 5:30 pm and I called Mike L. and asked him to meet us there because Anthony wasn't off work yet. We arrived at the hospital at around 6 pm and they told me to walk around a little to make the contractions come on stronger. My mom, Mike and I walked around for about an hour. Then Anthony and Andrew arrived. We walked around for about 10 minutes but when I looked down at my IV and saw blood in it, I fainted and Anthony barely caught me. The nurses told me to get in bed and that I was not allowed to get up anymore. They saw they were coming regularly but not very fast so they kept me over night and decided to start Pitocin in the morning if they weren't closer together by 6 am. I watched the fireworks from my window, took an Ambien and went to sleep. Grandma Terri slept on the couch, and Anthony, Andrew, and Mike stayed up in the waiting room talking all night. At 6 am July 5, I woke up feeling very hungry. They came in and gave me a cherry popsicle, I ate it, and it came right back up. I remember saying that it was the best throw up I've ever tasted. (I would later be mocked at for that comment.) They started the Pitocin and then I got an epidural which was Heavenly. Jennifer got there at about 9 am and by this time Anthony was sleeping on the couch. Jennifer, my mom, and I played Skipbo, talked, and breathed our way through my contractions. Around 3 pm I started to feel the contractions again. I was given another dose of the epidural and I was in heaven again. Anthony woke up around this time. | "Can I have 20 minutes to decide please?"

25: I remember feeling very uncomfortable on one side and I asked the nurse to come in and help me flip over. In the middle of turning me over she decided to check me and said, "I think you're ready to push." I looked at her and asked, "Can I have 20 minutes to decide please." She laughed and left the room for a minute. While she was gone, I started freaking out and crying, saying I didn't want to do this anymore and I couldn't handle labor. Anthony, Jennifer, and my mom, convinced me that it has to happen and I am going to do a wonderful job. The nurse came back in and told me to start pushing at 5 pm. The doctor arrived about 10 minutes later. I pushed as Anthony and Jen held my legs and my mom put a cold cloth to my forehead. Anthony repeated, "He's almost out!" hundreds of times. He later said that his head ended up being bigger than he thought which made him think he was almost out. I took a much needed rest after pushing for 30 minutes and around that time the epidural had worn off. I continued to push and 10 minutes later out popped Xyler Dean! While they were doing his APGAR test, they started to stitch up the little tears and when they were done I said, "That hurt." They said, "If they had known I was in pain, they would've given me a local." I remarked, "That would've been great to know before they started." (I've never had stitches before.) I was too weak to hold him so he was passed around the room. I was the last one to hold him. After 26 hours of labor and 40 minutes of pushing, it was all worth it when I held my baby boy in my arms. He was so tiny and precious and I never wanted to let him go. We had our first bundle of joy and we were happy.. -Rebecca Taulbee | Aside from new babies, new mothers must be the most beautiful creatures on earth. ~Terri Guillemets

26: July | Our Little Baby Arrived!! | 5 | The Story of your... | 07/05/09 | 5:40 pm | 22 inches | 8 lbs

27: A baby will make love | stronger, days shorter, nights longer, | bankroll smaller, home happier, | clothes shabbier, the past | forgotten, but the future worth living for!

28: The Story of your...

29: Passing Xyler around!

30: X Y L E R D E A N

31: The day we brought you home we were brand new parents and afraid of everything. We quickly became accustomed to the "feed, change, sleep routine" Did you know: babies don't sleep more than a few hours through the night? Neither did we until we had a newborn. | Bringing home baby | Home Sweet Home

33: Parents

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