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My journey through pregnancy

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My journey through pregnancy - Page Text Content

S: Alexis Faye - Pregnancy Journal

1: Our journey through the pregnancy of our precious baby girl. We will always cherish these first 9 months with you! We love you, Mommy & Daddy

2: On Saturday, April 14, 2012 our lives changed forever. I had been waiting for days to take a pregnancy test and finally did that morning. The moment I saw that I was pregnant I started to cry. I went into the kitchen and told your dad "You are going to be a daddy!" We both started crying because we were so happy. We told only our parents that day and the next day. We told them we needed a picture for a scrapbook project and right when they were ready we yelled "We're having a baby!!!"

3: They were overcome with happiness.

4: May 9th is a day I will never forget. I was 8 weeks pregnant and we had our first appointment to see an ultrasound. Your dad met me at the doctor's office; he wouldn't miss this for the world. The moment we saw you, tears of joy started to run down my face. The ultrasound technician then referred to you as a little gummy bear and we started laughing. We started to call you our little gummy until we named you and then you became "Lexi Bear." Your due date was also set on this day, December 19, 2012. As soon as we left there we started calling all of our family and friends to let them know the exciting news.

6: Ultrasound #2 | We had our second ultrasound on May 25th. Unlike the first one, where we didn't see any movement, you were dancing all over the place this time! We could see your little hands and feet moving. It actually looked like you waved at us once. I thought it was the craziest thing that I couldn't feel you moving yet with how active you were! Only 30 weeks left!

8: Ultrasound #3 | We had our third ultrasound on August 1st. I was exactly 20 weeks pregnant and this was when we were supposed to find out if you were a boy or girl. Instead we had the ultrasound technician hide your gender in an envelope so we could share the wonderful news with our family. We were able to see every part of you though: your head, legs, feet, arms, and even your spine. You had your legs crossed and were moving a little bit but you weren't as active as the previous ultrasound. Words cannot describe how happy and blessed we feel!

10: We were so anxious to find out if you were a boy or girl!

11: We decided to not find out at the doctor's office if you were a boy or girl. Instead we wanted to wait until we could gather all of our family and friends in one place and have a gender revealing party. We had our party on August 4th. We hired a local bakery to bake a cake with either blue or pink icing inside. Then we cut into it, pulled out the pink slice, and everyone cheered and screamed "It's a GIRL!!"

12: Our decorated table in all blue and pink. Even the food was gender specific with MELON medley, WEENIES in a blanket, MEAT rolls, and loaded baked po-TATA dip! | The cake! | Ceiling decorations | Before we cut the cake | They thought we were having a boy. (Doesn't mean they wanted a boy though!) | Team Pink!

13: Only dad and I could see where we were cutting so we immediately saw pink! I started shaking I was so excited! | We pulled it out and yelled "It's a girl!" Everybody started cheering and some started crying! | Grandpa is so excited to get a granddaughter! | Of course I started to cry! | Happy parents! | After cutting the cake, I opened the envelope with your ultrasound photo that confirmed you were a GIRL!!

14: We had a girl name picked out before I was even pregnant. We both fell in love with the name Alexis Faye. I still explored other names when we found out a baby was on the way, but we had to stick with our original name. Faye comes from both sides of our family too. Mimi's middle name is Fay and Grandmother's first name is Faye. So your name will be Alexis Faye Kidwill! Alexis: Defender Faye: Confidence; trust; belief (a variant of Faith)

15: I felt you kick for the first time around 18 weeks pregnant, but I wasn't positive if that's what I was feeling until about a week later. I realized then that I actually have a real human being growing inside of me. I absolutely love feeling you move around! Every time I feel you, I can't help but smile. It lifts me up no matter what mood I am in. Dad didn't start feeling you until I was about 24 weeks along. He thought it was the neatest thing! When I got to 30 weeks and beyond, we liked watching you kick things that we would put on my belly like my phone or the remote.

16: The baby shower was on September 30th. Aunt Amanda, Aunt Kendall, Gramsey, and Grammy were so sweet to throw a baby shower for us. The theme was Sugar and Spice in pink and orange. The food and decor were beautiful. I had so much fun visiting with all of my favorite people! I am very blessed to have such amazing people in my life. We received so many cute clothes, diapers, toys, and personalized gifts.

18: Gifts | Gramsey - Lots of cute outfits, butterfly wall art, blankets, baby photo album, bottle bag, seat belt covers, brush & comb, night light, rattles and toys Mimi - Sound spa. pack and play, diapers Grammy & Grandpa - Stroller w/car seat, sock monkey, frame, Christmas ornament, bibs, clothes, blanket Grandmother & Granddaddy - Decor kit (lamp, mobile, and wall decor) and diapers Grandma - Giggle garden play mat and diapers Amanda, Joey, & Jax - Clothes and wall art letters Kendall & Michael - Tickle Monster book, "Alexis" sleeper with matching bow, toy, blanket, clothes Kelly & Nikki - Clothes, shopping cart cover, hats, headbands, blanket, changing pad, sheets, pad cover, pacifier,"Alexis" wipes container, and pink Converse shoes. Sheri Kidwill - Blanket Kathy Krumdieck - Video monitor Shannon Kidwill - Diapers, restaurant gift card, to-go changing pad, sleepers, lotion, hangers, nursing pads, teething gel, wipes, travel bag with essentials.

19: Woods Family - Diapers and wipes Bradshaw Family - Diapers, wipes, travel size shampoos, socks Cyndi Milne - Hat, clothes, bows, spoon, bowls, washer tray Barbara Sutton - Target gift card Linda & Gerald Lloyd - Sleepers, bows, hats, activity jumper Mona & Jesica Lloyd & Family - Bows, hats, activity jumper Caroline Allison & Family & Nancy Heard - Boppy, personalized black bag (AFK) Laura Heard & Family - Lots of books, toy, and rattle Aunt Sue Grenwelge - clothes and shoes Cheryl Deese - Onesies Linda Tambourine & Family - Gift basket w/pink 1st bear, Dora forks and spoons, bottle, and clothes set Andrea & Madison Brogdon - Clothes and travel shampoo kit Tasha Martin - Bow, bibs, travel kit, dishwasher tray, teether Megan & CJ Oliver - Clothes, bibs, shoes, bottle brush, grooming kit, rattle, pacifiers, formula dispenser bowl, bath toy organizer, and disposable changing pads Shawn Marsh & Family - Mattress, blankets, clothes, bibs, crib sheet, booties, elephant rattle Ashley Murphy - Pink elephant blanket, towels & wash cloths, body wash, onesies, lotion, tan newborn boots

20: 4D Ultrasound | After 3 attempts of getting our 4D ultrasound, we had to give up on getting the clear picture of you. You really wanted to be a surprise! :) The first time we went in I was 27 weeks pregnant and the umbilical cord was in front of your face so the images were very blurry. The next week we went back and most of the time you were turned over so we could only see the back of your head. You turned to the side for a few minutes and we were able to get a few photos, but the cord was still in the way. The 3rd time, I was 30 weeks along and your arm was in front of your face the whole time. I really enjoyed going 3 times, though! We received a video of all 3 ultrasounds for our memories. We also got a copy of your heartbeat and put it inside a giraffe stuffed animal so we could hear it any time we wanted to. :)

21: These were the photos we were able to get. These were taken 9/27/12, I was 28 weeks pregnant.

22: I was so excited to start on the nursery! Even though dad did most of the work, I tried to help as much as possible. I fell in love with the bedding set we picked out the moment I saw it. It had so many bright colors! As for the curtains, paint, furniture, etc. I was very indecisive most of the time. After weeks of trying to get everything together, we finally finished and I loved it! | Grizzly kept us company while we were working!

24: Ultrasound #4 | On October 18th we had to go to the hospital because I was having really bad pains in my stomach. Once we got there, we were both checked out and they couldn't find anything wrong. We aren't sure why I started having these pains, but it was an answered prayer that you were ok! Your dad, Gramsey, Mimi, and Aunt Sheri were there and were able to see the ultrasound they had to do to check on you. It was really special to see you with our family there. She checked and measured every inch of you and we were able to see how you practiced your breathing getting ready for the world outside. She told us that you were measuring 4 lbs 7 oz today and I am only 31 weeks along!

25: We had maternity pictures taken at 33 weeks.

27: 33 weeks

28: We have been on this journey together for 8 months now and I can't believe I get to meet you in one month! I feel like everything is prepared for your arrival now. We have stocked up on diapers and wipes, I have washed your clothes, and we have your bed ready. I have enjoyed being pregnant despite the morning (all day) sickness for the

29: first few months and the bad acid reflux. I feel such a strong bond with you already, and I have vivid dreams about what you look like. In just a few short weeks I will be a mom! I have so many plans for us. Trips to the zoo, play dates with your friends, reading your favorite stories, shopping for pretty dresses, baking your favorite cookies, and exploring life's wonders. I thank God every day for you and pray for a healthy little girl.

30: The school threw me a diapers and wipes shower on November 16th. I was so excited because we didn't have very many diapers and wipes, but we were really stocked after this shower!

31: On December 5th (38 weeks) we went to the doctor's office to do a final ultrasound to check on your weight and position. We found out today that you were still in a breached position and that we were going to have to schedule a cesarean section. Dad and I were both ok with this and we were very excited. I started crying because I knew in a week I would finally get to see you and hold you! We scheduled your delivery for 12-12-12 at noon! I was so excited about getting this date for your birthday! We had been talking about it for months how cool it would be if you were born on this day and we got it. | Ultrasound #5

32: Hearing your heartbeat | June 20 - We heard your heartbeat for the first time today. It was one of the best sounds in the world! It reminded me of ocean waves. Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh! August 1 - We were able to see your heartbeat today and hear it! Your heartbeat is beating at 145 beats per minute! August 24 - Your heartbeat was much louder and stronger today! You are growing quickly! :) September 7 - I had a slight scare and had to go to the doctor today. Everything turned out to be fine. I got to hear your heartbeat again though, and while the doctor was listening you kicked her twice! It made us laugh!

33: October 10 - We are starting to go to the doctor every other week now, so I get to hear your heartbeat more often and I love it! October 18 - We went to the hospital today because I was having pains in my stomach. They put a heartbeat monitor on my stomach so I was able to hear your heartbeat for about an hour today non-stop. It was neat to hear it get stronger when you moved around and then when you were comfortable your heartbeat rate would drop back down. November 21 - We start to go to the doctor weekly now. You will be here within a month now! Your heartbeat is still steady and strong. :) December 5 - Your heartbeat is so loud and strong now. It gives me peace of mind knowing that it's very strong. I get to see you in one week!

34: Well, the first trimester I didn't crave anything and was lucky to finish any of my meals at all. All of my favorite foods I did not want anymore, but the one thing that I could always eat was salad. So I ate a lot of salad! The second trimester I still didn't have many cravings. I wanted a lot of things that had cinnamon! Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal, cinnamon toast, bagels with cinnamon and raisins, and cinnamon apples are just a few examples.

35: I had one moment when I really craved something sweet so we stopped at the store and bought 3 bags of different candies. After trying them all, Rolo's won. For the rest of the trimester I indulged on Rolo's and Twix bars occasionally. I really didn't want any meat this trimester. I tried so many times to eat chicken or steak and I could only take one bite. I still didn't get any weird cravings the third trimester, but I was able to eat all foods again. Even though I didn't have many cravings, your dad seemed to have gotten sweet tooth cravings during the entire pregnancy. He constantly wanted candy or ice cream. After you were born, my sweet tooth came back full force as if I needed to make up for not wanting sweets the entire pregnancy.

36: We checked in to Presbyterian Hospital in Rockwall for our scheduled c-section on Wednesday, December 12, 2012 at 10:45 am. I was exactly 39 weeks along and we were very excited about making this date your day of birth. Our perfect angel was born at 12:35 am. It was an amazing and a very emotional experience. You were perfectly healthy!

37: On our way to the hospital! | Here we go!!!! | With Dr. Shisler

38: You were born on 12-12-12 at 12:35 pm. You were 7lbs 15oz and 18 inches long. We are so blessed to have been given this tiny little baby and are so grateful for this precious gift.

39: Our first family photo

40: Aunt Amanda & Jax | Ashley | Aunt Kat | Aunt Shae | Uncle Mike | You had a ton of visitors! Everyone couldn't wait to meet you!

41: Uncle Jimmy & Aunt Linda | Tasha | Uncle Oneil | Uncle Joey | Aunt Kelly

42: Gramsey | Mimi and Papa | Grandpa | Grammy | Daddy | Grandma

44: I finally got to hold you! I can't explain the overwhelming feeling of happiness that I had at that moment. My life is forever changed. | Yes, he wears gloves to change your diapers. | His first time changing your diaper. | Getting ready to go home!

45: We took you home from the hospital on Saturday, December 15th. You weighed 7lbs 3oz. Dad was a little nervous about driving you home, and we noticed drivers a lot more than we usually did. That week he went and had stickers made that said "Baby and gun on board" and "Armed father on board" to put on our vehicles. :)

46: We had your newborn photos taken when you were 6 days old.

50: I really enjoyed pregnancy. I gained about 40 lbs and went up a shoe size (size 12 now!). I was so worried that I would miss feeling you move around, but holding you in my arms is such an amazing feeling! Dad took off from work a few weeks to help and enjoy his new baby girl. I was so glad that he did too because he was a huge help! Things are different now, mostly my sleep schedule, but I am ready for this next chapter in our lives being parents. This next year is going to be crazy and a year full of firsts. I am so excited to watch you grow up into a beautiful young lady! I love you! | Life after pregnancy

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