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My Pregnancy (Copy)

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S: My Pregnancy Journal

BC: Elijah Leam Price 9-01-11

FC: Once a Mother... Always a Mother enjoying the beginning moments and memories

1: A Pea in the Pod

2: A Prayer for Baby Price Bless this child inside my womb, As he grows stronger each day. Keep him in thy loving care, Watch over him I pray. With much anticipation We're awaiting his arrival, And we're depending upon you father, For this tiny one's survival. We'll love him endlessly And care for him our very best. He'll be our pride and joy This child with which we're blessed. Help us to remember He is really is your child, You've put him in our home, For just a little while. Lord please bless our family With favors from above, As we grow in size May we also grow in love. -By Debbie Chaffin

3: First Month Blog November 20, 2010- December 20, 2010 John and I found out we were pregnant on December 20th, 2010. John was at work when I took a pregnancy test which came back positive. I was so excited yet worried because we had lost a baby in the summer. I called John at work and told him the good news. He was thrilled and told everyone the very first day even though I was planning on waiting to tell everyone one. We were so excited because we had been praying for a baby for several months and when we lost the first one we were devastated. We always had hope though that God would once again bless us with a child and this time a healthy one. Our Prayers Were Answered

4: Second Month Blog December 20, 2010- January 20, 2011 Symptoms: -Gassy and bloated- Flat stomach in the morning, feels like a balloon at night. -Extreme fatigue- usually get tired around 1 or 2pm and have to lay down for nap. -Weight gain -Tender/larger breast -Mild cramping -Bouts of nausea usually happens 30-60 minutes after I eat meals, but I wouldn't say I am suffering from morning sickness. Thoughts/Feelings: -I loved when John gave my belly a bunch of kisses and talked to the baby before he went to sleep at night -I am eager to "show" and to feel and look pregnant. -Some nights I can tell when I over it do it during the day those are the nights I am very emotional and worry most about the baby -I am super excited about this baby and I can't wait to grow and feel the baby move. I am obsessed with how it is growing and I constantly touch my belly. -I've already started reading parenting books and I am starting to get really excited about finding out the gender of the baby in a couple of months. - I worry constantly that about the baby and pray that everything is ok since I can not feel it yet.

5: Spreading the news We were eager people and couldn't wait to tell everyone the news. The books and doctors all say to wait 12 weeks, but that was very hard. John was at work a when I told him and he told everyone the first day because he was so excited while I was a little more cautious telling only my good friend Hannah. We finally decided to tell our family on Christmas Eve. We told them by having a special stocking that we made just for baby on the mantle to see if anyone would notice, of course no one did. Then as a last attempt I had made my mom a special gift from the baby that was the last present of the night. My mom, dad, and sisters were so excited to hear that we were going to have a baby. I continued to be very cautious , however, about spreading our news too soon and decided to wait until we got to see the baby on the ultrasound for the first time and heard the heartbeat. Then, FINALLY, I told everyone.on facebook. Everyone was so excited they started commenting immediately. I beat dJohn in the number of comments with 51 comments of people all talking about how excited they were.

6: Third Month Blog January 20, 2011- February 20, 2011 Symptoms: -Different every day -Bloated, kind of feels like the baby moving -Tender and large breasts -Sore back -Some days I am more tired than usual -Constipation started- Not fun! Thoughts/Feelings: -I'm not so worried about miscarriage but really nervous that something could be wrong with the baby -Daddy keeps laughng at me because I am so worried that I don't look pregnant yet -I could not believe that I was seeing my future child on this small picture. = Grandma and myself went around and finally told everyone and showed off your first picture. Everyone was so excited. - We also started buying lots of fun things for you even though we do not know whether you are a boy or a girl yet. Fetal Development -This month you grow from ~2 inches to ~4 inches which is like growing from a peach to a softball. Your weight changes from .0.3 oz to 1.75 oz. The structures that already formed continue to grow and develop, except the growth of your head slows down. -The centers of your bone form and they harden because they retain calcium -Fingers and toes are separated and your nails are growing -Your digestive system is capable of pushing food through bowels and absorbs glucose (sugar) -The pituitary gland is beginning to make hormones in your brain -You are moving quite a bit now and sucking your thumb -Fine hair called lanugo covers your body

7: Ultrasound at 9 weeks | On January, 21 2011, John, Grandma, and I went to the doctor for our first ultrasound. I was so nervous going into the appointment because I wanted everything to be okay with the baby. John just kept reminding me that everything was going to be okay and that God was taking care of our little one. I felt such relief when I heard your heartbeat for the first time and saw that you were okay. Right away I was shocked because it actually looked like a little baby on the screen rather than a little grain of rice with a heart beat.. With this baby I was able to see arms, legs, hands, feet, a strong heart beat, nose and a jaw starting to form. The heart rate was 169 and the baby is measuring 8 weeks 3 days. The due date will be AUGUST 27th, 2011!

8: Fetal Development * This month you grow from .3 inches to 6 inches * Your weight increases from 2.8 oz to 7 oz *Your legs are longer than your arms *Fine Lanugo hair now covers most of your body *Fat begins to form *Your rapid growth rate slows down a little | BABY BUMP AT 15 WEEKS

9: Fourth Month Blog February 20, 2011- March 20, 2011 Symptoms: -Indigestion -Constipation -Crazy dreams about you - they got better for a few weeks but now they are back! -I am getting backaches already. Thoughts/Feelings: - I can't believe I am now in the second trimester. Some days I feel like this pregnancy will seem like it will move slow, and then some days I freak out thinking I will have you here in a few months -i am officially in all maternity clothes - I am looking forward to finding out what gender you are. I have done all of the "old wives tale" gender prediction tests. All but 2 have come back that you are a girl but I have been having dreams that you are a boy

10: Fifth Month Blog Mach 20, 2011- April 20, 2011 Symptoms - Weight gain has increased - It is definately more difficult to get up off the floor and to move around. Thoughts and Feelings: I am feeling great and enjoy being pregnant so much there are some aches and pains but overall it has been a great experience I was able to feel and see the baby kick for the first time this month. I have been feeling flutters for a while but it was the first really strong kick. It is so amazing to know and be able to feel a little person growing inside of you

11: Sneak Peak March 24, 2011 We had our big ultrasound when I was 18 weeks pregnant and found out we are having a baby BOY!!! The ultrasound went great and the baby looks very healthy. His heart rate was 156 and weighed approximately 6 ounces, He was quite active, but because he was so small I couldn't feel it at all!. We were able to count all 10 fingers and all 10 toes and were able to watch him move all around. We announced our big news with desert. I made cupcakes and hid blue icing in the middle so that when people bit into the cupcake they would see what gender we were having. | 18 Weeks Sneak Peak Your a Boy!

12: How we chose your name! | Other Names We Considered -Ellison Levi -John Donally -Ezekial Levi | John and I had been looking through baby name books for quite a while before we knew that we were having a boy and we had already chosen the name Elijah for a boy and Elee Ana for a girl... John and I liked the first name Elijah because it was a strong Bible name and meant " Jehovah is God" and we chose Leam as the middle name because it meant "Strength" and it is the Irish form of William, which is John's dad's name. We wanted our baby to always remember that God is his Strength! | Elijah Leam | Luke 1: 17 And he shall go before him in the spirit and power of Elijah, to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just, to make ready a people prepared for the Lord.

14: Sixth Month Blog April 20, 2011- May 20, 2011 Symptoms - Getting up to go to the bathroom several times at night -Kidney Infection- In the hospital for 3 days -Bad Acid Reflux that has been waking me up at night -Craving Tomato based foods like pizza and spaghetti and fruit, especially peaches -Still love being pregnant though!!! Thoughts and Feelings: While I was in the hospital I got to hear the babies heart beat several times a day. IT felt so good to know that he was growing so strong and would be here in a few months. Everything started to become so real at this point as I had started getting Elijah;s room ready and clothes started to come in from friends and family.. I also got to celebrate my first mother's day. It was so exciting yet scary to know that I would be a mother very soon. Fetal Development -This month you grow from 8.4 inches to 9.2 inches -Your weight increases from 1. pounds to 2 pounds -Your taste buds are developing -Your lungs develop branches of the "tree" and you produce surfactant which helps the air sacs inflate easily -If you were delivered now, you could survive with the help of ventilators -Nerve pathways in your ears are developing so you can hear noises and respond to sounds -You now open and close your eyes and sleep and wake at regular intervals

16: Elijah's Room

17: John wanted to decorate Elijah's room in revolutionary war history and I want to decorate his room in something fun and boyish. So we decided to compromise with an American Cowboy theme. and I am so glad we did because it turned out so cute and unique.. It is definitely a fun room for a boy and one that will not be quickly outgrown.

18: Seventh Month Blog May 20th - June 20th Symptoms; -Feeling a little more hungry these days too. -Feeling more tired and can not do as much as I used to. -Overall, I feel really good and don't have too many complaints in regards to back aches, sore hips, etc... -I've had some cramping and fetal movements slowed down a bit

19: Thoughts/Feelings: -We were able to have a 4-D ultrasound this month. - It was amazing to see our little boy. It made me even more anxious to see him in person. -John and I had our "Baby Moon", our last vacation before Elijah gets here. John took me to Sanibel Island and Anna Maria Island for a long weekend.. We had a great time. Fetal Development: -This month you grow from 16 inches to 18 inches -Your weight increases from 2.4 pounds to 3.5 pounds -Your brain forms grooves on the surface and the amount of tissue increases -Eyebrows and eyelashes become more present and the hair on your head becomes longer -Your body is more plump because of fat under the skin and your lanugo starts to disappear -Your nails have reached the tops of your fingers and toes and your skin is pink and smooth

20: My Maternity Pictures

21: Family Pictures

22: Eighth Month Blog June 20th- July 20th Symptoms: -Acid Reflux- I constantly feel like I have throw up in my throat and I can't lay down comfortably. I sleep upright and pop Tums and Pepcid every hour. -Shortness of breath- I am very short of breath and take in these deeps breaths. Also her movements are so much more high and I feel her feet on my rib cage. -Swollen ankles and lower legs -Lower back aches andmy Pelvic bones and hips are sore which makes it hard to walk. I have a very distinctive waddle. -20+ bathroom trips a day -Difficulty sleeping- positions are uncomfortable and I feel a lot of pressure -Contractions- I have tons of braxton hicks contractions. They don't seem to get longer, stronger or closer together so I haven't worried about pre-term labor too much. My uterus is quite active and I have many per day. Some are stronger than others and I can feel my whole belly tighten. Rick is always amazed to feel my belly get so hard and then a minute later feel again and it is mushy and soft. -I was very busy this month with lots of baby showers and "nesting"

23: Fetal Development: -This month you grow from 18.9 inches to 20.25 inches -Your weight increases from 4 pounds to 5.5 pounds -Creases form around your wrists and neck -You have dimples on your elbows and knees -You do less kicking and more twisting/wiggling/rolling -You have regular periods of REM (active) sleep, deep sleep, active wakefulness and quiet wakefulness -Your lungs are approaching maturity -Mommy will have many Braxton Hicks contractions to prepare the cervix and uterus for birth

24: Work Baby Shower June 26, 2011

25: Wolfson's Baby Shower Megan and my other wonderful coworkers from Wolfson's threw me a really nice party to celebrate Elijah's impeding birth.. We My shower was held at Megan's new house, which was beautiful. Megan did a great job decorating ,cooking and coming up with fun games. She organized a game where we couldn't say the word baby.. I received so many wonderful gifts. I was definitely spoiled It was a wonderful evening and we feel blessed to have such generous coworkers

26: UF OT Baby Shower July 23, 2011

27: UF OT Baby Shower Jessica and my other wonderful class mates from UF threw me a really nice shower at MiMi's Restaurant to celebrate Elijah's impeding birth.. Jessica and her mom did such a great job decorating in a western chic decor.. She had wonderful gifts of bath and body works and other treats at each place setting and a cute cowboy boot with homemade chocolate covered pretzels.. We played games where my friends tried to guess how big my belly was around, and guessing how many M&M's were in a jar. Jessica even had Eliah's initials in wood and had everyone sign them for his room. It was such a wonderful time with sweet friends.

28: UF OT Baby Shower July 23, 2011 | Family and Friends Baby Shower

30: Ninth Month Blog July 20th- August 20th Symptoms: -Very sore pelvis. The baby is putting a lot of pressure down there and my bones must be spreading apart. I can't cross my legs comfortably and getting up from a sitting or standing position is next to impossible. The good news is, I can breath easier now as she moves down even further in my pelvis and my acid reflux is much more random. -Constipation- need I say more? -My blood sugar is all out of whack. If I don't eat when my body wants food, I get really light headed, dizzy, and my hands shake really bad. -Back aches -Moodiness- Every once in a while I get in a real funk and it seems like nothing goes right. I can cry at the drop of a hat and everything my husband does frustrates me. Thankfully they only last a day or so and then I am back to normal. -Very puffy ankles, feet and calves -Persistent head aches- I have been popping Tylenol extra strength almost every night -Decreased appetite. I eat regular meals, but I am not really hungry these days. I guess Hannah is just taking up too much room. -Lots of braxton hicks contractions which make me laugh because poor Hannah gets squeezed so hard her little butt sticks out. -Nausea- I feel like I have morning sickness some days Thoughts/feelings: -I only have 12 more days left of being pregnant. I am running around like crazy and being incredibly anal trying to get everything done -I am busy sewing for Three Purple Pigs. I worked hard over the weekend so I could hopefully go to bed early every night the last week of my pregnancy. -Rick and I had a garage sale and we are very please to tuck away $250 in the safe to use for diapers and formula for Hannah. -Rick and I were talking about all of our memories from my c-section recovery with Brynn. He reminded me that for a few weeks after my surgery every time I ate, I got this bad pain in my intestines, and I went through a lot of dizzy spells around 3 months later. I wonder if those things will happen again? -Rick said I am complaining more this pregnancy. I guess since I didn't have any major pain associated with my kidney stones, my pg symptoms seem magnified. Who cares, I think I am entitled to complain a little when I only have 5 more days to go!go. | Symptoms: -Very sore pelvis. The baby is putting a lot of pressure down there and my bones must be spreading apart. I can't cross my legs comfortably and getting up from a sitting or standing position is next to impossible. The good news is, I can breath easier now as she moves down even further in my pelvis and my acid reflux is much more random. -Constipation- need I say more? -My blood sugar is all out of whack. If I don't eat when my body wants food, I get really light headed, dizzy, and my hands shake really bad. -Back aches -Moodiness- Every once in a while I get in a real funk and it seems like nothing goes right. I can cry at the drop of a hat and everything my husband does frustrates me. Thankfully they only last a day or so and then I am back to normal. -Very puffy ankles, feet and calves -Persistent head aches- I have been popping Tylenol extra strength almost every night -Decreased appetite. I eat regular meals, but I am not really hungry these days. I guess Hannah is just taking up too much room. -Lots of braxton hicks contractions which make me laugh because poor Hannah gets squeezed so hard her little butt sticks out. -Nausea- I feel like I have morning sickness some days

31: Dear Hannah, It is 4:00am on the day of your birthday and I am up eating breakfast. Of course that seems very silly since it is still dark and I should still be sleeping, however I can't eat anything or even drink water 8 hours prior to my surgery. I wanted to get some food in me to help me get through the morning. It is so quiet in the house and I am in a very relaxed mood and I am thinking about what a very special day today is. For 9 months, we have had a very special bond. I have felt you move everyday even when no one else knew. I endured your many bouts of hiccups, I grabbed your little feet when you poked them out the side of my belly, and I even gave you your first lecture whenever you kicked my bladder or sent stabbing pains through my pelvis with your head and hands. While I am so excited to meet you today, I know I will miss the ultimate bond we have when I am carrying you inside my body. You are getting so big now, and mommy is running out of room to hold you, I just know you are ready to come out too and stretch your arms and legs. Your big sister Brynn has given you love everyday since my belly started to get a little bigger. We cuddle on the couch in the morning watching cartoons and she lifts my shirt and lays her head on my belly to "listen" to you. She gave you lots of kisses and squealed in delight many times when we said, "Where is baby Hannah?". You are going to be one very loved girl. I bought you a very special bracelet that I am going to give you when you are born. I hope it fits, but I wanted you to have something that can keep all your life. When you are my age (31 years old!!! yikes) I hope you think it is special to look at something from the very day of your birth and maybe even pass it on to your kids. I can't wait to see what you look like, I can't wait to hold your hand and kiss your tiny lips. I promise I will cuddle you, love you, and take very good care of you. You are a blessing from God Hannah K (I just know that is what I am going to call you sometimes). Have a safe trip into this world. Love, Mommy

32: Near the end, I had a weekly trip to New Horizons Women's care. Each visit I got weight, gave a urine sample , and had pelvic exam

33: My Doctor Bills for the Delivery

34: Labor Day September 1, 2011

35: Elijah's Birth Story Since Elijah was overdue by 5 days already , I went in for my weekly doctor's appointment and the doctor said that I could be induced whenever i would like. John and I discussed an induction date and decided that Thursday, September 1st would be the best day so John would not have to take off work and because I loved the thought of Elijah being born on 9-1-11. John had to work the night before my induction so my mom stayed with me and drove me to the hospital. I was told that I needed to be at the hospital at 7:00 AM to begin preparing for the induction. We were hoping that Elijah would take a long time so that John would have time to get to the hospital since he did not get off from work until 9:oo AM and had to drive from Lake City. I arrived at Baptist Medical Center at 7:00 am and checked in at the front desk. We didn't have to wait at all and they immediately took me back to maternity birthing room where I would be induced I spent 2 hours with our nurse while she started my IV of Potosin, ordered blood work, monitored the baby, gave me medicine, asked me a billion questions, and broke my water. Then, it was a waiting game, waiting to start pushing. Rick came in around 12:25pm and they immediately started cutting. Dr. Raigini did a nice job moving slow so Rick could take pictures and she helped coach him about when was the best time. at 12:35pm Hannah was pulled out with her umbilical cord wrapped around her neck. Hannah cried a lot while she was in the operating room. I got to touch her foot right away and then they took her to the warming station to look her over. I watched from the table in amazement.

36: Once she was all bundled up, I got to give her a kiss before she was whisked away with Rick to the nursery for testing. The doctors finished closing me up and I was rolled onto a bed. When we left the OR, I was wheeled right past the nursery where my mom and sister Jackie were watching Hannah through the window. They were able to come give me a quick kiss before I was wheeled into triage to recover for 2 hours. I couldn't feel my legs for 2 hours which is the most strange feeling ever. I was not very out of it, considering the number of drugs they pumped through my system. The nurses all said I recover very well and I am not like many of their c-section patients. That made me feel good. I had lots of itching in my head, chest, and nose. This is from the spinal medication. I wasn't out of it, but I was very dizzy. I started to feel soreness in my belly so they started me on the pain meds through my iv. I was also given pitosin to jump start my uterine contractions which helps in recovery. I was all alone with my nurses Shirley and Lauren for these 2 hours because Rick was in the nursery. Right before they were going to wheel me to my post partum room, I got to hold my baby girl for the first time. Rick actually wheeled her along side me bed as we were moved to our room. I was wheeled up to my post partum room (#107) at 3:00pm and at that point we were now able to get settled, have visitors, and we were now able to care for Hannah 24/7. Her temperature rose 99.2 so we had to unbundle her for awhile. Grandma Elsen and Aunt Jackie were now able to see and hold Hannah and Grandma even got to change her first poopy diaper since Rick was out grabbing some lunch. I took my first round of oral pain meds and got some rest. Grandpa came to visit that same night around 5:30pm and Aunt Jackie came back around 7:00pm. Hannah was spitting up her food quite a bit and she had 2 massive poos in a row. I took more pain meds at 8:30. The nurse Jane took Hannah for her hearing test at 9:30pm and it seemed like she was gone forever. When she got back we found out she passed on her left ear, but was referred on her right ear. We will have to get it checked again, but the doctors are not worried. They seem to think she just has excess fluid in that ear and it didn't get squeezed out because I didn't have a vaginal birth. At 9:45pm, my nurse Jane came in to clean me up in the bathroom. It was my first time out of bed. I took my first walk in the hallway and did well. I only had a little incision pain, but I was quite dizzy which made walking hard. I just tried to get some sleep the rest of the night which was difficult because of the interruptions by nurses, lab techs, and Hannah. Regardless, it was a GLORIOUS DAY!!!!

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