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My Virtual Child - Chantel Adams

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My Virtual Child - Chantel Adams - Page Text Content

BC: "Where there is love, there is life." -Indira Gandhi

FC: It's A | Boy! | Born on: 14-09-11 Time: 7:06PM Location: Toronto, ON | 1 Week Early

1: Wel | co | me! | Dear Timmy, Your father and I are so excited to finally meet you and so is the rest of the family. I think you were a bit excited to meet us too, you were in such a rush to be born that you came a week early! Your father and I were surprised at how tiny you actually were

2: I Chose to Breast feed Timmy because it's healthier but inconvenient so I supplement with formula as well. I also Chose to use disposable diapers since they're more convenient.

3: Feeding Time

4: Dear Timmy, It's your first day of daycare! I know you aren't going to understand why we're leaving you at a strangers house and you may be a bit mad about it but don't worry we'll be back to pick you up at the end of the day! - Love Mommy & Daddy

5: Home DayCare! Number of Children: 2

6: Hidden Object Game | 8 Months

7: Dear, Timmy, Looks like we found a game you really enjoy. Although you may need a bit more practice. Here's a hint: object may not be in the same place

8: When Timmy was 8 months old... How does your baby's eating, sleeping and motor development compare to the typical developmental patterns? - Timmy didn't eat as much as he should have been for his age. Almost every time he ate he got sick. Timmy had trouble sleeping he woke up a lot and often doesn't sleep in his own bed. While some babies his age are past the sleeping problems. Timmy has a hard time adapting to new social settings. Timmy is very shy and not as social as other children his age. Timmy is reluctant to part with me at daycare and gets upset when he is forced to. Timmy is advanced in his gross and fine motor skills and enjoys crawling, pulling up to stand and manipulating objects.

9: How is your child's attachment to you and your partner developing? What is happening at the 3-month and 8-month periods that might affect attachment security according to Bowlby and Ainsworth, and various research studies? Timmy has a huge attachment to me and prefers me over my partner. Timmy cries when I drop him off at day care and leave. Timmy takes a while to calm down and adjust to the new environments. Timmy often wants to be with me and gets irritated when he's not. According to Bowlby and Ainsworth this seems to be a secure attachment. | At 8 months of age was your child an "easy", "slow-to-warm-up", or "difficult" baby in terms of Thomas and Chess's classic temperamental categories? On what do you base this judgment? Timmy is a difficult baby in terms of Thomas and Chess's Classic temperamental categories. I think this because Timmy has irregular sleeping and eating patterns, he doesn't adjust well in new situations,and he isn't very social. Timmy often gets emotional fairly easy especially when dropped off at day care.

10: Timmy's First Steps | Dear Timmy, At 9 Months you Started walking early! we did not expect this but we're so proud of you! This is one of the most amazing experiences of being a parent. Love Mommy & Daddy

11: Timmy At 8-9 Months

12: pediatrician's Report At Timmy turns 9 months, the pediatrician has the following to say after a routine physical exam, a few items administered from the Bayley Scales of Infant Intelligence, and some observations of Timmy in the playroom: | - Difficult to calm Timmy down when he gets upset He sometimes accepts your embraces and sometimes pushes you away. - Timmy has been ill a lot from colds or digestive upset. - Timmy is shy in new situations or around new people - Timmy has strong emotional reactions & has difficulty calming down - Timmy is advanced in gross and fine motor skills. He enjoys crawling, pulling up to stand & manipulating objects.

13: Pediatrician's Advice | 1. The doctor advises keeping Timmy away from sick people, and checking out a new food for a few days to test for allergies. 2. The doctor advises patience in dealing with Timmy's emotions.

14: object permanence test | Results : You are able to find the object even after long delays & seem to think this is a great game! I set up two hiding places for the object & hide it under one of the two covers repeatedly. When I switch it to the second hiding place, you no longer have the problem you had before of searching at the more common of the two hiding places. I can't even seem to trick you by hiding it in my hand. You likes this game and want to play it over and over. | 12 Months old

15: 15 months Little Scientist | Timmy likes to push his toys under the water to see what happens. | 18 Months Moving Day | 18 months Motor Skills | 12-15 Months

16: The early childhood specialist observed Timmy in free play with other kids and does a little testing of cognitive skills. She reports the following: - Timmy appears fairly aggressive with children. - Timmy is securely attached but communication between parents and child needs improvement. - Timmy is shy and nervous around adults. -Timmy is generally in a positive mood during play but gets irritable or impatient when things don't go his way - Timmy is in the 18-19 month communication skill, language comprehension and production range. - Timmy was age-appropriate on tasks like building a block tower to model one already made. As well as other spatial skills like colouring in the lines, copying shapes and solving puzzles. - Timmy was advanced in his gross motor skills. - Some difficulty concentrating for more than a few minutes on one activity. This is normal.

17: 19 Months Development assessment Advice: | The examiner recommended that Timmy stay with one primary preschool or daycare provider during the day and get to know other new adults slowly. | - That because Timmy was in such an important period of language development, that you spend as much time as possible talking with Timmy, asking questions that require some kind of extended answer & looking at and naming things in picture books, etc. | - Expose Timmy to a variety of indoor & outdoor activities & let his interests be the guide as to what to pursue. - Engage Timmy's attention in something really interesting for longer periods of time, to gradually build up his tolerance for preschool-type activities. Also try to get Timmy to follow simple directions at home, and gradually increase the complexity &length of the directions.

18: HAPPY 2st BIRTHDAY! | Dear Timmy, Time is flying by and your growing so fast! Me and your father can't seem to keep up with you. You've made some really great progress this year.

19: 2 Years old.... | Dear Timmy, I am so sorry I should've been paying more attention to you while you were by the pool. I'm so happy your okay and intend on putting you in swimming lessons as soon as we get home. - Love Mommy | Reward Chart For Completing activities | CONGRADULATIONS | Your Toilet Trained!

20: 2 1/2 Years old | Development Testing | - Timmy is hesitant in the group of children. He watches them before joining. But in the end has a good time joining in. - Timmy gets quite possessive of toys and has even pushed and hit another child in the group. - Timmy is hesitant of challenging problems. He becomes whiny and needs encouragement before finishing tasks. - Timmy is average in solving problems with more than two steps and grouping objects in categories. - Timmy is average in copying shapes with a pencil, working with picture puzzles and constructing things with blocks. - Timmy is above average nearly all gross motor skills, like climbing, catching&throwing, balancing and skipping. - Timmy has a hard time staying on task as his attention kept wandering to items in the examiner's "bag of tricks". Timmy kept making irrelevant comments like "I have red shoes."

21: Recommendations | Go along with Timmy to places where he can interact with children, & that I monitor the activity & coach or remind Timmy how to behave when necessary. | Continue to converse about anything of interest to Timmy, read favorite books to him & go on outings. | help Timmy "talk through" the steps in solving problems, and that you expose Timmy to more hands-on learning activities | OfferTimmy a range of these activities to choose from & to go with the ones that seemed of most interest to him. | have regular routines around the house and minimize distractions when you want Timmy to focus on something, such as listening to a story.

22: Timmy's life at 3 Year's Old... | New addition. It's a girl!! Born at : 11:30 pm Location: Toronto, ON | Hey Timmy, Meet your little sister Katerina. I want you to know that even though there's a new baby in the house your father and I love you both the same. But babies just need a lot of attention and we're so proud that your trying to help take care of Katerina. It's good to see you playing nice with your sister. So happy that you two are getting along so well. | Timmy's First Instrument | Hey Timmy, I know this is a bit hard for your age but if you play and practice now when you get a bit older you'll be so good at it and be able to move on to learn new instruments like your dad You might even have your own band one day!

23: Dear Timmy, You need to learn how to play better with the other children. Use your word's when you are upset and take a time out until you calm down! but overall your doing great with meeting new people and becoming less and less shy. Good Job! | Learning Meal Time Manners - Sit in your seat - Do not yell - Use your indoor voice - wash your hands before and after - No crawling on the floor and under the chairs - Say please and Thank you

24: development specialist thought the following: - Timmy is cooperative and friendly with adults & children. - Timmy is able to focus well on tasks and is self-confident in novel situations. - Timmy is well liked by several children. He has several little friends and is somewhat of a group leader . - Timmy scored average in language comprehension and production. when asked to tell a story about a picture he was able to give broad outlines and a few interesting details. - Timmy is average range in terms of understand quantitative relationships (e.g. "more/less", "longer/shorter"), in counting skills, classifying objects and in solving age-appropriate reasoning tasks. - Timmy is average in copying designs, solving picture puzzles, and building block towers to match one already made. - Timmy is above average in gross motor skills such as climbing, riding trikes, kicking balls and playing catch | Development Testing Age 3

25: have more conversations with Timmy about anything of interest, reading aloud, watching educational television together and going to places of interest to him. | encourage counting as a part of games or other activities Timmy enjoys, rather than trying to teach them directly. | follow Timmy's interests in these physical areas. | Parenting Questionnaire Results: About average in warmth and affection displayed toward Timmy. Currently about average in the discipline and control you exercise with Timmy | Recommendations:

26: 4 Years Old "Golden Year" | Family Vacation | Timmy's Train Set | Girls can take on many of the same roles that men do. For example girls can be police officers, firefighters or doctors. The same goes for boys, boys can be nurses, teachers or dancers. | Gender Roles

27: Dear Timmy, Your father and I have not been getting a long very well and have decided it was in yours and your sisters best interest that do not live together.This does not mean that we don't love you and your sister and it is not your fault. we just think with all the fighting going on that it's not the healthiest environment for you or your sister to grow up in. So to limit the fighting your father has decided to move into a separate house but don't worry he'll still be close by! and you can see him any time you want. I know you don't understand but one day you will. You just have to stay strong.. | Devoice

28: Kindergarten Screening | results: - Timmy has made one or two friends and plays cooperatively with them but is a bit reluctant to join new activities with new children. - Timmy can read a few short words and write his name and can name most of the letters on sight. - Timmy has an age-appropriate understanding of phonological awareness (e.g., deciding weather two words start with the same sound). - Timmy was well-prepared for literacy activities in kindergarten. - Timmy has no difficulty adapting to the "practice" of kindergarten activities. - Timmy is cooperative, avoids getting distracted and stays on task. - Timmy did not get upset when mild stress occurred (such as being told to hurry up). - Timmy is in average range on vocabulary tests, and ability to retell a story. - Timmy has age-appropriate skills in counting, classifying and understanding quantitative relationships. - Timmy is fairly interested in little art projects and enjoys pre-math activities.

29: Recommendations: | continuing to enjoy reading and writing activities - Timmy was well-prepared for literacy activities in kindergarten. - Give Timmy more responsibility for self management & care at home & at the preschool in preparation for kindergarten. ~ reading aloud, & encourage Timmy to tell stories, perhaps so that you could write them down & read them back to him. | Parenting Questionnaire Results: Average range in terms of affection & warmth displayed toward your child. Slightly above average in terms of discipline &control exercised with your child.

30: 5 Year's old | Dear Timmy, How exciting you will be starting first grade soon! It's time to go school shopping!! I just know your going to enjoy it just as much as you enjoyed kindergarten. | HAPPY 6TH BIRTHDAY TIMMY | RIP FISHIE! | It's a hard thing to grasp at your age but all living things eventually die, but don't worry people live much much longer then fishes and we get a lot older than them too. | MEET YOUR TUTOR

31: My Soccer Team! | My Baseball Team!

32: My 1st Grade Report Card | - Rarely works cooperatively in groups - Sometimes respects rights and property of others. - sometimes demonstrates appropriate peer social interaction. Demonstrates strength in reading and writing. | Comments: Sometimes Timmy over-reacts to stressful situations and becomes quite upset with himself or others and needs help calming down. -Demonstrates strength in areas of speaking and listening and in knowledge of social studies and science. -Requires additional support in mathematical problem solving, understanding of data and number concepts. -Development appropriate in spatial understanding and visual arts. -Timmy is active during recess, and quiet during work periods. Does not show an unusual amount of impulsive or distractive behavior. -Timmy works well independently, sometimes listens attentively and follows directions, sometimes follows class rules.

33: Dear Timmy, Good job on your school work! you worked hard this year. but... I expect much better behavior from you, your old enough to know better. You need to start listening to the teacher and following the rules!

34: 8 Years Old | Homework | Timmy Gets a Puppy! | Timmy Learns the Violin | Healthy Lunch! | MAX

36: Psychologist's report at age 8;11: | - Timmy scores average to above average in word reading, reading fluency, phonological awareness and spelling. - Timmy was nervous when meeting the examiner and became upset with himself for not solving the harder problems on the IQ test. Timmy needed to take a break twice during the two and a half hour testing. Timmy's scores on the Verbal portion of the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (where 7 is one standard deviation below the mean, 10 is the mean and 13 is one standard deviation above the mean): Information (13), Vocabulary (14), Similarities (13), Comprehension (15). Timmy's scores on the math concepts and math application problems were below average, and the math computation score was slightly below average. Timmy's scores on tests of visual-spatial ability (spatial rotation, copying of designs, etc.) were above average.

37: Timmy did not have unusual problems with impulsively, inattentiveness or hyperactivity. He was very focused and maintained concentration throughout the IQ & achievement testing. | Psychologist interview: In the top 15% in warmth and affection toward your child. Scores on the parenting questionnaire indicates you are in the top 15% in discipline and control toward your child.

38: 10 Years Old | Science Trip to the Mountains | Happy 11th Birthday!

39: 5th grade report card | - works cooperatively in groups, respects rights and property of others, demonstrates appropriate peer social interaction. "Demonstrates strength" in all areas of reading, and in spelling and "appropriate for grade level" in writing. | Comments: | Sometimes Timmy can become quite upset with himself or others, particularly in stressful situations, and needs help calming down. | "Demonstrates strength" in the areas of speaking and listening and in content knowledge of social studies and science. "Appropriate for grade level" in the areas of mathematical problem solving, understanding of data, number concepts, graphical applications, and arithmetic computation. "Appropriate for grade level" in the area of art. "Demonstrates strength" in the area of music. Usually works independently, listens attentively and follows directions, and consistently follows classroom rules.

40: Timmy at Age 12 | Good Job! You Are Above Average In oral reading, decoding, reading comprehension, spelling & writing skills are above grade level, and he is busy writing stories and experiences down into his journal.

41: Grade 7 Report Card | Timmy consistently contributes to cooperative group activities and respects the rights and possessions of others, and shows age-appropriate social interaction with peers. Timmy's word reading, spelling and writing skills are strong. Timmy got A's in 7th grade English, Social Studies, and Spanish. Timmy got a B in both 7th grade Math and 7th grade Science. Timmy took art in 7th grade as an option, and got an A. Timmy was in 7th grade chorus and in the band, and got an A grade and a note of appreciation for his fine efforts from both the chorus teacher and the band director. Listens attentively, follows directions, and follows school rules. Usually has good time management, and is consistent about working independently in the classroom and on homework. He has only occasional problems completing assignments and turning them in on time.

42: 13 Years Old | 14 Years old | I know high school kids can be mean and cruel but you just got to be strong and try not to let it get to you. High school kids try to look for ways to get a reaction out of you and if you let it get to you then your giving them what they want. I'm always here if you need advice or just to talk. | 15 Years Old

43: Grade 9 Report Card | Timmy received good citizenship scores from all teachers for following class rules and cooperating with other students. A couple of teachers commented that Timmy was very quiet in class and needed to participate more. Got B's in Spanish, English and World Geography. Received a B in Algebra I and a B in Biology. Received B's in his Fine Arts classes this year. Timmy received an A in his chorus class and a commendation from the band director for his participation in the school orchestra.

44: 16 Years Old | You got your drivers license Congrats Timmy! | Timmy's Fender Bender Your going to have to work hard to pay this off. Cost: $4,000

45: PSAT Scores | Were average for verbal & average for math. Got bogged down on the reading comprehension questions and some types of math questions and ran out of time.

46: Grade 11 Report Card | Timmy's citizenship grades from all teachers were satisfactory. Only one teacher added a comment indicating "a pleasure to have in class", probably because Timmy is typically dutiful and follows classroom rules, but doesn't contribute much to class discussions. There were no problems with peers noted in school. He got a B in Spanish II and B's in both English and American History. The English teacher thought Timmy could do better with more effort. He received a B in Algebra II and a B in Physics, and an at earlier conference with the Physics teacher, this teacher thought Timmy was working up to his ability. He received B's in his Fine Arts classes this year. He got A's for both orchestra and vocal music classes and an award for "leadership in musical performance."

47: 17 Years Old | SAT & ACT | Score: Average on the verbal subtest and in the average range on the math/science subtest. | Dear Timmy, You tried your best and that's what counts. Don't worry there are many other alternatives such as community college and vocational training. - Love Mom

48: Timmy's plans are to attend a community college and transfer to university. He will work part-time, live at home and attend the local community college. As your mother I am very proud of the progress you have made. I've enjoyed seeing you grow, learn and play. - Love Mom | 18 Years Old

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