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Nella's First Year Book

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Nella's First Year Book - Page Text Content

S: Nella's first year of life

FC: Nella Grace's First year of Life

1: Nella Grace Arrives Daddy and Mommy landed in Salt Lake City, Utah and found out you were about to be born. We made it as quickly as possible to the hospital! Nella,, meeting your momma angel and watching you come into the world was the most beautiful miracle we have ever seen! Daddy and I cried happy tears as we met you! I held you first and you stared up at me like you knew I was your mom. Right then and there you melted me! I have never seen your daddy smile so big! He was completely smitten with you. We were both head over heels with you and thankful for you! We were a family and you were our little one to love! | 5.26.2010 6lbs. 2oz. 18 1/2 inches

2: Our time with you at the hospital was magical. Daddy and Mommy just spent most of the day staring at you. We could not believe you were here and that you were ours. We spent a lot of time with your Momma Angel. Nella, she was truly an angel and melted our hearts as she was so excited to see you with your forever family. Daddy, Mommy, and Momma Angel were so thankful. We were thankful that you were here and she was so thankful you would be so loved. Daddy and Mommy were thankful that she trusted us enough to care for you, to be your parents, and that she allowed us to be a family. I have never been so in love as I am with you. We held you a lot and told you how much we loved you. We never let you go to the nursety. We were with you from the moment you were born!

3: Nella bean, Nella Bella, Little Peanut, Little Little, Little Love, Sweetheart, Pumpkin, Angel Girl, Roo, Lovebug

4: I prayed for this child and the Lord has granted what I asked of him. Samuel 1:27

5: How will you ever know how much we love you? Nella, we are so in love with you little girl. We love your sweet little face and cannot get enough of you. Mommy and Daddy prayed and prayed that God would give us a child to love and adore. That we would have someone who would be our special little one and that we would be parents. You are even more than we ever dreamed. You are so tiny and you love to cuddle and be close to us! When you are awake, your eyes are so intensely looking into ours like you are telling us a deep dark secret. Nella, not only do we love you so much but you have so many people in your life that love you and were dying to meet you when we were in Utah! It was so nice having extra time with you, just Daddy, Mommy, and Nella. I felt like we bonded so much and we started to figure each other out. Nella, you are mommy’s special little love and you are more perfect than I could have ever imagined. I thank God for you every single day!

6: While we were in Utah, you were a busy girl! Your first outing was to a local park in Utah. We walked around for about an hour. This was also your first stroller ride. You really enjoyed the warm sunshine. The second park we went to was at the base of a mountain. Utah was a gorgeous place to be born. A beautiful place for a beautiful girl.!!!

7: Back home in Indiana!!!

8: "A Baby's Love Is Best Of All" | E | Everyone smiles when meeting you!

9: And the smiles continue......

10: Our Dear Girl, Your newborn photo shoot was a highlight of my life. Mommy bought your bloomers and hat while we were in Utah! You were absolutely adorable during the shoot. Little love, you were bright eyed the entire time. You smiled up at mommy and daddy! We were so excited to see if the camera could your beauty!

11: You are so beautiful!!! We love your bright brown eyes!

12: Your Birth Annoucement! We were so excited to show you off to all our family and friends! What a blessing you are!

13: You are such a little doll baby! You open your eyes so wide and are becoming more awake! You have been so busy with visitors, traveling to Kendallville, flying home on a plane, taking naps with daddy and mommy, and helping daddy celebrate his first father’s day! | I'm 1 month old 9lbs 2 oz 20 inches

15: You wore a special outfit to help daddy celebrate. It said “olive” daddy! Daddy was so excited to spend the day with you! He is so proud to be your daddy! You gave daddy a card you made with your footprints and cubs tickets! Nella, you make daddy turn into a marshmallow! He loves you so!!!!

16: Nella's church dedication July 4, 2010 You are a blessing sent from above

17: Your dedication day was so exciting! Daddy and I were so excited to dedicate you to God and make a promise to help you grown in your faith! Mommy and Daddy shared your adoption story at church! We discussed how much God loves us and how he brought us all together! You had so many people there supporting you saying that they would help you grown in your relationship with God! Here are the people that supported you that day: Mamaw and Papaw Taulbee, Grandpa and Grandma Spencer, Aunt Jess, Oliver, and Uncle Dustin, Aunt Natalie, Uncle Matt, and Lincoln, Aunt Mia and Uncle Tim, Aunt Abby and Uncle Eric, Tiffany, Dalen, Nya, and Essence

18: Your First Fourth of July was so much fun! You were our little sparkler! We had a cookout at Aunt Mia and Uncle Tim’s house. Aunt Natalie, Uncle Matt, Aunt Jess, Uncle Dustin, Aunt Abby, and Uncle Eric were there! You loved hanging out with your buddies, Lincoln and Oliver. | Happy Fourth of July

19: 1st time at the pool

20: Little Things about You... | I love your bright eyes! You are always trying to take in your world and learn! Your little feet are precious! You always put your thumb in between your pointer and middle fingers. So cute. Nella, you melt us!

21: You are our little love bug! Oh Nella, you love to smile and everytime you do everyones’ hearts melt! You smile all the way to your toes. Your whole body lights up! You are making so many sounds! You are grabbing onto things, especially mommy’s hair. You are in a great routine now! You eat, stay awake for 1 hour, and then sleep 1 hour. You sleep in your crib now! You such a happy little love!! | 2 months 11 lbs 2 oz 22 1/2 inches

22: Your room is one of my favorite places in our house. Your room has pink, grey, yellow, and purple in it. It is very colorful and cheery! I love the wall of Nella, that is what daddy calls it! I love all the pictures of you! You get so bright eyed in your room! I think you love it too! | Nella's Room

23: Aunt Natalie and Aunt Mia threw you a beautiful baby shower love! It was so fun and very girly! Many of mommy’s coworkers and friends in Indianapolis were there! Everyone was so excited to meet you and you brought so many smiles to many faces. You were sure spoiled!

24: Nella, we headed up to Kendallville to be showered by the Bushong side. Everyone was so excited to meet you! You were passed around and around. You just snuggled and enjoyed all the extra loving! Bug, were you spoiled! You got so many new outfits and toys. I loved all the books you received too! Nella, you are such a blessing to so many people. I love how everyone lights up when they see you! | our family

25: Splish Splash I was taking a bath....

26: I knew from the moment your daddy met you that he was so in love....and I thought there was no way daddy could love you anymore than he did the moment he saw you, but I was so wrong. Your dad adores you! You make him smile SO big and he completely turns into mush with you. I think you are truly a daddy's girl! You love how silly daddy is with you and the fun noises and sounds he makes. Daddy tells you many stories and he loves playing with you! I think you both love napping together and snuggling up close as you dream sweet dreams! You and daddy are so in love!

27: First Trip to the Indiana State Fair | Oh little love...boy did we have fun at the state fair! We walked around and saw all the animals! You were so bright eyed as you tried to take it all in. It was hot, but you loved it!

28: The Many Faces of Nella Bean

29: I'm 3 months! You are such a growing girl! You now weigh 15 lbs and 2 oz. You started going to Miss Sarah's house while mommy had to go back to work! You love it there with her two little girls! Little love, we took you to the State Fair and you loved all the animals! You also helped celebrate Lee being in remission by attending Leeapalooza! You coo so much and all the time! Daddy and I love to hear your sounds! You kick your feet constantly especially in the bath. You love to stand and look around! You smile tons! | 3

30: I love spending time with my cousins!

31: I you! | Grandparents make the world...a little softer, little kinder, little warmer

32: Celebrating Daddy's honor night at East Noble

33: Summer loving!!!! Making a pit stop for some ice cream!

35: Oh Ladybug, your Aunt Leslie couldn't wait to meet you! She had been there for mommy and daddy through our journey to get you1 She was immediately in love with you! She loved your big brown eyes and sweet little smile! Here are her words on meeting you.... I passed the days with my busy schedule and smiled over every picture that was sent of my little Nella Bean. Many more Sundays were filled with Skype chats and hearing all about little milestones. I made over a dozen flower headbands, ribboned burp cloths and even a little ballerina outfit to prepare for our first meet. It couldn’t come soon enough. Finally, I arrive at the airport around midnight and rush back to get my first glimpse. She is in her stunning nursery, a little body in a big crib as I watch her chest move up and down with the moonlight streaming in through the windows. There she is the one who melted our hearts from the word YES. The one who had been prayed for by hundreds of people. The one we had imagined for so long. That one that will make all of our dreams come true. The next morning I couldn’t wait to get my hands on her! I wanted to memorize every detail and take these images home with me to remember forever. And then our eyes would meet and she was in my arms and I just wanted time to stop. This was my moment. The moment I would tell Nella about when she was older. The moment I got to know what a sweet little bundle of joy she truly was. The moment my heart grew even bigger than I thought possible. Not only is she such a blessing to Matt and Janelle she melts everyone. What an attention-getter! (And I don’t mean she is screaming for attention– no! She is such a good baby and everyone is always stopping, saying, “She is the cutest thing I have ever seen!”) I am so happy and lucky to have met my little niece. Sometimes life just feels right and how sweet it is!

36: How Tweet It is | Showering Baby Clay and Aunt Leslie with love

37: You've got a friend in me!

38: Nella, your adoption day was one of the most happiest days of our life....because it was the ending of one chapter and the beginning of were already ours, you had been since the moment we saw you...but we were official...we were now the Spencers! It was so exciting to hear your name officially Nella Grace Spencer! Daddy and I spent the entire day with you. We went to lunch at Paradise Bakery, then headed to the zoo. It was our first time as a family and you were wide awake the whole time! You loved it! | Nella's Adoption Day 9.9.2010

39: We celebrated our adoption day with friends at Greek Fest in Carmel, Indiana. It was so much fun and so many friends came out to support our family. We all ate yummy food and enjoyed the festival with all the music and fun sights to see! You enjoyed being in the grass and watching everyone! You wore your tutu for the special occasion with a big smile on your face to match!

40: 3 month photo shoot

41: I'm 4 months... Roo, your 4 month birthday was extra special for me...It was my 27th birthday. We celebrated by spending the day in Brown County. You loved hiking in the woods and were so wide awake. It was the best birthday ever! You weigh 15lbs and 6 oz and are 24 1/2 inches long. You giggled this month and it is the sweetest sound I have ever heard. You always leave Daddy and I wanting another giggle when we hear sweet. You track things really well and reach for everything! You love to suck on your fingers! You are the sweetest little love ever!

42: First Time So many firsts for you little roo! First time in exersaucer, first time in high chair, first real smile, first time playing in play place, first time in umbrella stroller, first time in bouncer, first time in bumbo, first time eating rice cereal (what a big girl), first time at Apple Fest and so many more to come.

43: Pumpkin | Patch

44: Oh Roo, carving pumpkins with you for the first time was so FUN! You were so bright eyed and really were intrigued by the pumpkins and goop inside. You liked to squish it with your fingers. Daddy and I giggled with how talkative you were like telling us how your pumpkin should look!

45: I'm 5 months... You smile so big and it melts us so! We started lots of traditions this month: going to the pumpkin patch, fall party, and apple fest! You talk so much and you get so loud. You started eating oatmeal and cereal. You wake up so happy.!

46: Trick or Treat | Boo

47: You are our biggest blessing

48: Let's Play Your new thing you love to do is be on the floor and just play. We practice rolling over and you smile so big! You push up with all your might and then collapse down flat. You talk and giggle so when we play with you on your blanket. Oh Roo, this is one of my favorite times with you! You are getting the be such a big girl!

49: Our little Pumpkin Oh how you melt us with your big brown eyes and big smiles. We love taking photos of you because you are such a ham and love to follow the camera wherever it goes. We love it!!! You are such a blessing and we are so grateful!

50: I'm 6 months You are 27.5 in long and 19 lbs 6 oz! You celebrated your 1st Thanksgiving. You can sit up all by yourself now. You flap your arms with excitement when you see us or something exciting. You love to give kisses and you lean in with your mouth wide open to give one. It is precious. You love to splash in the bath and you are not a fan of getting your hair washed! You are such a sweet girl.

51: Let's EAT!!!

52: Christmas Traditions

53: Decorating for Christmas | You love sitting in front of tree. After we decorated, we had to go around the house and let you touch everything! You were amazed with all the decorations and lights. I love our home during Christmas time!

54: Our Christmas Photo Shoot Uncle Eric and Aunt Abby came over and Uncle Eric took some family photos of us! You were so smiley and so sweet. You talked, giggled, and smiled so! You were such a ham little love!! You loved it!!

56: Our First Christmas Morning Roo...we were so thrilled to have our first family Christmas. We wondered what you would think about Christmas and if you would realize all the magic of opening gifts. You loved it and your eyes lit up with excitement. You loved ripping the paper and did understand that there was something exciting inside. Daddy and Mommy wrote you a special Christmas letter. We opened our stocking gifts first., and then opened gifts. You loved all the toys and books Santa brought for you. You loved the clothes and headbands that daddy and mommy picked out for you! Daddy put all your toys together, while mommy made our Christmas breakfast! It was the best Christmas ever.

57: Bushong Family Christmas

58: Over the hills and through the woods to grandmother's house we go!

59: Nella meets Santa Claus... Do you know how special we are? Santa visits the Knox family Christmas every year before he delivers gifts all over the world. Mommy and Daddy were SO excited to see you meet Santa Claus. We wondered what you would think of him. Would you be scared of his beard and glasses? Would you realize how magical Santa Claus is? So when Santa called your name, mommy took you up there to meet him! You were so happy to be with him. You took your special gift and smiled up at him! Oh roo, it was the sweetest little moment! Merry Christmas love girl!

60: Knox family Christmas One of our favorite Christmas traditions is spending Christmas Eve with the Knox side of the family. It is such a blast with lots of laughter, yummy food, and soaking in time with family!

61: Your first Christmas Day!!!! Boy were you spoiled, Christmas with Grandpa and Grandma and Mamaw and Papaw. Your eyes lit up with excitement when you all saw all the presents at Grandpa and Grandma's house. You said dada for the first time while opening gifts. We headed over to Mamaw and Papaw's next. You had a mountain of gifts to open there. You smiled all day!!!

62: Let's Play

63: I'm 7 months You're so expressive! You smile all the time and burst out in giggles. You said Dada on Christmas Day! You are eating all kinds of fruits and veggies. You don't like avocados. You reach for Liberty and Gypsy. You are very attached to mommy and want mommy to hold you. You can move an object from one hand to another. You love to play peek-a-boo. You love to be read to and play with all your toys. You splash so much in the bath. You take 2 naps that are 2 hours each. You are a doll baby! | 7 months

64: Let's go to sunny San Diego to meet Uncle Corey and Baby Clay!

65: Meeting Uncle Corey for the First Time... Oh Roo, we arrived in San Diego very late at were sleeping so soundly on the plane. When the plane landed and we called Uncle Corey to let him know we had arrived, your little eyes popped open. You were bright eyed to meet your Uncle. When Uncle Corey saw you his face lit up with excitement. He was grinning ear to ear and was so thrilled you were finally in his arms. You love your Uncle Corey so much and really enjoyed your time with him! | Meeting Little Clay.... You met little Clay in the airport lobby. He was snuggled up in his car seat and such a tiny little peanut. You are so intrigued by your little cousin. You stare at him so lovingly and talk so sweetly to him. I know you will be best buds.

66: A San Diego Christmas.. Oh love, we sure got spoiled with a bonus Christmas in San Diego. Mommy packed a whole suitcase full of gifts for Uncle Corey, Aunt Leslie, and Clay. You got so spoiled with girlie little fun!

67: So much FUN!

68: San Diego Zoo

69: So much fun

70: Oh Love adore your Uncle Corey. I love to see both your faces light up when you play and snuggle together!

71: One Yummy Lunch...

72: Going to the Sunny Beach.....

73: Oh roo, you are a beach girl. One of mommy's favorite places is the beach and I was so excited to see what you thought. You loved the feel of the water and the sand in your toes. You had a huge smile on your face the whole time we were there. You loved sitting in the sand and letting the sand fall through your fingertips.

74: Nella, little love,, you sweet girl, you completed our family. You were the little one we prayed for. You will forever be our wish come true. You brought us so much love and happiness to our lives.

75: Little love...we had an extra special treat while in San Diego. We got a family photo shoot with Uncle Corey, Aunt Leslie, and Clay. It was so much. We had to go down a long path to get to our photo spot. Oh roo, the landscape around us was goregeous. You were a doll as always and smiled so big! It was so much!

76: Your first time swimming...I thought you would love the water...but I didn't expect for you to be a little fish right a love to swim!

77: Cousin love... You are so in love with little Clay. Your eyes light up whenever you see him. It is so sweet! You love Bella too

78: San Diego was so fun.....we loved our time with Corey Leslie and Clay

79: Welcome little Maxwell

80: I'm 8 months... You do something new everyday! You are such a heart melter with your sweet love talk, smiles, and giggles! You love to talk baba (bottle), mama, dada, bob (which we don't know what that means, and bye bye. You wave hi and bye! You give kisses and hugs! We went to San Diego and met Uncle Corey and Clay. You went to the beach and swam for the first time! You were amazing on the plane and the whole trip! You did amazing with the whole time change. You are the best little love!

82: One pretty, pretty princess

83: Big Girl Play

84: Happy 1st Valentines love.. Daddy, Mommy, and you had a special Valentine dinner. Daddy brought us girls some flowers and spoiled us with special treats. We made daddy a really pretty picture. We had such a fun night and enjoyed each other! Love you Valentine

85: I'm 9 months... You are getting to be such a big girl. You can pull and stand on your own holding onto something. You love to walk and hold our hands. You giggle with delight. You know what mama, dada, baba, and doggy means. You can be sitting up and get in a crawl position. You say bye, bye. You are such a sweetheart and give lots of love. You love to play with toys. You love when we sing you songs.

86: Nella loves her Grandpa and Grandma Spencer and Mamaw and Papaw Taulbee!

87: Nella, you love your blankie. You snuggle so close to it and bury your face in the blankie when you are sleeply. You rub your little fingers along the silk edge. One of my favorite times with you is when I get you ready for night night. We read a story and say our prayers and then snuggle in the darkness. You softly stroke my face and snuggle so close.

88: Oh Roo! You are getting to b such a big girl! You are so playful and giggle so much. You have the sweetest smile. You make a cheesy smile face where you scrunch up your nose. You give high fives, kisses, hugs, and blow kisses. You say mama, dada, byebye, and baba. You love to walk with our hands and love to stand on everything. You are trying to crawl so hard. You love playing with toys. You are so talkative. You are always saying something. You love all finger foods. You can pick things up with your thumb and pointer finger. You have 4 teeth on the bottom and two top teeth. | I'm 10 months

89: Nella, you love your doggy and kitty. You love your kitty. You crawl so fast to go get her. You love to pet her and giggle when she lets you. You are so in love with your doggy. You love her kisses and open your mouth so she can give you more.

90: Our big girl....

91: One cute bunny and her first visit from the Easter Bunny!

92: Happy

93: Easter!

94: Introducing the "Cheesy" face..... Little love, you now make your cheesy face whenever you smile. It is so cute how you scrunch up your nose and show all your teeth. You are such a doll!!!

95: 11 months | I'm 11 months... You are such a sweet happy little love! You make this new "cheesy" face where you scrunch up your nose You can clap your hands and do whenever we say yeah. When we ask how big is Nella, you hold up your hands and we say so big! You say dada, baba, mama, bye bye, yah, uh huh, and Nella. You are still a big eater girl. You love anything. You are loving finger foods. You crawl all over and pull up all the time.

96: So Big......

97: Our first Mommy's Day together.... Oh little love, I am so proud to be your momma. You are the sweetest, loving little girl. I am so thankful for you. Mommy's day was fun! Daddy and you made mommy a stepping stone and then you took mommy out to breakfast. We spent the rest of the day, planting flowers and snuggling at home. It was the perfect day!

98: My dearest Nella, This year has been the best year of our life! We will never forget flying to Utah and meeting Momma Angel and watching you come into this world. You stole our hearts when we first held you and you looked up at us with your big brown eyes. You continue to steal our hearts as you grow and learn so many new things. Nella, you are the sweetest little love. You bring so much joy to our lives and everyone who knows you. Your smile is heart melting, and we love your little kisses that you give unconditionally. You are our butterfly Little one, you have given your daddy and I so much joy, more than we could have ever imagined. We loved snuggling you close and holding you tight as an infant and encouraging you to finish an ounce in formula. It was amazing watching you develop into such a sweet, smart, and loving little girl. We celebrated many firsts and continue to watch you learn new things to do! We love you so much our dear girl! You will forever and forever be our wish come true! Love you always! Daddy and Mommy

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