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Nohea Lauer

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FC: Nohea Lauer

1: It's a Boy! | Our beautiful son, Nohea William Lauer, was born March 16, 2011. He was a whopping 7lbs 0oz.

2: First Baby Bath! | April 1, 2011 | This is Nohea during his first bath! He was a little cranky at first because the water was pretty warm. After a little bit of time in the water he got used to it. He was even crankier when he had to get out.

3: Distinguishing Voices | April 17, 2011 | Aunty Adrianna came over to visit and cradled tiny Nohea. She called his name multiple times, but he didn't move at all. Mommy called his name and he started squirming. Aunty doesn't have good luck with babies it appears

4: April 18, 2011 | Today I called Nohea's name and he looked at me. He started cooing. He knows mommy's voice! I'm so proud of him! | Reacting to Mommy's Voice

5: Showing Sadness | Nohea started showing signs of sadness. It was hard seein' the little guy upset at first. He was always so smiley until daddy forgot to change his diaper one morning. Silly dad! | April 19, 2011

6: May 14, 2011 | Today Nohea started smiling at me when I made faces at him! Then I showed him his binkii and he started to get excited. HIs eyes got wider and he had a big smile. What a cutie! | Begins to Smile

7: B | Today Nohea rolled on his tummy today! The little goober was so cute to watch. he rocked from side to side until he was on his tummy | July 15, 2011 | Rolls To Tummy

8: Today Nohea Started smiling when I brought out some fresh strawberries. The little guy knows exactly what he likes! He's just like his daddy. Such a happy kid! | Shows Joy

9: First Tooth | Nohea grew his first tooth! He was chewin on everything and now it's here! I just wish he stopped touching it. Then again, I'd be curious too!

10: Today Nohea realized that if he touches something sharp he gets cut. He grabbed broken pieces of light bulb today when he knocked over the lamp. The poor little guy cried for awhile. He had no idea what just happened, but he knows now not to do it again.(7-8) | Cause and Effect

11: Nohea didn't seem to like his Uncle Morgan very much. Nohea met him for the first time today and started crying when his uncle tried to hold him. I think he has a little bit of stranger anxiety. (7-8) | Stranger Anxiety

12: (9-10) Nohea loved playing Peek-a-Boo today. He laughed and giggled every time I appeared. Then he got silent when I disappeared. He's such a cutie.

13: Nohea said mama and dada today! His father and I were so excited. But he loves mommy so much that he said my name first. He's a mama's boy (9-10)

14: (10) Nohea has been crawling well for a few days. Once he starts he doesn't stop. He's quite the traveler if you ask me. His daddy and I are usually chanting "Go Nohea go!"

15: Nohea is now drinking from cups. He acts so grown up. I swear it was just yesterday we had him. Well he's a self efficient cup drinking machine.

16: (12) Nohea grew quite angry today. I never saw him so angry. Actually, before today I never saw him angry. He couldn't get his toy to talk to him anymore and he threw it in frustration.

17: WALKS ALONE Nohea is walking by himself now. He just gets more and more independent everyday. I just hope he can manage to stay out of trouble with his new skill! Today he walked his way to the kitchen and almost pulled off the table cloth.

18: Nohea is picking up and grasping his crayons now. He needs mommy less and less everyday. My little independent man!

19: Nohea just talks and talks. He says so much I bet he already knows about 500 words. Sometimes I think he forgets what he's talking about. He's like mommy!

20: Little Drummer | Little Nohea is becoming defiant. I don't know where he's getting it from. He told me "no" when I told him to stop breaking his crayons. He's becoming a handful.

21: Nohea makes me pictures now! he scribbles all over the paper and hands them to me. They're beautifully abstract. Cute!

22: Parallel Play | Nohea Participates in parallel play. He doesn't exactly interact with the other kids yet. once he warms up to them I have faith that he'll be pretty popular

23: Day 1 Extra: | What is it?: A heart murmur is simply a noise heard between the beats of the heart. How do you treat it?: Heart murmurs do not require special treatment. They are harmless and common amongst infants What are possible causes of heart murmurs?: Heart murmurs can be caused by blood flowing through a damaged or overworked heart valve | Your baby has a heart murmur

24: Day 2 Extra | Month 1- Frog Pillow and Mat Set Month 2- Mortimer the Moose Toy Month 3- Month 4- Exersaucer Triple Fun Jungle Month 5- Month 6- Eco-friendly Teether Set Month 7- Stack and Roll Cup Set Month 8- Peek-A-Boo Block Sorter Month 9- Tap a Tune Piano Month 10- Month 11- Spray Light Bath Whale Month 12-

25: "You got brains in your head and Feet in your Shoes..." | Favorite Toy: Tap a Tune Piano This toy is Intellectual and Physical Development because it involves Nohea to press the keys and listen to the difference between each one

26: Toddler Situation 1: 2 Year old Changes Sleeping Pattern My child takes 2 naps a day, and each are about 2-3 hours long My child Sleeps about 10.5-12.5 hours a night A typical day of sleep for my child is an afternoon nap, a morning nap, then bed time. that is about 10-14 hours a day.

27: Toddler Situation 2: 2 Year old ready for potty training My child uses his sphincter muscle when he uses the bathroom Two helpful tips I used for training my son were "sinking the cheerio" so he could learn to aim in the toilet and encouraging all his good behaviors.

28: Toddler Situation 3: My 2 year old is having temper tantrums Temper tantrums are emotional outbursts of ill humor when the "higher" cognitive functions are unable to stop the emotional expression of the "lower" functions Nohea started crying and screaming when I told him he couldn't have another cookie Nohea droped to the ground screaming and crying because he was breaking his crayons so they were taken away

29: Toddler situation 4: My 2 year old socially Nohea engages in parallel play, play simple games with others, bosses other kids around, and says "please" when prompted. Time out, cause and effect, how he can get in trouble, spoken direction, firmness and understanding Feeding himself, put his clothes on, zips his jackets, dries himself with towel, combs his hair.

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