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Norah Rose- 1st Year

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BC: 365 days of Norah. Pure and simple. Happy and content. You have added to our family's joy in so many beautiful ways and we are forever grateful and honored to be called your mommy and daddy. Those big, soulful eyes hold many secrets and I can't wait to unfold them in the coming years. Norah Rose, you certainly have stolen our hearts and we are forever changed because we have you in our lives. Happy birthday my little love bug. We love you.

FC: norah rose | t h e f i r s t y e a r

1: Norah | R O S E | Oh my sweet little darling, what an amazing year it has been. It seems like just yesterday that I was excitedly awaiting your arrival. Washing little clothes, blankets, and organizing like crazy. Now I have the joy to wake up to your sweet cheeks and infectious smile each morning. You fit so perfectly in our lives and fill our hearts up with so much love. What a blessing you are! This year has taught me so much and I am forever grateful for you in my life. I am blessed beyond words to be your mama. I am excited for what the future holds. I have a feeling it's going to be rich and full of love. Norah, thank you for how much you fulfill my heart each day. Without you, life would be so dull. Your bright, blue eyes have captured my heart and your squishable cheeks are irresistible for kissing upon. You are so loved and forever will be my little girl. I love you little cupcake.

2: NINE MONTHS OF NORAH | morning sickness . sugar cravings . maternity clothes . little kicks . choosing your name . my perfectly round belly . creating your nursery with daddy . buying lots of pink clothes . sleepless nights . back rubs . hot baths . lots of walks . falling in love with you thru the ultrasound .

4: a sneak peek of you through the ultrasound screen made the long, nine months of pregnancy fly by. each time i went to the doctor, i always asked to hear your heartbeat and for an ultrasound. the pictures made me so excited to meet you and to give you your first hug and kiss. the pictures didn't even compare to how beautiful you looked when you were placed in my arms.

5: all things grow better with love.

6: THE BEAUTY OF | YOUR BIRTH | A T 1 0 : 4 5 A . M . ON 0 6 . 1 6 . 2 0 1 0

7: My sweet Norah... the day you were born our world became a better place. I will never forget the overwhelming emotion of love when you were placed into my arms. Your beautiful blue eyes and soft, brown hair warmed my heart. God has blessed me beyond my wildest dreams when he created you. I never will be able to put into words my unconditional love for you. You brought me exactly what your name means, "light." You are the light in my world. I love you sweet pea.

8: Little girls dance their way into your heart, whirling on the tips of angel wings, scattering gold dust and kisses in our paths. -- Author Unknown

10: Bringing | you | HOME

11: Bringing you home was so surreal. I remember walking out the hospital doors behind Daddy and Mimi so excited to show you your new home. You were dressed in a bright pink, flowered gown, with a matching hat. You looked so perfect and peaceful. Papa W. and Kodie were at home to welcome your arrival and we celebrated with good food and wine. Welcome home my sweet Norah Rose.

12: the . many . that . love . you . | . | .

17: Papa and Mimi were so excited to meet you! Mimi came a week early to help me get ready for your birth. She was right by my side when you were welcomed into this world with Daddy and I. Papa B came to visit only a few days after your arrival and was so excited to give you lots of hugs and kisses. We all spent many afternoons holding and loving on you. We were so thankful for a beautiful, healthy little girl!

18: SOMEDAY THESE FEET WILL DO SOME THINGS, | that only heaven knows.

20: sweet puppy love

21: You and Kodie are buddies. When we first brought you home from the hospital, Kodie kept his distance from you. But as time went on, he began to subtly keep an eye on you. Many days, he wanders into your room just to see if you are there. And when he gets really brave, he'll lay down next to you while you are playing on the floor. I just know you two will grow to really love each other. I can't wait till you learn how to call his name or help take care of him. It truly is puppy love! I look forward to the many years you two will have together!

23: I'm having such a blast dressing you up in cute clothes each day. You already are becoming a..... | fashionista

24: crub-a-Dub | S | S | w | ee | t | N | o | r | a | h | ' | s | i | n | t | h | e | T | u | b | Seven Weeks

27: A dear friend of Mommy and Auntie Jenn, Kim, came to visit you and Sophia. Her little daughter, Leila, is two months older than you. We had lots of fun letting you girls kick around on the floor together and stare at each other. We all decided that we would make it an annual get together so you girls can get to know each other better. Oh how cute you girls are! And all the fun that you will have together!

28: a shower for N.O.R.A.H

29: when you were just two months old, Mimi and Auntie Jenn threw you a shower in your honor! oh how we had so much fun. we ate lunch, opened presents, and toasted to welcoming you into the world. there are so many great, Christian women who have been praying for you since you were in my tummy. and now, they all were able to meet you and celebrate your life!

31: My Sweet Little Norah, The world is truly a better place because you are in it. Your big, sweet smile and gorgeous blue eyes melt me into pieces. The meaning of your name most certainly represents exactly what you are: "light". You are the light in my days and waking up to your smiling face each morning is the best gift God has given me. You have blessed our lives beyond words and I never take a second for granted that you are apart of our family. All my love to you my sweet little daughter.

32: lazy | summer | days

33: 3 months

35: watching you | GROW | Your expressions are just too cute! With each new day, you are learning to laugh, frown, giggle, scream and most certainly cry. You have so much personality at such a young age. We are loving every bit of you!

37: Look how adorable you are! This hat was my favorite gift we received for you. You wore it everyday once it started snowing while we took Kodie for walks. And everyone that saw you in it, would stop me and tell me how adorable you are. I can't believe I am so lucky to be your momma. You are such a little doll Norah and you make me so incredibly... | happy

38: afternoon at the

40: PLAYIN' AT THE DOG PARK | There were many Saturdays that we spent watching Kodie run and play at the dog park. You had big smiles on your face while you watched Kodie run around and get dirty. We all had lots of fun together!

42: Many afternoons, I'd strap you in the baby bjorn and we'd take Kodie for a walk around our apartment. Your little legs would be kicking a hundred miles an hour as you took in all the new sights and sounds. And your sweet, soft giggle just melted my heart. Watching you breathe in nature and God's beautiful creation was so wonderful. At just five months, you are changing and growing daily. My darling little girl, you are a breath of fresh air to me. I love you sweetheart.

44: little bunny baby | Mimi gave you this cute this coat and matching booties. We had so much fun taking pictures of you and showing them off. You're such a little doll!

46: big trip to | W.A.S.H.I.N.G.T.O.N

47: When you were just four months old, we took a trip to Washington to visit mommy's family and friends. You traveled so well on the plane and are already are becoming a jet setter at such a young age. Papa and Mimi spoiled you with lots of cute clothes, hugs, kisses, and snuggles.

48: happy thanksgiving | Your First Thanksgiving. November 25, 2010

49: Thanksgiving festivities began with a yummy breakfast pizza followed by lots of cooking, chatting with family, sipping coffee and loving up on you. Following breakfast, we lounged around watching the football game, drinking wine, and soaking up the time spent with each other. Great grandpop Irv and Gerri joined us, along with Mimom's sister Susan, brother Sam, and all of their children. We enjoyed a delicious dinner and reminisced about all our blessings throughout the year. | so blessed!

50: OH, CHRISTMAS TREE | Oh darlin', last year at this time you were just a bulging little bump in my tummy, and now you are here! Your first tree decorating ceremony. It was so special! Daddy and I went all out and bought a brand new tree, lights and ornaments. You got to stay up way past your bedtime and enjoyed every minute of it. You loved looking at all the lights and of course, pulling all the ornaments off the tree!


53: The first time we gave you baby food you hated it. But after a few tries, you slowly warmed up to it and started to really enjoy it. When we finally gave you the bowl to explore and play with, you had a ball! You smiled and giggled while you tossed the bowl full of food all over yourself! On your six month birthday, we gave you a cupcake with frosting and let you blow out candles. Best part of it all was watching you smash the cupcake all over your fingers and eat the frosting!

54: A Colorado Christmas

55: We celebrated your very first Christmas in Colorado early. We wrapped up some cool new toys for you to tear into. You definitely loved eating the paper more than the presents. Watching your big smile on your face warmed my heart. Oh how Daddy and I cherished every moment as we soaked up our first Christmas together. Merry Christmas my sweet, baby girl. Can't wait for many more in the coming years!

56: your | first | christmas

57: Your very first Christmas, my sweet little Norah! Watching you tear into your gifts and smile at how funny the wrapping paper felt was quite entertaining. Oh how our hearts are so warmed with you now apart of our family traditions. We spent Christmas in San Francisco with Auntie Jenn, Uncle Mike, Brody, Sophia, Papa and Mimi. It was so special to watch everyone love up on you and spoil you with lots of gifts. You really ate up all the attention! Brody and Sophia loved playing with you and you all took many baths together where you splashed all around. We are so blessed and thankful that you are apart of our family and are so excited to begin teaching you all about our Christmas traditions! Merry Christmas my little angel!

58: Norah Favorites | birth - 6 months


62: Hangin' Out | Typical days for you are very busy. We spend a lot of the day playing with toys, taking Kodie for walks, trying new foods, and of course napping in between. You love taking baths and splashing around in the water! You kick your legs and scream as you soak me and the whole bathroom. It's just too cute! You and I make a great team and have so much fun together. Daddy also loves wrestling around with you on the bed when he gets home from work! Oh, how we have so much fun !

63: FEBRUARY 2011

64: Little Miss Rainbow Bright

65: Wow! Seven months just flew right by. You are already sitting up and getting into everything. I know any day you will be starting to crawl. You are such a beautiful, little girl and everywhere I go, people are always telling me how beautiful you are. Those bright blue eyes steal everyone's heart, especially mine and Daddy's!

66: 8 months | you bring us so much | J O Y.

68: splashin' around the bath

69: You have loved taking baths since you were a tiny baby. Now that you can sit up and crawl around, you love it even more. After dinner, I tell you its time for a bath and you run to the tub and wait for me to fill it up. Most times you splash so much that I am usually soaked by the time you're done. And the bubbles, oh how you love eating and playing with the bubbles!

71: girl, you've got | PERSONALITY

72: growing up so fast

73: 10 months

74: E A S T E R | in san francisco

75: MOTHER' S DAY | My first Mother's Day. I was beyond excited. This time last year I had only one month left to go. I was so excited to meet you. And now, on this day, we all celebrated you because YOU are the reason for the day. I am blessed that God has chosen me to be your mother and caretaker. That he has placed you in my life for a purpose. You bring me so much laughter, joy and happiness each day. So for Mother's Day, Daddy made us breakfast and he also bought me a Tiffany's charm bracelet so I will always remember my first Mother's Day. After breakfast, we set up your swimming pool and you splashed around and played. You are the BEST gift that I could ask for. I love you my little Norah.

76: wrestling around

77: My time of the day is when you, daddy and I wrestle around on the bed. This is your favorite too. You love burying yourself into the blankets and playing peek-a-boo. Most mornings, we bring you in bed with us and we all snuggle, tickle eachother and wrestle. You laugh and scream and to hear you having fun makes me smile inside. You have such a sweet spirit my little Norah and you bring us so much joy every day.

78: love to explore the outdoors. | at just eleven months you are starting to walk. and boy is your personality shining bright. | busy little bee

79: you've always got a smile on your face no matter what | you're doing. and all my friends always say that you are the happiest baby. and you truly are happy all the time

80: HE | IS SMITTEN WITH | YOU. | ... and you adore him right back. | . | . | . | . | . | . | . | . | . | . | . | . | . | May 2011


82: swing | norah | swing | JUNE 2011

83: This swing makes you so happy. Most days you are banging on the back door to get outside so I can push you in your swing. If you had it your way, you'd spend all day in it. Daddy and I usually take turns pushing you when he gets home from work. It makes my heart so happy to hear your sweet giggle and your smile grow bigger and bigger the higher we push you. Oh Norah, you are the joy of our hearts

84: Wow. Eleven months old.! You are such a busy little girl. I turn my back away from you for just a few seconds and you're into something. Most days we spend outside on the deck. I sit and watch you explore new weeds and smell new flowers. You love the outdoors. Evenings we get a blanket out and bask in the sun on the grass. You are so full of life and have such a happy spirit. I am so thank for you. Every day you make me feel so............ | blessed.

86: NORAH Favorites 6 - 12 Months

88: 1st birthday favorites

91: Norah Rose | one year. one girl. | Girl, this year has been a life changing year. Your arrival into our hearts has brought new happiness, new love and it is just the beginning. Norah Rose, we love you. And can't wait to see what beautiful things are ahead in our future. Happy Birthday baby love! Thank you for such an amazing year.

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