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Norah's 1st year

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S: Norah's 1st Year January 2010-January 2011

BC: Stone- What an amazing year it's been! Everyone told me what a joy it is to have a child...to teach him and to watch him grow, but nothing could have prepared me for the way I would feel about you. The moment you were placed in my arms I was overwhelmed with this feeling of love, and I was sure that I could never love you more than I did in that moment....I was wrong. Every day since then I have loved you more and more, every day I have been amazed at what you learn and how much you grow, and every day I feel so blessed to have you in my life. The spirit and personality that you bring into our home is so sweet and fun. I have loved watching you grow from a sweet baby into a toddler with his own thoughts, feelings, expressions, and mannerisms. As this first year of your life closes I feel a little sad that it's already over. I'm going to miss the late night feedings, and watching you learn to sit up and crawl. But I'm so excited to watch you grow into a little boy, and I'm so excited for the many more days I get to spend with you. I love you Stone! Love- Mama

FC: Norah | Norah Ann Rudd 2010-2011 | A year of | Your first year

1: "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." ~Jeremiah 29:11

2: Sneek Peek | Who will this little person be?

4: 40wks, 1 day

5: By the time our due date arrived, Mommy was READY for your arrival. We decided to go for a walk & walked 2 miles.. The next day, we went to see the doctor & she said, "Don't go for any two mile hikes or anything!" Oops. She sent us for a stress test to check on you & everything was fine. That night, I asked Grandma Cheryl to come over & cook Thai food for dinner while Daddy was at work. Five minutes after Daddy got home, we were sitting on the couch & my water broke.. It was exciting & suprising...and we were overjoyed that you would be here soon!

6: Your Birth Story We went to Mountain View Hospital at 6:00am on Sunday, November 1st. We were scheduled to be induced because you hadn't even tried to make your appearance before then. We were checked in to the hospital and hooked up to all of the IV's and "pit" by 7:00 and then the waiting game began. At about 8:30 they had to shut the "pit" off because contractions were coming too close together and your body was being put through too much stress. I was a little worried that you weren't going to be okay, but the nurse (who's name was Tammie and she was fantastic) didn't seem to be too concerned and said that everything should be fine. Then at 9:00 the doctor decided that it was time to break my water... as soon as that was done my contractions started getting regular and by about 9:20 we were back on the "pit". From 10 to 11 my contractions were getting stronger and more close together and at 11:15 I was only dialted to a 3...but I was 80% effaced and ready for my epidural (call me a wuss but I wasn't going to go through more pain that I had to). The anesthesiologist was really great. The epidural was a longer and a slightly more uncomfortable situation than I had anticipated, in fact, Daddy started feeling light headed and had to leave the room for a second. But as soon as the drug was running through my system I felt great. When the nurse came back in to check me at 1:30 I was only dialated to a 4 so she decided to up my "pit" to make things progress a little faster, and it must have worked because before 2:00 I was already dialated to a 6 and at about 2:30 I was at a 9! At 3:00 I was informed that I was at a 10 and ready to push! Daddy and I were both a little nervous, but I knew that I could do it and we had faith that you would be ok. I had to do about 10 sets of pushes and the whole time daddy was there holding my hand and watching for you to arrive. At 3:23 you were born and Daddy and I were immediatley overwhelmed with love and amazement for you.

7: YOUR BIRTH STORY | CHOOSING YOUR NAME | Mommy & Daddy were searching for the perfect name. When we thought about "Norah" we loved it & thought it was perfect for YOU. We choose your middle name "Ann" after Mommy (DiANNa)& her Mom (Cherell Ann). We also liked that the first three letters of NORah spelled RON backwards, like Papaw (Ron). | POUNDS 7lbs | MEASURMENTS | BIRTH DATE 01/28/10 | BIRTH TIME 8:24am | OUNCES 0oz | INCHES 22 1/2"

8: Your First Hours After you were cleaned & checked, Mommy & Daddy got to hold you & marvel over you. Then Mommy nursed you - you just kept going, and going (40 minutes!). Your pediatrician, Dr. Obannion, came to see you. Daddy went with you to the nursery while I got a shower & switched rooms. Papaw, Mindy, & Grandma Cheryl went home to get some rest & we were on our own. Because you had to have IV antibiotics, we were told you had to stay in the nursery, which we hadn't expected. Mommy was so upset & fought to have you in my room & the nurses finally relented. We were exhausted! We hadn't slept for almost 3 days. So, we had some lunch and tried to sleep. You weren't having any of that! You wanted to nurse & cuddle...so that's what we did (while Daddy slept)...for the next two days! Visitors started trickling in & were there most of the next two evenings. You stayed with us the whole time - the one time we let you go to the nursery, the nurse brought you back & said, "she wants her Mama!" After dinner, Papaw brought Nathan & Dakota up to meet you. We couldn't stop oohing & awing over you & how much we loved you! You were born on Thursday & we got to home Saturday afternoon.

9: Love

10: Love at first sight! Before you even took your 1st breath, we were in love! We were in awe of your long fingers & toes & your bright eyes!

12: Everyone was amazed at how bright eyed you were! | You had to wear this special little hat since the IV had to be on your head

13: Going Home... | Saturday morning, we were told we could go home! Mommy got you dressed in your first outfit, feed you, & then we went home! It was cold & snowy. Nathan & Dakota were anxious to have us there. Daddy had to work that evening for a little bit, but Jane came to visit us

14: FIRST PHOTOGRAPHS WITH FRIENDS & FAMILY | "Grandma Cheryl" was with us the entire labor & was in the room when you were born. She took all of our pictures for us! | We had lots of visitors who were anxious to see you! Because of your IV, no one could hold you except Mommy. Here we are with Josh & Julie, Uncle Steve, Jenn Dixon, "Uncle" Rich, Holly & Anna. Miss Jessica & Pastor Paul, David M., Karen & Bill also came to see you.

15: OUR FIRST VISITORS AT HOME | Jane came the day we got home. | Karen & Krystal | Travis & Mary came from TN | Holly came & helped us at home.

17: "And he departed from our sight that we might return to our heart, and there find Him. For He departed, and behold, He is here." ~ St. Augustine

18: Papaw paced the halls the entire 36 hours Mommy was in labor. He couldn't wait for you to arrive & was the first person to hold you after Mommy & Daddy. | Grandpa & Grandpa Rudd were anxious to meet you. They came up the next day to see you. | Grandparents | make the world...a little softer, a little kinder, a little warmer.

19: Our Little Family | Nathan & Dakota were SO excited to come & meet you and SO proud to be your BIG brother & sister! Papaw brought them up the night after you were born.

20: 1 month | 1st bottle | 1st time out to eat

21: February | You started sleeping through the night this month. You laughed for the first time on February 20th. Mommy went back to work and you have been spending your days with Grandmas or other family members. You stand with help and love to look in mirrors.

22: March Weight:16.5 lbs Length: 26 in. This month you got your first cold, and it came along with pink eye. We have to drop eye drops into your eyes and you hate it. We got you a doorway jumper and put you in it this month and you love it! You are so cute jumping and laughing, you jump so much that you even wore a small blister on your toe! | Two Months

24: April | This month you got your first two teeth (you won't let me look at them or take pictures of them though), and have started trying to roll over (can't make it over your arm yet). You had your first Easter and got three Easter baskets (one from mommy and daddy and one from each grandma/ grandpa) and a cute new "Easter outfit". You also went on your first road trip to Utah this month, and you did great! | Three Months

26: May | Weight: 18lbs. Length: 27in. | You have such a fun personality! We just love you. This month you had your first taste of real food...you weren't sure what to think of it at first, but as you got used to it you started to love it. You rolled over for the first time this month and I was so proud of you. A funny little habit you have: You like to feel things with just one finger...especially tags..tags on blankets or toys...you enjoy that more than the toy itself

27: Mother's Day was extra special this year! You are such a happy, fun baby and so easy to love!

28: 1st Sippy Cup

29: June was a busy month. Mommy celebrated her birthday, we camped through a tornado, Aunt Barb came to visit, and we did a lot of swimming. You weighed: | June | Six Months

30: Home of the free...Because of the Brave

31: We spent the fourth of July with Aunt Emily, Baker, & Leigha. We had a cookout, went to watch fireworks with Papaw and did sparklers. You watched everything like you were fascinated and you were acting like a ham all evening! | Six Months

32: We started taking you out on the boat at six months. You love being in the water & loved riding on the boat. You weren't crazy about the life jacket, though!

33: Six Month Pics by Rachel

34: August This month you are sitting up, and if we hold your feet down you will do a sit up. You took your first ride in the shopping cart without your baby seat, and you loved it! Such a big boy. You have already mastered drinking out of a straw, and you worked on a motorcycle for the first time with Grandpa Hegsted. Father's Day was this month, and daddy is so proud that you are his! | 1st Road Trip to visit Mary & Travis

35: Grandma took us on a road trip this month to Utah. We got to take you to meet Seth and his family. It was such a fun trip! We saw the Wright's, went shopping, and played in the hotel (your first time in a hotel). You were so good the whole time. You slept well, shopped well, and traveled great!

36: August

37: What a month! You started crawling at the beginning of August, and you love being able to go where you want when you want. We took you swimming for the first time and you loved it! Eating "people food" has become part of your daily diet and you seem to really enjoy it, especially bread and fruit. You've started to pull yourself onto your feet now and you're constantly on the move. You are so fun and so happy!

39: At 10 months you: *Love cats and dogs *Dance. *Your favorite song is "Yellow" by Coldplay *Climb up the stairs *Have eaten dog food *Give Kisses *Say "Hi" (first word) *Climb on the dishwasher door * Have graduated from your infant carrier to a convertible car seat! | September

40: While we moved into the new house Great grandpa Barrick kept you entertained | You loved playing in the the bucket of sudsy water that grandma H was using to clean the windows | You love your bath time in your new tub! | You love to snuggle and play with anyone. You are such a happy boy!

41: October October 2nd we moved into our new house! Grandma and Grandpa Hegsted let you stay overnight at their house the night before so that daddy and I could pack and start moving early. You came home to the new house that afternoon and did great with all the moving going on. You had no trouble settling into the new place and have loved exploring it.

42: You were the cutest little monkey for Halloween. You got to "trick-or-treat" at my office (I was dressed as a fairy), the next evening we went trick-or-treating to Grandma and Grandpa H's and aunt Sunde's | Happy Halloween

44: November

45: You slept a lot of your first month. Your favorite place to sleep was in your boppy on the recliner or couch. Daddy would get up with you on Sunday mornings and let me sleep in, and when I got up I would find you snuggled in your boppy while daddy watched over you. So sweet! You were born with bright red circles around both eyes. The doctor told us that they were burst blood vessels from working so hard to be born. The redness went away in less than a month.

46: Decembrrr | This month, you have turned into a climber! You love to play with phones, & your laugh is infectious! | 11 Months

47: This month you slept through the night twice and started smiling! You eat 6 oz. every 4-6 hours and are usually up once during the night. | You LOVED all the Christmas lights & are constantly pointing at them & yelling!

48: We got up early Christmas morning. Papaw came over to open presents with us. You LOVED the rocking horse he got you & started yelling & pointing the moment you saw it. You also love the ball popper you got. We had a yummy breakfast with cinnamon rolls that Mommy makes every year. Whitnie, Maddie, Tammy, & Papaw joined us for Christmas dinner

49: You have started pointing at EVERYTHING.

50: January

51: Weight: 12lbs. 11oz. Length: 23 1/2in. You are holding up your head pretty well this month and started sitting in your bumbo. You like to sit and look around. You won't nap for long unless someone is holding you

52: Your First Birthday We decided to have a rock n' roll party for you this year since you're named after a rock star. Most of the family came to celebrate you, and it was

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