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October 2009 MAJ

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October 2009 MAJ - Page Text Content

S: October 2009 MAJ

BC: The End

FC: October 2009

1: Houndstooth Mania! Since Madelyn isn't going to school tomorrow (we are playing hookie since we have Sara's wedding on Saturday) she decided to wear her football attire today! | Still her favorite spot in the house. | Until she sees me and wants to come say hey. | Waiting on me to dry my hair so we can go to school. | Anything that is not a toy is FUN! Here she is with my glasses case. | And her PJs and a chair! | Hey, Mommy! | Whatever she was doing, it took concentration. | Notice the red bloomers. ROLL TIDE! | We have GOT to find her more hairbows!

2: Thursday, October 1, 2009 Dr. Pepper Commercial | It wasn't open... | But she sure did like the can! | Big River Friday Night Friday night in Nashville! We strolled downtown and met Gigi and Papaw for dinner at Big River. | It was a little chilly so MAJ wore her knee socks. | Hotel Living There wasn't a playpen in the hotel room, so I made Madelyn a fort to play in. | Gigi and Papaw took care of the angel while we were out. THANK YOU!!!!

3: October 3, 2009 THE WEDDING! Babysitters CLUB! Sara surprised us by having us walk down the aisle | Saturday Night Wedding Party! The wedding party was at Sambuca. It was WONDERFUL!

4: On the way home she thought she would flirt with a few patrons of Krystals. | 1...2...3....FRYYYYY!!!! | She sat like this looking around at everyone the whole time we ate. Everyone, including the workers, loved her! | Monday October 5, 2009 Happy Birthday, LOLLYYYYY!!! | If she had a shirt that said "Happy Birthday, Lolly" she would have worn it instead. | Not sure why it is crooked. Her cuteness must have shaken me. | It was cool this morning, so she wore her little pink sweater and jeans from Gigi and Papaw. | "Can we call Lolly and tell her Happy Birthday? AND tell Lolly and Bob 'Happy Anniversary!'" It was a little early, so we waited until after school. | New Shoes! They fit! I have bought pair after pair and they were all too big. I finally bought her the smallest size they had (0-6 months) and they FIT! This is the same brand a few of her friends at school wear, too. Jack and Lily)

5: She has realized she can go anywhere she wants! | Daddy trying to get her attention OFF the cord. | Mmmmmm, bananas are still one of her favorites. | Wednesday, October 7, 2009 Mrrraarrrplllh (or whatever sound an elephant makes) New hairbow, new shoes, cute outfit! | Ride a little elephant down to town.

6: All things grow better with love. | Panda Bear!!! | Hey, Joe! | Where can I throw this? | I'll just eat it. | Love it! | A little quieter when she hits this one the table. | Thursday October 8, 2009 Good Day at School | Yes...who's there? | MOMMMMYYYY!!!!! | Sam | Lily, laid back in the exercauser. | October 9, 2009 Messy Like Her Daddy | I didn't think they were supposed to start pulling things out of drawers until they were older. | She used the bongo to lean on. Ingenious! | She hasn't played with these lately, so they were like NEW! | She found a bag and pulled everything out. | She found a caramel apple and got the tie off! Whew, glad I caught that one before it got messy.

7: This is what she did while I was drying my hair! | Gotta stop her from watching her feet when she dances. | Not sure what she was looking at. | TOES! | DANCING! | Funny Girls! | Aunt Amanda fed her Saturday night! Yum, Carrots and Tomatoes! | Monday October 12, 2009 Little Doll | Playing drums with pens. | Her teacher said she went to sleep all by herself in her bed today! | See her boo boo under her right eye? We aren't sure where she bumped it. | Diapers are so fun! (when they're clean) I...want...those...wipes! Got 'em!

8: Wednesday October 14, 2009 Happy Birthday, Bevin! BOO! | Scoot, scoot! | You can't catch me! | Hmmmm...a wallet! | Wonder if there's any money in it? | What? I just found it! | Photoshoot...gone wrong. I thought the black shirt and black bow on the fuzzy gray pillow would look pretty good...she had other ideas. | Just wait until I can come out there and pull on your ears! | HUSH, you might scare them away! | Hey, pups! | Will it ever stop raining?

9: Roll Tide Friday! | Shake it, girl! | Finally still enough to look up for the pic. | I told her Alabama plays tomorrow past her bedtime. She was disappointed. | She wants to be a ninja for Halloween. | What's the best thing to ever come out of Auburn? Highway 411!!! HA HA HA HA! | Learning to juggle. | Oh well, when that doesn't work just chew on it. | Saturday at Gigi and Papaw's doing a little cheer for Bama! | Two bits... | Four bits... | Whew, all those bits made her a little tired. | ROLLLLLL TIDEEEE!!!! | And the pom poms taste pretty good, too!

10: Bama Babies | Good Girl!!! | Come on! | Hey, where did you go? | Follow me, Karmy! | Sunday, we went shopping with Gigi and Amanda | We didn't buy this one. But she can make anything cute! | It is not quite as easy taking pictures when she won't be still! | Yea, hold that rug down for me and make sure it doesn't go anywhere. | Monday New Poodle Shoes! | Hey, where is it??? (The microphone is a rattle that she bangs on the table, so it is hidden...but she knows it is supposed to be there!) | NEW SHOES!!! Brown and pink poodle shoes! (I only rolled her pants up for the photo. She wasn't sporting the gang look.) | Tuesday, October 20, 2009 Breakfast and Pups Madelyn has recently noticed that dogs live outside the doors (as you have seen in a few earlier posts). So breakfast is now served beside the door. When they aren't on the porch, she is very disappointed!

11: Wednesday, October 21, 2009 Laaaamb Chop! | She wasn't too sure about it at first. | We tried on her Halloween costume yesterday after she ate supper. | A little tap dancing lamb! | We will, of course, have a onesie and leggings under this when she wears it at school. | Aunt Amanda bought her more hair bows yesterday! | Her teachers LOVED this one at school this morning. | She likes to accessorize like Amanda! | Wednesday, October 21, 2009 Our Pumpkin in a Pumpkin Patch! This afternoon we visited the Asbury Pumpkin Patch to pick out a pumpkin! | She wasn't too sure at first. | Getting better, but still wouldn't let go of my hand. | Maybe it had something to do with the huge cat attacking the pumpkin in the background. | She found a pumpkin just her size. | "Hee Hee Hee, I'll get you, my pretty! And your little dog, toooo!"

12: Thursday, October 22, 2009 Magic Pumpkin Madelyn wanted to see the pups so bad, so we walked outside this morning. I noticed Zoe wasn't getting around easily, so she is going to the vet today. Hopefully only a little arthritis. | Magic Pumpkin, please make Zoe feel better. | Her ribs glow in the dark. | Her daddy gave her her OWN blackberry! It is a new favorite. | Praying baby! | Zoe is ok. She has a little soreness and is on anti-inflammatory meds for 10 days. I think she is already feeling a little better and it has only been 2 days! GO ZOE!

13: 9 Month Check-Up Friday, October 23, 2009 Today was Madelyn's 9 month check-up. She is 16 lbs and 27 1/4 inches long. Perfect 50th percentile! We will continue trying new solid foods and breastfeeding. We can even let her try real milk when she is 10 1/2 months old. She had her two regular shots and she was supposed to get her second 1/2 flu shot, but they were out so we are on the waiting list when they get a new shipment. She also had blood work and didn't even cry when they pricked her finger! BIG GIRL! When we got home this afternoon, the doctor called and said her blood work showed she was a little low on iron, so she is on a supplement and will go back in 6 weeks for a follow-up. | In the waiting room and NOT happy when she heard she had to get two shots. | "Wait! Did they just call my name?" | She got a princess sticker when she got her finger pricked. It was almost worth it! | Can you believe she is 9 months old???????????

14: Friday, October 23, 2009 Fall Festival 2009 Today was the fall festival at school. Every room had a different game and then we ate a sugar cookie. We saw the children play ring toss, cake walk, bowling, musical chairs and all sorts of games. | Mrs. Emily and Mrs. Suzette - we love them! | SAM - 8 1/2 months old (only 2 weeks younger than Madelyn) | Miss Lily - 7 months old (looking for a snack) | Gabe - I have no idea how old he is, but he always has a scared look on his face. | Spencer | Austin | Maddie - 4 months old and TINY! | Juliette - She is also in Infant 2, but was in Madelyn's class until a month or two ago.

15: Today we took a trip to Publix and Wal-Mart. She was very excited | I took this from the front seat (at a red light). She was sucking on her toe! HA! | We were gone for two hours and she was an ANGEL! Every one loved her Alabama pink! | Saturday October 24, 2009 | She wanted the pups to come to the door. It was a little too chilly to take her outside to see them. | Graham Crackers are now a favorite treat! | I think she likes anything messy. | During the game, Madelyn kept herself pretty busy. | She will pull everything off the shelves and then look at her progress | She had the patsy handle in her mouth, but she saw me catch her and started to change it before I could snap the pic. | Almost nap time. The game made her too nervous to watch. | She was very proud of Cody's two blocks today! ROLL TIDE!! | She had elephant prints on her bloomers. | This is her new face. She looks surprised. I love it!

16: New Church Dress Sunday, October 25, 2009 We were going to try the nursery at church today. But I chickened out, so she sat with us in the toddler viewing room. Church is so much better when we are together. Yes, I am one of 'those' moms. Wouldn't you be if this was your angel?

17: After church we took a little trip to Tuscaloosa to the soccer game. And we saw....BIG AL!!! She didn't really know what to think about him. She did fine as long as she didn't know he was back there. He danced, he cried, he shook her hand...but she never really warmed up to him. Maybe next time. | On our way home from Tuscaloosa, we stopped by Costco. | I held the back of her dress and she rode all over Costco like this. It was like a parade. Every person we passed waved, smiled, coo'd, or spoke to her. | AND we saw another elephant. She didn't really like this one or the horse either.

18: Monday Madelyn was 9 MONTHS OLD!!!! Tuesday at school, she got a note sent home...she is moving to the Infant II class on MONDAY!!! We can NOT believe it! She is getting so big! | Madelyn has decided that she is too big for baby food. She cries until we give her REAL food. | Baked potato and Boston Butt! And cantaloupe for dessert! WHAT WHAT? | She clearly needed a hair bow. | But she has learned how to take it out by herself! | Stripey pants and skeleton shirt. So Halloweeny! | New windshield.

19: "What is on my head?" | "Hey! I can wave." | "Ok, back to this thing on my head..." | Halloween Eve On the way to school Friday, she took a little nappy. Her last day in the Infant 1 room. | "I love biscuits!" She also likes macaroni and cheese. | Getting better and better at feeding herself. Be careful not to gum your fingers!

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