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Oh Baby!

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S: Oh Baby

FC: In the Beginning

1: Oh Baby The Stages of Fetal Development

2: Chapter One

4: Month One | -Egg attaches to lining of uterus -Organs & Circulatory began to form -Heart starts beating

5: Month Two | -6 mm long -Face,Eyes,Ears, & Limbs Shape -Bones begin to form -The heart has divided into right and left chambers.

6: Month Three | -25mm Long -Fingers& Toes almost complete -All organs present, although immature -Nostrils, Mouth, Lips teeth buds& eyelids form.

7: -Size: 3 inches -Can now *Swallow *Hiccup *Move *Suck its thumb -Facial Features become Clearer

8: -Size: 6-7 Inches - Hair, Eyebrows Eyelashes Appear -Teeth continue to develop -Organs Mature -Become more Active

9: -Size: 8-10 Inches -Fat develop Under the Skin | -But the fetus look wrinkled -Breathing movements begin

10: -Size: 10- 12 Inches -1-2pounds -Period of activity - Followed by periods of rest & quiet

11: Or | -Size: 14-15 Inches -2-3pounds -Rapid Weight Gain -Reacts to loud noises with react jerking action -Moves Head down position

12: ________________ | - | -Size:17-18 INches -5-6Pounds -Weight gain continues till a week before birth - Skin become smooth -Movement decreases (Less Room) -Acquires antibodies -Descends into pelvis ready for birth

14: Chapter 2

16: -Missed menstrual period -Other signs of pregnancy may not yet be noticeable | Month One

17: LITTLE BLESSINGS | -Breast begin to swell -Pressure on bladder from enlarging uterus results in need to urinate more frequently -Possible nausea "Morning Sickness" - Fatigue is common | Month Two

18: -Breast become firmer & fuller, may ache -Nausea fatigue, & frequent urination may continue -Abdomen becomes slightly lager, The uterus is about the size of an orange. -Weight gain may total 2-4 pounds | Month Three

19: Month Four | -Abdomen continues to grow slowly -Most discomforts of of early pregnancy, such as morning sickness, usually gone -Appetite increases

20: Month Five | -Enlarged abdomen becomes apparent -Slight fetal movements felt -Increased size may begin to affect posture

21: FIRST MOMENTS | Month Six | -Fetal movements sensed as strong movements felt -Weight gain by the morning may total 10-12 pounds

22: -Increased size may affect posture | Month Seven

23: Month Eight | -Discomfort may result from increased size. Backache, leg cramps shortness of breath, & fatigue are common -Fetal kicks may disturb the mother's rest -At begging of this month. weight gain totals about 18-20 pounds

24: -"Lightening" Felt as the fetus drops into the pelvis -Breathing becomes easier -Other discomforts may continue -A total weight gain of 25-30 pounds -False labor pains may be experienced

26: Chapter 7

27: Contractions make the cervix dilate, or widen. The cervix also becomes thinner, changing from its usual thickness of about 3/4 inch to become as thin as a sheet of paper. This thinning is called "effacement".

29: Transition | Crowning | -Transition completes the work of the first stage. The cervix becomes fully dilated to a size of 4 inches & the baby's head slips out of the uterus into the birth canal. | -First the top of the head appears at the opening of the birth canal.

31: -The baby's head emerges first. The head has changed its shape to ease passage through the birth canal. It will later return to normal After the head, the shoulders follow. The rest of the baby slips out easily | - The woman gives birth to the placentas, no longer needed by the baby. | Third Stages of Labor

32: Chapter Six

33: Also make choices that are low in "empty calories." Empty calories are the calories from added sugars and solid fats in foods like soft drinks, desserts, fried foods, cheese, whole milk, and fatty meats. Look for choices that are low-fat, fat-free, unsweetened, or with no added-sugars. They have fewer or no "empty calories."

34: You should gain weight gradually during your pregnancy, with most of the weight gained in the last 3 months. Many doctors suggest women gain weight at the following rate: 1 to 4 pounds total during the first 3 months (first trimester) 2 to 4 pounds per month during the 4th to 9th months (second and third trimesters)

35: MCR

36: Mila Charlotte Ryan | 12.3.13 | 8 pounds, 3 ounces | 20 inches | salt lake city, utah

37: FIRST MOMENTS | -A great time to lose weight after pregnancy is while breastfeeding. -Breastfeeding may make it easier to lose weight because you are using extra calories to feed your infant. -Women who breastfeed exclusively for more than 3 months tend to lose more weight than those who do not. -Those who continue breastfeeding beyond 4-6 months may continue to lose weight.

39: Calcium-fortified juices and other beverages, cereals, or breads Tofu (prepared with calcium sulfate) Canned fish with bones you eat (such as sardines or salmon canned with bones) Soybeans, black eyed peas (cow peas), and white beans Some leafy greens (collard and turnip greens, kale)

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