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Olivia's baby book

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FC: Olivia Bell Eckert Born December 24th, 2010 11:47 am, 3680 g, 55 cm

1: After a long wait, we finally got to meet you. It was December 26, 2010. You were so beautiful. Your eyes were open, and you stared peacefully at Mommy and Daddy. You made us so happy.

2: Mommy and Daddy were so excited to hold you for the first time.

4: Your Arrival We had been waiting for you for quite a while. Waiting for only you. But we had to be patient. We knew you would come when the time was right. We were so excited to learn of your arrival on Christmas Day! It was the best Christmas of our lives. Cheyanne carried you and took good care of you until you were born. She loves you so much and made sure she found us, so that you would be safe, happy and loved for your whole life, for ever and ever. Daddy and I had not purchased much before you arrived. So it was time for an emergency shopping trip! The morning we were to meet you (Boxing Day), we quickly went out and bought a car seat, jammies, diapers, formula and anything else we thought we would need for the first few weeks. We had such a fun time. We couldn't wait to get to the hospital to meet you! We had to wait for Kelly (from Adoption Options) until 10:30 am. But, she was a little late... we were getting so anxious. She finally came down to the lobby at the Royal Alexandra Hospital. She told us we'd better go out to the car and grab the car seat, because it was time to meet our daughter! Our hearts were pounding with excitement! She took us up the elevator, and into a room where a nurse was holding you. She immediately placed you in my arms and I was so happy. Kelly asked us what your name was. Dad and I had it down to Madeline or Olivia. But as soon as we saw your face we knew. You were Olivia, and you were finally with us. Dad and I spent the next couple hours at the hospital. We bathed you and changed you. We put your new jammies on, then the time came to take you home. You looked so tiny in your new car seat. You were so calm. So lovely. I was a little nervous for the car ride home. Suddenly everyone seemed like a horrible driver! But we all got home safe to our home in Spruce Grove. I think we spent the first two weeks just staring at you. The whole family -- Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and cousins were so excited to meet you, and they all came for visits and brought you many gifts.

5: Your First Year It has been an amazing first year. We love you so much. It's so exciting to watch you grow. You are so friendly and smiley all the time. A perfect angel baby. At your one year check up you were 23 lb 2oz and 31 inches tall. You are healthy and happy and that makes Mommy and Daddy so glad! We've watched you smile, then laugh, then sit, crawl, stand, and now you're walking! You have so many words you understand now. You know kitty (and you meow if we ask you what a kitty says), Mommy, Daddy (you can say Ma and Dada), tree (you point at the Christmas tree), dance (and you are such a good dancer), bounce, shake, Elmo, book, snack, ball, breakfast, and you smile when we ask you if you need a bum change. You imitate us when we make funny faces. You stick your tongue out., smack your lips, scrunch your nose, make the kiss sound (mmmmm-ma!). You also give us high fives, and one of the best things... you give hugs! They feel so good! It will soon be Christmastime, not only an exciting time for family to be together, but also the anniversary of us holding you for the first time. A lot of wonderful memories for us this time of year -- and they will last a lifetime. We love you so much honey-bunny. You make us so proud each and every day. Love and kisses, Mommy and Daddy. xoxox

6: Everyone couldn't wait to meet you.

8: MILESTONES Dec 26 - 11:30 am we met you for the first time. We spent a few hours at the hospital with you. The nurse in the room was great and answered all our questions. We gave you your first bath with her. Dec 31 - This was your first party. We crossed the street to our friend and neighbours house who was hosting a small gathering with friends. Everyone commented what a calm little baby you were. Jan 22 - You attended Lucas and Lisa’s engagement party. That was your first big car ride and first large party. Everyone fawned over you and thought you were so beautiful. Jan 27 - You smiled for the first time!! Feb 8 - You smile all the time now, especially on your change table. you are such a good little girl. Feb 12 - You really found your hand today. You suck on all of your fingers to calm yourself. You seem pretty interested in them. Feb 28 - You met Grandpa Howden for the first time today. He drove all the way from Love, SK to Spruce Grove to see you. He also drove all around town picking up your crib and mattress. He told me he’s proud your his granddaughter. March 5 - You spent your first night alone, in your new crib, in your nursery. Mommy was nervous and was talking about sleeping on the floor next to you to make sure you were okay. But, decided you have to do this on your own someday, and should trust you’d be okay. You seem to like your crib quite a bit. | March 8 - You had your first immunization shots today. 3 in total. 2 in one leg and 1 in the other. It made you cry, in fact, it was the first time I saw real, true tears come from your eyes. But, you were a trooper. You recovered quickly and even gave the nurse a smile. The next two days you were quite sleepy, and your legs were hurting you. It made you cry pretty hard. Mommy had to give you baby Tylenol for the first time. When you would cry, Mommy cried too. It made me so sad to see you hurting that much. March 8 - Daddy got back from a trip with the boys to Jasper. He missed you, and brought you home a pink Jasper T-shirt. March 13 - You met a lot more extended family for the first time today. Uncle Rick and Aunt Cheryl (Daddy’s Aunt and Uncle), hosted a spaghetti night. So all of Daddy’s cousins were there. Everyone thought you were such a good baby. Mommy was impressed you were able to nap in such a loud house! Your cousin Kyla wanted to hold you a couple times, and we took some pictures of her with you. March 16 - You started LAUGHING today! It’s the best sound I think I’ve ever heard. March 17 - You started on your stage 2 diapers today. I can’t believe how fast you’re growing. April 12 - You rolled onto your belly today, all by yourself. Now we have to work on the rolling back part! April 22 - You had your first rice cereal today. It was fun feeding you by spoon, and you didn’t seem to mind it. We laughed at each other, and you had food all over your face. I loved that messy grin!

9: May 13 - You started grabbing your feet while laying down, its about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. May 14 - First road trip! We drove to Canmore today from Spruce Grove and you did amazing! May 15 - You saw the mountains for the first time. May 16 - Finally, Spring is here and we had a nice sunny outdoor lunch at “O Bistro” in Canmore, AB. May 20 - Not only is it Mommy and Daddy’s 11th Anniversary, but your first tooth has finally fully come up and it’s adorable! You’ve been working on that tooth for quite a while. It’s on your bottom front, and a little to your left side. So cute! June 1 - Now you have TWO teeth. Both are on the front bottom, right beside each other. Too cute. June 10 - Great Grandma Eckert's funeral was today. You did so well and gave everyone big smiles to help make the day a little easier. She loved you very much, we're so happy you got to meet her. June 13 - You attended your first birthday party today. It was your cousin Anna's 2nd birthday. June - You are so BUSY! Mommy can barely stop you from rolling into and under everything. You are on a mission to cover as much floor space as possible! June - You can sit for a few moments at a time when I put you down in a seated position. You fall over pretty soon, but you’re getting there! July 31 - You sat on your own for the first time. You did it while Sloaney was visiting from Penticton. I was so happy I saw you do it. But I was so excited, my reaction scared you a little bit and you cried. Whoopsie Mommy! But I was so excited!! | We're so proud of you! | Aug 27 - You stood up in your crib for the first time today! Grandma and Grandpa Drybrough also babysat you all day today because Mommy and Daddy went to a wedding. I called a few times to check up on you! September 24 - Today was your first swimming lesson. You really enjoyed it. I submerged you once and you handled it really well. We have classes until just before your first birthday. It’s a fun Mommy/Daughter day. Love you so much! September 26 - The most special part of my birthday this year was it was my first one with you! Love you babe! October - You had your first Thanksgiving celebrations this month. You had a few busy days in a row and missed some napping, but did really great! You were happy and friendly to everyone the whole time! So proud! October 25 - You took your first steps. You were with your babysitter, and when I came home to get you, I knelt down in front of you to say hello, and you were so excited you took 2 or 3 steps to get to me! October 31 - You walked in front of Daddy. You took about 5 steps this time. Maybe you want to go trick-or-treating with all the other neighbourhood kids?

10: November 12 - Grandma and Grandpa D babysat you all day while Mom and Dad were working at Ecko Marine for the Open House. You did really well - they loved having you. Grandma said you got into the dog’s food... you ate a piece! Whoops! November 29 - You say "meow" when asked what a kitty says. You stick out your tongue, shake your head "no", and most importantly -- you give hugs now... and always with a smile. So sweet. December 3 - You had your first overnight visit. It was with Grandma and Grandpa Eckert. Mommy and Daddy were at the neighbourhood Christmas party. I was a little nervous -- but I knew you'd do great, and you did. You were so happy and slept great. December 4 - We celebrated your 1st birthday today. A little early -- but we wanted you to have your special day and not get lost in the shuffle of Christmastime. All of your Aunts, Uncles and cousins came. You did so well with so many people in the house. You had a lot of fun showing off your walking skills and visiting with everyone.

12: You love bath time.

13: You're growing so fast! | 10 Days | 3 Months | 5 Months

14: Learning to sit. | Learning to crawl.

15: Learning to stand.

16: First Halloween - RAWR! Cutest bear ever!

17: First Passport

18: Happy 1st Birthday Olivia! | Mommy made your Elmo cake. You LOVE Elmo. He makes you smile and dance when you see him on TV. You got a singing Elmo toy for your birthday! | Dancing again!

22: 5 months

24: 11 months | 4 months

25: 2 months | 10 months | 7 months

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