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Otie's Baby Book

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S: Otis Steven Wheeler June 1, 2011

FC: It's a Boy! | Otie S Wheeler | June 1, 2011 | The First Year

1: This book was | Lovingly Made | just for | Otis Steven Wheeler | June 1, 2011

2: all about my Mommy... | Mommy's full name is Her birthday is Mommy has many interests Some people say that I inherited some of Mommy's traits | Brooke Carol Wheeler (Crosby) | February 16, 1982 | She was born in and grew up in She went to school at | Portland, OR | Estacada High School | Estacada, OR | After school she decided to | go to college at Linfield College in McMinnville, OR | Gardening, reading, snowmobiling, fishing, hunting, camping, traveling and of course being a Mommy (definitely a favorite). | Nothing really. You look so much like your Daddy that there is no comparison.

3: all about my Daddy... | Daddy's full name is His birthday is He was born in and grew up in He went to school at After School he decided to Daddy has many interests Some people say that I inherited some of Daddy's traits | Benjamin Robert Wheeler | January 16, 1982 | Estacada, OR | Estacada High School | Portland, OR | go to college at Oregon State University in Corvallis, OR | Welding, carpentry, hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, brewing beer, fire fighting | Virtually everything. Everyone thinks that you're a spitting image of your Daddy.

4: Our Tree | Otis Wheeler | Jan McComb | Virginia Price | Thelma Hansen | Robert McComb | Robert "Paul" Wheeler | Hank Wheeler | Ben Wheeler | Brooke Crosby | Duane Day | Anna Swiggum | Marvin Crosby | Steve Crosby | Brenda Day | Caroline "June" Harbert

6: Mommy and Daddy are having a BABY! | The day they discovered Mommy was pregnant: Monday, September 27, 2010 My due date was: June 8, 2011 | Mommy and Daddy's first reaction was: Shock! We weren't expecting the news at all. We were totally delighted. The first people that the told the news to were: Mommy told Mimi and Grandpa Steve at work and then Daddy (tried him first, but couldn't get a hold of him).

7: Mommy's doctor's name was: Dr. Rachel Algenio Mommy and Daddy first heard my heartbeat: Wednesday, October 27, 2010 Mommy first felt me move: January, 2011 Mommy had many favorite foods that she enjoyed: Fuji apples, water, Mexican food and anything lemon-flavored Mommy and Daddy read many books and took special classes to help prepare for my arrival: Didn't read a whole lot of books or take any classes because just did all of that with Hank

8: The year you were born... | President: Barack Obama Domestic & World News: Earthquake and tsunami in Otsuchi, Japan killing 16,000 people in March, 2011. Osama Bin Laden killed in US helicopter raid 5/2/11 after 10 years of hunting. Occupy Wall Street movement spread across US. 2011 marked a decade of war in Afghanistan for US. Popular Films: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Bridesmaids, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2 Popular Books: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, by Stieg Larssen; The Art of Racing in the Rain, by Garth Stein; Sarah's Key, by Tatiana de Rosnay Famous Athletes: LeBron James, Jacoby Ellsbury, Tom Brady, Tiger Woods and David Beckham Technological Advances: 4G, IBM Watson, Humanoid robots

9: Price of gasoline: $3.49 (Portland, OR) Price of gallon of milk: $3.89 (2% milk) Price of loaf of bread: $3.69 (Franz white bread) Price of dozen eggs: $2.49 (large grade A eggs) Price of candy bar: $1.09 (Snickers bar) US Dollar to Euro: 1 (Dollar) to .70 (Euros) Average household income: OR - $49,260 Average price of home: OR - $178,000 (owner occupied) Population of Oregon: 3,871,859 Population of USA: 311,591,917 | 2011

10: "Twinkle twinkle little star; do you know how loved you are?"

11: The big day is finally here! | Prepping for the C-Section.

12: "A Baby's Love Is Best Of All" | Otis Steven Wheeler

13: PLACE: Kaiser Permanente; Clackamas, OR WHEN: June 1, 2011, 10:29 am WEIGHT: 8 lbs, 12 oz. LENGTH: 19.5" long HEAD: 14" circumference EYES/HAIR: Blue/Brown

15: Birth Announcement

16: Newborn Pictures 6-5-11

18: The first month with Otis was wonderful. He was a good baby and had a pretty relaxed attitude. We were also lucky because Hank loved him right away so we didn't deal with any jealousy issues. Our sleeping stretches weren't very long. We started out sleeping in increments of 2 to 3 hours. But by the end of the month our length of time sleeping increased to about 4 hours. Not too bad. Breast feeding didn't really go as planned. We breastfed and supplemented with formula for about two weeks before we threw in the towel. It just wasn't meant to be. | Ten days after Otie's arrival, the entire extended Day family went to Sunriver, Oregon for a family vacation. We had a great time. Otie received a ton of attention, Ben and Hank got to play and swim, and Mom got some rest. Otis spent most of the trip sleeping or eating. It was a perfect trip and just what the Day family needed. | 1 Month

19: Otie passed two pretty big mile-markers at two months; he slept through the night and he started smiling. Otie slept through the night for the first time on 7/24/11. Not bad at all! Mom was thrilled. The first time we saw Otie's cute little smile was 7/14/11. He was a happy little guy and we thought for sure that he was destined to be a sweet little angel (Hank was a bit of a a good way of course). Some new discoveries that Otis made were the swimming pool, bright colored toys and his fingers and hands. | Our favorite thing to do at month two was swimming. It was July and pretty warm, so Otie, Hank and Mommy spent quite a bit of time swimming at Mimi's house. Otie wasn't a huge fan of the water (too cold), but he loved his purple, vibrating chair. He'd sleep in it for hours. Most of the time our friend and babysitter, Darcy and her boys, Mark and Ryan would join us swimming. We had a blast! Over all, our 2nd month was great! We all slept well, ate well and played well. Life couldn't get any better. | 2 Months

20: Three months brought us more swimming, more friends and our first giggle. Much like July, August was warm and we found ourselves at Mimi's house swimming constantly. | Otie's first giggle was at three months. Gigi would make silly faces and noises at him and he'd laugh and laugh. No one had the touch quite like Gigi. Otis continued to be a happy-go-lucky baby at three months. And he was also sleeping through the night pretty regularly. So far having one infant and one toddler was pretty great. | 3 Months | Hank was also a favorite of Otie's. Otie loved watching Hank. And Hank loved Otie too. | Mark and Ryan were right there with us on most days and were definitely two of our favorite people. They were five and six years old and great with Otie and Hank. Mark and Ryan would hold and kiss all over both boys. | Sometimes Hank would be a little too rough with Otie, but it was never out malice.

21: 4 Months | Bath time was pretty interesting with Hank and Otis. At first we gave them baths separately, but it was very time consuming. So we started combing their bath times. It took all of ten minutes before Hank was crawling all over Otie in Otie's little bathtub. Good thing that Otie didn't seem to mind at all. | At four months, Otis started eating solids, discovered cows and his love for Pops, enjoyed shared bath time with Hank and starting grasping at things. Otis could sit with Pops without getting squirmy or fussy for hours. He'd sit with Pops in his recliner or outside and even liked going with him to feed the cows. | Otie's first food was pears. He loved them right away. In fact, he loved all food right away and never looked back. We never had any problems feeding Otis. | Another big milestone we passed at four months was grasping. Otie started grasping at objects and somewhat holding on when being held.

22: Happy Halloween! Five months rocked for little Otie-bear. Otie started rolling over, spent six days with Grammie & Papa (great grandparents) while Mom & Dad went hunting, continued eating solids and sleeping through the night. The first time that Otis rolled over (from back to belly) was on 10/13/11. After a few days, he was doing it pretty regularly. We were all pretty excited. He could also sit with little assistance and even on his own for a couple of seconds before falling over. Otie was such a social little guy. He'd go to anyone with no issues what-so-ever. He spent six days with his Great Grandparents and never really caused a fuss over anything. Mom and Dad really appreciated this since Hank was in full-blown curious mode. We'd hand Otie to the nearest adult while we chased little Henry down. Little did we know that this was just the beginning... | 5 Months

23: Six months was the beginning of the Holiday season, which meant lot's of family. And we LOVED it! Otie loved being around people and he loved to grab and giggle and snuggle. Otis started sitting on his own 11/9/11 and this was great. He could sit and play with toys and not feel stuck or trapped. We also discovered two fingers were our favorite thing to suck on for sooting. Goodbye pacifier, hello fingers! Mom and Dad weren't totally stoked about this. Also new to us during month six was our puppy, Muzz. Muzz is a black Labrador Retriever. Needless to say, he's great with boys and chews on everything. Mom and Dad better get used to it, because its going to get worse before it gets better. | 6 Months

24: 7 Months

25: Happy holidays! Otie had a great first Christmas. He is such a happy guy all of the time and is always so content. Even when teething while his first tooth comes in (12-24-11: bottom, middle-left tooth) he still just smiles. So lucky! His second tooth came in on 1-15-12 (bottom, middle-right). Some of his favorites are patty cake and peek-a-boo. He loves necklaces and facial hair. And he's finally starting to coo a bit (he's a pretty quiet baby so far). His favorite person is a toss-up between Dad and Hank. Both Dad and Hank can make Otie laugh and squeal in delight. Otie's favorite food is everything! He's a total chow hound. There isn't anything that we've found that he doesn't like. We're starting to introduce him to real food now too. The consistency isn't his favorite, but it doesn't stop him. Otie also learned how to remove his socks this month so we always seem to be missing at least one. We've been very lucky with Hank and Otie. There hasn't been any jealousy issues since Otie came along. The boys get along well together. Hank loves Otie and never seems to mind having to share the limelight with him and Otie loves to play with anything that Hank has in his hands and tolerates Hank's roughness. They're great brothers and we're so blessed.

28: 8 Months | Otis became pretty vocal at eight months. He was babbling, cooing and spitting a lot. It was so much fun to listen to him make new noises and see how proud of himself he was. He loved it if you repeated the noise back to him. | Hello mobility! The big milestone that occurred at eight months was movement. Otis started rolling, scooting and finally crawling on 2/22/12. The days of calmly sitting still are far behind us! | Otie enjoyed loud, shiny, bright colored toys. He especially liked it if he can get all or part of the toy in his mouth. His favorite game was definitely peek-a-boo. And a close second was when we picked him up and chased Hank or Muzz with him. | We could pretty much eat anything by eight months and didn't bother with baby food. Some of Otie's favorites were bananas, grapes (cut up of course), cooked broccoli, green beans and graham crackers.

29: 9 Months | Nine months was a big month for the Wheelers. We started it off with a bang by finding out that we were expecting Baby Wheeler #3 on 3/1/12. Mom and Dad weren't trying, planning or expecting this, so it was a shock!! | Otie also started taking steps while holding onto peoples hands. He loves to stand now. One of Mom and Dad's favorites was kissing Otie's neck and hearing the crazed giggle that would follow. Priceless! | Otis has become quite the chatty-kathy this month. He repeats noises back to you when you talk to him and he especially likes to say, 'da da da da da.' I guess we know what his first word will be.

30: By ten months, Otie was looking a bit shaggy so he had his first haircut on 4-7-12. He also was teething like crazy and pretty cranky for the better part of the month. His four top, middle teeth were all ready to come in at the same time. His right lateral incisor tooth and right central incisor tooth came in on 4-25-12 and 4-27-12. | Otis went on his first plane ride on 4-27-12. The Wheeler family traveled to Palm Springs to see Papa and Grammie for four days. We had a really great time. The boys loved playing with Grammie and Papa, swimming in the pool and running through the golf course (we had to limit this to non-playing hours for obvious reasons). The plane ride down was pretty good, but coming home was rough. | 10 Months

31: 11 Months | He took his first unassisted step on 5-6-12. It was wobbly, but he didn't grab anything until his second step. By 5-23-12 he was taking multiple steps without falling down. One week later (5-28-12), Otie was definitely walking. This came just in time to celebrate our first birthday. | The big discovery this month, other than walking, was the lawn mower. Otis loves the lawn mower. Every time he hears it, he finds his way to the back door and screams and cries until he gets to go outside and ride it. Ben tries to slit the mowing rights between both boys, but more often than not, he ends up mowing with Hank and Otie both on his lap. | Otie got his left central incisor tooth and left lateral incisor tooth on 5-1-12 and 5-2-12. Yahoo! He now has six teeth. We went on our first camping trip to Fort Stevens on 5-4-12. It was a ton of fun and the boys had a blast. | Otie discovered his new favorite toy, the alligator walker. It's all he wanted to do.

32: 12 Months | I cannot believe that our little Otie-bear is 1 year old!!! The time has truly flown by. We celebrated Otie's 1st birthday with family. His Papa, Grammie, Mimi, Gigi, Pops, Uncle Bubba, Uncle Scott, Auntie EE, Auntie Terri, Uncle Chad, Cousin Logan and friend, Stacy were all there. Otie had a special cake made for him by Katie Trubachik (friend of ours and my best friend's little sister). The cake was a replication of Otis the Tractor. It was adorable and Otie loved it. During this month, Otie started saying Dada (6-14-12), Mama and Gigi. Even though he can't talk yet, theres no doubt that he understand what you say to him. He's also started running this month. He's wobbly, but quick. Another favorite of Otie's is pushing Tonka trucks. He would push a Tonka truck around all day if you'd let him. A not-so-great discovery this month was that Otis gets carsick. Yuck! It happened twice and it is not pleasant for anyone. On the positive side, he seems to be totally fine afterwards.

34: Date Age Height (%) Weight (%) Head (%) 06/01/11 1 Day 20" 8 lbs, 12 oz 14.25" 06/15/11 2 Wk 20" (33%) 8 lbs, 7 oz (72%) 08/01/11 2 Mo 24" (86%) 13 lbs, 13 oz (82%) 15.75" (75%) 10/06/11 4 Mo 26" (91%) 17 lbs, 10 oz (85%) 17.00" (87%) 12/09/11 6 Mo 26" (48%) 19 lbs, 15 oz (85%) 17.5 " (77%) 01/31/12 8 Mo 20 lbs, 14 oz (79%) 03/02/12 9 Mo 28" (36%) 21 lbs, 14 oz (83%) 18.00" (68%) 04/17/12 10 Mo 24 lbs, 8 oz (93%) 05/18/12 11 Mo 23 lbs, 4 oz (80%) 06/07/12 12 Mo 32" (94%) 24 lbs, 4 oz (86%) 18.75" (85%) | Here I go... watch me grow

36: I Love my Grandparents!!!

38: So Many Firsts... | First Bath 6/15/11. Bath time was always interesting because Otie always had to share his baths with his brother, Hank. He never seemed to mind though. Otie was pretty relaxed with most things. | First Smile 7/14/11. Otie started smiling at five weeks. He was a happy baby smiled often. Otis loved silly faces and silly noises. Wasn't long after the smiles that we started getting laughter. | First Tooth 12/24/11. Otis got his first tooth at seven months. He wasn't all that bothered by teething, no fussiness or sleepless nights, just a whole lot of drool. Lucky Mom and Dad!

39: First Friend Hank Otie's first and best friend was always his brother, Hank. Hank took to Otie right away. Hank loved to smother Otis with hugs and kisses and he especially liked to touch his eyes, nose and mouth. Mom and Dad were very fortunate in that we didn't have to battle much sibling rivalry. Hank loved having a brother and didn't mind sharing with him. This all changed of course when Otie could actually take and play with Hank's toys. The only other thing that caused a fight was if Hank took Otie's food. More often than not though, they played great together and Mom and Dad were really pleased that they had one another. They were tight and Hank didn't allow anyone to mess with Otis. This went for Mom and Dad too. | First Steps 5/6/12. His first few steps were during our clam digging trip in Fort Stevens. Otie started by using his alligator walker and loved it. It wasn't long before he would take one or two steps without it. By May 23, Otis was definitely walking! Another favorite walking/pushing toy was his dump truck. When he wasn't pushing his alligator, he was pushing his dump truck. He and Hank would push them all over the house and yard and keep busy with them for a while.

40: Slept through the night: 7/24/11. Slept through the night early. He was such a good boy! Found hands and feet: Otis was sucking on his fingers when he was only a couple of weeks old. At two months he was sucking on his right index and middle finger exclusively. Never took a pacifier. Laughed out loud: August, 2011. Otie had such an adorable giggle. Gigi could make him laugh the most with silly noises and faces. Rolled over: On 10/14/11 Otie rolled over from back to tummy and learned to used this to get around. First haircut: 4/7/12. He had such soft, sweet baby hair, but was definitely due for a little trim. First sleepover: October, 2011. Otis spent six days with Papa and Grammie while Dad and Mom went hunting. He was a very good boy, slept through the night, didn't fuss hardly at all and ate good the whole time. Papa and Grammie loved it and I'm sure Otie had a blast being spoiled! | So Many More First...

41: Sat up alone: 11/9/11. Mom and Dad were so happy when Otie was able to sit up on his own. He was very content to sit and play with a toy and didn't fuss at all. Crawled: 2/22/12. Look out, he's into everything. It seemed to take a while before Otie crawled, but once he did there was no stopping him. He was so very curious and got into everything! Ate solid food: Baby food on 9/29/11. Real food in February, 2012. Otis was a great eater and not very picky. His downfall was definitely throwing his food though. Man, he liked to throw food! Meal time was always a huge mess. Stood alone: March, 2012. Otis was very proud of himself when he was able to stand alone. Between crawling and standing, he was now able to pretty much get into anything he wanted. And he did! Spoke first word: Dada at 12 months. Otie was a pretty quiet baby. Mom and Dad were very excited to hear him say Dada. Was able to sing along: Otie started trying to repeat at about 15 months. We couldn't understand most of what he was saying, but he worked hard at it. He would repeat noises, volumes and a few words like, 'please, moo, baa, ruff ruff, hi, bye, mama and dada.'

42: Sunriver, OR In June, 2011 the entire Day family went on a vacation together to Sunriver, OR. Little Otie-bear was 14 days old. It was a bit rough for Mom at times since it was two weeks post-op, but definitely worth the effort. We had a great time. There was lots of swimming, relaxing (and slow) walks and trips to the playground, but best of all was the family time. Everyday we would split into smaller groups and do something fun and then all find our way back together in the evening for a family dinner. There were 27 of us in three houses, so we were able to enjoy one another a lot. The trip was especially important because it was the last Day family trip that we went on with our Uncle Brad who passed away on 1/6/12. We were all so grateful that we were able to get together one last time.

44: Palm Springs, CA | Otie's first major trip was to visit Papa and Grammie in Palm Springs, California for four days in April, 2012. The flight down went perfectly. Both boys rode on our laps and were pretty well behaved. We packed enough books and toys to keep them entertained for the duration of the flight. Otie and Hank were the first babies to visit Papa and Grammie, so they were very excited. Grammie managed to borrow just about everything we would need from their friends. And it couldn't have worked out any better. While we were there, we had a blast. We went to the park, swam in the pool, rode the golf cart and went for nice long walks. One evening after the golf course had closed for the day, Papa let the boys run all over the course. Hank | ran as fast as he could, as long as he could, giggling the whole time. Otie crawled all over, putting grass, leaves and anything else he could get in his mouth. It was fun! Papa and Grammie arranged for a sitter to watch the boys the last night we were | there and us adults had a very fun dinner at the club house. We were very appreciative to Papa and Grammie sad to say goodbye. It was a wonderful trip.

45: Fort Stevens, Oregon | In May, 2012 we went on Otie's first trip to the coast. It was our annual Clam Digging Extravaganza in Fort Stevens, Oregon with about three dozen friends and family members. We had a great time and the weather cooperated, which is a pretty big deal for the coast. Each morning, we'd get up bright and early and head out to the ocean with the boys in the stroller and our clam guns. After stomping around and digging for a couple of hours, we'd head back to camp and clean clams. After that the rest of the day was play time. Otie mastered walking with his alligator walker and even took a few unassisted steps. We made laps around our camp loop and he just giggled the whole time. Hank rode his strider and | was a pro by the time we packed up to go home. We had a wonderful time and can't wait for our trip next year!

46: A letter from Mom 6-1-13

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