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Our Baby Boys

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S: Benjamin and Andrew's First Year

FC: ............................ | Benjamin & Andrew

2: My Pregnancy | Getting the News Out On December 13, 2010 we found out that we were going to have a baby. Little did we know that our first ultrasound would show two sweet little heartbeats. We got the great news that we were expecting twins on January 11, 2011. At first, I was speechless and scared. The doctor warned us that a twin pregnancy was risky, so I would have appointments at least every two weeks. When we got home, we called your grandparents and told them our exciting surprise. I remember saying the first hearbeat was 178 beats per minute, and the second heartbeat was 174 beats per minute! Nana and Poppy had promised to buy a crib for us, so your Dad told them that we were doubly blessed by saying that we would need two cribs. We were so excited that we told our whole family about both of you. People were excited when I told them I was pregnant, but in total shock when I told them about our double joy. Growing two healthy babies Growing two babies is not an easy task. I had really bad "morning" sickness five or six times a day and awful heartburn. It was all worth it when I finally felt your kicks around _______ weeks. Initially, I was worried about possible complications and early bedrest, but weekly or biweekly ultrasounds calmed my fears. Each time, you were growing to be healthy and beautiful. It was wonderful seeing you kick and interact with each other. We found out that we were having two boys at _______ weeks, but kept it a big surprise until you were born. Most people guessed you were boys right from the start. By _____ weeks, your Dad could feel your kicks and we could see you moving in my belly.

3: Eating for three I had a very small appetite the whole pregnancy. The only thing I ate a lot of was watermelon, and I drank a lot of chocolate milk. I didn't have any cravings, and I had very strong aversions, especially to meat. Two little guys with two big personalities We started to see your personalities right from the start. Benjamin was very active, but when Andrew was awake he was extremely strong. It seemed like Andrew was always kicking Benjamin. Once, we saw Benjamin wind up and punch Andrew. I guess enough was enough! Our non-stress tests showed the same personalities. Andrew fought hard against contractions and wanted to stay in as long as possible. Ready to meet our boys Your Nana and Grandma hosted baby showers where we were blessed with many gifts from generous friends and family. We readied your nursery with a jungle theme and packed our hospital bag months early just in case. The summer was very hot and I was very uncomfortable, so when I finished working at 32 weeks, I dedicated myself to resting, reading and soaking in a kiddie pool. It seemed like you were never going to come. So many people asked when I was due and were shocked at how big I was. I had big swollen feet, no belly button and a big "D" shaped belly. At all our ultrasounds, the medical staff was so impressed at how big you were and how far along I had made it. Finally, at 36 weeks 2 days, you decided to make your grand entrance.

7: First Ultrasound

8: The Story of your...

9: Around noon on July 27, 2011 I started having strong pains in my lower back. I didn't want to go to Labor and Delivery because I was afraid it was a false alarm and I would get sent home. I called your Dad and he said to relax and drink water, but I kept feeling worse. Your Grandma and the doctor's office suggested I come in, just in case. Karen was over and she drove me to the hospital. The nurse confirmed that this was the big day! I called your Dad to meet us there, but he had to leave to go get the car with the car seats and hospital bag. By the time he got back, I was admitted to the hospital to Labor and Delivery Room 7 around 3:30pm. I was progressing pretty quickly and was doing alright without pain medication. The doctor even joked that I was laughing too much for someone in active labor. I was just so excited to meet you and to know that you were safe and healthy. It was a tough decision to not have a c-section, but our nurse Kathy really helped me. When it was almost time for you to come, the doctor came and explained that I needed to get an epidural in case I needed an emergency c-section. I was very upset because I felt like I had lost control. They wheeled me into the operating room and had your Dad dress up in scrubs. I hated getting the epidural, but your Dad really helped me stay calm and focus. I got just enough pain medication to make sure that the epidural was working and after an hour and a half of pushing, Benjamin was born at 8:32 pm, weighing 5 lbs. 12 oz. and 18 1/4 inches long. Holding Benjamin was the best feeling in the world, but I could only hold him for a moment because Andrew was on his way! At 8:39pm, Andrew came into the world feet first at 6 lbs.1oz. and 19 inches. I was so happy because I was worried that he wouldn't be healthy or that I would need an emergency c-section. You were both beautiful, healthy babies. You spent about three hours in the nursery for monitoring and then stayed with me in the hospital. We went home less than 48 hours later!



12: your nursery





22: You Are Always in My Heart

23: A Baby's Love Is Best Of All

25: Lasting Memories...

26: Your smile brightens my day

34: ------------ ------------ ------------

35: Your First Month We brought you home on July 29 and you kept us up all night long and slept all day. It took you about a week to learn that night was for sleeping and daytime was for playtime. Andrew is my little froggy and loves to sit curled up on my chest. Benjamin is very squirmy and loves to have his arms up and moving. You eat every three hours around the clock, but are good sleepers otherwise. We swaddle you tightly and you love it. This month, you have met many friends and family members. We have several visitors every week. Everyone thinks you are absolutely adorable. We have received so many cute clothes and gifts. Your Grandma and Grandpa visited a few times for a couple days at a time to help out and your Nana and Poppy stayed for about a week. No one can get enough of you. We see small smiles in your sleep, but no big grins just yet. You both had a bit of jaundice, especially Benjamin, but outgrew it without any problem. At your two week appointment Andrew weighed 6 lb. 7 oz. and Benjamin weighed 6lbs. 6 oz..


43: ________________

47: Your second month The boys did a lot of growing this month! At their two-month checkup, Benjamin weighed 10 lbs. 3 oz. and Andrew weighed 10 lbs. 2 oz. Benjamin was 22 1/2 inches long, and Andrew was 22 inches long. You had four shots at your checkup and were pretty cranky for about two days. Andrew and Benjamin still eat every three hours during the day, but sleep for four to five hours at a time at night. We're really looking forward to when you sleep through the night! You even started to eat some rice cereal this month. Andrew loves to eat, but is very messy. Benjamin is a very slow, but neat, eater. Both boys are able to hold their heads up now and smile when we sing songs or act silly. You both also love to play together on your playmat and will hit the toys that hang down. You look when we talk to you. You both love to spend time in the swing and hold your Wubbanubs. Andrew has a frog and Benjamin has a red dog. You watched your first Syracuse football game this month, went for a lot of walks in the park and began to sit in your Bumbo chairs.

50: is a little world created by love.

54: A Harvest of Memories

57: Autumn leaves are falling

62: Your third month This has been a really fun month! Your personalities are getting stronger everyday and you really are starting to notice each other. Benjamin enjoys some alone time once in a while and is very easygoing. Andrew loves to be around Benjamin and doesn't like to be alone. You reach out for each other all the time now, and I often catch you holding hands. You are smiling more and more often when we play and are doing much better with tummy time. Benjamin is starting to roll from his belly to his back. Andrew holds his head up really high, almost 90 degrees. We didn't have any regular checkups this month, but you both had your first cold. Luckily, it was pretty mild and you were over it in a couple days. At the end of this month, you both weighed about 12 lbs. and have almost outgrown your 0-3 month clothes. People say that you are looking more alike everyday. I really enjoy staying home with you and we have a great routine. You sleep from 7pm to 2am, eat and then sleep until 6am. After that, you eat, play then take a little nap every three hours. I read and sing songs with you every day. My favorite books to read to you are Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and I Love You Through and Through.

63: three months old

64: Trick or Treat

67: Mommy's Little Pumpkins

68: 2011

74: "Friends are Flowers that Never Fade"

75: "Friends are Flowers that Never Fade"

76: Learning and Growing

77: Mom & Dad Love Us

79: Our Baptism November 6, 2011

81: Celebrating with our family and friends

83: So much to be grateful for!

85: Thanksgiving 2011

86: Your fourth month At your four month checkup, Andrew weighed 14 lbs. 6 oz. and measured 24 1/2 inches long. Benjamin weighed 13 lbs. 15 oz. and measured 25 inches long. You have found your hands this month and are figuring out how to use them. You can grab onto toys and always have your hands in your mouths. You both can roll onto your backs from your bellies without much trouble. You also stand in your exersaucers and jumpers now and love to bounce around. We still have to add some books underneath so that your legs can reach! This month brought many special celebrations. You celebrated your first Halloween and Thanksgiving and have met so many family members and friends. You were baptized at Holy Family Church. Karen and Uncle John are Andrew's godparents. Uncle Greg and Aunt Krista are Benjamin's godparents.

88: The Carey Family Christmas Party 2011 | Holiday Memories Warm Even The Coldest Of Days

94: Christmas Eve 2011

95: Christmas Time Brings So Much Pleasure When You Have Good Friends To Treasure

96: Benjamin | Andrew

97: Our First Christmas

98: five months old

99: Your Fifth Month You both have started laughing which is the most wonderful sound in the world. We love to tickle you to get you giggling. You also started rolling from your back on to your belly. This makes diaper changes a real challenge and means that we had to stop swaddling you at night. Once we stopped swaddling you, you stopped sleeping well. You both wake up anywhere from 10 to 15 times a night! You are always trying to learn though. You are grabbing toys and chewing on them. You absolutely love to feel textures. You celebrated your first Christmas with lots of family. We got a real Christmas tree and decorated it together. We went to Massachusetts for the Carey family Christmas party, then we spent Christmas Eve at your Great-Grandma's house and Christmas Day with Grandma and Grandpa. After all that excitement, we had our own Christmas celebration at home for our family of four. You got lots of gifts including personalized stockings, personalized oversized chairs, lots of books and toys that light up and play songs.

100: Our first taste of fruits and veggies!

103: "A smile costs nothing but gives much. It enriches those who receive, without making poorer those who give. It takes but a moment, but the memory of it sometimes last forever."

107: Our first time in the snow

109: Your sixth month This month we started solids with you. We started with rice cereal. It was incredibly messy! I make all your baby food. You really like peas, carrots, apples, pears, prunes, sweet potatoes and pumpkin. We tried giving you pureed meat and you both absolutely hated it. Andrew's favorite seems to be sweet potatoes while Benjamin absolutely loves peas. You are both doing great with your motor skills. You can both sit on your own for a few seconds. Benjamin can roll all over the place and wants to crawl so badly. He has even scooted backwards a bit and is working on the army crawl. Both babies laugh when we toss them in the air or tickle their tummies with our noses. At your six month appointment, Benjamin weighed 16 lbs. 15 oz. and was 26 5/8 inches long. Andrew weighed 17 lbs. 8 oz. and measured 26 1/2 inches. You did much better with your shots this time! We also stopped using pacifiers so that you will start sleeping better at night. We put you down awake for your naps at 10am and 2pm now and you put yourselves to sleep. Benjamin takes two hour to hour and a half naps while Andrew only naps for about 45 minutes at each nap. You are still waking up for one or two night feedings and eat every three hours during the day. You celebrated your first New Year with your Uncle Greg and Aunt Krista in Maryland. You also played out in the snow for the first time, although you didn't like it very much. | SIX MONTHS

111: "You are never far from thought and always close to heart."

113: "A mother holds your hand for a while, but holds your heart forever."

117: Super Bowl XLVI NY Giants 21 - 17 Patriots

118: be my

125: A mother's heart is a patchwork of love.

126: Bathtime!

127: Andrew and Benjamin's First Bath Together February 27, 2012

128: FIRST MOMENTS | Seven months old

129: Your seventh month We've introduced new foods, especially meats mixed with vegetables. You eat turkey, chicken, green beans, zucchini, and rice and lentils which are a big favorite. You only eat every four hours during the day now, but still wake up to eat once or twice a night. We also give you solids twice a day, breakfast and dinner. You've outgrown your bumbo chairs and eat in your high chairs now. Benjamin started crawling after being up on all fours for about three weeks. Andrew has just started to get on all fours. Andrew and Benjamin can both sit for a long time without any support. You both took your first bath together in the big bathtub and absolutely loved it. You splashed and played with bath toys. We also watched your first Super Bowl. The NY Giants won! You had your first Valentine's Day. You are laughing and squealing all the time. You weigh approximately 18 pounds each.

130: Grandpa & Grandma Love Us!

131: “Success in golf depends less on strength of body than upon strength of mind and character.” ~ Arnold Palmer

133: “If you want to increase your success rate, double your failure rate.” ~Tom Watson

136: Benjamin and Andrew's First Trip to the Park

140: it's always spring in a mother's heart

142: Eight Months Old

143: Your eighth month Andrew started crawling at 7 months and one week and Benjamin started crawling 7 months to the day. Since then, you've both perfected it and can get around so quickly. Benjamin crawls with his left leg off of the floor. It only took another couple of weeks for you to both start pulling up on furniture. We have tried introducing a sippy cup but neither of you are interested. You are still waking up to eat once or twice a night each. For some fun firsts, we took a trip to the zoo and to the park, watched March Madness and celebrated your first St. Patrick's Day. You love blowing raspberries back and forth now too. You are growing so quickly and learning so much. You are already in size 12 months clothes and Andrew already has two teeth!

146: "I believe a leaf of grass is no less than the journey work of the stars." Walt Whitman

156: A Smile As Sweet As Spring

158: Your ninth month Benjamin can stand independently for a few seconds now and both babies are pulling up to stand using everything, even the dog. We are experimenting with table foods and finger foods. You have tried ravioli, meatballs, sliced bananas, green beans, bell peppers, orange slices, bread, puffs, baby mum mums; basically anything you can get your hands on! You aren't babbling yet but we are reading lots of books and practicing sounds with you. You can both hold your own bottles, finally! We see you playing with each other a lot more, but also fighting over toys. After nine long months, you are finally sleeping through the night. You go to bed at 7:00pm and sleep until 6:00am! Even your naps are better now. You take two ninety minute naps at 10am and 2pm. I am still nursing you but about half of your feedings are formula now. It is warming up so we are playing outside much more now. At first, you were both afraid of grass. Benjamin still doesn't like the grass much, but Andrew is over his fear and loves to get messy. At your nine month checkup, Benjamin weighed 19 lbs. 13 oz and measured 28 1/2 inches. Andrew weighed 20 lbs. 4 oz. and measured 28 7/8 inches. Benjamin had impetigo, and both of you had small colds. We celebrated your first Easter with about thirty people at our house.

159: Nine Months Old

170: "A mother holds your hand for a while, but holds your heart forever."

171: Mother's Day 2012


177: "You are never far from thought and always close to heart."

178: Your tenth month It is amazing how quickly you're learning these days. Both of you clap now, especially if you are proud of something you did or you are finished eating. Benjamin started babbling. Both little guys can take steps with a walker, climb up the stairs and climb all over your chairs. There have been a lot of bumps and bruises! We have had a few playdates with other twins. You're eating a big variety of food including tortellini, cheese, apple pieces, pancakes, pizza, sandwiches and so much more. You're still sleeping all night long. You both weigh approximately 21lbs. This month we took a family trip to Rhode Island to go to Uncle Sam's graduation. I also had a very special Mother's Day with you. We went to a garden and a park and went out to dinner. It was lovely!

180: Fun in the Sun! Enjoying your first ice cream and first swim in the baby pool..

182: A family is pieced together with hope and faith. A family is quilted and bound with love and grace.

185: On the move!

186: Licks of Love | My Best Buddy in the Whole World!

189: Father's Day 2012 | "A truly rich man is one whose children run into his arms when his hands are empty."

190: Your eleventh month I can tell that having two toddlers is just around the corner because tantrums have started. You get so upset if we close a door or don't let you do what you'd like to do. You have even started biting each other. This month has also brought a lot of teeth and a few sleepless nights. Andrew has six teeth now and Benjamin has five. Your hair is even growing in. It's a light brown or blond color, depending on the light. You are starting to transition to one nap a day that is two and a half or three hours long. This makes leaving the house so much easier! Andrew started waving this month, and we are working on using sippy cups. We celebrated your Dad's first Father's Day. We went out for breakfast at a diner and then played at a park. You love the swings!

193: Sesame Place

198: Ithaca 2012

200: Your twelfth month Benjamin and Andrew are learning and growing all the time! Everyday you look more like little boys and less like babies. You are getting taller and leaner. Benjamin has started waving and giving high fives and can take a few steps. He loves climbing up high and looking around. Andrew has started walking short distances but still prefers to crawl. Andrew blows kisses and will hold up one finger to show that he's one year old. Andrew also started babbling this month and says, "hi." He also got his seventh tooth. Both of you bark like a hound when you hear a dog barking. We took our first family vacation to Ithaca. We stayed two nights and went swimming in Cayuga Lake. We went on lots of walks and to a few parks. We are looking forward to taking you to some of the prettiest gorges when you are older. We also took you to Sesame Place in Pennsylvania. It was so hot! We watched some shows but think you will really love it there as toddlers. We switched to whole milk at the end of this month and no longer warm up your milk. You get sippy cups all day long and it is so much easier to feed you this way. You also take one two to three hour a nap a day at 10am. We had your first birthday at Highland Park and around 40 people came. You received so many toys and gifts. Some people gave us money to set aside for college for you both. You also got a basketball hoop, two cars and lots of toy sets. We got you a play set for outside with a climbing wall and a slide. Each year, I plan to get you a book with a special message about why I chose that book. This year, I chose The Crown on Your Head for Benjamin and Wherever You Are My Love Will Find You for Andrew.

201: Twelve months old

203: Hip Hip Hooray, It's My Birthday Today

207: Yum!

213: It's Party Time! | Our first birthday present from Mom & Dad

214: To my loving, little Andrew, You are such a little mama’s boy. You love to cuddle and sit on my lap. We read stories together and you are so interactive. You learned to clap and wave so quickly. People say that you look like me because you have big eyes and big cheeks. Your personality is a lot like mine too. You love to be around people and interact with everybody. You have been so bright and alert from day one. You love to eat and never miss a meal. If we let you go just a few minutes past your feeding time, you let us know right away! We say that you have higher highs and lower lows. To my sweet Benjamin, You really take after your daddy. You prefer to play quietly by yourself and to explore. You love new experiences like swimming and going to hibachi dinners at Japanese restaurants. You are cautious and take your time to make sure that you do things right. You’re an independent little guy and very smart. You learned to stack blocks so quickly. You love to climb up to high places. You don’t do so well with pain and always have a tough time with teething and when you need to get shots. Those are the only times you turn into a cuddly little guy and curl up on me. To both of my babies, Finding out I was having twins was the most shocking and unexpected moment of my life. I was filled with lots of worry for your health, but also great joy knowing that my love was going to be multiplied by two. I loved feeling you move and kick, and was lucky enough to carry you until 36 weeks and deliver two healthy baby boys. The first time that I held you was the best moment of my life. I could never adequately put into words the love I feel for both of you. When we go out with you, you get so much attention. People think you are so adorable and have all sorts of questions about you. Many people tell us that we have our hands full. You certainly keep us moving, but our hearts are full too. We couldn’t imagine anything happier than having you as our sons. Our family members and friends are crazy for you. You are loved by so many people. This year has been such a blur. It has gone by in a flash, but at the same time, I feel like you have always been in our lives. I loved cuddling you as newborns. You could both fit sleeping on my chest. You loved when we swaddled you and patted your bottoms. Months four through six we saw you start to turn into smiling, interactive little boys. Your bond with each other really became even more evident. We have loved seven months until now the most. You learn things so quickly now and are such funny little guys, constantly on the move! I often wonder about the men you will become. Will you be athletic or creative, or both? What careers will spark your interest? Will you have families? I hope that we will raise you to be hard-working, ambitious, loving and empathetic gentlemen. I know that you will be people of strong character, do great things and make me very proud.

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