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Our First Year with Kaia (Kaia's copy)

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Our First Year with Kaia (Kaia's copy) - Page Text Content

S: Our First Year with Kaia

BC: To: My little Punky. Every time you look at this album I want you to remember how much you are loved. You are the best thing that ever happened to us. We love everything from your smiles to your cries and will always love everything about you. No matter what happens in your future I want you to know we are very proud of you and will always be there for you. The first year of your life was the best of ours. We are so lucky to have you a part of our lives. Love you always, Mom and Dad

FC: our first year with | Kaia Leigh

1: Daddy's Little Angel: When you were born you filled my heart with pride. and I was overcome by the joy I felt inside. As I held you in my arms that very first day. I knew I would never let any harm come your way. With your tiny little hands and tiny little feet. Every time I look at you my heart skips a beat. As I watch you sleep in the middle of the night. I hope and pray I will do everything right. I know I may make some mistakes along the way. But I promise to do my best each and every day. I often wonder what you will grow up to be. But whatever you become will be fine with me. So whatever you decide to do in your life. Maybe an astronaut, a lawyer or even a doctors wife. I can say without any doubt at all. I will always be there to catch you if you fall. And another promise I make from you to me. Daddy's little angel you will always be. | Mothers Heart I loved you from the very start You stole my breath, embraced my heart. Our life together has just began You are part of me little one. As mother with child each day I grew My mind was always filled with thoughts of you. I'd daydream of the things we would share. Like late night bottles and teddy bears. Like first steps and skinned knees. Like Bedtime stories and ABC's I thought of things you would want to know. Like how birds fly and how flowers grow. I thought of lessons I would need to share Like standing tall and playing fair. When I first saw your precious face. I prayed your life be touched with grace. I thanked the angels from above And promised you unending love. Each nigh I lay you down to sleep I gently kiss your head and cheek. I count your little fingers and your toes I memorize your eyes and your nose. I linger at your nursery door Awed each day iI love you more. Through misty eyes I dim the light I whisper I love you every night. I loved you from the very start You stole my breath. embraced my heart. As mother and child our journey just begins. My heart is yours forever little one.

2: First Vacation | August 2007 | On mom and dad's first vacation we went to the upper peninsula in Michigan. We stayed at and island called Mackinaw. Mackinaw Island is a place that doesn't allow motorized vehicles. You have to get places either on foot or horse and buggy. After Mackinaw we went to see a water fall. As for first vacations go it was romantic and we had a lot of fun. If there is a next time I would wear better shoes when looking at the waterfall and with all the horses Mackinaw was a little smelly.

4: 2nd Vacation

5: On our second vacation we went to Montana. We flew into Boise and then drove to Stanley, MO. Stanley had the most beautiful lakes I have ever seen. We planned on staying the night in Stanley but changed our mind and decided to get a head start to our final destination; Glacier. We made a stop in Missoula which was an interesting experience (ask us about that some day). We then made the long drive the next day to Glacier. When we got to Glacier it started as a beautiful day, until we were about half way up the mountain. At that point it started to downpour rain. It rained and it rained. It was really cold and very scary to be driving up the mountain in the rain. You should have seen the look on your dad's face, looking back it was pretty funny. That night we stayed at the Many Hotel. It was one of only 2 hotels in Glacier NationalPark.We did not have reservations but as luck would have it their power was out and we got lucky with a vacant room. The view as like nothing we had ever seen before. The next day we drove to Yellow stone. We had some horrible pizza and went to bed, we were exhausted. The following morning we went sightseeing in Yellow stone. I have to say we were not that impressed after seeing Glacier. From Yellow stone we continued to Jackson Hole. That is a pretty little town with the gorgeous Titan Mountains on the way. We ate in Jackson Hole and headed back to Boise. We had a great trip but it was a lot of driving. We look forward to taking you to Glacier one day.

7: Our third vacation was to the Island of Captiva in Florida. It was very relaxing and just what we needed. We spent a lot of time walking the beach collecting lots of shells. We saw Dolphins swimming just off the shore. We did a lot of tanning. Unfortunately we didn't wear our sun block so we were also very red. Every night we went to the Keylime Bistro where we listened to live music, ate and relaxed. We plan to have lots of family vacations in Captiva.

8: We found out we were pregnant with you in February. We were both so happy. You were wanted more then you could know. | 1st Picture

9: On 4/02/09 we had our first doctor appointment where we heard your heart beat for the first time. We also had an ultrasound where you had your picture taken for the fist time. We found out that you were due on Nov 2nd.

10: Ultrasound | While I was pregnant with you sI had 2 more ultra sounds. They wanted to keep a close eye on you because I had a fibroid. The next one was on 6/10/09. This was the one we were excited for because we learned that you were a girl. We were both so happy. Even though your dad wouldn't admit it at the time he was wishing for a little girl. The second ultrasound was on 8/06/09. We learned you were still really healthy and your were calmer so we got a better picture of your pretty little face. | It's a girl!!

13: Story if Kaia's birth At 2:30a on the morning of the 9th of October, I finally went to bed. For some reason I wasn't tired that night. As soon as I laid down I felt a pain and I know you were coming. Daddy was at work so I waited for the contractions to be about 5 minutes apart and called your dad. He raced home to get me and we drove to St. Francis hospital in Edina. As soon as we got there we were ready to go and you were born at 9:09am on 10/9/09. You were 7 lbs, 12oz and 19 inches long. You were three weeks early but you were ready to be born. Your dad was the first one to see you and hold you. He took pictures of the moment and then handed you to me. You were so beautiful and I knew in that moment my life was complete. From the very start you were hungry and your dad had the honors of feeding you for the first time. I was exhausted but I didn't let you put of my sight during the two days we had together in the hospital. I didn't want to spend one second away from you. No one could wait to meet you. Your grandparents all were there (Linda, Steve, Kay and Ron). Your aunts and uncles came to meet you (Chad, Karissa,Josh and Molly). I also had a friend show up to see you (Tanya). You were born on a Friday and on Sunday when daddy picked us up to bring us home I had a baby shower. You came a little early so we had to do some rearranging but we had the shower on Sunday to celebrate your birth. After that it was just us, our family together for the first time/ The second you were born I knew all I wanted to do with my life is make you happy.

14: October 9th, 2009 | 9:09 a.m. | 19 inches | 7 1bs 12 oz

15: life is not measured by the breathes we take, but by the moments that take our breathe away... | Kaia Leigh Schnoor born in Southdal Fairview Hospital

16: Ten tiny fingers Ten tiny toes Two little eyes, and one little nose. A beautiful smile. A little dark hair. A perfect little angel | 1sr doctor visit: 7lbs 5oz 19" 2 Month: 12lbs 14oz 23" 4 Month: 16lbs 11oz 26" 6 Month: 18lbs 2oz 27 3/8" 9 Month: 23lbs 8 oz 29 1/2" 12 Month: 24lbs 8 oz 30" (every visit weight and height in the 90th percentile)

17: This Certifies | This Certifies | This Certifies | Tiny Hands and Tiny Feet | Tiny Hands and Tiny Feet | This Certifies

18: Home Sweet Home. | Your first day home.

19: Your first nap in your crib. In the beginning at night you were always in the bassinet because I wanted you close to me. | You slept through the night. Right from the start you were a really good sleeper. Later that changed and you never wanted to go to sleep. I think you were always afraid you would miss something.

20: Family | Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Wes and Alice. the both cried at the sight of you. They were instantly in love.

21: Here you are playing with Grandpa Steve and meeting great uncle Todd and Ruth for the first time. | A little secret - Grandpa Steve was a Kaia hog when him and grandma would watch you he wouldn't even let grandma hold you. He wanted you all to himself. Grandma tells me he used to hold you and cry because he was so happy. he guessed you would be a girl from the start.

22: Someone wonderful, new and sweet. Has come to make our life complete. | October-November 2009 | During the first month you Slept... | A lot!! | You and daddy sleeping together | When you weren't sleeping you were eating

23: 1 Month Old | Caught you awake! | but not for long... | You were such a good sleeper that daddy and I would check on you all the time to listen and hear you breathing.

24: Doctors all recommend that babies have their "tummy time". You were not a fan of tummy time. You would last about 60 seconds and then you would cry. | For the first 6 months of your life you were in physical therapy. You had what they call tortocolis which made it hard for you to turn your head to the left. You developed a flat spot on your right side of your head but after therapy you were as good as new and you were able to turn your head without any problems.

25: Adorable!

26: Kaia's first Christmas

27: We spent your first Christmas at your grandma Kay's for Christmas Eve and your grandma and grandpa Steve and Linda for Christmas day. You got so many presents there are too many to list. Your grandparents spoiled you with everything from keepsake gifts to clothes. Your soon to be Aunt Amanda even hand made you a quilt. Your late great grandma Cathy hand made a blanket for you as well and sent a puppy to show her love. Of course Santa Clause showed up at both houses for you too. | Your first Christmas couldn't have been more perfect!

28: 3 and 4 Months | January-February 2010

29: Your smile would light up the room from the very start. you started to smile at about 2 1/2 months. | The only way I could get you to do tummy time was with the pillow. At this point you were really good about holding your head up too.

30: 5 to 6 Months | March-April 2010 | Nicknames: We had a lot of different nicknames for you. In fact we hardly ever called you Kaia. 1. Punky - Punky is something your dad used to call me before you were born. It was short for Pumpkin. So know I am the O.P. (original Pumpkin and you are Punky. 2. Kaia Belle - You were almost names Bella but at the time Bella was a very popular name. I wanted you to have a beautiful name that wasn't the same as everyone else. Your dad and i agreed on Kaia. But, that doesn't mean it can't be a nickname. 3. Scooter - See reason on next page. 4. Angel - Because you are just that. 5. Bug - I sometimes called you bug because you are as cute as a bug. | What are little girls made of? Little girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice.That is what little girls are made out of.

31: Your favorite toy was the remote control. We tried to buy you a baby remote and you knew the difference. You wanted noting to do with it and would only play with the real thing. You also loved to bounce in your jumper. You were rolling over but not crawling. You never actually crawled instead you would scoot. You didn't like to crawl because you couldn't hold your toys and cral at the same time. The scoot was the cutest thing anyone ever saw. This is why one of your "nicknames is scooter".

32: Pretty | Pretty.... | What is a little girl? She is a bundle of sweetness, brightness and fun. The beauty of springtime the warmth of the sun... sShe is is innocence covered in sand, mud and soot. She is motherhood dragging a doll by the foot... She is a composite picture of giggles and tears. Of tantrums, excitement, amusement and fears. A bundle of mischief and often a tease. A creature of moods not easy to please. Who'll capture your heart with her pixie like grin. Or chatter and beg until your patients wears thin. But obedient, naughty,mischievous or coy. Sh is mommy's little darling and daddy's pride and joy.

33: Princess

34: At about 6 months we tried to feed you baby cereal. You wanted nothing to do with it and spit it back in our face. | You would have rather ate the bib | You loved your food! | At about 7 months we introduced the baby solid food. As you can see it was a big hit! | Then after a couple of weeks you started to like your cereal.

36: Splish | Splash

37: Kaia is taking a bath | You loved to be naked. You were always so happy when you had no clothes on.

38: Daddy's first fathers day with his little girl. | We had breakfast with grandpa Ron and then went to visit grandpa Steve.

40: First trip to the zoo w/ Grandma and grandpa Steve and Linda (mommy was with too) | You loved watching the bears but your favorite was the dolphin. | Watching the Dolphin with Grandma

41: We saw lots of animals including the beautiful tiger and the monkeys. But it was a long day and you were really tired. You fell asleep in the stroller. | You needed a break and so you are having a bottle in grandma's arms.

42: 4th of July | We grilled out as a family on the patio.

43: We watched fireworks from the deck. | You enjoyed the candle that I lit more then the fireworks themselves. But you had a lot of fun being outside with mom up late and hanging out. I was lucky that you decided not to go to bed early that night so I could enjoy your first firework experience with you.

44: This was our first family vacation. It was a 4 hr car ride to the North shore. We were a little worried how Kaia you do on the long ride. But we had no reason to worry because you were an angel and we had a great time with beautiful scenery. | North Shore

45: 1st | Vacation

46: Looking cute | Walking with Daddy | oops.. you fell. | Auntie Karissa's baby shower | Big smile in the morning.

47: You were playing in rocking chair. | you were trying to climb out of chair. | Tired | Playing

48: To celebrate your birthday coming up on the following weekend we took a second vacation. This time we took a 3 hour ride to Brainard. We stayed in this cabin with a beautiful view and it was the beginning of fall so lots of pretty fall colors. You loved it when we took a walk on the trails. Your favorite thing to do was climb under the center island and play. On the first night we started what became your favorite game, which is catch me if you can.

50: Happy birthday Kaia! | Kaia, how old are you?

51: In attendance: Family: Grandma Kay, Grandpa Ron, Uncle Matt and Amanda, Norma and Doug Schnoor, Grandma Linda, Uncle Chad, Auntie Karissa and new cousin Evan, Great Grandma and Grandpa Wes and Alice. great Uncle Todd and Auntie Ruth. Grandpa Steve was there in spirt and would have loved to have gone. Friends: Tanya,Dan and Evan Clay. Loree, Brian and Redick Valek. Scott, Laura and Oliver Martinson. | Presents: Lots of books, a few outfits. A beautiful tutu with wand and tank top. A kitchen set, toy that spits out balls and plays music,A rocking horse for Kaia to walk with, A baby doll, talking bear, lots of development toys, and most of all lots of love from friends and family. | This would have been a perfect day. the weather was beautiful we were surrounded by family and friends; but you wanted nothing to do with anyone but mom and dad. But, that is ok because it was your birthday and you can cry if you want to.

52: A bootiful night... | On your first Halloween you were too little for trick or treating. But on your second Halloween you dressed up as a pretty ballerina. Kaia and mom went tick or treating to Grandma and grandpa Steve and Linda's house. Then we went to grandma Kay's

53: Kaia's 1st

54: Your 1st time playing in the snow.

55: You were not that into it. .

56: Who can say no to that smile?

59: Putting everything else aside, beyond anything your one true love is your music. You have loved music since you first heard a beat. Music was our secret to everything with you; if we wanted to stop you from crying, it was the answer. If you were tired it would put you to sleep. Basically if we wanted to make you happy all we had to do was turn on the music. Your favorite was ACDC the back in black album, it never failed.

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