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Our Little Tiger - GREYSON: YEAR I

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Our Little Tiger - GREYSON: YEAR I - Page Text Content

S: Our Little Tiger - GREYSON: YEAR 1

FC: Our Little Tiger | GREYSON: YEAR I

1: Ba-Ba, Ja-Ja, Gong-Gong, & Po-Po, Thank you for all the countless hours of Grey-Grey sitting and for being the bestest grandparents on the planet!. We love you all so much! | Edric, Charlin, & Grey-Grey

2: Our First Glimpses of You! | Daddy got a little teary eyed the first time he heard your little heartbeat.. He knew then and there that he was going to love you forever. | Boy Names Takumi Taisuke Keisuke Kazuhiro You almost had a Japanese 1st name until we found your name and changed our minds. Your name is derived from your PoPo's (Grace) in honor of her. | Cyrus Ender Donovan Kazuhiko

3: Mommy's pregnancy was pretty smooth. I had about 2 weeks of mild morning sickness, no throwing up, 50lbs of weight gain., and cravings for Salads w/ Italian dressing. Oh, and the smell of cilantro was wonderful! I also forbade Daddy from wearing is stinky Axe body spray as it made me nauseous! | Mom at 8 months! | Mom at 6 Months!

4: We tried our best to make you an "all recycle" baby. Your crib, changing table, rocking chair, clothes, toys, car seats, etc were all 2nd hand from friends or Craigslist! You didn't seem to mind. Oh, and since you co-slept with us, this crib was more for decoration anyways!

5: Dad painted scenes from one of his favorite comic strips, Calvin & Hobbes, for your nursery. Mom thought it was perfect since you were born in the year of the Tiger (though you were almost a Rabbit)! You're so lucky to have an artsy Daddy!

6: You had the biggest conehead when you came out and mommy thought you looked like a little Alien. She hoped your brain wasn't squished too badly. You also had abnormally large hands and feet.

7: Mommy tried it without the epidural but by the time she looked like this, she knew she needed the meds. | Auntie Mailin cut your cord because Daddy was a big chicken! | Your Big Day | Though there is no photo proof. Mommy would like to go on record and let you know that Daddy and Auntie Mailin played i-phone scrabble while mommy was having intense contractions. They argued over the validity of the word 'gip'. Mommy was not amused.

8: Greyson Keisuke Yamamoto | 1.20.11 - 7lbs. 10oz

9: Proud Daddy | My water broke at around 8pm during our last Childbirth Prep class at Kaiser Hospital while we were learning how to mediate and breathe. I remember telling Dad that we had to stay for the last 10 minutes of the class so that he could see the video of an actual birth since I didn't want him to be surprised and pass out on me in the delivery room . I also remember being so mad that we didn't get t our traditional "Dollar Scoop Tuesday" ice cream at Baskin'Robbins after the class since they didn't let me leave the hospital. Boo! A 9 month pregnant woman needs her ice cream! I started active labor at around 10am the next morning and after what seemed to be a marathon of pushing and 3 shift changes of doctors and nurses, you finally arrived at just after midnight at 12:16am on the 20th., 2 weeks early. Our little tiger (not bunny!) was finally here! | 5 Minutes Old

10: Japanese babies are apparently much more likely to have Jaundice than most babies. So you spent most of your first few days under triple photo therapy UV light. You had to get your heel pricked probably 10 times to test for your bilirubin levels which you didn't appreciate much. We even had to be readmitted a few days after leaving the hospital for a few overnight tanning sessions back under the lights since your levels weren't going down. But you eventually figured it out much to our relief! | "Bili" Baby Tanning Time! | We planted these in our front yard when we got home! Hopefully they're still alive!

11: Dad needed a nap after all the excitement of meeting you! | Your "Litte Rascal" going home outfit

12: Jedi Baby

13: Your First Week Home

14: Apparently pregnancy makes your hair grow super fast. However, I knew it was time to donate the locks when you grabbed for the braids and yanked | Your 1st spit bubbles

15: L O V E | Are you my momma?

16: Your First "Chu" Family Photo

17: Growing Like a Weed! | Super Baby getting his 1st shots!

18: Your 1st Booger | This "Nose Frieda" aka the "Snotsucker" was one of the best gifts ever! | You actually didn't cry much as a baby, but you definitely knew how!

22: 100 Day Red Egg Party

23: Diaper Cake from Auntie Cheryl | Baby Shower with the Girls

24: We call this one . . . "Cutey Patootey in the White Bunny Suity"

25: Chillin' like a villin' with your pals!

26: Future NHL All-Star | Before you could even walk, Dad bought you 2 pairs of skates, a helmet, sticks, and nets. No pressure baby.

28: Monkey

29: Time

30: Baby Garden Gnome | "You are beautiful . . . in every single way"

31: Snapshots!

32: "Why So Serious" Baby? | This quote from the Batman: Dark Night movie was the motto for pretty much the 1st year of your life. You always had a very "intense" countenance so don't be fooled by the smiling baby photos in the rest of this book. These ones capture you in your natural state!

33: Baby Mad Hatter ! | Your PoPo probably knitted you at least 20 different hats. | Mommy never told you she really wanted a girl?

34: Family

35: Cousins

36: Big Toe, Little Toe, Yamamoto! | !

38: Uh oh! Naked Baby!

39: Favorite Foods: Cheese & Noodles First Word: Birdie Favorite Toys Spoons & Remotes Favorite Person: Mommy of course! First Tooth: 4 Months Old First Steps: 10 Months Old

40: Headlines | They yelled "Come out with your hands up!" after the shooting and we were all put into a squad car. You got to nurse in a police car and dad was handcuffed. How cool is that? | Your PoPo was supposed to come babysit you but couldn't get past the police barricade. | The SWAT team came door to door and checked our yard, attic, and house. | We had police and news helicopters circling all day looking for him. | A picture of our TV

41: The Cupertino Gunman & Choco the Hero Dog A PPR exclusive 1st person account of the events on Oct. 6th, 2011. I used to always joke that my little aussie/chow mutt, Choco, was a super bratty dog who has fear aggression with other dogs, sheds tumbleweeds everyday, has bitten me twice, is aloof with people, and the only reason we keep her around is because she's cute with her wiggly chow pom pom tail. Well, I'll still make those jokes but she gets one more qualifier added to her description - she's my forever hero. On October 6th, I was grabbing a printout from my printer at home around 7:30am in the morning when Choco barked from her normal lookout perch in the bay window of my living room. Usually, I'd just ignore her or tell her to shush and not wake the baby but curiosity over came me since the day before we had the SWAT team combing our neighborhood for the gunman from the Cupertino quarry shootings and carjacking shooting across the street. As I peered out the window expecting a cat or squirrel to be the object of her intent, I spotted the gunman crouched hiding between my 2 cars on the driveway. Luckily 2 sheriff deputy cars were also coming down the street at the very same moment so I jumped up and down, pointed like I was on the tarmac, and did my best to flag them down in hopes they would see him. I frantically ran to the bedroom to wake my husband and as I was looking for my other dog, the loud shots rang out. My husband, baby, 2 dogs and I huddled in our bathroom and a few minutes later the cops escorted us out. Shereef Allman lay dead on our driveway, 20-30 bullets riddled our cars, garage door, and walls. He had been hiding in our neighborhood the entire night and somehow managed to elude the police patrols, helicopters, door to door swat team, and multiple search dogs. But he didn't elude Choco! Our guess is that he was waiting for people to leave for work in the morning in hopes of getting a car so he could escape the area. I may easily have been that target as I was probably 10 minutes from leaving the house for work if not for Choco's instinctive bark. I know we can't quantify the comfort of having a dog, from loyally greetings when we get home, to the sense of security they bring to ease our minds. While I'm saddened by the loss of life that happened that fateful day, I know there were many other outcomes which could have been much worse for me and others if not for my little hero rescue dog. Hug your furry ones for me and don't get too annoyed when they bark at the mailman or your friends coming to the door. They're just doing their jobs and you never know when one day, like me, you'll be so grateful they did. | 27 Bullets were fired while you and daddy were in the bedroom. Both cars were shot up. The garage door and wall were riddled. Dad's mt. bike took a hit, Luckily, we were all okay, insurance paid for it all and the county paid for our deductibles. | After the incident, we had "looky-loos" driving by for weeks! | The bullets traveled through the garage and out the side wall | Dad's Mt. bike still has the bullet in it! | Our Hero

42: Your 1st Halloween | Matchy Match Crocs at the Pumpkin Patch!

43: Daddy picked the costume and PoPo made it for you. out of an old red blanket she had. We borrowed the had from a friend and the rope from an old costume.. I added the ears with some duct tape and those are dads socks slipped over your shoes. Recycle costume for our recycle baby! Dad had these grand plans that he and I would be your broomsticks but that didn't pan out. You still made one really cute Socerer's Apprentice!

44: Daddy was so excited to share his favorite holiday with you.

45: So many pumpkins so little time!

48: So many | Firsts! | 1st Time Standing Up! | 1st Time Holding Your Sippy Cup! | 1st Time Sitting Up! | 1st Girlfriend! | 1st Time Crawling!

49: 1st Encounters with Ice-Cream! A definite fan from the 1st bite! | 1st Time on the Swing (of course with your girlfriend Emily!)

50: Your 1st Christmas! | Despite all the toys you got, we should have just wrapped the remotes and kitchen utensils! No matter how fancy the toy was, you preferred spoons!

52: You looked so much like your Auntie Mailin as a baby.

53: Kiwi & Choco Your Guardian Angels | Can't blame her for wanting to kiss you all the time! It was a constant battle of telling her "No Lick!"

55: Momma's Boy

56: Daddy loved his Kangaroo time with you!

57: It's Daddy Time!

58: You & Tai-Po | Though you will not remember her, know that she loved you so much. | She kept the photo of you in your Giants onesie on her desk and it always brought a smile to her face.

59: We all got to say our goodbyes to Tai-Po at a beautiful funeral for her.

60: A Trip to Monterey

61: Oh the places we'll go!

62: Popo, Flowers? Really? | Angry Samurais! | Can't beat em? Join em! | Synchronized Pbfffft! | Nah-Na-Na-Nah-Nah!

63: Funny Faces! | We can't take him anywhere. Sheesh. What a goof! | Umm... Wacko?

64: Your 1st Plane Ride We went to visit your cousins in Houston. All you wanted to do was climb on the tray table the whole time! | Your Uncle Ryan took us to his work at the FBI!

65: Matchies! | You were notorious for stealing your cousins' sippy cups! | Dad painted the dino mural on the wall

66: Celebrating Your Birthday in Houston! | Dad picked out some new kicks for ya! | Behind that typical grumpy face you are saying "Thanks Auntie Jaclyn for my yummy cake!"

68: Dim Sum Party at Dynasty in Cupertino

69: Happy 1st Birthday Greytz-Maru!

70: Precious Moments . . .

71: Thanks for all the memories little Grey Grey. You have exceeded anything we could have possibly expected and we are so lucky to have you. We can't wait for another epic year filled with so many more new adventures! Onward little tiger! Onward!

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