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Patrick's First Year

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Patrick's First Year - Page Text Content

S: Patrick's First Year

FC: Patrick Adam McGowan | The First Year

1: Sneak Peeks | January 18: Fourteen weeks and waving | February 15: Eighteen weeks and it's a boy!!!

2: 16 weeks | 20 weeks | 24 weeks | 28 weeks | 32 weeks | 36 weeks

3: July 14: 39 weeks and 2 days You were stubborn from the beginning: you were head up and wouldn't turn, so we had to schedule a c-section.

4: At our baby shower, we asked guests to draw pictures of what they think you will look like.

5: We also asked them to make predictions like birth height and weight, first words, and future occupation.

6: July 14, 2010 Waiting was so hard. Granny Irene, Gretchen and Caroline came and stayed with the animals while we went to the hospital. \

7: The doctors took Mommy into surgery at 10:30. You arrived at 11:02 A.M. You weighed 7 pounds 9 ounces and were 19 inches long. You didn't cry at first, so the nurse had to make you mad.

9: Your first hours were spent cuddling with Mom and Dad and getting your first bath.

10: Hospital Visits

11: Top to bottom, left to right: Granny Irene, Uncle Adam, Grampa Steve, Great Uncle Jim and Great Aunt Betsy, Aunt Melissa, Grandma Debbie, Great Grandma Bren, Aunts Gretchen and Caroline, Donna Edgley, Aunt Erin, Gramma Jonni, Grandpa Dave, Aunt Meghen, Great Grandma B

12: We brought you home from the hospital on July 18th, wearing the same outfit Dad wore when he came home in 1983. The animals were very curious about you.

13: Great Grandparents | Grandparents | Parents | Our Family Tree

14: Mom and Dad call you Buddy, Buddy Boy, Baby Boy, Fat-O, Wet Face Fred, Sir, and Friend. Gramma Jonni calls you PeaPod or Little P. Granny calls you Master P. Great Grandma Bren calls you the Little Prince. Aunt Caroline calls you Pattycake. | Nicknames

15: One Week Old

16: Granny Irene's baby shower, January 1983 | Mommy and Dad's baby shower, June 6, 2010 | Grandpa Dave holding Dad on his birthday | Dad holding you on your birthday | Dad being weighed | You being weighed

17: Mommy holding Aunt Caroline, May 1990 | Mommy holding you, July 16, 2010 | Dad, Two Weeks Old | You, One Week Old

18: First Month | You had lots of visitors the first month. Great Grandma Bren, Aunt Betsy, Grandma Debbie, Grandpa Dave, Aunt Erin, Uncle Adam, Aunt Melissa, Grampa Steve, and Bailey and Kiley Edgley all came to see you at home. Granny and Aunts Gretchen and Caroline stayed for a week after you were born, and Gramma Jonni saw you almost every day. Mom and Dad spent the month getting to know you, your likes and dislikes, and your ways of communicating. You love the shower, looking at the lamp and looking out the window, your vibrating chair, laying on your tummy, and of course cuddling. You hate having your clothes or diaper changed, and you don't really like sleeping by yourself. By the end of the month, you could hold your head up for 30 seconds and were making great eye contact, and you started sleeping for four hours at a time.

20: Second Month

21: This month was a month of growing. You gained so much weight that we went from size 1 diapers straight to size 3. You are almost too big for your bassinet, but you still sleep in it because you love the vibrating feature. You started sleeping six hours at a time the week you turned a month old, and you started daycare at six weeks. The teachers all love you and fight over feeding you. You can also hold your head up now, and spend most of your day awake and looking around. Your first smiles happened at about eight weeks, but we didn't get it on camera until later.

24: You are suddenly all smiles: when you wake up, while you're eating, when we pick you up from school, and when we kiss or tickle you. Grampa Steve can make you laugh and laugh just by talking to you. You discovered your hands this month: you can keep your pacifier in your mouth and reach up to spin the turtle toy on your car seat. You are so close to sitting up by yourself, and you don't like to lay down unless you're sleepy, so you don't get much practice rolling over. You hardly ever fuss, and when you do, all we need to do is feed you and then you are happy again. | Third Month

26: You started daycare at Small World when you were six weeks old, because Mommy had to start her new job (the one she got called to interview for when you were two days old). You love it there, and always come home smiling and smelling like the teachers' perfume. | August 25 | You and your friend Silas | Teacher Sarah (holding you) and Teacher Mallory with the Piglet class in September

27: September | October 29 | March | June (last day of school)

28: Fourth Month

29: On October 22, you rolled over for the first time. This month you met Great Grandpa Jack and Great Uncle Happy. You also had fun at the Edgleys' house with baby Luna and baby Ian. You are close to sitting up on your own, and you get the hiccups when you laugh.

31: You had so many costumes that we couldn't pick just one. Aunt Gretchen brought you the tiger outfit from China.

32: Fifth Month

33: You just keep growing and changing. You can now roll over on both sides, and you seem so much more aware of what's going on around you. You recognize all your Grandmas and Grandpas and the teachers at daycare. You like to reach out and grab Greta, Oliver, and Clyde, and they have started to stay out of your reach. You started drooling a lot and putting everything in your mouth, but no teeth yet.

34: We like to read books together, go shopping, eat, and cuddle.

35: He makes you laugh by tickling you or making funny faces. You like to tinker with things, play music together, and roughhouse.

36: You spent three Christmas parties practicing your sitting, and it paid off on December 25. You sat for 3 minutes without falling over. You can also now wiggle your way across the floor, very slowly but still moving. This month, you started to recognize and reach for your bottle, and cry when something you like is taken away. You became very vocal this month: calling out "eh eh eh" and "AHH" at random times. You are working on your muscle control, starting to grab things and pull yourself over or up to sitting. You ate your first solid food (rice cereal) on your six month birthday and loved it. | Sixth Month

38: On Dec 12, we had a family portrait taken by Jeff Hinds, who also photographed our wedding in 2008.

39: January 14 The day you turned six months old, we let you try your first solid food, rice cereal. You loved it so much that you tried to eat the bowl too.

40: You've started scooting across the floor quickly when something catches your eye, like Greta's toy basket, a tennis ball, the remote control, or a scrap of paper (basically anything you aren't supposed to have). You also like to sit and look out the back door at the birds and squirrels. You are now wearing 12 month clothes. You started pulling Dad's beard hard. You had a cold for several weeks, but it didn't slow you down at all. You are now sitting completely on your own. You are pushing yourself up on your hands and knees now. You still love Sophie Giraffe and sing lovingly to her. You figured out how to make the remote control light up and we had to take out the batteries because you kept changing the channel. | Seventh Month

42: You got your first tooth on February 11th, and your second tooth on February 12th.

44: Eighth Month

45: You started eating lots of different things this month: avocado, mango, pluot, banana, and butter crackers. You love all of it, and are even starting to pick up small foods from the tray and put them in your mouth. When you see the cat or a ball across the room, you get yourself over there quite easily. You can crawl, but prefer to scoot. You can also pull yourself from sitting on your butt to your knees. You love bath time now, and your favorite bath toy is a red plastic lobster. You are sometimes content to sit on the floor with a new toy and entertain yourself for what seems like forever. Other times you just want to GO.

46: Ninth Month

47: Two days after your eight month birthday, you crawled to Mommy all the way across the room at daycare. Then you went back to scooting. Two weeks later, you started crawling everywhere, and FAST. You can also pull yourself up quickly now. Your favorite toys are things that aren't toys: Mommy's belt, electrical cords, and the cats' tails. You also like to take a break halfway through your bottle to play with it before finishing your meal. You've been trying different foods: oatmeal (which you hated the first time and loved the second), bread, ice water, applesauce, even a tiny piece of pepperoni stick. You are still the happiest baby we've ever met. We spent three days in Grant's Pass cleaning out Great Grampa Jack's house after he passed away, and you sat in your playpen and entertained yourself for almost the whole time. Near the end of this month, you started imitating our sounds and actions. You love to open your mouth wide, stick out your bottom jaw, and yell "oooooooh." You think it's hilarious when we do it back. You've said "mamamama" with your tongue sticking out several times too. You can now pull your arm out of your shirt. You went swimming for the first time March 23 at Seven Feathers in Canyonville.

48: On March 25, Mommy walked into your room and you had pulled yourself up to standing in your crib (top left). She was shocked, and you laughed and laughed. You haven't sat down since.

49: You happily eat everything we put in front of you, and then your scream for more.

50: You are pulling yourself up to standing at every chance you get, and you started cruising on furniture and walls, and discovered that the cats' scratching post or a kitchen chair make a perfect walker. You learned high five, and your top front tooth is poking through. You finally started babbeling this month right before Mother's Day- mostly mamama, but some bababas and lalalas too. | Tenth Month

51: You discovered how much fun it is to blow raspberries, and you think it's hilarious when we do it back to you. The weather is getting warmer, so sometimes you can play in the grass. You like to hold dandelions, but you never try to crawl away. You're one of the oldest babies in your class at Small World, and your teachers say you love to put your face on the younger babies and give them kisses."

52: Your First Easter | We had lunch with Melissa's family and then visited Dave, Debbie, and Erin.

54: You started working on teeth 3, 4, and 5, which made you a little bit cranky. We are constantly trying to get you to imitate our actions and words, but most of the time you just grin. You have picked up your arm and waved a few times, and when we start playing Pattycake and then stop, you grab my hands to tell me to keep going. You are constantly on the move: either cruising around on the furniture and the wall, using the cat scratching post as a walker, or crawling with your butt stuck way up in the air. If you spot Greta's water bowl or the open bathroom door, you can get there so quickly. You like to pick up Greta's toys and then wait for her to take them out of your hand, then you laugh and laugh. You also love to play with the cat door to the laundry room. | Eleventh Month

56: May 26 Your hair got so long that it was going into your eyes and ears, which necessitated your first haircut. You held very still the whole time, until Jeff turned on the hairdryer to see what you would do. You didn't like it very much.

58: Twelfth Month

59: You started letting go of furniture this month, and you can take one step before falling. Mom started her summer vacation, so we started going places every day, shopping or to the park or just a walk with Greta. You started initiating games of Peek-a-boo around corners and furniture. You talk all the time now, but no real words yet. You do understand words like mom, dad, Greta, and kitties. You love to look at yourself in the mirror and give yourself "kisses, which involves opening your mouth and blowing really hard. You also insist on turning off the light yourself every time we leave a room. Right before your birthday, you started climbing onto and into everything: your walker, the dishwasher, your toybox, and the table next to the couch. You just learned how to clap, and you get very excited whenever you do it. You have six teeth now.

61: Everyone always comments on your amazing smile and your beautiful blue eyes.

62: Gresham Library, July 8 | Bella Vista Park, June 25 | Ian and Patrick, The Edgleys' house, June 25 | Everett Lascink and Patrick, July 11

63: Hmmm... What can I climb now?

65: Look at it. | Touch it. | Taste it. | Smear it. | Scarf it. | Share it.

66: You played with the animals, picked out a new book at the Borders, played naked with dad, and generally made a mess of things, like always. | You're One Year Old Today!

67: Month by Month

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