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Peyton 3mo-6mo

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S: Peyton James 3-6 Months

FC: 3-6 months

1: Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body. ~Elizabeth Stone

2: 3 Months Old: Eating: You are eating 4-6 ounces of Similac Advanced Formula every 3-4 hours during the day. Sleeping: You are such a great sleeper! We feed you around 8-8:30 and you typically sleep until 5 or 6 am! Play:You are so fun! We get to listen to you talk and "goo/gee" most of the night. You started to laugh when we tickled your feet and thighs. You can sit up in your bumbo seat as well as hold your head up by yourself. You have grasped onto a rattle and sometimes we hear you hitting your toy in your carseat.

3: 13 weeks

4: Great- Grandma Dorothy's Suprise 75th First 3 hour car ride- You slept the whole way there. We stayed at Grandma Dorothy's.. You got to meet your new twin girl cousins Barret and Crosby. You are able to grasp your toys and hang onto them for a little while!

5: 14 Weeks

7: 15 weeks Lots of gees and goos You figured out you could talk! Your baptism was this week- you had so many visitors/guests. Grandpa Doug/Grandma Dorothy stayed overnight with us. We took you to Zorbaz and we all celebrated your baptism! Everyone loved when the pastor took you around the church, you smiled at everyone! No crying at all. We think you thought it was bath time :) Godparents: Mindy & Pete Anderson Gina & Tyler Ice

8: Travis and Chelsey's Wedding in Jamestown North Dakota! 1st overnight in hotel! | 4 Months: Sleeping 6-8 hours at night.. Eating 4-6 ounces of Similac. Able to lift head/shoulders off the ground. Moves head from one side to the other (great head control). Able to stand up with help, likes to sit up and do "air squats".

9: 16 weeks

10: You were the cutest baby there! In fact, mommy barely got to hold you all night because everyone wanted to hold you. Your suit looked like it was made for the wedding. So precious :) You did a great job overnight! Mommy and daddy stayed up too late.. but it was a fun celebration!

12: Activities Consistently rings bell on mat. Likes to stand with help. Able to sit up steadily in Bumbo. We carved out pumpkins with Maddox and Evy and had a fun supper! You loved watching the pumpkin and touching the inside. First time you sat up in your high chair! We went trick-or treating at all of the grandparents and visited grandpa working at the ER. | Happy 1st Halloween! TIGGER

13: 17 weeks/4 months old

14: 18 weeks | Andrea and Charlie (7 months) came to visit! We went out to eat at Zorbaz and then came home to watch hockey. You hung out with grandpa Pete all morning while mom went to a craft show. He thought "Peyton is such a swell boy!" Charlie is 2 month's older than you. You had so much fun watching Charlie!

15: Charlie 6 Mo Peyton 4 Mo

16: 19 weeks

17: Happy Birthday to Mom (27) and Dad (26)

18: We celebrated your 1st thanksgiving this week! You made such a cute little turkey at daycare for mom! You are really funny now.. Your facial expressions are really starting to shine!

19: Overnight at Hemmelgarn's Thanksgiving at Paulson's, Agies You seemed to like a little taste of sweet/mashed potatoes -Roadtrip to GF with mom for Grandpa Doug's knee surgery | 20 weeks

20: 5 months old!! Eating: You continue on Similac Advanced Formula and are doing so great on it! You have no tummy problems and you are a great pooper! You eat 5-6 ounces a time about every 3 hours during the day. Your last bottle of the evening is usually about 7-8 ounces with 1 Tablespoon of rice cereal mixed in. Sleeping: You are also doing a great job during nap and bedtime. You are taking a 1-3 hour nap between each feeding except in the evening. After 5PM you are awake and hanging out with us. You go to bed around 7:30PM and usually sleep until around 3-4 Am, eat and then sleep until 6:30. Play: You have such great head control this month! Your favorite toy is your "activity gym." Also, there is no limit to your tummy time. You are able to hold yourself up with both of your hands. You are moving your legs but haven't crawled yet :) You roll from your stomach to back "on accident" a few times. You make all kinds of funny faces and really have found your voice. You are always babbling! You love your hands as they are ALWAYS in your mouth :) Also, you are able to sit up by yourself (for a little while)!

21: A Baby Is A Bit Of Stardust Blown From Heaven

22: 22 Weeks!

23: Helping us decorate for Christmas around the house!You Love the lights and touching the tree!

24: - You are sitting up with assistance! - Doing great at tummy time~ no limits and your shoulders are all the way off the ground! - You are eating about 6-8 ounces at a time. Rice cereal in bottle at bedtime sometimes.

25: 23 weeks

26: 24 weeks Dec 12-16 We went to our first Sioux Hockey game! You slept to/from the game and did so well throughout the whole game. You liked the noises, lights and looking at all the people! You even got your picture taken with 2 of the stars; Mario Lamoureux and Corbin Knight! We opened your Sioux clothes from Leah/Us so you would have some cute clothes to wear! We also went to visit Santa at the Boys and Girls club. You were so smiley and tried to rip of his beard.

28: Christmas at Grandma Agie's

29: 25 weeks- MERRY CHRISTMAS! Dec 19-23rd We celebrated your 1st Christmas this week/weekend. It was so much fun! With the exception of you getting the flu! We had great-grandma Agie's Christmas on Friday night, Jim/Lisa's Saturday, then went to Mark/Julie's for supper/church, Grandpa Doug came down on Sunday with Ryan and Liz, and then we had Paulson's on Monday. It was jammed pack and nearly everyone you were around got the nasty flu bug you had. Your dad and Grandpa Mark got it the worst. You will still such a trooper and handled it better than dad did- we just did a lot of snuggling!


32: We also celebrated with the Paulson's before you got sick :) You got a lot of fun gifts! Also, had fun playing with everyone!

33: MERRY CHRISTMAS! | You got so many great gifts!! The Paulson's got you a v-tech ball and a bunch of clothes! The Hemmelgarn's got you the Alphabet Train. Grandma Agie gave you the nice stuffed animal you like to lay on. You got an animal train from Gina and Tyler. Mindy and Pete gave you a cute outfit! You got lots of fun fun toys!

34: 6 months old on December 30! We celebrated by drinking alot of Pedialyte and Gatorade for mom/dad. Eating: You are feeling much better but are still a little under the weather. We didn't have to bring you into the hospital but thought about until you started drinking again (thankfully) :) You tried your first bites of rice cereal before you got sick about 2 weeks ago and did well :) You didn't know what to do with it! Funny to watch! Otherwise you are eating soy formula with Pedialyte for your tummy. Sleeping: You typically get tired and go to bed around 7PM after your bath and reading time. You sleep until 3-5 usually but up a little more since you are not feeling well. Play: You got a jumper for Christmas and love it! You can jump so high and for so long. We have to put a pillow under your feet as you can't reach the ground quite yet! You can sit up without help, get on your hands and knees (not crawling though), and are jabbering away. Your favorite song is "Peyton had a little lamb.. I have sang it to you many times these past few weeks!" You also love to dance and be carried around :) You love your fingers and your toes. You always play with your toes and take your socks off..

36: This week we were recovering from the flu/Christmas. You are feeling much better and are back to your fun self. You are such a wild man now! You LOVE anything in your mouth and love to stick out your tongue in any direction. We had a "photo shoot" at our house. You are back to sleeping much better as well as eating formula.

37: 27 weeks January 2-8 | Activities: Celebrated the New Year at the Kempernich Wedding (we were home and in bed by 10:30). Gma/Gpa Hemmelgarn watched you.

38: You ate peas for the first time! You did a good job and didn't put up a fight. You were not quite sure yet what to do with your tongue. Your face was priceless as you experienced your first real taste! You are now quite skilled at rolling from your back to stomach. Haven't consistently rolled from stomach to back. I found you this morning in your crib on your tummy which was the first time I have ever seen you do that!

39: 28 weeks! You still love bathtime. We get splashed all the time! You love your jumper- no pillow needed!

40: 29 weeks | 6 Month Stats: 17 LBS (40%) 29 inches long! (90%)

41: You liked green beans! You are eating 1-2 day of solid foods! Feeling much better! Found you sleeping on your tummy in your crib!

43: - Moved into the Big Boy Tub because you could sit up so well! We had Grandma Julie's 47th Birthday party! It was fun to celebrate with GGpa Pete and the rest of the kids. You got a walker and couldn't quite touch the ground- it was fun watching you learn that you didn't have to sit still! | 30 Weeks

44: 31 Weeks - You started sleeping through the night this week! From 7:30PM to 6:30AM. It is a wonderful thing, sleep that is :) We much appreciate this new schedule. I attribute it to the fact that you learned to fall asleep on your tummy! - You love to "fly" in the air- you laugh so hard! - You are able to pull yourself up on our shirts to stand! - You like your walker and are able to go backwards- you LOVE your jumper.

45: Jocelyn's Baby Shower

46: To Peyton: You are now 6 months old. Your father and I still cannot believe it. You are growing up so fast! Everyone says that but when you are experiencing it, there is no way to describe it. Seems like just yesterday we brought you home from the hospital. It is amazing to watch your activity level. You are no longer a "sleeping" baby. You love to roll and try to move, no crawling yet but I think that will be soon! Then we will be in trouble :) I see your dad in your little smile and cute smirk. Everyone comments on your "old man" looks. I think that is because you are wise beyond your "months". You have been an incredible baby so far! We are so thankful for you. It has been a fun couple of months as we transition into parenting. It has been wonderful watching go from being an "infant" to touching the bottom of your toys, loving to jump up and down in your jumper, to eating food. It is amazing how many different things you accomplish in one day! You just seem so laid back and to take everything in stride, including eating peas :) We Love You Monkey!

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