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Prayers for KyLee

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S: Prayers for KyLee from Around the World

FC: Prayers for KyLee

1: Most holy Apostle, St. Jude, friend of Jesus, I place KyLee Dawn Tracy in your care at this difficult time. Pray for her and her parents, Sean and Stephanie; help them know that they need not face their troubles alone. Please join them in their need, asking God to send them consolation in their sorrow, courage in their fear, and healing in the midst of their suffering. Ask our loving God to fill them with the grace to accept whatever may lie ahead for them and their loved ones, and to strengthen their faith in God's healing power. Thank you, St. Jude, for the promise of hope you hold out to all who believe, and inspire them to give the gift of hope to others as it has been given to them. Amen.

2: KyLee Dawn Tracy was born on the 23rd of February in the year 2010 to proud parents, Sean and Stephanie. She was a tiny princess, weighing just 5lbs 4 oz and was 17.25 inches long. She was a beautiful little angel with a head full of Daddy's curl blonde hair, and Mommy's nose. She entered a world where she was loved by many. When the doctors informed her parents that baby KyLee had Persistant Pulminary Hypertension for Newborns the whole world got busy praying. This book documents baby KyLee's progress as she fights to win the battle over her PPHN. It also holds a collection of warm thoughts and prayers that are being sent to the Tracy family from family, friends, and strangers, as people from all over come together to help in KyLee's fight.

3: February 23 2010 Happy Birthday KyLee | Thanks for all the congrats! :) I will post pics as soon as Sean gets back with my phone charger lol! Im doing good just tired. Ky looks like her daddy, curly blonde hair :) she is beautiful. ~Mommy | Congratulations Stephanie! Hope you both are doing well! ~Jeanie | We will be praying for all of you! Thanks for the pic. ~Mary, Albuquerque, NM | Congratulations. :) glad you and Ky are doing well! ~Daniel, | Omgosh congrats on your new baby girl!!!!Glad everyone is fine. ~ Rachel, | CONGRATS!!!!!!!! Oh, I'm so glad you are all ok. Congrats!!!! Look at that...no sympathy labor...LOL ~ Deanna, Woonsocket, RI | CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Welcome Kylee!!! ~ Kim, Carson, WA | How exciting... congratulations! ~Meri, | Congratulations!!!... enjoy!!! ~Heather, | My best to the parents and the grandmother! ~Melody, Bremerton, WA | Awww...Congrats to you and your family on the new edition! ~Jennifer, Libby, MT

4: Such a teeny little doll-baby.... but apparently a trooper! Praying for her, and for her Mama and Daddy. ~Great Aunt JoNell, Port Orchard, WA | Congrats, Sean and Stephanie. Will be remembering all of you in my prayers! ~Cousin Richelle, Port Orchard, WA | I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers man. be safe.~ Ross, Vass, NC | Congrats!! Oh my, please keep me updated on her. I will keep her in my prayers!!!! she is beautiful~ Deanna Woonsocket, RI | prayers for u and ur family ~ Marcia, | She's darling... ~ Verita,

5: Update for those who haven't heard. Baby KyLee was submitted to a ICU for further testing. They originally thought that she had a collapsed lung but upon further investigation by a very good doctor discovered it was a air bubble that escaped her lung at birth which was causing her breathing issues. They are still looking into why she is bruising and think it is a blood disorder or something. ~ Daddy | May Mary, our Mother, wrap Her arms around Kylee while Stephanie is still at the other hospital. May God, give your entire family comfort and peace during this time of "trial"---the uncertainty of what is medically going on, and the having to be apart from each other at the very beginning of family life. May He guide your driving between wife and daughter and work, Sean, and keep you safe at all times! ~ Great Aunt Cheryl, Goldendale, WA | He's very tough i know that. Stephanie taught him so! ;) you have many people here for support. Everyone loves you sean, steph and baby KyLee! ~Christina, South Dresden, ME | Baby has ben taken to the hospital for babies kinda like a ICU for babies she has some medical problems one is brusing for no reason and the other is breathing problems Please Keep Baby KyLee in your prayers... ~Grandma Becky

6: Aw so beautiful!! Congrats Sean & Steph!! :), They are all in my prayers this evening. Kimberly Brunswick, ME | We will keep them in our thoughts...I hope everything goes ok ~ Cheyanna, Curlew, WA | New grandbaby born today. Kylee Dawn, 5lbs. 4oz, 2:16pm EST. Flights changed, the two grandmas are leaving Saturday to be with Mom, Dad, and baby. ~Grandma Marita | I'll say some extra prayers for her and her parents. also for the grandparents. I know what it's like to have your first one early and not get to hold it and see it as must as you want. But they can be tough little ones. My thoughts are with you. She is a cutie pie. ~Jackie, | CONGRATULATIONS!!! OMG!!! Y'all must be so proud?!!? {{{BIG HUGS}}}} God willing, Sweet Kylee will do just fine. ~ Elizabeth, Albany, GA | my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family ~Danielle, Ridgefield, WA | ....and #22 is here today!! KyLee Dawn Tracy made her grand arrival this afternoon! Congratulations to Sean and Stephanie!! Photos will follow...of course! Sweet KyLee is having some health issues - persistent pulmonary hypertension - essentially her little lungs are not functioning as they should. Please keep her and her parents in your prayers as they begin to navigate the waters and find out just what this will mean for their family. ~Great Aunt JoNell | Im asking you all to pray for ,y granddaughter who made her arrival today at 2:16 in jacksonville florida.. she has some medical problems some blood disorder and breathing problem she has been moved to a pediatric intensive care unit which is 20 minutes from stephanie.. she got to see her for a little bit before they ...moved KyLee... Please keep Sean,Stephanie and KyLee in your thoughts and prayers thank you ~Grandma Becky | I'll say some extra prayers for her and her parents. also for the grandparents. I know what it's like to have your first one early and not get to hold it and see it as must as you want. But they can be tough little ones. My thoughts are with you. She is a cutie pie. ~Jackie | my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family ~Danielle Ridgefield, WA | prayers for u and ur family ~Marcia

7: She is amazing...Congrats to all...Fly safe & give her lots of hugs & kisses. Am VERY happy for you!!!! ~Delores, | KyLee Dawn Tracy made her grand arrival this afternoon! Congratulations to Sean and Stephanie!! please keep her and her parents in your prayers because there are some complications going on with little Miss Kylee. ~Cousin Elena Port Orchard, WA | Praying right now. ~Cousin Sarah, Lapeer MI | prayers going up... ~Lynn, Ephrata, WA | I love her already! ~Amber, Curlew, WA | Poor little angel. Poor Mama, not being able to be with her baby girl. Poor tired Papa, running back and forth. Prayers that both Mama and baby will soon be released to go home so that the new little family can begin their lives together! ~Great Aunt JoNell, Port Orchard, WA | I am so sorry for the mommy. I understand the stress she is going through. When my daughters' were born they kept telling me they were going to have to send one of the babies to another hospital. I started to "flip out" and in the end they were able to keep her in the intensive care for infants, but the stress was awful. I hope and pray everything will work out quickly for them. Please keep us updated. ~Melody, Bremerton, WA | Congratulations ~ Kara, Republic, WA | I've added 2 new grand nieces (or is it "second"? Two of my nephew's wives gave birth in the last 2 days--both to daughters. One little one, born today, is having some medical issues and has been transferred and admitted into a pediatric intensive care unit for treatment/ further testing. Baby and mom are not in the same facility now which is hard for starters! Please keep all of them in your prayers! Dad is Sean, Mom is Stephanie, and Baby is Kylee. Thank you all!! ~ Great Aunt Cheryl The pictures I saw already---I think she highly resembles her daddy!! ~ Great Aunt Cheryl, Goldendale, WA | praying! ~Kathryn, Bremerton, WA | Prayer request for my newest cousin, little Kylee, who was born today. She was a few weeks early and is facing medical problems, including a potential blood disorder. She has been moved to a hospital a half hour away from the one her mom is at and my poor cousin (Sean, the proud new Daddy-Congrats btw) is having to run back and forth! Please pray that she is brought home safe and sound soon! ~Cousin Courtney Spokane, WA | Oh wow, They're all in my prayers this evening. ~Kimberly Brunswick, ME | Becky, Steph and baby are in our prayers. Keep us posted Grandma! Kari ~Curlew, WA

8: We're keeping up the prayers, Sean. ~ Cousin Richelle, Port Orchard, WA | Seanzieeee Im praying for you guys! I love you all and miss you all very much! I hope she gets better!! ~Amber Curlew, WA | Fer | February 24 2010 KyLee's 1 Day Birthday | Thats awesome dude....Im so relieved. ~Elton, Orange Park, FL | Kylee being transferred to another hospital, she is doing ok but her progress is like a rollercoaster, up down up down. They say its best to transfer her And Sean an I will keep you all updated. --------- got a call from the hospital. KyLee is doing good. They said they changed up a few things with her treatment And they said she is doing much better than when she first arrived at the hospital! :) Daddy is over there with her now......I will probably getting discharged around 9 Or10 am tomorrow morning! Cant wait to see her! ------------ KyLee has to have a tube put in her neck to force air into her blood for her body. I want out of this hospital!! Mom and Marita will be here tomorrow night. PLEASE KEEP OUR DAUGHTER IN YOUR PRAYERS! THANK YOU EVERYONE. ------------------ surgery was indeed successful! Daddy says she looks a lot better, skin is getting some color and they told him the whole time during her surgery that she was fighting. ~Mommy | KyLee's surgery went awesome!!!!!!! GOD has given me quite the Month... it is making me stronger..I love you Stephanie Jo Sean Alexander KyLee Dawn Tracy ~Grandma Becky | Requesting everyone's prayers for my newest little cousin, KyLee. She was born yesterday and has Persistant Pulmonary Hypertension--very sick little one. ~Cousin Richelle Port Orchard, WA | I will keep her in my prayers ~Kathleen

9: The hospital discovered that KyLee could be suffering from a disorder called PPHN or Persistent Pulmonar Hypertenstion of the Newborn which is a disorder that prevents her lungs from supplying air into her blood stream and ECMO or Extra corporeal membrane Oxygenation which is In people who are unable to provide oxygen ... They say that worst case scenario is she will be put on an artificial heart and lung thing and prolly checked a good portion of her life. or with time it will heal on its own. Kylee Update. John is with me now keeping me company. KyLee's surgery was a success the doctors are going to let me go see her in a few minutes. Alright Kylee Update. She had a successful surgery and from what the docs said she put up a fight every step of the way. There was a scare at the beginning but she pulled through. 3-4 days until we see and can decide what to do from there. Going to pick up Steph from the hospital tomorrow morning and the moms tomorrow ...~Daddy | heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy i get first dibs after mom and seans mom and grandpa b4 anyone else on holding my niece ^_^ and sis you better be taking care of her or imma kick your butt ~Uncle Chris, Curlew, WA | good to hear.. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. ~ Robert, Jacksonville, FL | Get some rest Broha. You're gonna need it. Keep it together, and stay strong. Love you. ~ Aunt Heather, Spokane, WA | i hope everything goes ok Sean! ~Amanda, Fort Campbell, KY | Definetely will be praying for her & her parents. ~Gina Hueytown, AL | We will pray for her ~Horst, Tacoma WA | In my prayers... hope you are well..... ~Karen | so sorry. i will keep her in my thoughts and heart. ~Erin Seattle, WA | Will say many prayers for her and her parents. It's tough to go through something like this. ~Kristi Olympia, WA

10: Oh my goodness!! I'll be praying! ~Marci Golen | Lots of prayers for strength and peace. ~Michelle Sutton

11: I ask prayers for our sweet newest family member Kylee Dawn. She is suffering from Persistant Pulmonary Hypertension... essentially her lungs are not functioning to get oxygen to her blood stream. She is currently hooked up to a machine that is doing the job for her. Please pray that this issue resolve itself without complications, and for her Mama and Daddy to find the strength and stamina they need to take in everything they are having to deal with. ~Great Aunt JoNell, Port Orchard, WA | Praying! Poor baby girl... :( ~Jessica, Denver CO | Yes, yes - Come Holy Spirit - You Alone - her Love, her LIFE! ~Melissa Corcoran, Port Orchard WA | I mist definitely will (be praying). ~Betty Rork, Gurley AL | What an amazing blessing! I think so many forget that miracles are still happening every day!!! ~Kathy Watson, Port Orchard, WA | Have you heard any of the medical updates? We are still praying. For all of them. I just pray this liitle girl is not suffering. I pray all this treatment will make her well. ~Melinda Henderson

12: She is in our prayers, as are all of you! Words seem inadequate; if we were anywhere near I'd run over and give you all a big hug. I know it's a hard time, a confusing time, maybe even overwhelming at the moment, but she's in good hands and has a lot of prayer behind her. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful little baby!! Hang in there, daddy!! ~Great Aunt Cheryl, Goldendale, WA | I am sad for you Sean but I know God can do far beyond anything we ask or think. Love ya...~Verita, Oroville, WA | keeping you in our prayers. ~Rachel | Your in my prayers cousin. ~Crucifixio | Glad to hear that KyLee is doing good. Cheryl called me a few minutes ago to let me know what is going on and I left a message on Sean's cell phone. KyLee is in the best place she can be right now - one of the best hospitals in the world. ~John Jacksonville, FL | Oh wow. Your both in my thoughts and prayers Steph!! | We will continue to pray for the little darlin'. She couldn't be yours and not be a fighter. Love ya... | If she is anything like you hun she well be fine !!!!!!!!!! your in my thoughts take care of you and that little one!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~Leila Spokane, WA | Love you baby momma! Praying for all of you! ~Amy Curlew, WA | Oh, I'm SOOOO Sorry. I've been posting prayer requests and my sister has too. We are praying for her!!!!!! ~Deanna Woonsocket, RI | Am praying right now...~Kim Carson, WA

13: My prayers are with you and Sean and little Kylee. She will do good as she is guarded by God. Prayers are being answered...more are on their way. Hang in there group...all will be A-O.K. ~Narda, | Hey girlie I am sorry to hear all this about your daughter. Hope all goes well. we need to meet up so Carl and I can meet her.. ~Stephanie Jacksonville, FL | Stephanie---be assured of our prayers! We have prayers going up from all over the country! We're also shedding tears with you. We are keeping in close touch with the situation-----John has gone over to sit with Sean while Kylee is in surgery. I am so thankful. I know it has to be the hardest thing on earth for you to be in one ... See Morehospital with her in another; I think all of us understand your wanting to go now! Hopefully you will be released asap so you can go be with her! Many of us wish we could hug you guys at this very moment. | Aww stuff i will definately keep you both in my prayers good luck with everything and just be strong like we all know you are!!!!!~ Rachel North Omak, WA | Love you and the family steph, i know KyLee is a tough lil girly, i can just feel it! she's definitely a fighter!! good girl KyLee!! ~Christina South Dresden, NE | I hope nothing but the best!!!! I will pray for you and your family!!! ~Crystal Auburn, WA | Hi Stephanie. sounds like y'all got quite the little fighter on your hands. i love you guys!! ~Cousin Elena, Port Orchard WA | OK HERE IS KyLee's WEIGHT 5 pounds 4 ounces and 17 1/4 long... she is a small fire cracker and great grandpa Gray said she is taking after him sooner then what all would think she would ,,,, to say My daddy is proud peacock......

14: Ok just got off the phone with Wolfsons hospital and they say KyLee is showing great improvement. Going to be taking Steph over there in a min. Thank you everyone for your support. --------------------------------------------- Time for the KyLee update. Not much of a change she is still on top of the PPHN and the Doctors are very happy with her progress. ~ Daddy | February 25 2010 KyLee's 2nd Day Birthday | Very very happy mommy right now! I finally got to see our baby girl. Visited with her for a few, talked to her and held her hand. I am so in love with that little girl. ~Mommy

15: Thanks for the update!!! Love you like crazy... that little one is a fighter!! Lots of prayers across the country lifting her up. I am so happy for Stephanie right now....You three are on my mind pretty much every waking moment. Love you SOOOOO much. ~Great Aunt JoNell Port Orchard, WA | CONGRADS ON NEW ARRIVAL!!!! SORRY THERE WERE PROBLEMS BUT THE gray IS ALWAYS STRONG. MY LOVE TO YOU BOTH AND KYLEE ~Aunt Sarah Curlew, WA | Glad to hear! keep us updated! ~Grandpa Ken | I've been "traveling" the net studying this----it's a habit of mine when I encounter something new. It's interesting how far medical science has come with this----and positive outcomes have really come a long way!!! Let's all get on our knees and thank God for the blessing of KyLee's life!! Before He formed her in the womb He knew her! He's got His "hand" upon her and her parents and all those who are caring for her!! ~Great Aunt Cheryl Goldendale, WA | Thanks for the update, Sean. You know we're all on "pins and needles" (and praying, of course), so please keep those updates a-comin'!! ~Great Aunt Robin Fife, WA

16: February 26 2010 KyLee's Baptism & Meeting the Grandmas! | Everyone is up and getting ready to go see Miss KyLee Dawn! I am so proud of her for being such a fighter and progressing so well. Her fightyness comes from both Great Grandpas! :) -------------- KyLee is doing really well. Grandma Becky & Grandma Marita got to see her today! :) She also got baptized. I was playing with her feet and she moved for me :)) feet & arms! Made my day ~Mommy

17: Seanzieeee Im praying for you guys! I love you all and miss you all very much! I hope she gets better!! ~Amber Curlew, WA | The hospital discovered that KyLee could be suffering from a disorder called PPHN or Persistent Pulmonar Hypertenstion of the Newborn which is a disorder that prevents her lungs from supplying air into her blood stream and ECMO or Extra corporeal membrane Oxygenation which is In people who are unable to provide oxygen ... They say that worst case scenario is she will be put on an artificial heart and lung thing and prolly checked a good portion of her life. or with time it will heal on its own. Kylee Update. John is with me now keeping me company. KyLee's surgery was a success the doctors are going to let me go see her in a few minutes. Alright Kylee Update. She had a successful surgery and from what the docs said she put up a fight every step of the way. There was a scare at the beginning but she pulled through. 3-4 days until we see and can decide what to do from there. Going to pick up Steph from the hospital tomorrow morning and the moms tomorrow ... | heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy i get first dibs after mom and seans mom and grandpa b4 anyone else on holding my niece ^_^ and sis you better be taking care of her or imma kick your butt ~Uncle Chris, Curlew, WA | good to hear.. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. ~ Robert, Jacksonville, FL | here is my granddaughter i know it looks scary but she is doing real good... Keep your prayers going for her road ahead is still a little rough... thankyou and love to all my family and friends ~Grandma Becky | well my niece is pulling through like every gray does... much luck to kylee to full go... love you sis keep showing her your hope she does read on that and will fight as you fight ~Uncle Chris Curlew WA

18: February 27 2010 KyLee's 4 day Birthday

19: My daughter is so freaking adorable! :) ~Mommy | Been thinking about you and KyLee and Sean today while doing my busy stuff. Hope you can relax soon and let the grandmas handle all the details. ~John Jacksonville. FL | I'm just glad she is doing better and on track. It would also make me feel better if the swelling on her head and back area went down. ~ Daddy | She is so pretty, what a little miracle that God has given to you all ~Leta | " EXCITED" going to see my beautiful grand baby... i cannot wait to hold the little tike....she is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Loved ~Grandma Becky

20: February 28 2010 5 day birthday & Getting to Feel Daddy and Mommy's touch! | YAY! Hubby pretty much made us all start crying a few seconds ago. He just got off the phone with the hospital and WE HAVE AMAZING NEWS!!!! They did a trial run with KyLee, they took her off the ECMO machine just to see how she would do and she did WONDERFUL! They are going to take her off the machine around 12:00-1:00! She just amazing me! My heart is racing! ~Mommy

21: Mommy | & | Daddy | I got to give my baby girl kisses!! ~Mommy

22: "You are so precious to me, sweet as can be, baby of mine" -Dumbo | Thats exciting! She looks much better in the pic you sent us too. ~Rebecca Spokane, WA | THANK YOU GOD ~Leta | What wonderful news. Thank you God. ~Narda | And...KyLee today. OFF the ECMO therapy! Currently being weaned from the vent, and doing well. Thank you for your prayers--keep them up. HE is listening! I Want to thank everyone for their prayers. Little KyLee is progressing rapidly! ~Cousin Richelle Port Orchard, WA | i am soooo glad to hear it! thanks for the update. ~Erin Seattle, WA | I know!!! Finally, I feel such a sense of happiness tonight after a week of dread-fear! I know she's not out of the woods, but boy! it feels good to hear really good news. ~Great Aunt JoNell Port Orchard, WA

23: Oh Stephanie!!!!! This is a WONDERFUL DAY!!!! Not out of the woods... but surely seeing glimpses of the sunlight through the trees!! ~Great Aunt JoNell Port Orchard, WA | We'll continue with the prayers. Not going to stop until that baby girl is with mama and daddy. ~Cousin Linda Battleground, WA | Oh Thank god!!!!! I'll repost it, so everyone knows!!! ~Deanna Woonsocket, RI | Thank God!!!!Are you leaving soon to be with them? Am so excited for all of you...I'll keep you in my thoughts & prayers as always!!!! ~Delores

24: Happy Grannys!

25: KyLee update: KyLee is off the ECMO machine and blood test and breathing are all normal. The doc says that of her 10 years of working with ECMO children that KyLee has progressed the fastest. Heres to hopeing that KyLee comes home in the next couple weeks :) ~Daddy | that's good news....can we expect some pictures soon? ~Josh Middleburg, FL | I love my granddaughter.... cant wait to hold her I got to kiss her forehead... she squeezed me hand and my heart melted.....Ok she already hooked gramma ~Grandma Becky

26: March 1 2010 KyLee's 6 Day Birthday | Steph, I'm so happy for you all. It's hard to sit here and wait and wait for updates, but when those phone calls come, it's like time stops for a few moments! Not usually a crying person, but this past week... I'm like a sprinkler system! SUCH an amazing little girl you have! | Her tiny little "steps" are getting bigger!! Fall on your knees in thanksgiving to God!! This is just such a fantastic blessing!! I think I can see you smiling all the way from here? ~Great Aunt Cheryl Goldendale, WA

27: I am so happy! KyLee is doing so good! She is stretching, yawning, opening her eyes, smiling and she even squeezed my finger while I was holding her hand! :D I almost cried! I touched her leg and she moved and then I told her Daddy and I got her crib all fixed up and she smiled and then started moving around. As of 6 days old she weighs 5lbs 9 oz. She has gained 5 oz. She is also 17 1/2 inches long now :) gained 1/4 inch!. The swelling in her head has gone down sooo much! She looks absolutely beautiful (she always has been anyway ;) They have been feeding her 5 cc of milk every 3 hours and she is tolerating it! :D I AM SO PROUD OF HER! She is breathing a whole lot more on her own! I cant wait to see her tomorrow! :D :D :D :D :D :D ~Mommy | Sounds to me like that little girl has a mind of her own and a very strong will. Takes after her momma and daddy seems to me. ~Narda

28: KyLee had a great night. Today they will be slowly weaning her off some of the ivs. They are going to allow the sedation to wear off so that they can get an MRI. Weaned a little more off the respirator. Later today they will be introducing her little body to mommy's milk. They are going to try to wean her off the sedation by 100% tonight. Baby steps and miracles working. ~Mommy | I have been told all my life that prayer can solve anything. ~Crucifixio Spokane, WA

29: awww..right on!! shes a trooper! ~Neile | So excited get to go and see the grandbaby.....Miss KyLee Dawn Tracy.. she gets cutier by the hour..let me tell you She MELTS us grandmas hearts...ill let all know what happens when i get back... take care and love to all and thank you once again fro your prayer's Keep them coming...

30: Proud of my baby girl :) ~Daddy

31: Proud of my baby girl :) | She has great parents and wonderful family support....(friend support too) She has been in many prayers.... ~Mary Albuquerque, NM | congratulations! ~Patrick Brunswick, ME | Congrats on the new edition to the family. She is precious. ~Teri Lake Alfred, FL

32: A baby is teddy bears and tickles, grins and giggles! | March 2 2010 | ONE WEEK OLD

33: Miss KyLee is a week old today! KyLee is looking so GREAT! BEAUTIFUL BABY GIRL, and Im not just saying that cause I'm her mommy ;) lol. I love being her mommy and his wifey! Could there be a better job?! I think NOT! :) ~Mommy | I love your husband so very much, and I LOVE you little girl already!!!.... I can't wait to meet you {it's so weird that we haven't met; I feel like we have}. and I appreciate so much that Sean has such a beautiful little family. ~Great Aunt JoNell Port Orchard, WA | the one thing that stole my heart and she can keep it. It belongs to her now...Gramma Loves you baby girl | I love this pict. She looks so good. Hugs again to all. We are still praying. ~Verita Curlew, WA | She is beautiful!!! ~Lori Portland, OR | love to you all and god bless you all, she's got a good angel ove her ~Aunt Sarah Curlew, WA

34: The Cutest Baby in the World

35: Wow! She is looking better every day! I love her fuzz...! ~Jennifer Libby, MT | shes a cutie very happy she doin better every day ~Geri Woodland, WA | She look's good ~Don Curlew, WA | wow so sweet. ~Gary | oh yay! no more endotracheal tube! she must be doing better! been watching and keeping my fingers crossed! she is so beautiful Becky! ~Niki

36: Wow! She is looking better every day! I love her fuzz...! ~Jennifer Libby, MT | You have our prayers. Those pictures brought back many memories. It was exactly 16 years ago that Mackinley was in that position. We know how the parents feel. It is very scary. Keep us posted. God has a special plan. ~Karen Holt, Port Orchard, WA

37: oh yay! no more endotracheal tube! she must be doing better! been watching and keeping my fingers crossed! she is so beautiful Becky! ~Niki | She look's good ~Don Curlew, WA | shes a cutie very happy she doin better every day ~Geri Woodland, WA | My prayers go out to you and your family. Praying that she can be weaned off the machine and that her body will be strong and develop on it's own. ~Lynnea | You have my prayers. Please keep us updated. ~Lisa | May Our Lord bring comfort to baby KyLee Dawn and her family - may she weather this storm with nary a look back and be able to give all glory and honor to Him who loves her so. JoNell - please be assured of our prayers for this precious little baby...she sure is a cutie. I will forward this to my prayer lists...In Christ's abundant Mercy - Lee Anne | We will be praying extra hard. God does work miracles lets hope this is one of them. ~Grace | KyLee and her parents are in our prayers. We are praying for a healtin miracle in Jesus' name. ~April. | Praying for KyLee, her parents, and all of yo. What a precious little girl! ~Joann Cichy | You've got it! Super duper prayer mode. What a beautiful little baby. And she's going to be fine. ~Tina | My prayers are with the baby, parents and grandparents. God bless them all. ~Diane Stephens. | Am praying for Kylie and her young parents... God is Merciful... Jesus heals... May this baby have a long and holy life. Suzanne Collins

38: "What A Life Eating Sleeping Playing... And Being Cute" | March 3 2010 8 Day Birthday | KyLee IS BREATHING ON HER OWN! THEY TOOK HER OFF THE OXYGEN MACHINE LAST NIGHT :D I AM SO PROUD OF HER! | HURRAY! ~Doug Spokane, WA | Praise God ~Cheryl Yakima, WA | Praise God from whom all blessings flow.. ~Great Aunt Margaret Lapeer, MI

39: CONGRATULATIONS! It was so great to see a picture of you getting to hold Kylee...our family has prayed for you guys...along with two of my close friends...what a blessing! Hope you are feeling good and enjoying the 'grandmas' while they are there with you! :) ~Cousin Sarah, Lapeer MI | Next goal: HOME!! This had to be one of the best days of your life so far! May you have many more wonderful days! P.S. I agree with the nurse--at least in the pics I've seen! ~Great Aunt CHeryl, Goldendale, WA | How awesome! So happy for all of you! ~Cousin Jenny Harlingen, TX | Makes a person want to cry, you know?! So happy for you, Stephanie. ~Great Aunt Robin Fife, WA | She finally got to hold her. Looks like she has a grip on her that no one will be able to loosesn. She is really beaming! Great!!!!! Ohhhhhh...she is soooo cute. ~Narda | Way cool Steph. I am so proud of all three of you!!!! Love you all! ~Becky Curlew, WA | I just wanted to tell you all thank you for your thoughs, prayers, they have kept us all going down here... ~Grandma Becky | So, little Miss KyLee was extubated last night and has been flying solo since:-)!! Mom and Dad finally got to hold her. This baby was given a very grim prognosis at birth. Awesome what one week, a good dose of modern technology, and thousands of prayers will do. Thanks to all who have prayed. Please keep her continued good health in your intentions. ~Cousin Richelle Port Orchard, WA | So glad to hear she is doing better.... still in prayers.... ~Karen

40: Aw, that is wonderful! No feeling in the world like holding your miracle! Hugs=) ~Jeanie

41: holding baby Ky for the first time | I FINALLY GOT TO HOLD MY LITTLE GIRL!!! She's so cute when she sleeping, makes noises. Hates having her diaper changed and being woke up! Lol. It was funny, she tried eating Daddys shirt while he was holding her. Went back to sleep in my arms when the nurse handed her to me :)The nurse cracked me up, she said "KyLee looks so much like her Daddy, looks you had no part in this." She does have my nose though! Daddy even said so! :D ~mommy

42: March 4 1020 9 Day Birthday | Lol KyLees appetite has increased. My little chunky monkey. Sean was told I needed to produce more milk this morning while getting updates on Miss KyLee. ------ I got to change my daughters diaper for the 1st time! :) the little pooper, we went though 4 diapers and she ALMOST got Mommy!...She doesn't like her diaper changed but she was completely calm with her Momma doing it :)) She's so cute! ~Mommy | Mommy feels like a dairy cow....

43: "Our" little KyLee today. YAY!! This baby's guardian angel has been working overtime! ~ Cousin Richelle Port Orchard, WA | Richelle, she is beautiful! ~Kathy Minden City. MI | She's very cute and so little. ~Kristi Olympia, WA

44: Our little angel is growing up so fast... wish you could stay little forever | March 5 2010 10 day birthday

45: Cute as a button | Please tell her Aunt Robin loves her!!! ~ Great Aunt Robin, Fife, WA | Please tell her her Auntie JoNell loves her more... ~ Great Aunt JoNell, Port Orchard, WA | I will let her know everyone sends their loves! :) lol ~Mommy | Yes, Stephanie, please tell her that everyone sends their love (but whisper in her ear that I love her the most). ~Great Aunt Robin | Yes, do whisper that... only make clear that the "I" in that statement refers to Auntie JoNell. hee hee hee

47: Sean -- I know they are hard to see, but please don't let the tubes and wires get you down. LOVE those tubes and wires...I know I sure do. When you are looking at your sweet angel, take a good long look at those tubes and wires, and then say THANK YOU to them. If not for each of them, your little girl would not be h...ere. Those tubes and wires have kept that darling angel here for you. Thank God for every one of them, and Thank God for the medical team that has used them so effectively. Those tubes and wires are her lifeline, and I will always appreciate them, long after they are a part of her past. ~Great Aunt JoNell Port Orchard, WA

48: March 6 2010 11 day Birthday | NO MORE TUBES

49: KyLee Dawn Tracy | KyLee eats faster than I can pump! Lol. My chunky monkey! :) She will be getting weighed again tonight, she has also gained 2 oz! :D Little Miss is GROWING!!! :D :D She is doing really good. I am so proud of her. ~Mommy | Daddy changed KyLees diaper for the 1st time tonight! :)) He did a excellent job! ;) It was soooo cute watching him lol. She ended up having to have the enula put back on because her numbers were descending a little bit, it is however on the lowest setting. Other than that, she is doing great! She got weighed and she has gained an ounce... ~Mommy | Tell Sean to get the gun ready for all the teenage boys coming to door in 16 years. ~ Linda Battleground, WA | She looks perfect ~Taylor Vancouver, WA

50: KyLee with My Grandma Becky | The nasal cannula that used to provide a bit of assistance w/her breathing. It had been removed earlier in the day, but after a busy day of visitors and handling, she was a little stressed and needed some help...not much...just a little. The picture today, when she was all wrapped up in the blanket is priceless! A definite favorite -- I l love having a clear view of her whole precious face! ~Great Aunt JoNell, Port Orchard, WA | well last night i got to hold that precious bundle of joy.. my heart sank with every breathe she took. yep im hooked line and sinker.. Grandmas little ANGEL. i never thought i could love something so much that i have just met but she is the most beautiful little girl i have ever seen..takes after her mommy her mommy was so beautiful also...Grandma Becky | awwww Becky you look so happy and i am really happy for you congrats | She is an ANGEL from GOD ~ Leta Wilton IA

51: Our Little Miracle

52: March 7 2010 12 Day Birthday

53: KyLee got upset with her feeding tube today lol, she tried pulling it out twice. I had to unwrap her hand from it. She is doing very well :) They incresed her feeding to 44, and are going to increase it again! ~Mommy

54: MARCH 8 2010 | Getting ready to go see KyLee Dawn :) :) :( Daddy isnt feeling well so he is going to stay home this trip. Poor baby. If feeling better tonight he will go in and visit. :) ------ I got to give our daughter a bath tonight! :D It was soo much fun! I enjoyed every second! I do have her cry on sound so here in a few after the pictures are posted I will post her crying, SHE IS SO DARN CUTE! I love my life ITS PERFECT!She was also weighed tonight before her bath :) She weighs 5lbs 10oz! :D ~Mommy

55: BATH TIME | 13 DAY BIRTHDAY Mommy Gives Ky a Bath!

59: She is doing good, she has her swallow test today at 1:30 or so. Gonna call here in a little bit to see how that went, she is also getting the rest of her IVS ... See Moreremoved! Yay KyLee! :) The only thing she will have attached to her is her monitors, feeding tube, and nasal canula. She still sleeps bunches. Everytime we go in there little cutie is PASSED OUT! She mannages to wake up while being messed with and gets all fussy with whoever is distubring her beauty sleep! :P After she gets put into my arms she falls right back to sleep lol. They did another brain ultrasound today, but the nurse didnt know of hand how that went. So when we call or go visit we will have full complelte update which will be NICE :D ~Mommy Sounds like she's doing really really well. :) I'm very proud of her accomplishments. She's so strong for being so little. & that's normal that she sleeps, she'll do that for a while (til she's atleast a few months old) ENJOY IT! because then they grow up and run around and get into shit. Haha Have they said anymore on when she might come home? ~Kimberly Lol speaking of the sleeping..While talking to her today I asked if she was gonna switch when she came home with the whole sleeping thing and she gave me a big smile.. This girl is trying to let us know whos boss EARLY LOL... They actually really haven't discussed with us when she will be able to come home, just have been told it will be awhile, and that as soon as she learns how to feed off a bottle that will determine she goes home lol. ~Mommy

60: March 9 2010 TWO WEEKS OLD | AW well that's some good news! & I hope the brace works for her hips. Poor baby, she's a toughie though Momma. Keep your head up!! xox | So sorry to hear that, I will little KyLee in my prayers. ~Linda Battleground, WA | I will keep praying for you guys. Don't worry too much I know a couple of children now who when they were babies had similar issue with hips and they run, jump, climb without any help now :D ~Nickie Portland. OR | I am praying too! Hang in there sweetie, I wish you were closer! ~Linette Republic, WA | Yes, isn't it? And, Mike too. He loves hearing about KyLee. ~Great Aunt Margaret Lapeer, MI | I'm also o.k. with the brace; I've actually known more than one baby who had to be braced. As knock kneed as I am I wonder if I should have had them?! : O It's just that KyLee has so many additional things she is dealing with it seems like more of a "burden" than it should otherwise be. In light of what she has gone through already, the bracing seems almost miniscule. My BIG one now is "swallow"!! ~Great Aunt JoNell Port Orchard, WA

61: Went in to visit KyLee tonight. She has been given another struggle to deal with. On the ultrasound yesterday it showed that her hips are displaced. So tonight the doctors put a brace on her. It has wraps around each foot going up to her hips with straps on each side going over her shoulders. It prevents her from straightening out her legs to try to put her hips back in place.No pictures tonight. Just some quiet time with her. Tomorrow Sean was to give her a bath but that will now just be a sponge bath. Other than that, she is doing fine. Still doing well with no cannula, so she is breathing entirely on her own. Yay. And today the speech therapist was able to get her to swallow and feed a tiny tiny tiny bit from a bottle. They are going to attempt bottle feeding her 3X a day starting tomorrow. ~Grandma Marita | The poor little thing. I feel so bad for her!!!! I'll keep her in my prayers. ~Deanna Woonsocket, RI | :-( about no pictures.... but I'm okay with the brace. Not "okay" but you know... it's a good thing it's been caught early and will probably be a non-issue relatively soon. Gott a keep looking on that bright side!! VERY PLEASED that the therapist was able to get her to swallow; means it's a muscle development issue that should resolve, right? Sean may well be okay starting on \ sponge bath! He gets to ease into it. Amazing how much I can love someone I've never met! ~ Great Aunt JoNell Port Orchard, WA

62: March 10 2010 15 days old

63: Just got back from seeing KyLee :) She is doing so good! They moved her to the other side of NICU because of how stable she is. I had no idea she was moved until I got there and seen no baby in the bed, lol. She was soo talkative tonight :) ~Mommy | Her ability to swallow will be determining when she can go home. Right now it is a struggle for her. They were able to get her to swallow 2ml (I think) yesterday but at each of her feedings she is getting 48 ml so you can see she has a long way to go. They are attempting to bottle feed her 3x a day and she does have a pacifier to help build the sucking reflex. ~Grandma Marita | Wonderful!!! What a beautiful baby!!! I am so glad she is doing better.:<) ~ Cherie | So our little KyLee was moved out of the NICU today! Awesome, simply awesome! ~Cousin Richelle Port Orchard, WA | isnt that amazing!! o my gosh ~Cousin Elena Port Orchard, WA

65: Talk about a heart attack. Steph and I went in to visit KyLee tonight and she wasn't there. We walked back to her space in NICU and her little bed was empty. There was a new nurse at the nurses' station and she noticed the shocked look on our faces and asked if we were looking someone. Anyway, they had moved KyLee ...to the other side of the NICU where the not so critical babies are. But, whew, for just a second. ~Grandma Marita | Major like! Not that you had a near myocardial event, but being downgraded is huge for her!! ~Cousin Richelle Port Orchard, WA | Major like! Not that you had a near myocardial event, but being downgraded is huge for her!! ~Diane Madison, WI | Big Step, moving out of NICU!!! But man! I bet your hearts hit the floor. They really oughta call parents when they do that! ~Great Aunt JoNell Port Orchard, WA

66: March 11 2010 16 Days Old | Daddy is back holding KyLee :) i love them so much! KyLee now weighs 6 lbs 1 oz! :) ~Mommy | Our granddaughter has endured so many things in her 1st 2 weeks of life and she has made us to be stronger as a family and to be stronger in life.. this baby is going to loved by so many we thank you all for your prayers.. little KyLee has a long road ahead and we are all here to wacth her grow in so may ways her paren...ts are strong and get stronger by the minute with the news they get.. i wish my daughter and son in law love, happeniss. and wisdom.. once again than you all.. from our familes to yours love ~Grandma Becky | luv bug...she is soooo pretty ~Cheryl Yakima, WA | She has, indeed, been a gift to many. So many people who don't even know her have been inspired by her story, her strength, and by God's generosity. This is a special child. ~Great Aunt JoNell Port Orchard, WA

67: Just got back from the hospital and visiting KyLee. Sean held her for awhile and then he and Steph had to change her diaper. Guess she wasn't quite done with her business when they started cuz they ended up going through three diapers. hehe. She was able to swallow 7cc today from a bottle. Yesterday it was only 2cc, so she is progressing on that. Yea ~Grandma Marita | Progress is a beautiful thing. Our little Brendan just celebrated his 1 year anniversary since his open heart surgery. Every day is milestone! Keep the faith! Our prayers are with your little angel. ~Todd | wonderful news! she's getting stronger every day, it sounds like! ~Maria Elgin, IL

68: "I'm so lucky as can be, the world's greatest Dad belongs to me."

69: Father's Day | A Family Is A Gift That Lasts Forever | March 12 2010 Daddy's Girl | Totally Snoopy-cute!! ~Great Aunt JoNell Port Orchard, WA

70: "A father's love warms the heart of his children forever."

71: Daddy's | Girl

72: "There is no friendship, no love, like that of a mother for her child." | March 13 2010 18 Days Old

73: while changing KyLees diaper tonight she peeed on Daddy........HEHE! She also weighs 6 lbs 5 oz now :) It is SUPER hard to change this little tiny bum when shes all trapped with that harness thing! Lol We went through 3 diapers.. she wasn't quite finished when we were changing her lol. ~Mommy | What a good girl, every little girl should pee on daddy once, lol. I'm glad things are finally going better. love seeing pics and videos. ~Deanna Woonsocket, RI

74: "A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take." - Cardinal Mermillod

75: March 14 2010. 19 Days Old & Hanging out with Grandma Marita

77: Im so glad that grandma Marita got to hold our granddaughter... ~Grandma Becky | 3 Beautiful Generations! Grandma Marita, Daddy Sean and Baby KyLee

78: Went in to visit KyLee last night. Sean and Stephanie thought it would be a great idea to have Grandma change her diaper. You know, it takes both of them to change her diaper, why they thought Grandma could do it herself was beyond me. Her little harness makes it quite difficult for one person to change the diaper. ...Long story short, Grandma got poop on the harness, sheesh.... | ...But the good news is that over 30 minutes yesterday she was able to drink 40cc from a bottle. The nurse said they are only supposed to spend 10 minutes trying with the bottle but she had nothing going on so she spent the extra time with KyLee. ~Grandma Marita

79: "Mothers hold their children's hands for a while - their hearts forever." | Baby KyLee with Mommy & Grandma Becky at 3 weeks old March 16 2010 | Glad to hear she's doing well..She's a fighter for sure! ~Kris Clackamas OR | thats good im glad she is doing good ~Kimberly

80: Our First Family Photo | Daddy Sean 23 Mommy Stephanie 19 Baby KyLee 19 days

81: Angel of God, My Guardian dear, To whom God's love commits me here; Ever this day, be at my side, To light and guard, To rule and guide. Amen.

82: Each heart represents one or more people who are praying for KyLee...all around the world

83: Alaska | Finland | Canada

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