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Precious in Pink

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S: Baby Eden April 20 2011

FC: BabY | Eden | April 20, 2011

1: OurBaby Girl | We were so excited to find out we were going to have a baby.We didn't care whether you were a boy or a girl. Just wanted you to be healthy. When we found out your were a girl we were all at the doctors office together, Cole and Maelyn were so excited they were going to have a baby sister. Your name was debated on throughout the whole nine months but was decided on just before we went to the hospital. A requirement put in place by Mom . Cole and Maelyns vote on the name would change daily especially for Maelyn who would just tell you whatever name we told her first... Eden won out in the End.

2: Our little miracle

3: Sometime between when my water broke and when they finally got you out my placenta had abrupted, Which meant you were not receiving the blood and oxygen you needed. You made a small cry and than were whisked off to the NICU. Our first report from the doctor was that you had a breathing tube because your lungs weren't strong enough on there own, they were still trying to get some IVs in your veins and arteries and that they put you on a cooling cap, because you didn't receive the oxygen you needed at birth. The cooling cap wrapped around your head and kept your brain 2 degrees cooler than the rest of your body. This slows down the brain cells metabolism so there would be less chance of cell death and less chance of brain damage. The cooling process takes 72 hours and you would be sedated until the that time was up. Dad got to see you that night as they were working on you in the NICU, Mom didn't get to see you until that morning. When I saw you for the first time you had tubes all over, you had IV's in both of your hands and feet and the tube in your mouth that was breathing for you. The ventilator made you breath really fast and made your little body shake. It was all a little overwhelming but you were alive and for that we were grateful. We already loved you so much! We prayed constantly and hoped for the best as we waited for the time to be up. | Mom was scheduled for a c-section at 9:30am that morning. But you had plans of your own and didn't want to wait. Mom started having contractions the night before and at 10:45 pm my water broke. Dad and Mom rushed to the hospital, Dad sped the whole way there. By the time we got to the hospital I was already dilated to a 5 and having very painful contractions. By the time they got me to the OR and my Epidural in you were already pretty far in the birth canal, which was a bad thing. You were stuck! It took 2 doctors and 2 nurses pushing and pulling to finally get you out. You were born at 12:22 am on April 20, weighing in at 8 lbs 3 oz and 21 1/2 inches long | EDEN'S Arrival : Day 1 April 20, 2011

4: More waiting.......... We come and see you and hold your little hand. They gave you a drug called nitric oxide that helps your body require less oxygen and is supposed to help your heart. | Day 2: Thurs April 21

5: Cole and Maelyn get to see you for the first time. At McKay they have a special day called "Ice cream and Isolets". Were the siblings of the babies get to come and visit. First they had a little class to learn about all the tubes and wires, than they got to eat ice cream and last they got to come see you through the glass. | Cole was so excited to finally get to see you, he had such a hard time understanding why his little sister didn't get to come home. Maelyn was more concerned about all your owies. It was so good for both of them to finally see the sister we have been talking about for so long | Day 3: Friday April 22

6: You are still on your ventilator, but you are a fighter and are breathing a lot on your own without the help of the ventilator.They took you off your nitric oxide | Day 4: Saturday April 23 | Big day for all of us, the cooling cap comes off today!! At 3:30am this morning they took off the cooling cap and monitored you as your temperature came back up. Dad went in to watch as they took the cap off but nothing too exciting took place, you were still being sedated so you slept through the whole thing. We were told to expect a lot of swelling in your head and face, some from the trauma of birth and some from the cool cap. We went in later that morning and got to see your hair for the very first time (mom even got to put a bow in). Your head and face were pretty swollen and you head was really cone shaped.They told us not to worry that in a few days it would come down. | today and you are just breathing room air which was awesome! We went in later that day to see you before mom was discharged to spend easter with Cole and Maelyn. They had started to ween you off your sedation and when we held your hand you would actually squeeze our finger back. That little finger squeeze made our day. We are so excited we know you are still with us and fighting to get better, you had been asleep for so long. Grandma and Grandpa Coombs went to see you that night and they had moved you into a new bed. They put you in a isolet, nurses said it would give you a little bit of peace and quite in that noisy room.

7: Day 5: Sunday April 24 | It was Easter morning, and a day full of surprises for us. Dad was stuck at home with Cole who was sick .So Grandpa Larry took Mom up to the hospital, and our first big surprise was that they had taken you off your ventilator, you were breathing on your own with only the help of a little oxygen. No more tubes down your throat. Yeah! Grandpa Lex came up just after we got there and we all just stared at you in amazement, we were all so excited. What a little miracle you are. Your head is still really sore and swollen so they still have you on pain medication, but you are doing so well the doctor decided to let you eat for the very first time. You only get just a little tiny bit until they see how you do with it. So I got to feed you for the first time, You only got 5 ml so they filled up a bottle nipple with milk and you just sucked it down. | Mom and Dad went up later that night to see you, and our next big surprise was that Mom got to hold you for the very first time. After you puked all over me I got to try and nurse you. You only sucked for a few seconds so we just feed you from the bottle, You seemed to be handling food so well they had already doubled your amount of milk to 10ml.

8: Day 6: Monday April 25 | Dad finally gets to hold you for the first time and feed you a bottle. You love being held you just snuggle right in. You are doing so good they have turned down the oxygen and your getting to eat 15ml of food. We are starting to think we might get you home before too long. Mom went back up later that night with Grandma Bev to see you again, Dad was stuck at home again now Maelyn was running a fever. When we got there Grandma Gay and Grandpa Larry were there. The nurse gave you to grandma Gay when they got there to hopefully settle you down. You had been fussy all day acting like you had a tummy ache. After they left mom and Grandma Bev held you but you were still acting uncomfortable. | EDEN

9: Day 7: Tues April 26 | Mom went to the hospital today to see you. Dad is home with Cole who got Maelyn's fever. The first thing I see is the nurse sticking your head trying to put in an IV. She tells me you had a really rough night and they couldn't get you to settle down, at 7am they noticed that your belly was distended, hard, red and warm to the touch. They didn't know what was causing it. They were trying to get more IV's in you because you only had one left, they had stuck you just about everywhere they could and were not having very good luck. The Dr was ordering all kinds of test on you trying to figure out what was going on. After labs, x-rays and an ultrasounds they had figured out that your belly was filling up with free fluid, they just couldn't figure out where it was coming from. To try and figure this out they sent you to radiology to do a paracentitis on you, they take a big needle and stick it into your belly and drain the fluid out. They took out 100cc which is about 4 oz and said there was at least that much fluid still left in your belly. They sent the fluid to the lab to find out what it was. After this they did more x-rays on your belly and saw what they thought was free air which is a bad thing, they were beginning to think you had a perforated bowel. That's when they decided to call Primary Children's Medical Center. While we waited to here back from the hospital both of your Grandpas gave you a blessing. In the blessing it said that the doctors would figure out what was making you so sick. It was only a little while later that the doctors from Primary Children's called back and said they wanted you shipped down there for surgery. Life Flight was called and we waited for the helicopter. Mom got to hold you while we waited and you finally closed your little eyes and rested.

10: Life flight came and got you that night at about 11:30pm. In order to ride in the helicopter you had to be intubated again, and they gave you another transfusion of blood in case you went into surgery that night

11: Mom and Dad and both sets of your Grandparents all drove down to Primary Children's and got there a little after midnight. After they got you settled Mom and Dad got to come back and sit with you while they decided whether to take you into surgery that night or wait until the morning. At 3am the nurse practitioner for the surgeon came and saw us and said that the surgeon wanted a Cat Scan of your belly before they took you into surgery. After the CT we waited to see when they would take you into surgery. At 5:30am the nurse practitioner came back and told us that they were just deciding between you and another sick baby who to take into surgery first, !0 minutes later the O.R. called and said they wanted you down there at 6am. Your nurse let all 6 of us come back and see you before they took you down for surgery. We all followed you down to surgery and said our goodbyes and kissed you on the head before they wheeled you in. We knew you were in good hands and just had to pray that everything was going to be okay. They were going to do an exploratory laparatomy (exploratory surgery on your abdomen), thinking they would find a perforated bowl. About halfway through the surgery we got a update that your bowel was clear which was good news and they were now going to go look at the liver. When they were done the surgeon Rebecka Meyers came out to talk to us all. So drew us a picture and explained everything that they had found and done during surgery. You had two tumors on your liver, one on the side that wrapped around the back of the liver and one on the inside that they didn't find until after doing an ultrasound during surgery. The tumor on the side of your liver was leaking lymph fluid that was filling up our abdomen. They took out 500cc of fluid out of your belly which is a lot of fluid for a little baby . They removed the tumor on the side of your liver and than opened your liver up to remove the other tumor but could not remove it all because it was wrapped around the main artery that feeds your liver. They removed as much as they could and sent samples of both tumors to pathology to figure out what they were. The results wouldn't be back for 5-7 days. The doctor thought the 2 tumors were lymph tumors, she had never seen this type of tumor on the liver before, They were a benign tumor but they did have a tendency to grow back. So we would have to wait for the pathology report to come back yo know for sure.They put 2 drains in , one on each side of you to watch the drainage of the tumors. They also gave you a central line so it would be easier to give you medications. They are going to keep you sedated to help you recover from surgery and also give you another transfusion from all the blood loss. After an exhausting day Mom and Dad made sure you were okay after surgery and than headed home. Dad came back later that night with your first visitors Jase and Kristi. | Day 8: Wed April 27

12: You still have the tube in your throat breathing for you, but they have been able to turn down the settings already. You have your two drains in your sides that are draining out fluid from your tumors, You have a catheter in your bladder, and every IV line had something going into it. Since you can't move around your little body is retaining water and making you swell up especially your face and head. But when we went up to see you tonight you were wide awake, your eyes would follow us around the room. What a little miracle your are. | Day 9: Thurs April 28 Your doing really good today after everything you have been through. They have you on a phentinol drip that keeps you a little sedated and comfortable. You have tubes all over you. You have a tube in your mouth that is suctioning out the stomach acid and bile so you wont throw up.

13: Your getting more blood today, and getting lasik to help you get rid of all your edema and swelling. The Nurse practitioner says she is amazed at how little pain medication you have required. They lowered your pain medication down today and you seem really comfortable. You are our little fighter. Grandma Bev and Grandpa Lex went down and visited you this afternoon and you were awake the whole time they were down there. And when Dad took Jase and Kristi down that night you just grabbed onto Jase's little finger | Day 10: FridayApril 29

14: They took you off your high frequency ventilator and put on a conventional ventilator. They are Planning on taking you to MRI tomorrow and the high frequency ventilator makes you breath fast and shallow and just shakes your body too much for MRI. You are doing so good they lowered your pain medications again and your doing good on the new ventilator . You were awake and looking at Mom and Dad the whole time we were there. Mom got to put some little sockies on your freezing feet and the nurse even got a bow for your head! | Day 11: Saturday April 30

15: You had your MRI of your brain and everything looked really good, which is what they were expecting because you reflexes have been good. You are on the lowest setting on the ventilator so hopefully you'll be off it soon. You started losing tubes today! Hooray! They took out your drain on your right side which is the tumor that they cut out and cauterized, the other drain is still putting out fluid but it is decreasing so the doctors aren't concerned. They took out your urinary catheter, and your peeing and having bowel movements so that means your system is doing good after the shock of surgery. The Nurse took off your bandage today. Your wound was a little bigger than Mom and Dad were expecting. They didn't tell us they were going to cut up your abdomen, so we were a little shocked. I'm sure they had to make it bigger to get to your liver. Looks like you'll have a nice scar, the nurses keep telling us not to worry that babies heal surprisingly well. But we don't care we are just grateful to have you with us! | Day 12: Sunday May 1

16: Day 13 : Monday May 2 | No More Ventilator YEAH!!! They pulled out your breathing tube at 1:00 am this morning and you are doing so good. They have you on a little bit of oxygen but think you'll be off of that before we know it. You had lots of visitor today; Grandma and Grandpa McCormick and Grandma Gay and Great-Grandma Stewart and Brett and Jill all came. You seemed a little uncomfortable tonight. I'm sure your little throat is sore from the tube being down there. We could tell your little belly was hurting you sneezed 3 times and had the hiccups while we were down there, and Mom knows how bad that hurts after surgery. But we are so grateful you are making good progress and without that tube we are one step closer to bringing you home. You have officially surpassed the number of days Cole had to spend in the NICU and we are ready to bring you home.

17: We finally get to hold you. Both Mom and Dad were a little nervous holding you we didn't want to cause you anymore pain than you were already in . But you loved it! You just snuggled right in. We couldn't get enough of you, we stayed at the hospital most of the day just enjoying holding you close. | Not only did we get to hold you but you had lots of changes today. They took the tube out of your stomach so you have no more tubes down your throat. The Surgeon gave the okay to let you eat. Mom got to feed you your first bottle, they only gave you a taste to see how your body will handle it. And lastly they took your arterial line out of your hand. | Day 14: Tues May 3

18: Everyday you seem to amaze us, You are getting better so fast. Today they put you in a crib and let you wear clothes. You are no longer in a heated bed and they aren't monitoring your body temp anymore. The PICC line was pulled out of your head so the only IV line they have in you is your central line that comes out of your chest. You are eating so good they moved you up another 10cc, So your up to 19cc which isn't even an ounce. They still have the drain coming out of your side but will leave that in for a while since you are eating. They are just concerned because they think your tumor might be a lymph tumor and sometimes when you eat the fats in the food make lymph cells leak fluid. But we are still waiting on the pathology so they don't know for sure, but hopefully soon. | Day 15: Wed May 4 | Trent and Annica came to visit

19: Day 16: Thurs May 5 | After Every thing you have been through you are still just smiling away!!! | Today they took you off your eating restrictions. Now you can eat whatever and whenever you want. Right now you are eating half of what you need to for us to take you home. They took out your staples today and just put some steri strips on. Your incision look really good, not quite so scary as with the staples in. The pathology report finally came back, and instead of giving us our answers left us a little confused. They came back as inconclusive, what does that mean..... Well the doctor told us that she pretty sure that what she saw was a lymph tumor on your liver but when the pathologist looked at the tumor under the microscope all he saw was a blood clot with air bubbles in it. So maybe this is an answer to our prayers. If it really is just a blood clot you wont have tumors on your liver that will keep growing back. Your surgeon is out of town so we can't talk to her to clarify. | Smile

20: Day 17: Fri May 6 | No more oxygen!!! Your little face is finally free of all tubes. You are breathing really good all on your own. You look so good it hard to believe your not ready to come home. When the doctors told you you could eat whenever you wanted, you took that to heart, you wanted to eat every hour for the nurses, they finally started to make you wait your 3 hours, and you didn't like that at all. Mom and Dad came down tonight and we gave you your bath tonight. You screamed the whole time. By the time we were done you were sooo tired from all that crying. | Aunt Lea and Uncle Ross came down to hold you

21: Day 18: Sat May 7 | They took you off your phentinol drip. Now they just have you on dose of pain medication every 3 hours. You seem to be doing good with it, if you seem uncomfortable they can give you an extra dose. You aren't eating quite as much as they want you too, but I'm sure you'll get there. You threw up everything you ate tonight on the nurse twice. After tonight the nurses started covering themselves with blankets to protect themselves. You are a hard little burper and we don't want to pound on your back too hard because of your belly. | You have become quite the little smiler. So happy! You had three new visitors today. Lance came with mom and hung out with you all afternoon. Tana and Scott came to see you too.

22: Day19: Sunday May 8 | MAy 9 | This was the best Mother's Day I got a hug and a kiss from Cole and Maelyn and came down to hold my little Eden. They took you off your pain medication today and now are only going to give it to you when you need it. They are thinking that the pain meds might be decreasing your appetite and making you a little nauseous so hopefully this will help you eat more and throw up less. You were soooo cute today Dad made you so made when he tried to wake you up to eat. He unwrapped you from your blankets and you didn't like that and you let him know it! But your really started screaming after your bottle you were Mad Mad Mad! You finally settled down after a diaper change ,your little bum is so sore.

23: Day 20: Monday May 9 | We are getting closer to bringing you home. You are eating more and as long as you burp you keep it down. They took out your last drain. They decided that the little bit of fluid it was putting out could be reabsorbed by your body. Your doctor is out of town for the week so still haven't heard back about the pathology results . Just hoping for some answers so we know your okay!

24: You are officially 3 weeks old today! Oh how time flies. You got a new room today. You are in the same room Cole was in when he was down here, you are just across the way. The nurse practitioner came and talked to us today. Said since you have been eating so good they are going to rake you off your TPN (food they have been giving you in your IV) and put you on something not quite so nutritious to see how you do on that. You have become quite the little smiler! You are going to be so much fun when we get you home. Cole and Maelyn are so excited to see you. | Day 21: Tuesday MAy 10

25: Day 22: Wed May 11 | Mom and Dad just love to come and hold you. You look so good it's hard to believe you were ever sick.

26: Pretty dresses Little Curls, Oh thank heaven for little girls! | Day 23: Thurs May 12 | Everything is going so good, you might be home with us by the weekend! We just need surgery to sign off on you and pull out your central line.

27: Day 24: Friday May 13 Mom came down to visit you by her self today to bring you more milk. They told us you could come home tomorrow. But when I got down there, they had decided that you could come home today!!! Friday the 13th is a Lucky day for us! What a surprise I was so excited I called Dad because I wanted him to come down and bring you home together. But we decided he would get Cole and Maelyn and I would bring you home. I waited with you most of the day we had to wait for surgery to come up and pull your PICC line out of your chest. Grandpa Larry came and hung out with us too.

28: Mom waited all afternoon for surgery, they finally came at 2:30. They covered you in sterile drapes than numbed the area up really good because when they pull the line out it can be painful because there is a little knob on the end of it and it adheres to the skin.. The nurses had your Binky and the sugar water ready for you.. But you were one tough cookie, you only cried a little.. | We waited a few more hours for discharge papers and away we went. I was just grateful that we had left your car seat down there and I had your outfit in the car. You were supposed to come home today! We got home just a little after 6pm and your big brother and sister were anxiously waiting to finally see and hold you. They have waited a long time for this!

29: Cole and Maelyn were so excited they met us in the garage. They didn't want to leave your side. the rest of the night. They had lots of loves and kisses for you. They love their baby sister so much!

30: Loved ones waiting for you | As soon as we got you home all the grandparents and your uncle Bryce came over to see you. We have all been waiting forever to get you here.

31: The next morning when Cole and Maelyn woke up, the first thing they wanted to do was to hold you!

32: Bath Time | Mom had lots of help from your little sister

33: Our little angel | Eden we are so blessed to have you in our family We couldn't of asked for a sweeter and happier baby than you. We love you so much

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