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Precious in Pink

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Precious in Pink - Page Text Content

S: Nella's 2nd year of life

FC: our sweet little love

1: our big girl

2: Our sweet girl turns one!

3: Oh sweet girl, boy did we have a birthday bash for you! Mommy and Daddy planned for about 2 months and worked hard to make it a magical first one for you! Our theme was butterflies because we believe you are like a little butterfly in our life! You are full of life and brought us so much happiness! So many people came to love on you and share in your big day! Mommy hung little butterflies to flutter about and giant puffs in our dining room! We used lots of pink tulle too! Your special cake, Aunt Mia made just for you! Mommy and Aunt Mia made special butterfly cookies and flowers to flutter about! We had special cupcakes that had beautiful butterflies on them! You received so many clothes, especially dresses and headbands! Mamaw and Papaw got you your big girl car seat and Grammie and Grampie got you a wagon to ride around in style!!! It was such a fun day!

4: Oh roo, you loved playing in your cake, but mommy had to encourage you to taste it!

7: In June, we headed to Savannah. You loved the beach! You loved playing in the sand and putting your toes in the ocean! You had the best time!

9: We had so much fun in Savannah! I loved watching you enjoy the ocean! You smiled so big and really enjoyed everything about it! You are such a precious love! It was SO hot in Savannah! We had to be in the water to stay cool.

10: We got a huge surprise while in Savannah! We got to meet the very special Lott Family. See Miss Courtney is our angel! She helped mommy and daddy bring you home! She has the sweetest family and you so loved being with them!

12: At the end of June, we had a special celebration at Grandma JoJo's house. All of our family enjoyed a wonderful summer day. You loved playing with all your cousins and especially loved ring around the rosie! It was so wonderful to enjoy our wonderful family!

14: Happy 4th of July

15: Little Roo, we headed to the 4th of July parade! You loved being with your friends Reese and Vi. It was so fun seeing you enjoy all the floats and action during the parade. You had so much fun and we saw huge smiles on your face!

16: Blueberry picking

17: Let's Go to the Zoo... Roo, we headed out to the zoo. It was so fun going to the zoo with you. You could do all the animal sounds and were so excited to see the animals. We both loved seeing the baby elephant! I love going to the zoo with you....it is great seeing your smiles!

18: Summer

19: Fun

20: Swim Lessons | Roo, you loved swim lessons! You loved splashing in the water! My favorite was watching you get comfortable with being on your back. By the end of the lessons, you would fling yourself backwards to put your head in the water. You loved blowing bubbles and playing with all the toys!

21: Leeapalooza Celebration of Life

22: Making pickles with Grandma JoJo | Grandma JoJo came down and helped you, mommy, and Mamaw make pickles. You love being with her. Grandma Jojo makes us all smile so big !

23: I'm 15 months.... You run everywhere you go and you loves to be on the go! You are trying to jump! It is the cutest thing! You bend her knees and gets up on her tip toes! You can climb up on the couch like a big girl! You are very talkative! You can say or tries to say anything we say! You put two words together a lot now! You know all your animal sounds and are starting to sing! You have the sweetest little voice! You love your Elmie (Elmo)! You have a little one you bring everywhere! You sleeps with him and eat with him You feed him what you eat! It is so cute!!! You continue to have a sweet, loving personality!

24: Da Bears

25: Oh Roo, you love being in the kitchen with mommy! You love to "cook" and love to help mom! I love having you help me!

26: Nella, you had such a blast at Apple Fest!!! You loved riding the ponies! We enjoyed all the yummy food and seeing our friends from Kendallville! You really enjoyed Raise a Rucus on stage!

27: Apple | Fest

28: House Church Retreat

29: Pumpkin patch time! Nella, we headed to the pumpkin patch with Kayla, Hadley, Brooklyn, Aunt Jess, Oli Max, Uncle Corey, Aunt Leslie, and Clay! You had so much fun! We took a hayride out to the patch and then we picked our pumpkin! You loved exploring for the perfect pumpkin with the kids! I loved watching your face light up!

30: Nella, you loved carving your pumpkin! You loved the feeling of pumpkin goop and you loved trying to get it out the pumpkin! We asked you what you wanted your pumpkin face to look like, you said HAPPY!

31: Fall is here!

32: Splish Splash I was taking a bath! We headed to Brown County for a weekend! You loved being with Clay! Here you both took a bath together! You were both really splashing!!!

33: Lets Go To Zoo Boo!

34: Zoo Boo was so much fun! We went with Kayla, Andy, Hadley, Brooklyn, Leslie, Corey, Clay, Jess, Dustin, Oli, and Max. It was so much fun trick or treating at the zoo. You kept giving the candy back to the zoo workers when they gave it to you! You loved seeing all the animals! You had a blast!

35: Trick or Treat Oh Roo, you loved trick or treating! We went all around the neighborhood and you loved going up to each house. You understood that you needed to stay trick or treat and that they would give you a little treat!

36: I'm a big sister! | Oh roo, you will be the best big sister! We cannot wait to see you loving on each other and playing together! You are both such a blessing.

37: Oh little love, Happy Thanksgiving! You are such a blessing in our lives! You bring so much happiness and joy into our lives! We adore you little one!

39: Our little Roo just turned 18months! How did she grow so fast and where does the time go? It seems like she was just a little a peanut the other day! Matt and I still think about bringing her home on the plane and how tiny she was! She is such a little character! She has the sweetest smile and cutest belly laugh! At 18 months old, little miss has SO many words. She repeats anything you ask her to and she will repeat things you say too! It is amazing how well her language has developed! She takes one nap for about 2 to 3 hours! She continues to be a good little eater and has gotten to the point where she will tell you what she wants to eat! She lovesAPPLES especially and has just recently moved to where she can eat the apple like a big girl (we peel off the skin). She has apple radar....she can spot an apple anywhere and when she sees it she wants it!! :)She is quite the talker and when she is not using words, she speaks in her sweet love language and will use gestures and everything while she tells you a big tale! It is the sweetest and cutest thing ever! Nella continues to love books and loves to be read too! Matt and I often read about 20 books a day to her.....and sometimes the same book over and over! She loves Oh the Thinks You Can Think, Elmo and Friends, If you Give a Moose a Muffin, and The Little Engine that Could. She has started to love playing with dolls. It is the sweetest to watch her cuddle and love on a baby. She feeds the baby and will make a sucking sound with her mouth like the baby would do. We even caught her sniffing the baby's bottom the other day! lol!!

40: Little love, Uncle Bubb, Aunt Sammy, Mamaw, and Papaw came down to celebrate Thanksgiving! It was so much fun! Uncle Bubb helped with your big girl room by building you a house! You love it!!! | Oh Happy Day!

41: We heading out to pick out our Christmas tree! I knew you would love it this year and really get the concept. You loved feeling the trees and you helped us find the perfect tree. I loved watching your face light up as we searched and searched. While we were checking out, the man gave you a candy cane. It was your first one ever! You crunched it down in 3 minutes. After that you could spot a candy cane anywhere!

42: Clay's birthday was so much fun! You loved being with all the kids and celebrating with Clay. You loved the playdough and the reindeer chow you made! It was fun watching Clay on his first birthday! | Clay Turns 1

43: Nella and her Grampie

44: Nella's Big Girl Room!!! Our girlie, Mommy wanted a special big girl room for you! You love it and it makes mommy so happy to see my big girl in her room!

45: Thumbs up

46: Seeing Santa was so exciting! we headed to the children's museum to meet Santa! We were so excited to see what you would think of him! You were really excited when waiting in line to meet him, but got really nervous when it was your turn. You wanted mommy to hold you while you met Santa. He said you were so beautiful!

47: Christmas Traditions Mommy was so excited to start tradition with you at Christmas time! We made special handmade ornament gifts for all our special people in our family! It was so fun having you be apart of it! We painted your hand white and made little snowman for their tree! Mommy and you also baked Christmas cookies together to share with Santa! You loved helping mommy and investigating all the different ingredients. You loved squishing the dough and adding what we need next! I look forward to many mom Christmas tradition times together! It makes you smile so much!

48: Spreading your reindeer chow | You loved spreading this on the ground! You really enjoyed getting ready for Santa! Mommy loved watching your face light up as you carefully spread your reindeer chow for Santa's reindeer.

49: Merry Christmas my sweet little love girl

50: Our Christmas at home | Oh Roo, I couldn't wait to see your face light up on Christmas morning! You were so excited about Santa coming and waking up Christmas morning! You loved opening gifts and would say thank you after you opened each one! You face lit up when you say your kitchen

51: Every year, mommy and daddy write you a special Christmas letter. I loved how you listened so intently as daddy read it to you. | Christmas morning was so dreamy! Everyone was smiley and happy. Watching your face smile so big and feeling your excitement was amazing.

52: You loved celebrating Christmas at Mamaw and Papaw's! You danced and twirled around to music! You loved the baby dolls and loved feeding them! We sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and you really loved blowing out the candles! What fun!

53: You loved celebrating Christmas with the Knox family. You loved playing with all your cousins! We were even lucky to have Santa stop by! You were scared of him and were reluctant to take an early Christmas gift from him! You also got a Christmas with Grampie, Grammie, Aunt Leslie, Uncle Corey, and Clay. You had such a blast celebrating with them! I love seeing you have huge smiles when you with our family!

54: Play Time! You love to play! It is so neat to see you starting to take care of your babies and put your "friends" (stuffed animals) together! You love going to the Children's Museum, zoo, and Monkey Joes!

55: Oh little love, you have an apple everyday! When you get up in the morning, you want a peeled apple. You have done this everyday since October! It is the sweetest thing! You just walk around the house eating your apple!

56: Let's Go to the Circus! Mamaw and Papaw took us to the circus! You loved seeing all the animals. You were glued on the rings watching the different acts. You were worried the trapeze were stuck up in the air. You were in such in awe with all of the circus! It was so much fun!

57: Oh Toodles Oh Nella, you are so in love with Mickey since Grampie taught you all about him! You can spot a Mickey or Minnie anywhere! You carry your little friends all around with you. THey love to eat dinner with you. Mommy can't let Mickey or Minnie sleep with you because they keep you up! You adore them! It is the sweetest!

58: This year the Super Bowl came to us! So we headed downtown to check it out! You loved looking at the people and the lights all around. Daddy really loved sharing it with you! He just wished the Bears were in the Super Bowl!

60: You love to color and create!!! We love to see your artwork! You love to have mommy help you write Nella.

61: You tried ice cream for the first time tonight with daddy! You were super excited to try it, but you decided it was yucky! What?? We will keep trying! I am sure you will grow to love it!

62: Trip to zoo with daddy on St. Patrick's Day! We had so much fun seeing all the animals! You loved the elephants and giraffes! You loved the fish too! We loved spending this lucky day with you at the zoo!

63: You love being outside! You want to be outside all the time! You love sidewalk chalk and bubbles!

64: You love to swing!!! Love all your smiles!

65: Soon to be big sister | You are so sweet! You shared your stickers with little Knox! I cannot wait to see you be a big sister!! You will be the best big sister ever! Knox is one lucky boy!

66: A little about you.... You have the sweetest smile that lights up your face! You are the sweetest, kindest little girl. At such a young age, you are such a responsible little girl and really a good little listener. You want to do the right thing always and try so hard to follow rules. You love stuffed animals and are very nurturing with them! You makes us so happy!

67: Our Maternity Photo Shoot Mommy was so excited to have our photo shoot together as our family was growing! You stole the show as usual! You are just so adorable and everyone cannot help but adore you! You love talking to baby Knox in mommy's tummy! You kiss him all the time!

68: Happy Valentine's Day Sweet Girl! You are such a sweet Valentine! We love you so much! You got a special package from Mamaw and Papaw in the mail! We then had a candlelit Valentine dinner with daddy! Mommy and daddy got you a Mickey Mouse sing song book, coloring book, and new markers!

69: I'm a Big Sister Now! | I waited for this moment! I couldn't wait to see you as a big sister! I knew you would be so loving and very involved with helping us take care of him. And girl, you didn't disappoint! You are SO in love with your little brother. I loved watching you meet him for the first time. You studied him so carefully trying to take him in. You smiled so big! You are so proud of him and he is your baby! You melt me little girl! Wow! I'm a lucky momma!

70: We had our first family of 4 photo shoot! It was such a blast being together just enjoying each other! I love these pics1 I love how big you smile when you see your little brother! What a blessing you are to him! He is so lucky to have you as a big sister! Daddy and I are so blessed to have the most beautiful children in the whole wide world!

71: We prepare for Easter! Oh Roo, I was so excited to talk to you about Easter this year and the true meaning of Easter. You were really interested in Jesus and trying to understand him rising from the tomb. You loved dying Easter Eggs, and you wanted to do it by yourself! You are our a blessing!!!!!

72: I love sunglasses!

73: Oh how you love your mamaw and papaw. They melt when they are with you. I don't think they ever stop smiling.! You love being with them and enjoy every moment with them.! It is so much fun.! You are so spoiled.!

74: You are 22 months old You are the sweetest little girl.!You are turning into quite the little mother hen! You mother your friends, stuffed animals, our dog (libby), and loves to love on Knox. You are a singer and have the most beautiful voice ever.! You can sing ABC song, Daisy Daisy, Jesus Loves me, Winnie the Pooh, Hot Dog, Row Row Row your boat, and 5 little Monkeys jumping on the bed! You can count to 10, spell your name, and can identify some colors and letters! You are smart little love and pick up on concepts really easily.!You love to "cook" in your kitchen. You continues to love to be read too and loves to look at books. You love music, especially Mickey Mouse songs.!You love to color and paint.!You love being outside picking flowers, coloring with chalk, and riding your bike.! Your new thing is telling us you need everything. I need apple...I need juice..I need Knox...it is very sweet.! You are becoming more and more independent. You want to do things on your own and gets really frustrated when I tell her that you need help to do that.! You are a very determined little girl, but also very sensitive and needs lots of reassurance when you are upset or frustrated.! You continue to melt our hearts and we adore you.

75: You both adore each other! It melts my momma heart seeing you two together! You are so loving with him. You smother him with kisses, sing to him, and help mommy with Baby Knox! It was love at first sight girlie! You love him so much and he is so intrigued by you! He cannot take his eyes off of you! Very sweet! | Brother Sister Love

76: Happy Easter

77: Our Easter was so much fun. The Easter bunny hid your basket on the porch. Your eyes lit up as you looked through your basket. We had brunch on the patio and then headed to Lincoln's house for a Easter egg hunt. We then read the Easter story at bedtime and snuggled up together before bed time.!

78: Cousin FUN | I love watching you with your cousin Clay. You adore him and really enjoy the time you get with each other. You are both laughing, giggling, and smiling the whole time. There are lots of games of chase, book reading, and playing with toys.! It is always fun.

79: Hanging with the boys Oh little love, you love hanging out with the boys. You love playing ball, getting in sand box, playing in the water, and with cars with Oli and Max. It is always a blast

80: Lincoln | Nella | You love spending time with Lincoln. You two are sweet together.

81: You and the Sandbox oh how you love spending time in your sandbox....you dig and dig. It is precious

82: Nella and her Grammie | Nella, you love spending time with your grammie.. She makes you smile so big. She really spoils you and always makes sure you have lots of goodies and everything you need when we go to her house. You love when Grammie dances, sings, and reads you stories. You enjoy every minute with her.

85: To my dearest Nella Oh little love girl, how we have loved watching you grow this year! Wow, how did you become two years old already? Every single day, I thank God for you! You are our angel girl. You were sent directly from heaven and I continue to be amazed for God's love for daddy and I to give us such a beautiful, loving, sweet girl! You make us so happy! Nella, you are such a special little girl! I don't even think you realize how special you are! There is something about you, people fall in love with you! Even complete strangers who have never met us before! I think it is your amazing energy, beautiful face, and sweetness! This year, we have seen you grow and change so much! You have changed from being our little baby to such a big girl. You have learned to sing, talk so much, spell your name, count to 15, identify some letters, throw a ball, kick a ball, draw and color, paint, run, hop, give hugs, and so much more! You have this complete kindness and sweetness that just melts people. You are very polite and use your manners so sweetly. Nella, you are gorgeous!!!! We have also seen you become an amazing, loving big sister! Knox is one lucky boy to have you! You smother him with love and continue to amaze us by the amount of love you give to everyone! You have this calmness too about you and you try so hard to always do the right thing! You are an angel! You truly are! Daddy and I are so proud of you! We love with you with all our hearts! We always will! Happy 2nd Birthday our sweet girl! Love, Daddy and Mommy

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